2007 moms in West(Clementi, West Coast, Holland)

i think 2.5 yrs is fine. Too young its a waste of time. I also intend to bring her for weekend classes only and start at 2.5yrs.

This is the one that interest me http://www.schoolhouse.org.sg

They encourages learning thru play.

Actually I very reluctant to send my girl too early. Initially I was thinking of 4 years old, but then she would be home with me or my mum if I go back to work, then like very boring =). I think 3 is just nice. Anyway, some schools I heard gives some flexibility at school as well if the child is too young? My girl now like a night owl, really need time to adjust her timing if not she will probably fall asleep in class in the future :p
My girls goes to the Little Gym. We registered for Shichida but the q is till nx Jan but we are still considering as I heard that need to practice at home else no use. We are weekend parents so hard to practice everyday with her so ended up might waste the $ & it's exp.

I think we will prob send her to the montessori at Dawson Plc when she turns 18 mths
Hi WL,
i heard maris stella eng not gd. my cousin has a friend who can not cope when she went P1.so she withdrew her girl out. now she's in st james doing well.
Hi Amanda, cant cope as in, cant cope in english? if tats the case, is abit bad...hrmm, think i better asked my friend nt to consider tat. i got feedback tat the way MMI sch teaches, the child may have prob when they go pri 1. nt sure hw true is tat...any comment?
yeah i heard abt this too..
cos in MMI they learn thru play and offer very interesting learning concept -explorative/ fun..
however in pri sch theyhv to sit still at their desk and more concentration is requiredas such kids which adapted to mmi methods find it very hard to adjust in psch...
Hi WL,
Yup,can't cope in english.I was also condsidering Maris stella,but once i heard , i straightaway go to st james. Luckily manage to get in for 2011 nursery . we now on waitlist for playgroup so intend to send my girl to mmi for 3 days playgroup.i quite like the things they teach.
Haiz...really dunoe where to put my boy to...s need to find a place near my hse which is at west coast & is gd....or,like wat sghlynn, put at hm til 3yrs old then go sch..O..veri confused!
Hi mummies, glad I've found this thread! I've just started looking at enrolling my boy in some classes and realised that I have to start thinking about registering him for pre-nursery classes soon becos of the wait lists.

(a)Fion -Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
(b)langlao - Dover Rise - BBgal born Nov 07
(c)Amanda Ow -ghim moh - bbgal born in sept 07
(d)Angelsky - Dover Rise - BBgal born Jan 08
(e)Starystarynite - 323 clementi ave 5 - BBboy born in Jun 07
(f)michviv - Queens Condo - BBboy born Nov 07

Hi langlao, think I've seen you around on the Nov 07 thread. Are you going to the gathering tomorrow? =)
Hi mummies,

i am new in this thread. I stay in Clementi and my boy Nevan was born on 13th sept 2007. he is turning 1 sooooon

May i know if any one of you know how to dig baby ears? I dare not to it leh :p
hi dalki -

dont do that!! its quite dangerous.. the pd will prescribe u a drop which u can drop into bb's ears and will dissolve the wax.
this is the recommended way...
thanks sghlynn,

but i fren brought her son to pd and used the drop. She say her son keep scratching his ears after that till it bleed.

So maybe i just leave them alone....
Hi mummies,

didn't know there is a thread for mummies in the west. I'm staying at queenstown, beside Dawson Place with a baby gal who is now 9 mths

am also thinking of sending her to some classes, coz i think she is quite bored staying at home with me
Hi serena,

My gal's nanny is at Strathmore, which blk u staying? My gal just turn 10 months.

I send her to the Little Gym at Forum on Saturdays.
Hi Serena n langlao....

I'm also always at Strathmore cos my mum's at blk 56...My gal just turned 1....where r u guys?
Hi Michviv

Just saw your earlier post, yup i went to the nov baby gathering. Pls contact k@ye if you want to view the photos. Do join us for the BD bash.
hi Langlao...Oh blk 82....think tat's where my 2 boys childcare is ....Five Stones...
Next time we can meet up la, u me n serena....all girls... for me i'm waiting for my girl to walk b4 joining any class. With 3 boys b4 her always find sending them too early they don't really enjoy...only mummy's arms ache cos after to carry them up n down with the songs ha ha!
Hi, I am interested in the playday trial class, do include me in.

