(2008/02) Feb 2008 MTBs

Hello Kel

Congrats!! I just tested positive but i have not seen the gynae yet - next friday is my appointment with Dr Chan KH - Gleneagles. Actually i was on the other thread Jan MTB, some EDD Feb MTB also there
hi there!

Congrats to all of us
I just tested positive too. I have not found a gynae yet.

Kel, you see a gynae so fast? i heard from some that the gynae will only see u from 6 to 7 weeks onwards.
hi there,

My EDD is 12 Feb 07. My gynae is Dr Ang from Gleneagles.

I went to my gynae in my 4.5wks. Going for my nxt appt on 19/06/07.

Hopefuli, can hear the heartbeat
hi starry70, bx n newnewmum
congrats 2 all of u too.

ya i saw some feb08 MTB in the jan08 thread too. been reading it 4 a few days but didnt join cos my EDD is after all 16feb mah...

i'm sure there'll b more feb08 mtbs 2 come.

i hv a regular gynae so going back 2 c him lor. i kan cheong mah, wanna c gynae soon 2 make sure everything ok cos i had spotting last thu.

did u c the sac at 4.5wks?
hi everyones, congrats!!!

i should be a feb mtb too... edd should be early feb... maybe 1st feb... now 7 weeks already... saw my sac at 5 weeks... yest, saw bb's hearbeat
I should be around 4 - 5 weeks. Anyone of u experience slight cramping and backache?

dorothy, may i know which gynae u r wif.

I have actually shorlisted a few. Still looking around and reading reviews about them.
Yup, i have slight cramping once in a while too. You should be ok so long as there is no spotting or bleeding. Do monitor closely, ok
Hello everyone,

Kel,my gynae is also Dr lawrence Ang.. will be seeing him again on this coming Monday, hope can see baby.. the last visit to gynae cannot realy see anything much as too early.. my EDD should be early Feb too..

Dorothy,wow so nice can hear baby heartbeat liao..

Nice meeting all here
hi mimi, dr jocelyn wong is one of the doctors i have shortlisted. but still contemplating as my friends told me to go to a male gynae. care to share her charges and package?
HI hello everyone,

Mine due date is early feb 9th.. mon gog to see dr paul tseng at TMC.

Looking forward to see and hear my 2nd BB... erm, no cramping but feel tired..

Nice meeting all here too

Benn hearing horrible stories of can't getting CL during CNY or they charge too high....sian
Hi all mummies..

Im oso 1 of them.. EDD is 06 feb o8.. hee...

So nice to have our own thread...

Bt recently im dwn w fever n sore throat..
Saw GP n gynae to double confirm the medicine is safe.
bx, i'm seeing dr lim yuin wen from mt a...

but think will change gynae as DH wans me to give birth at east shore...

hi chris, thanks... if i dun rem wrongly... we shared the same LMP right. 29th of april...
all the best too....

ms not so bad... come n go... but i kept having migrane....
hi bx,

i've chosen dr joycelyn wong becos my sister highly recommend her. i've only seen her once. she'll only ask u to sign package in ur 12 weeks when bb is more stable.the 1st consultation + ultra sound scan is about $88. she is very patient
but also very popular,gotta call her early to make appointment. i can give u her contact if u want okie
Hello all! so finally the Feb MTB thread is bustling with people.

I will be visiting the gynae this friday, Dr Chan KH, Gleneagles. My first visit! Excited - what should i expect from the first visit?
Good morning

Hi dorothy..
Yes.. our LMP almost the same.. mine is 27 Apr but my cycle is abt33days.. so the 1st visit i went last 2 week can't really see anything much.. gynae says too early.. maybe only 4 week++ tat time.. today evening gonna see gynae again.. really hope can see baby this time..

I'm having nausea everytime i brush my teeth.. feel like want to vomit but nothing come out.. haiz..

Also, feel more tired now.. my 1st boy sometimes wants me to carry him but he's so heavy for me now..

