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I dunno whether it's a normal phase of growing up. I notice that if he accidently falls or trips, he will run to one corner and dun want anyone to see him and just want to act tough.... he doesn't cry out loud when he falls anymore also.

And he is more aware of shyness also... e.g he will insist on wearing shorts, and not just underwear if say there are guest in the house... he was ask me to get a pair of shorts of him...

so i guess it's just part of being more conscious of themself and surroundings and more aware of how others view them...

Actually A is very talkative at home and speaks pretty well eg able to use past tense and wide range of vocab. But when others ask him a question he will not give them the answer, just looked down and dun say a thing. I know he knows the answer cos he told me when no one is around. I hope that a new environment will help him in this.

i guess have to give him some time bah. zz is just like him. He v noisy n vocal at home but outside v quiet. then relatives say I shld expose him outside more blah blah blah. but they dun know he act can tok v well lo.

I understand yr frustrations. ok i dun say zz def will reply to ple questions. but i find nowadays when ple ask his name or age, he tends to say liao. unlike last time when he just stare or look down as if he dun know. but it not all the time lor. n even if he dun reply, he will smile. more friendly lo.
CONGRATS!!! wah i juz popped in...saw the GOOD NEWS!!....really long time nvr see you in here! i remember last saw YX's photo you posted 3-4 months bk she's so pretty...!!! girl or boy oso can yeah..

i saw your email...haven reply...paiseh..fren bot a swing in the end...coz her boob usually 1 side much much more milk..keke...thanks for offer!

hmmm sounds v pooor thing le...maybe you try talking to her, ask her why she upset...ask ifteacher is not nice to her..or her frens beat her etc....i will also worry if this happen to my kids....but i know for sure mine are complain queen & king...coz i always teach them...if people bully you..mnuz tell teacher...so dat at least they dun suffer in future...
A has been telling me he wants to go to new school. When he first started GUG, he told he like the new class, but he has never told me anything about his current school. Quite clear that he doesnt like current plc right?

babe, its so nice to see all the oldtimers starting to post here, although the thread doesnt move as much now but still good to have regular updates

we had mixed feeling too when find out about this pregnancy, as Ru is still so young and does not understand that she is going to have a younger meimei/didi, unlike Xi who was older when I carried Ru and I could read her books on siblings. I hope I will have enuf energy to give my attention and love equally to the 3 kids. Felt quite sad for Ru as she is very sticky to me now and with a younger baby, i might not have enuf attention paid to her.
But we can only think of it positively and hope thing will turn out smoother than we thought.

Babe, long time no see u! How's ur 3Ts? Busy busy? Must learn from you how to cope with 3!

Cherryale, has the school managed to find the school bus for u?

me going to maid agency later... there are some things that we can stand... some that we can not...last nite i returned home.. i saw EQ quite stoned n blurred... not in her usual self.. but not sickly type oso.. it was after a long while that we traced it to the silly maid giving her spoilt sweet corn puree....

silly enough... she left the remaining puree for us (we told her not to throw away leftover baby foods, but to give it to us to eat).... the remaining unsteamed coRn (we told her to steam 1/4 for EQ and put the rest cling wrapped in fridge) smelled sour-ish.... she claimed EQ only take one teaspoon before vomitting it out.. but looking at the quantity leftover, it really dun seems so ..

i feel so sorry for my poor lil EQ.. .. it was a few hrs later that she's back to her smilely self
oh u just reminded me.. do try to spend more time with Ru k? middle child always got least attention from family... hopefully u do get a good maid who will take good care of ur new baby.. so that u can continue spending time with Ru... and get ah-xi involved with ruru oso

do remember to update us whether baby girl or boy hoR? me won't be logging in often next few wks.. going japan next wk. and followed by korea (Wow... finally somewhere nice compared to india kekeke)
me ar...i think even maid oso find it a hassle..i moved house last month..new place is not walkable to their cc..so everyday they haf to take bus to cc...now i am at home..maid can leave bb wif me..but when i go bk work next week, she will haf to bring bb up & down le..quite worried abt their safety..

middle child...i remember dat cherry is a middle child oso rite....

tyler haf been extremely jealous and haf v bad behaviour these recent 2 months...he realised he's no long the baby of the family...kept doing "distructive" things to gain attention...worse is he can drop something or jump from heights and then smile at you...really pissing me off big time...tyra is v good wif the bb..v supportive too!!

hiakzz...shiok le!!...you luggin the kiddos along?? hope lil EQ is ok..not funny to eat "soured/ spoilt" food....so you decided to sent maid bk?

