2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

Hi langlao,
i think playgoup is mainly for the kids to interact,also learn some basic things,so when time for them to go nursery , it's easier.
amanda, yup yup =)

playdates are informal for us mummies to hang out and babies to play with each other, make friends a bit. kekeke.
Amanda, Went to the 1 in Pandan Valley few years back for trial. Didn't like it...Dunno if they have improved. At tat time find tat they were not v clean n teachers were like not attentive.

Langlao...it's ok. Me mountain tortoise sometimes even now ha ha! Playgroups normally mummies got to be there with their kids in class . In Shanghai we also just alt bet mummies to have home playgroups...
For my boys when we were in Shanghai, snet them to Kinderworld playgroup which is like 1.5 hrs sessions 3 times a week but i got to be there too.
wanted to bring my gal to kinderland but very misty since morning. she just had her milk and fallen to drema land... anyone going?
Hi Fion,

I think i saw you. you were there around 12+ to 1 right? i was the last parents there. Before me was you. Your daughter is Vanda? The principal told me that...
So how do you find them?
hey stary
yeah yeah.. my gal is e notti vanda. i saw ur boy and u were also w ur hb rite?

vanda likes e music room as e moment she steps in sees her best freind eeyore. overall i find it ok, cos yet 2 go other to take a look. ur bb now taken care by nanny also rite?

was thinking of 1/2 classes but hor e full day and half day rate diff only $100. so far e nanny is very good, teaches vanda many things.. was thinking of oni 1/2 day w child care and 1/2 w nanny. but if to pay child care + nanny very exp liao.
haha! we also have the same dilemma...furthermore our nanny is just staying on the same block, very convenient for us...but thought maya be my boy can learn even more when he is in pre-nursery or child care. Can also socialise with other toddler too...

For us, we have not decided which is the best option:

1. full day child care
2. half day pre-nursery class with transport + half day nanny (for this option, not sure is it safe to put my boy in the bus with just the attendent, not cost effective. Epecially for kinderland. Difference only $100)
3. Half day pre-nursery around the vicinity + nanny (there is no good one within walking distance i think. Have you heard of apple tree? They are just next to my block. Good?)
4. Stick with nanny till 3 years old (Good, but can't learn social skill and not much of activity too, most cost effective too)

So, thought of either option 1 or 3.

As for the kinderland, ya, my boy like the music room a lot too....so happy and also the classroom (with lots of drawings on the wall). Seems to like the principal a lot too.

Hard to say whether they are good or not. What i don't like about them is that the child will be left at the music room to watch TV after 5.30pm till we fetch them. Also the swimming pool, is quite pathetic. Small. How to fit in 8 child?? The rest are quite ok. They have half hour chinese and half hour english lessons. No benchmark. I am going to see Agape little uni next Sat. BTW, i think not a good time to see them on sat unless there are classes on that day. We need to see the actual behavior of the children and how the teacher teaches them.
Hi Langlao....

Sorry ...dunno if good or not. Call them n ask if have trial? Go down n take a look la. No harm cos very near for yr nanny....

Let me know if have trial...don't mind sending my girl too....Thanks!
evelyn, i'll prob call em cos i need to work so hv to take lv to go look. playgroup starts fr 18mth so hv to wait ano 8 mths b4 my girl is eligible so trial also hv to wait i guess haha.
Hi Langlao.....

Hee hee me have to wait too....Guess i'll prob send her to Kindermusik or Gymboree for now..Thanks!
hi Amanda....

Just saw yr blog....so beautiful...Makes my heart melt! Was really great to have our little girls play together earlier....sorry had to rush off..will arrange a proper playdate again ya!

Need yr help n expertise in scrapbooking lei hee hee! Yr Queen is so lucky...U made so many beautiful stuff for all her beautiful memories...Pity i don't have the energy liao. Tat's the diff with a young n lao mummy ha ha ha!
Evelyn, thank you thank you!! Me no expert la,just do whatever comes to my mind but i very slow motion so take very long to finish.hahaha!
can arrange again playdate , no prob!!it's was fun seeing the 2 little girls playing.
i called edufarm and intend to enroll my gal for the Jan09 intake class today.. but nanny say scare my notti gal wld be more mischevous. she scare my gal wld hv a pobia for school cos she say those kids she look after before who went too early to sch got probia
Hello everyone,

I just found this thread. Im a first time mum (SAHM) and also stay in ghim moh (evelyn & amanda, we're neighbours
pls inform me if you have a playdate...my baby gal (10mths-same with ur baby, Vonn..) & I are interested to join. do pm me ya....thks.
Hi fion,
mmm...for me,i'll be sending my girl to playgroup next mar or april.she just turn 1.I feel it's good as in they learn things,exposure to other kids makes learning sharing easier etc..like starting when i brought my girl to gymboree she was so scared keep on sticking to me but now in class she roams about and play with her friends it's all getting use to , just give them some time .every child is diff so i feel that you shld do what you feel is right for your child.just my 2 cents worth.
Hi All,

I'm a Jurong W. mummy but looking for playgroup in queenstown area as my litte boy turning 18 mths next mth...

I've briefly run thru your thread and guess you gals wld be perfect for some advice.

So far, base on some threads I've looked thru, most comments are based on observation. Wondering if any mummy here literally had friends or neighbours had their kid in the school and feedback on teachers...

I visited Carpe Diem at Alexandra, LV at NUS, Telc at SIM and White Lodge at South Bouna Vista..kinda like white lodge...any comments? or recommendations for some others in that region?

My apologies for the numerous questions...just kinda confused n lost honestly..
Hi Amanda & all...Im at blk 1. catch up one day when we free or maybe lunch together at ghim moh market?
Hi Gals....

I'm back...been really busy busy cos my boy having exams which will end tis coming week. Dewi will be great if can meet let our little ones gather.....got to go...
Morning moms, we live in Holland Drive and wld love to get to know more moms in this area tho I am a 2006 mommy. Been a SAHM to the lil one who just turn 2. Speak soon!
@Amanda: Great! We can bring the kids for a walk meet for a walk if you want. I am heading to Marina Square this tuesday to bring the lil one to watch the Elmo show. Let me know if you wanna join us.
Hi all, I am new here, mother of 2 girls, be moving to Clementi end of Dec this year.

Would like to ask around, can anyone recommend any good PD in Clementi area?

And anyone who is interested in Kinderland at Pandan Valley can let me know because my elder girl just graduated there this year, can share some info if with u ppl too...

Hi luanee,

Do you mind sharing your feedback and comments on the kinderland preschool in pandan valley? looking at this (not the childcare) although i am not staying exactly in clementi
but that's the nearest kinderland preschool i can find.

any mommies here who send their kids to gems montessori at pandan valley? any comments?

thanks and cheers!