Can't wait for time to knock off from work.. tired n zzz
Hi Chris,

Same here... my 1st boy oso want me to carry him at times.. is he nw very sticky to u especially/
haha heard from the old pple says if elder child v sticky to u,he might know there's a little siblig in our stomach..
Dont noe hw true... =) Hw old is your boy n
when is your EDD?
Hello Inuovi gal,

Really? hmm.. when i fetch him after work he normally wants me to play with him or accompany him, but if daddy plays with him he is ok too ler.. heheh
My boy coming to 21 month old now.. how abt urs?
My 2nd one hope for a gal
EDD should be around 3 Feb.. near to CNY liao.. dunno where to get confinement lady.. haiz, sure super duper expensive this time one..
hi hi mummies and mums to be.

i tested postive and visited my gyne last fri. can see baby heartbeat liao (approx 6wks)
this is my #2. ya, even my gyne mentioned to me on friday tat my #1 will start to be more sticky towards me cuz they know.

hi starry70, first visit he will do a scan (most likely insert a virginal scope) to check if he can see the sac and heartbeat. and will discuss a bit of ur health background for his records.
Hi mimi,

seems like 1st consultation + scan $88 is very reasonable. I called up a few other gynaes, they told me abt $150-$160. How much is her package from 12 weeks and 16 weeks? Does she give printouts of the scan? Mt hubby is very concern abt this. He feels that we must get the printouts to keep as momento.

Hee, btw I already made appt to see her next week

chris27, u muz be quite young and having your #2. envy...
good morning....

starry, if doc can see your sac from your tummy then no vaginal scope.... when i went for my first appt at 5weeks plus... doc can see the sac...
chris, veri x leh... someone from jan thread got hers already... $2600 leh... i dun think i will get one...

i will be getting a maid... so she can help out as for food... will ask mum or mil to cook n hubby go n pick up.... this is also my no.2... my gal is already 7yrs old...
good morning all..

Finally can see my baby heartbeat yesterday.. so happy

Hi bx, no lar, I'm 29 this year.. not really very young
You are still searching for gynae?
You can try Dr Lawrence Ang, he is quite good & his price is very reasonable too..

Hi Dorothy, yeah, I know it's going to be very expensive, but no choice ler.. I'm trying to engage back my previous confinement lady, hope she will be available
Good morning

hi chris, happy for u
Dr Lawrence Ang is too far for me. I know alot of mummies-to-be seeing him. I am now deciding between Dr Jocelyn Wong (tmc) and Dr K K Ho (mt e). most likely Dr Jocelyn Wong... has made appt to see her next week.

to all feb mums, roughly into how many weeks of pregnancy do u hear the baby's heartbeat? I wonder if I can hear mine during my 1st consultation next week .
hi morning everyone!

my EDD is on 7th Feb next year. STill not decided which gynae to take... know Dr Lawrence is good.. is the waiting time long?

i went to dr hii for my first appintment but he did not say much leh.. so dunno whether to change gynae or not.. and he did vaginal scan for me too.. but i read my other friends gynae only did tummy scan on the first visit leh..
btw dr hii quoted me 1300 for normal delivery ( consultation +delivery), package starts on 3rd mth onwards, doesnt include vitamins or supplements.. issit expensive?
Hello everyone

according to my sister the prices For 12 weeks, her package cost $598 and for 16 weeks onwards, her package cost $498.This package includes consultation and scanning but excludes medication and other test wo..i've not ask her bout the details yet as im only in my 6 weeks.and i also rmb dr joycelyn do gave my sister quite a few print out ...i think tat's quite important lo...u can see your bb at the diffrence stage
hey normally u can also hear ur bb hearbeat at 6 week...excited ?

dear mummies,
do ur get morning sickness ? if yes start from how many week ?

Hi tongtong, $1300 sounds reasonable to me. but u must check if it includes scans?

mimi, i am looking forward for my 1st checkup next week. I hope to hear my bb heartbeat.

no MS symptoms yet. but feel fatter now
Hi bx,

Hi Tong tong,
I'm with Dr lawrence Ang.. waiting time is quite long as a lot of ppl.. yesterday my appointment was 6.30pm.. waited for almost 1 hour only my turn ler..

Hi Mimi.. I got morning sickness liao.. brush teeth feel like vomit..and more tired nowadays
hi all!