kekeke...yah i drop in here once a week to read...at times will forget also...Ashton dun like current school then change him out la...its good if they feel positive & happy abt learnng..so prob new environment is better for him..
no lar.. i am going to work.. gonna miss the 2 of them so much

u sold ur place for a good price? 2 young kids and a baby with a maid on the streets.. sounds dangerousssssssssssss

Poor EQ, is ur current maid the upper class one u have all along? Ya, hygienic is an issue when we left maid alone with the kids. I visited ur blog last week. EQ is such a pretty and smiley gentle little gal! I can share how u feel on QY's attitude to EQ. But believe me, when EQ is older enuf to play with QY, QY will learn to love her dearly too!

Babe, that's what I am worried about my ruru. She is still so babyish compared to Xi at the same age, and she gets jealous very easily! Haiz... Ah, so when u go back to work, u will leave ur maid with the 3 kids? How about asking school bus to ferry ur kids from ur house instead of the maid tolls along the 3?

smurfy, so nice!!! Going to Japan and Korea for work! I am in China now, probably my last trip for my current job. Quite bu she de of my colleagues here as they have been real nice to me.
babe, u can still remember I am a middle child
I have two brothers, mum spent most of her time on the two boys mainly cos they were naughty. I mind my own biz most of the time, study, go tuition, go out with friends. So compared to my brothers, I am a lot more independent. I see similar traits with friends who are middle child too.

smurfy, hopefully u will get a better maid. Thot your mum helps to supervise the maid at home?

jelly, they are supposed to call me on the sch bus today. But i can forsee my mil giving me a lot of pressure cos she doesnt want A to take sch bus. So, she wants me to put him in Pats instead.
i so called made $100k from selling...stayed in this place for 7 yrs liao..but after returning interest to CPF which is $60k, COV to new house $35k, commission to agent...we get nothing...ahahaha....

orhh you travelling for work again...confirm will miss the kids la...its consecutive trip ar??...then you will be so long away from home...but still shiok le..your wrk allow you to go so many places!....shun bian go shopping la...korea's kids clothes is v happening le!!

yah i agree dat middle child are more independent..saw some frens & relatives oso like dat...exactly like wat you said...hopefully tyler will grow up to be more sensitive lor...

yah..i think now you haf time...spend more time preping YR lor..YX will probably be v ready for another sibling......she will be a great help!

i move from my old place to new place 1 bus stop away only...the cc dun haf school bus coz cater to kids around the area....bobian take public bus lor...its 4 bus stop...last time can cut through short cut v v fast...now v difficult to walk...
fat babe/garfield

i know that her form teacher is very strict and the teachers also has informed us abt her style. and everytime she disciplined, she will inform me at the end of the day.

Cherish told me she dun like her form teacher cos she is fierce. She is ok with her friends and all other teachers..actually i am in a dilenma. I am pro discipline but come to think that cherish needs to face her teacher whom she dun like..v poor thing.

The consolation is that cherish does not resist to going to sch and come back still can sing us the songs that she learn from sch
skinny babe, wow all 3 r so lovely n loving... havin 3 kids seem fun in long run for them but no not having 3rd one liao hahaha. my collagues n frens asking me too saying tat i can wait for the 2 kids to grow first then have the 3rd one later. but i wouldn't wan to repeat the new born cycle then! i dun have courage

smurfy, oh go japan n korea! cool n envy.

stella, if she doesn't resist school, most likely she adapting well. but as parent we do tend to worry tat if she dislike her teacher, will she enjoy school. cos i rem during my school days, if i dislike the particular teacher, the particular subject also dun fare well hahaha

but if the teacher do comm w u then it shld be ok too. At least u will go home n monitor her.

cherry, hope u get the bus soon. me might enrol bus too. Currently maid is bringing them to cc n i already find it like hassle though maid say she coping well. We let them sit on those 2 seater tricycle n they walk to cc cos for us, no pt to take public bus as it just 1 bus stop n still have to walk up slope. my only worry is RAIN. cos these few days rain n they both have to wear rain coats... n G has to to/fro 2 times to fetch bro...

skinny babe, i think gals generally more gentle to bbs. G love bbs but zz still does not n admit it. zz love older kids tat can play. so tat explains y when G still bb, he was so jealous n not loving. then noe he enjoy playin w her though they fight everyday.
jelly, garfield,

hey...its really true..girls will always be the "nurturing" one..tyler is having a tough time adjusting...occasionally he wans to play wif tytus...but i think he's v destructive..

but i think slowly, zz will learn to enojy G more..esp when she's older....bro will probalbly assume the "protective" role...keke...
PVL and mommies,
I remember some of your girls (if I am not wrong, PVL?) were using the auto vacuum cleaner? The roomba or something? is it good?
How much does it cost? Cheaper to buy in SG or US?
I'm thinking of backup in a few mths time when my maid leaves...

fat babe,
Your Tyra is very sweet looking!

