2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

My girl joined Kinderland K2 as a new student in Jan this yr becoz the old montessori one closed down. Surprisingly, she didnt have any problem adjusting although she was new.

She attended classes from 8-11am, then we opted for Chinese enrichment for her 11:30-1:30pm everyday. Breakfast (snack) and lunch both provided by the school. Advantage is that my girl, being a picky eater, actually ate whatever they gave her becoz she said the teachers would scold her if she didnt eat!

Once a week, they have Yamaha course where they learned some simple keyboard and singing stuff. Also has Kinderfit and some learning using the PC. You may want to visit their website or tour the school first. The principal Ms Prema is a nice lady.

hi luanee,
i am thinking of putting my 4y.o at kinderland pandan valley next yr.Coz the current school(kinderland hwa choong) will be closed end of this mth.

can i chk u if do u think nid to pay additional for the Yamaha course,kinderfit n PC?

how much r u paying per term? how r the teachers?My boy is very shy,he always nid 121 attn..i wish the teachers there r as friendly as those in kinderland hwa choong.

i believe ur daughter is attending kindergarten,but do they serve b/fast for those in kindergarten?? i thought they only serve food for childcare students??
Hi avocado,

No, the Yamaha and kinderfit are part of the programme so u do not need to pay extras. For the prices, you can check their website or call up as I can't really remember hee...

Yah my daughter is attending the kindergarten but they do serve breakfast as well. Lunch is included becoz she attends the afternoon Chinese enrichment class from 11:30-1:30 and that is inclusive of lunch. Normal kindergarten from 8-11 dont serve lunch.
Hello Amanda, Evelyn and Devi,
I am Jay, also living at Ghim Moh and baby coming out soon. Do you gals have recommendations for 1)part-time maids and 2) nanny for 3 month old?
Thank you a lot in advance!!!
what abt JG at Evans rd? how's yr feedback on the ones u hve visited? i am also currently lookin for playgrps for my 16mths lil one

how do u find montessori?
Dear all

I am also a mother staying in Ghim moh
My second son is now 20 months, so planning to enrol him in a childcare.. Was looking at Buttercups Montessori but the fees is quite ex.. there are a couple of montessori kindergartens around Mt Sinai area. Anyone has any recommendations?
hi all,

i'm a first time mummy staying in west coast area.

any of you having playdates can count me in? my daughter is going to 14mths, still a crawler and always like to socialise, so hoping she can find some playmates and me a breather to meet new friends!
hi all, sorry just back to the forum again after long time no posting.

hi fufu..our daughters almost the same age, maybe we can meet up one day.im staying ghim moh

jessie, i also 1st time mum and sahm. my girl is 13 months. i used 2 part time maid before, both indon, 1st one not recommended, as she quite slow, 2nd one quite good, fast, can cook for me simple soup & vegie also, but she already back to indo last dec. i have another names i got fm my fren which I never tried yet. u can pm me and i can give their contact if u're interested.

btw, hv u delivered ur baby? congrats if so.

amanda & ev & anybody else stay nearby, if u hv any meet ups can pm me too? thks.
Hi all...

Been a long time....well looks like there r quite a no of us at Ghim Moh...so a playgroup is definitely viable.
My 4th child Megan is now 17 months old now. Have put her on waitlist at Buttercups Mont cos it's really near n heard they r quite good however min age is 2.5yrs old. In the meantime hope to arrange a playgroup so whoever is interested in playgroup pls contact me. Think Amanda is def ok cos we're staying in the same block....blk 7 ;)
Hi All,

My son is 14mths now and I am looking for play group for him. Any recommnedation? I am staying around clementi
hi mummies, recently enrolled my son to MMI at PSA and he is not adapting well. 2 weeks passed. And he doesn't seem to enjoy and looked so tired when back. And his classmates all girls and have been crying all day. seems to affect my child a lot too.

i am thinking of those half day or few hours program few times a week at nearby Clementi/Buona Viata/Jurong East areas. Any idea?

Can be montesori based or others. Doesn't really matter.

rem we meet @ kinderland? (see above post)

actually i did not send my gal to playschool, she st w nanny. if i send wld be loking at those 2 hr classes. did u consider e 1/2 day school in kinderland? or maybe the 3 hrs class?

if ur boy @ full day childcare?
Hi Mums!
I stay nearby too, at Commonwealth Ave. My son is now 18mths old, am keen to meet on weekends for playdates in the area. I wish I found this thread earlier - I spent my maternity leave in 2007 walking alone with my son at Holland Village!

I hope you'll like my blog:

I'll check this thread to keep track of the next playdate!
Hi Mums

I also stayed at Clementi, West Coast Drive. My toddler daughter is now 15mths old, would like to let her mix with toddlers to widen her circle as well as getting to know more friends. Any mummys staying around West Coast Drive? We could meet up to let our toddler play together.
Cheers ;)
hi jess, where exactly is west coast drive? i'm staying one bus stop away from west coast plaza. are you near there? my daughter is also 15mths now
Hi Fufu, Amanda & Claire,

Amanda, you staying at Ghim Moh, is it near Bt. Merah area?

Fufu, do you come my area often, to makan at Ayer Raja Food Centre?

Claire, I'm too quite near the AYE leh, My block is 507. Is your at block 506 or 508?

btw ladies, what's dd stand for?

keep smiling

My daugther is going to have her MMR injection this Thurday, after the injection, anything to look out for?