(a)Fion -Clemeneti Ave 1 - BBgal born in Feb 07
(b)langlao - Dover Rise - BBgal born Nov 07
(c)Amanda Ow -ghim moh - bbgal born in sept 07
(d)Angelsky - Dover Rise - BBgal born Jan 08
(e)Starystarynite - 323 clementi ave 5 - BBboy born in Jun 07
(f)michviv - Queens Condo - BBboy born Nov 07
(g)OBH - Toh Guan - BBgal born Jul 07
serena, little gym's routine is like that:
- start with singing hello song
- play with bells
- exercise
- activity with parachute
- play at the different station
- play with balls
- play with soap bubbles
- goodbye song

evelyn, serena, how to meet up? u ladies working or SAHM?
Hi hi....

Was just at strathmore whole day today....me SAHM too so very flexi too...
Ha ha been thru the playgroup routines many times, even the gymboree Shanghai same routine.... except in Shnaghai we had a choice like wanna go normal routine or music 1 which intro all kinds of music from all over the world n musical instruments or art where they go draw n paint so it's good cos we can choose which class to go for each week. More varied....think here it's just 1 type right?
hi OBH, if you can make it on weekdays, you can just call them up to arrange for a trial class yourself.
My boy loves his classes there so far.
Hi Fion,

I will be going to SP kinderland open house too. But it will be around 12. Our child has some enrichment class to attend in the morning. So, might not be able to meet up with you guys!

For gymboree, it's $399 for 12 lessons. but got to pay annual member $50.Now i'm still considering to go for the music class also at gymboree Vivo.actually , arrange with another mummy also gym class together but instead she go to tanglin for music coz she want diff teacher.
Hi Evelyn, still up ah...ya for sg is either you sign up for gym or music or etc... not like shanghai every week can go diff which i think is better ,at least not so sian.
amanda, little gym also require to pay membership fee which is valid for a year. I chose Little gym cos the one time i tried gymboree vivo, there's only my gal and another baby (one of the staff's son). I was disappointed.
What time you went? mine is every tues 2pm. starting was just 4 of us then they just shifted into harbourfront beside mothercare and the class became really big like 10 babies.
Hi Amanda...yeap still up ...me night owl.
In Shanghai very flexi, my boy enjoyed the classes a lot, we could choose which class we want each time we go just got to let them know the week b4 So i normally alt bet gym n music which was quite fun! If not ah always same thing v boring lei. Sigh ..i miss Shanghai...when in Shanghai i miss Singapore ha ha :D
so good there!!like for queen,the gym she so so only keeping clinging on to me but for music she enjoy more so maybe when the gym finish might jus go for music.
Yr queen v cute lei.....should let our gals play together....now i'm waiting for Meg to walk then go for class...haven't decided which 1.There's a new thingy at Great World lei some Grace sch or something..thot will check tat out..looks good from outside lei...
amanda, i went on a sunday at abt 2pm.

evelyn & serene, do u intend to send your girls to pre-nursary? Any idea if the Montessori at dawson plc is good? Issit open for registration yet?
Hi Landlao,

My fren's child is there....the thing i don't like about tat place is not enough space n they r fully air-con which is not good for the little ones....fall sick more easily. But heard from my fren they teach pretty good....Her boy learning quite a lot but quite ex right? They just increased their fees. For me only intend to send her like she's 3. for now just playgroup...
Thanks Evelyn!!until now still haven't see meagan yet.. now queen sick when she better , can arrange for them to play... maybe other mums can join in too
Seems interesting leh... the great world one,i think i come across before in a mag..not sure,Maybe will go check it out..

i nt so sure bout sun. i have a friend ,she goes on sat.for me,prefer weekday, if not at hme very sian,

OK Amanda...hope Queen gets well soon. Let me know....can arrange w other mummies but for us easy anytime...u come down or me go up ha ha!
C u! Better go sleep now....good night!!