Sorry to hear EQ has to eat soured corn... poor girl!
How's your maid hunt going?
skinny babe,

ya he loves G now and often run errands for her... haha eg help her take her pacifier if she needs. but at times still will fight over toys n ple. haaaa jealous lor. but if i threathen to pack mei bag, he will scream nooo

then will hug n kiss her n then they make up like a small couple.

just the other day, he insist to hold mei hands, maybe in school he alwyas hold others hand. then G dun wan as maybe he quite rough. then end up both cry cos G dun wan, n zz insist... hiaz...
Wow! So nice to see so many mummies back in the forum

Tyra really look like a good big jie jie
So loving.

By the way, I have created a blog about breastfeeding. Do spread it around. Also pls. feel free to comment http://www.savingeverydrop.blogspot.com/ Will be adding more info when I can.

I have been storing lots of frozen milk and giving them away. Spent lots of money on zipped bags. Having a hard time looking for glass bottles. Those that they give away in the hospital. Does any mummies have any that u don't need anymore? I would love to have them.

it's me.. i got the rumbia..just vac. cleaner

from www.woot.com
reburnished unit.
once a month, they will have a irobot item on sales.. sometimes new unit, sometimes refurnished.

i onli used a few times.. coz QY tot it's a game..
sianz.. now storing away in storeroom.

find that cheaper to get overseas.. let me go find the unit cost after i come home k?1.5more wks to go.
Thanks! But no need to get unit cost... I saw on irobot.com that a pet series cost only abt usd360+, so I may get friends who go to usa to help me buy it back.
Just wanted to know if it's realy effective.

You should enjoy your trip in Japan and Korea!

zz is such a good kor kor!
Soph is now already going "no, didi, noooo" whenever Didi crawls near her toys *sigh*

Long time no see!
Good to know Cherish is enjoying school... yes, a sign of them enjoying school is them coming back to sing songs to us.
Soph wakes up in the morning and asks "Where is my teacher P? I want to go to school NOW!"
huskie, zz depends on mood 1. at times he do make her cry v hard n tat pains me. he likes to command her to do certain things or insist she take his toys. n she dun wan so machiam abuse.

recently i found zz gettin notier... must scold him harshly then he stop his nonsense for a while. n he used to eat his meals pretty fast, but now keep hopping around... these nites, i really scold him badly cos he do not wan to sleep n keep givin excuses. n i so exhausted after a full day n the nxt day got to wake up v early... i wondering if he picks up some bad habits from school... but it really unavoidable...
zz sounds the same as soph. recently soph has been making a big fuss over her dinner too... don't want to eat, just leave the food in her mouth. Then yesterday didn't finish her dinner and then woke up at 450am this morning singing away... probably hungry!
She's also very rough with didi. Luckily didi is pretty tough

I'm gonna shift all her shelves and toys from her room into the living room at a common play area soon... hopefully this will reinforce into her that the toys are in a common area and to be shared.
huskie, i guess it those love n hate. ytd nite, zz told me he wan to go shopping w mei, n mei reply "yas!" (for yes)

no use for zz case as his n mei toys are all over living room n they often fight for the SAME toy. such that i take it away n told them to STOP... really have to blow my top now... dun mean to but it really gettin on my nerve.

just other day, mil told me they v easy to look after... well let her take care for 1 full day first... she only been w them for 3 or 4 hrs at most...
I have also been losing a bit of temper with Soph, over her snatching/possessiveness of toys and not eating... to the point where I wondered if I would be a better and happier mommy if I went back to work!
Hee, my MIL also said the same thing... said D very easy baby, keep smiling... but that's cos she is a 2hours-a-month granny!
kekeke.. so far EQ still very easy baby.

QY is also the one giving me problems.. haiz.. he oso dun let meimei play with his toys.. sometimes shifting to other places to play...but occasionaly he will let meimei play with toys he dun wanna...
smurfy, mine will make mei mei take toys she dun wan. last time mei still gong gong take noe she smarter n will also insist not to. so end up both will cry lo... v headache.

y my boy become soooo stubborn...

seriously i dun noe whether she is enjoying sch. she does not fuss in the morning but also not v excited in going to sch..But she does come home and share abt want she learns and imitate her teachers.


cherish also learn bad habits from sch. Recently she follows her classmate by keeping her food in her mouth and jag it out. She can tell me she learns from this particular class mate.