EDD is 13 Feb. I will most prob go with Dr. Paul Tseng at TMC (Calbee, same as u!)

no MS yet.. dunno when it will start, hope it doesnt. This is bb #1. loads of cramping though, a bit like before AF comes. cross fingers very tightly wun have any spotting or bleeding..

bx - why do you say male gyn good? i heard lots of pple prefer female. it feels a bit strange seeing a male gyn, although Dr Paul Tseng is very nice.

good luck all!

i think i started to have morning sickness ( in fact it's a whole day sickness) since weeks before i tested for pregnancy. im in wk 7 now but already started morning sickness since wk4.

i have no appetite but got to force myself to eat ..

anne, good that you dun have MS! it's very tiring as nauseaus is not a good feeling afterall

i have brown spotting during wk5&6, and the gynae given me pills for that and it stopped.
anne, i did mention male gynae better as my fren told me that they are more sympathetic to preggies and more attentive to our needs. anyway, most likely i am going to a female one...

i dun have MS yet, and my appetite is good.
i get sleepy very easily and need to take afternoon nap.

i ever saw from a book suggested that can change a diffrence tooth paste..maybe u can try...

i feel excited for u too..i'll only go to see her again in my 9 week as will be away..

i get quite a bit of yellow discharge as well..but dr say is normal as long as not bleeding..maybe u can eat small portion meal but often lo...u so poor thing le...got MS for whole day.

mummies can share share...is there any way to make u feel better when u've MS....sorry im kinda curious as this is my #1..Thank u
me started having mild ms since week 5... got worse at times...usually, i will go for mint sweet to kill that feeling... or go for gassy drinks...
mini, got to trial n error to see which fit yours...
btw, anyone got migrane... me migrane veri bad... it's a everyday event... like ms.... best part can take any med...

chris, me too... everymorning brushing teeth is a chore... it will trigger my ms...

mini, me too... waiting for my next appt... next fri(week 9) to see doc... hopefully, can get some mc to rest...
Hi mummies,

I tested positive last fri gonna see gynae first time tmr so getting excited ...cos i have been trying for > 1yr and finally got a positive result and I was delighted!!!!...so looking forward tmr visit and hope the gynae also can confirm it and that bb is fine...

Mimi! my gynae also gonna be dr jocelyn wong...recommend by a fren who is all praises for her....my LMP is may 13..i did my own caln should be around quite close to yours EDD of feb 10....so qiao hor!!
Wa sudeenly this thread go so fast... =p

Hi Chris,

Hee thats means more all less got some gen ju for elder kid to be sticky @ this stage lor..
My boy coming to 3 years old this oct lor..
Ya will be quite ex to get CL at CNY time, or mayb can get your mum or MIL to do for u, if can?


Your EDD is oso my birthday leh.. so concidence..

Btw any mums or mums to be got fever @ early stage b4 huh??
Hi All,

My EDD is also 08 Feb 2008. Seem like that many mommies are seeing Dr Joycelyn Wong. She was recommended by my GP after he tested me positive. Just like to ask, have anyone been delivered by her before?

Anyone hoping to be the first Rat baby. Dr Wong told me might be able to receive 1000 buck Ang Boa for that....hee hee
Hello all,

hopefully dun have to go through the vaginal scope thing..haha..sounds gross anyway.

jusmom, i have only announce to my mom and some close frens, heh, but i think also difficult to hide for long since i am a regular sports enthusiatic, my frens will start questioning why i never turn up for the game anymore - so sick?? haha..but i haven't tell my MIL..opps..cause their family tends to be overly excited and may perhaps tell the other relatives..so will keep it for while, maybe end of first trimester then tell them. :p
Hi mummies

i don hv any MS yet but just scared...so try to get more advice 1st..bit (kia su) hehe...

congrats to u !! hey very qiao le...10th feb..we should see if we will be due around the same time ya..

hi kellie,
my sis bb is delivered by dr wong, tat's why i also follow her.she's a very popular gynea.

inuovi, yea, before i tested for pregnancy, i think in week 4, i had flu and going to have fever, so i quickly had panadol.. never tot that i was pregnant.. only went to check with GP when period din come
btw where is joycelyn wong's clinic? how much is her package? i havent confirmed which gynae to sign up yet..
i just test positive yesterday, but my last LMP is 16/04, but today go see gynae, scan nth, did urine test again, positive again, doc say could be still small....
my gynae is dr adrian from thomson women
ya starry, only hubby and my mum aware rite now. my mil oso very excited and will go around telling ppl. but i need her to cook "por" for me so may hve to tell her soon. haha.

hi cheryl,
your first day of last period (LMP) is 16Apr then you shld be ard 7 or 8weeks liao. I have the same LMP as yours & i am from the JAN08 MTBs thread. If yr LMP is 16May then your EDD most likely be in Feb08.