The nurse told me that some toodler will get fever or soft stool after the injection, while I heard others say that the injection will cause toddler to shed some weight. Is it true? You see, my daughter's weight is 11.5kg, length is 82cm.
dd-darling daughter.

wow your girl and my girl bout the same size.
Lucky for my girl ,she has no problems after the mmr .so it depends,the nurse did ask me to look out for rashes as well.Btw ghim moh is near holland and buona vista mrt.
Hi Luanee

I am thinking of sending my kid to Kinderland at Pandan VAlley....do you mind sharing if you have any complaints about the place? When your daughter went to Primary one, do you find that she is able to keep up with her classmates? Cus I heard from one of my friends whose daughter went to another Kinderland branch that her daughter was very "lost" when she first started school compared to her classmates :-(
i'm at 508
Now with the condo work going on, very sian...block out one entire side.

MMR: some kids get fvr a week after the shot, so gotta make sure they're taking enuff water/barley etc. Keep them from getting too heaty.
Hi all, my dd got a bad temper after the MMR injection, she will get irriate easily. Is this normal??
Jess, I stay at Blk 507 leh. We just beside each other, ha..ha..ha..
Hi mummies,

perhaps Im too soon to join here, but will be moving to west coast soon. Will be staying at West coast park(rd name, not the park. ehheeh, near hong leong there.)
Any reccomendations for playgroup or half day care ard the area? My girl is 18mths old.
Hi Mummies

Been sometimes since I come to this web.
I am staying near West Cost Plaza.... Now I am looking for a new child care centre.. currently child care centre doesnt suit my boy, he is 5yrs old. Am looking at MMI@west coast recreation centre, any comments?
Hi ladies, I just found this thread. My boy is going to be 1 next week.

Flowy, does cherie hearts take in 18 mths ? I am planning to put my boy in CC in Jan 2010, do they have a waiting list ? Do i need to be KS to apply now ?
Hi mommies, I just found this thread too. My girl is going to be 19 months. We are staying in Bukit Batok. I'm looking for a pre-nursery and a music school for my daughter. Currently, she's attending Shichida Method every Sunday. Any recommendations?
kinderland at pandan valley...any comment on this playgroup? I am considering my son for half day or 3 hrs class there while engaging a nanny to look after him as well.

But their receptionist/customer service is pretty rude and inpatient. So, don't have good impression on them. But i have yet to visit them.
My son has been with the MMI at PSA building for 5 months. And during this 5 months, 60-65% of the time, he is sick.

Is that normal. flue, running nose and cough. almost daily, there are someone sick in his group. Normal for other PG?

That is the main reason why i am considering bringing my son to another one to try out...Really tired of looking after him..when he sick, he also spread to both of us...hai! never ending...
are u getting nanny to take care bk ur boy? i rem u used to have a nanny. now, my gal is still taken care by nanny, so far i see her progessing well in her growth and mannerism. hence dun intend to put in child care. nanny luvs her 2 much till i heart pain to seperate from her.
no. my son is still with MMI. But occasionally , or i think at least 10 days out of a month, nanny will take care of him cause he is sick and i want him to be taken care by nanny till fully recover before attending the class again! Anyway, i am considering having that nanny back to take care of my son again and perhaps part time classes nearby till he turn 3 or so....
i feel he shld go bk nanny care. cos if always sick, no gd for his immume system. hv a fd, send bb to child care, been sick for many mths. eventuallytake bk home to look aftre herself. now still always sick
thanks for your advice..ya. baby too young attend child care, realy not good. last time under nanny care, he seldom sick..already talked to the nanny. will withdraw from childcare from aug onwards. then wait till next year and see how...one bad thing about MMI is that the control is vry bad..they allow children that are under serious running nose, flu and cough to be in the child care. Some even under antibiotic.

I check with some other childcare. Some of them with better control, do not allow such children to be in. This will help to control the spreading of the virus. I won't say 100%, but at least reduce the chances of getting. My child class almost everyday few of them are sick.

Anyway, i will not consider MMI PSA next time even though it is convenient for me. Will look for those with better control...hai!
i heard another theory from my friend and colleague..all kids will have to go through the sick period to train up his/her body resistance and immunity.

If i stop now, and return to child care later, the child will have to go through that suffering of sicks again. retraining the body immune system again for another few months just like how he/she started out. This applies no matter how old is the child.

Is that true?? I thought once child get older (like 3 years and above), chances of him getting sick is much lesser. And immune system already built up.

What do you think??
i think i wld not wan to risk my kid to CCC to 'build' up immune system :p at nanny place, my gal gets to drink nice soup everyday cos nanny is a cantonese n mks soup. some times herbal soup and mygal realli loves to drink. i think gd for building up her body.
sometimes, we also add korean ginseng powder to her milk to boost up her system. we been doing that since she turn 10 mths old. during our honeymoon, e tour guide advise us too.. cos korean pp been dribking ginseng since they young and veri 'tough' my gal is very tough actually. can carry big things since young. even when she walks and trip, or falls off from chair, she seldom cry.
ya. i agree. but what about learning?? your gal get to learn from the nanny's house? mine actually learn quite a lot from the child care. more independent and able to listen to instruction better. And also able to socialise with classmates.

Anyway, for the sake of his health, i already withdraw from the childcare centre. Can i know where you get the korean ginseng powder from? my boy is quite heaty type. Can still take?

my boy is taking fish oil, Vit C, and pro-biotic o powder.
Is there any informal playground currently in the west ? My 2nd DS is 19months. We stay near Holland village.
Hi! Any moms interested in a part time job? It's in NUH and requires you to work only 4 hours, mon-fri, office hours. Please msg me if you are interested....
mommyinlove, I'm keen in the part time job but what are the working hour time, is it a morning, afternoon 4 hours? The duration for the part time job?

hi. for those interested, can sms me? phone no. is 9436 0319. Actually, it is quite flexible 4 hours. It just has to be within office hour.