And i realise she is also giving excusese when i ask her to do things..eg ask her to brush teeth, she can say "wait, i finish this first"
But the good thing is she learns how to share and take turns now.
<font color="0077aa">Hi Feb '07 Mommies!</font>

Like to join e community. My Baby 1(B1) -- b'day's on 17 Feb '07. She has a brother born Apr '09 &amp; I'm active in dat thread. Onli stumbled upon SMH aft my gal was born bt dint tink of joining in Feb '07 mommies support ntwk then. Hope 2 b able 2 gleam tips &amp; share stories henceforth.

Btw, I'm now a SAHM - left job aft B2 was born. B4 dat, following birth of B1, I was wkg P/T in e non-profit sector, organising events.

Okie, gotta go catch some shut-eye. Moms &amp; babes hv a blessed wk ahead!
hi kidzskids!

stella, my boy become v v noti this whole week... I really wan to give up liao. Teacher call me n tell me he behaving well in school. The only reason I knoe could be seekin attention?
He been insisting some1, for eg maid to do a certain thing. if I go n do for him, he will start whining... n watever G takes, he wanna snatch. he can snatch more than 1 item. for instance G take A, he take A from her. Then G go n take B, he go n snatch from her too...
really at my wits end. G will scream nowadays too. she can share but she also v cham each time zz snatch from her. she will cry n zz will whine. he become so whiney tat we cane him v badly during wkends

n last nite he even make big eyes at me n imitate us! tell me dun noti or I go face wall ^&amp;*(

wat happen to him? y he become like a bb again or just being rebellious?
morning mummies! just came back from a short beach trip in Msia. Very sian to be back at work..sigh. Have been busy with the kids' school. Finally they are almost settled. Ashley will also go to the same sch as gor gor next yr so that its easier on the logistics. Actually i am a little concerned as she is so young. She will just turn two years old when she starts sch in Jan. But there is no choice, the principal told me that the chances of getting a place when she is few months older will be slim as they are running on full capacity most of the time. Hopefully being in the same sch as her brother will help.
Hi Mummies,
Need some advice. My baby niece is going to be 2 weeks old tomorrow. She is taking breast milk. Not sure why her poo is dry. Soft but not watery, yellow orangy colour. Her pee output seems normal. Anyone have the same experience before?
so which sch did u settle for the kids? half or fulll day program?

u r good leh, still can go for wkend trips... :/..so the trial for meleka makes u more confident for more trips now? :p.
smurfy, both of them will go to Pats as CH is still unable to provide the sch bus transport. Ashton in full day, ashley in half day as I feel that she is too young for full day. Plus what is the maid going to do if both go for full day? She doesnt need to clean house or cook.

the weekend trips are to train up for the goldcoast trip in Jun
cherish has been out of sch for 1 week due to sore eye and flu..now the flu bug comes to me.


ashley is so independant, i guess it shld not be a problem to attend sch. plus normally 2nd kid tend to settle sch easily.


cherish also become v stubborn nowadays. When she sense that i am going to scold her, she can tell me in advance, dun scold me har. today even worse, she told me i cannot beat her, only she can beat me.

i notice that beat/caning is useless but my patience is running low. Yesterday i blew my top on her and i was so frustrated with myself and her, hence cried a little. she saw and told me not to be sad , cos she is not angry with me..alamak, i feel so guilty after that
kekeke pat's not a bad school lar, okay? so u gonna LAP branch? wonder whether QY and A will be classmates? but most probably QY still will be in half day :p. me hoping that most of his classmates will grow together with him there

but r u still on waitlist for CH? maybe the sch changes their mind if more parents stay ard that vicinity? how abt the alternative that u / hb / inlaws send them / pick them up?
Hi mummies,

I am going to have Princess #3! Yeah! Have not told my mum and mil yet, think they will be disappointed for me, but seriously, i dun mind another gal, hubby too, though a boy would be nice since can keep him company mah. Yunxi has oredi given a name to her baby meimei. She called her Angel meimei and kept asking me how come meimei still does not want to come out! lol

My tummy suddenly grows very big and obvious these two weeks, dunno why! Before that it was not obvious, only these few days ppl start asking me. Even during our family dinner outing last sat, my cousins came to my table to chat with me for quite long without realising i m preggie, until i got up from my seat then she realised i preggie. My gynae also said i put on too much weight over the past month (from 52kg to 56.5kg) and asked me to be on diet.
congrats to having another princess.

girls are so much sweeter. oh Ah-xi is oredi waiting for her lil sister to pop out? was she so eager during Ru's time as well?

hey hey, share more abt ah-xi's behavior on Ru's arrival then?

ohh wanna say Ah-xi really looks sooOoo pretty now

4.5kg in a month is alottttttttttttt... better watch out the weight gain or sugar intake.
HI jelly, dun worry about others being disappointed as long as both you and hb are fine. The girls will have a lot of fun!

smurfy, yes going to LAP, dun think they will be classmates as A is joining the full day class but they will meet each other in sch
we will prob see each other in the mornings too. Actually I saw u, your hb and QY going to sch once before. We drive past the sch everyday.

I am still on waitlist for CH for both kids. I called a total of 3 transport companies, all 3 said no chance they will start another service this yr but next yr maybe? So the school asked me to waitlist for both kids.

stella, ashley just fell over the cot last night and hit face-down onto the floor. She is such a tomboy, very active, a GI jane with lots of bruises. I think second kid really is more independent.
hahaha oPs.. u caught me in a day when i took AL.. :p.. usually hb will send QY to school everyday.. found that it is actually good... coz u get to talk and interact with the teachers (instead of solely based on the communication book).. and u get to see their classmates.

actually LAP is a good location for ur 2 kiddos leh. less travelling time.

oUch.... ashley's cot is not at the lowest level yet? she cried alot?
smurfy, yah, I saw your hb with QY a few times already
Yes LAP is the most convenient for us, walking distance though fil will send Ashley (cos she is in PM) and fetch both of them most of the time. I will send Ashton to school in the morning. Agree that its good to be able to see their classmates.

her cot is already at the lowest but she is a monkey, can climb grilles at my inlaws' plc so i should have expected this to happen. She cried a lot cos its really very high but I guess it taught her that it will be painful and hopefully she will not attempt in future. Hehe, but we will switch her to a toddler bed this weekend, so probably no chance too
cherry, they will never learn their lesson. after a while the climbing starts... haaa G is also v tomboyish... cant tahan her. she also like to purposely spread out her legs! when i tell her to be ladylike... see la.

instead, zz show me hoe to ladylike! faint
i am speechless... just read ur blog on ur 10 days trip to taiwan.. how on earth u plan the itinerary to those kiddy places? how on earth did u manage to lug not 1 but 2 sick children around??

u r really good....
smurfy, yes i really admire my arghhh courage... but it my travel interest that spur me on... haaaa

when i first plan this, some of my frens think i m mad. n some relatives think we wun enjoy lor. but act it not too bad la, well it not ez either. i think the diff part is to carry them w a silly diaper bag lo...

luckily almost towards the end, they feeling better so can enjoy more. i also didn't expect the 2 of them like tat.

u know i prepare lots of plastic bowls n utensils n end up bringing most home haaa cos they were sick n unable to eat well...

so gals, if i can do it, u can do... i sure cherry can do it well too.
garfield, I read your blog too. Amazing! I hope i can pull off the 6 days goldcoast trip as well as you. Ashley will be near 18months then,hopefully easier. I intend to let her eat anything that we are having so I dun need to bring jar food. btw, can you share with me your itinery, Taiwan suddenly looked so fun! May want to bring them there end of the yr. I been there once long time back and I hated the trip but after seeing your postings, I changed my mind. I think you can get some money from Taiwan Tourism bureau

Also, how to do the auto-update on the blogs that are linked to yours?
act in the blog there r some details i left out cos lack of time blogging! there r times when they vomited n lao sai alot until we have to take a hotel break hahaha really dunno how we make it thru. guess the cool weather helps too. as less likely to sweat. haaa
Gem love the cold weather n in fact cure her fever there. but didn't cure her diahroea lo.

cherry, i think u can manage too la. Ashley sounds independent. ya dun bring jar food, heavy ley! if u really wan, bring finger food like gerber stars. it helps when they get cranky n we searching for food.

wow i must really "charge" ple who wan my iternaries... haaa u not the first person. no prob la give u, just kidding on the charge. can give me yr latest email add to send to? my auntie also make taiwan a v dull place n my mum at first also thot so but when she saw my pics, she say look so fun.

but actually the ple there r v v friendly so it make the trip v enjoyable.

wat do u mean abt auto update? u meant if yr fren update her blog, can see how long ago?