(2007/02) February

smurfy, doc only saw liek got 2 ulcers in mei mouth but never on zz lo. n noe both of them over 39 degree... i so worried... today my hb at home... men!!! not worried 1....

wow at least yr mil helps la,can change her n make forumla milk for her n also cook! my mil cant do all these

now my kids sick n my mum too. so no other help

HI everyone, sorry I've MIA'ed so long.. really no time to log in much these days.

Bethany is still the same.. at home.. but at school she is like an angel. Haha. Totally different. I'm so glad she is very very happy at school. No tears, no tantrums.

Nothing much else has changed. My hubby is still on peacekeeping mission but will be back in less than 3 weeks and we will fly to California for 3 weeks of family time. Can't wait.. but now a bit scared of the flight and jetlag :p :p :p

cherry, thought you're living in Tampines? Near to LAP meh? Ashley is a very easy baby huh? I also prefer my daughter to be vain than to be tomboy!

jelly, congrats on your third princess! So nice.. all girls can share everything! You will have pink to your heart's content!

huskie, how's life in Clementi? David sounds like a real breeze. So your new helper is OK?

OK gotta go run.. still planning my California itinerary i.e. shopping route. Haha.

Will be looking forward to a US trip too when my kids are like yours ... old enough

for now, we will be settling for Hong Kong... will be leaving this thur for a 6 day trip. Was initially thinking of going tokyo disneyland instead, but thinking abt the 7 hr flt with my daughter, i gave up the idea. But now i hope the Hong Kong disneyland experience will be an enjoyable one... cos have been hearing stories about those China pple...
Coconut to the rescue. Lately Xinfaye was also down with fever. Recovered within 24 hours. Thanks to lots of water, 2 coconut water and breast milk. Coconut works wonders!

Recently tried making some crafts.
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thxs Saphira, thanks for the coconut tip!

mummies, njoy yr holidays! make me wanna go again but no $$$ la... me planning for nxt yr one though hahaha
garfield, your TW trip sounds like a big trip already.. haha.. hols always make the work week go faster, don't you think? Stay in Singapore too long will become very depressed.

chocbabe, yeah, I don't know if I'm insane to attempt the 20+ hours on flight and in transit with my two monkeys.. it's my hubby who was gungho and pushing for it. HK Disneyland is still v enjoyable.. they have armies of cleaners in the toilets to clean up after those disgusting PRCs. Don't bother with Ocean Park... the only ppl who go there are you-know-whos. Beth took one look at the toilet and flat out refused to pee. It was truly truly disgusting. Ocean Park = waste of time and money. PRCs really just ruin the entire place. I should have spent the day doing the cable car instead.

Saph, nice craft!

ya now with 2 kids def harder to plan but it not impossible lo. just have to find some activites for them to burn their energy

haha i thot u planning for u n hb to go nia... u really brave!

hmmm act I feel both disneyland n ocean park both have them la... cos v near for them to go n enjoy. I think ocena park got revamp? I feel still can enjoy la esp the cable car ride there.
Just have to be there at the rgt time, def not fri n wkends lo!
Thanks Catz for the compliment.

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Catz, garfield,

Hi just came back from HK last night.

Catz, u are right about Ocean Park. Total waste of time. The rides are horrible and so stroller unfriendly, and the toilets bad. It was mosquitoes infested also. Got like 20 bites from there. The China tour groups also swamp the place.

Disneyland was so much more pleasant. It was not so bad as i thought. There weren't much queue. The china group are also the younger ones, unlike the ocean park groups, dunno how to describe them.

We manage to go on the same ride many times. The also provided better service than Ocean Park.

The Disneyland hotel was great. The kids really love it. Ryan has the annual pass to the HK Disneyland so looks like we might visit it soon.. haha.

Do check out the photos in FB.

I think both beth and timo will be ok on the flight. Dun worry. Ryan was fine, i think at this age, they are pretty ok already. He was enjoying the flt entertainment and the food. Unlike my lil sarah, was a terror on the plane, refusing to sit still.

Enjoy your long holiday
chocbabe, oh when u go ocean park? during fri or wkends? act I didn't notice these crowd act at tat time. I think i went on a mon. but I saw them at disneyland instead n fighting n jumping queue for photo session n parade!

I didn't bring stroller so i dun know if it good though. hehe

ya disneyland hotel is great! i hope to go down again w G.
hey chocbabe,
I saw the pics you posted on FB - Disney looks really nice!
Was about to ask you about hotel cos we're going end of this year.

Ryan is the annual passholder? What about you and hubby?
Does that mean that hotel room is booked under Ryan's name?
I went to Ocean Park on a Monday.

Ryan is an annual pass holder cos the hotel got 35% off. So it's cheaper than if i get the normal rate hotel and the park passes individually.

He has the annual pass cos child annual pass is cheaper than adult annual pass. Yet the family will get to enjoy the discounts. My hub and i dun have the annual passes. No, the hotel is booked under my name, but we will still get the discounts to the rooms and f&b. If u stay in the hotel, you automatically get 2 day passes to the park, so no hurry to finish all the rides in 1 day.
chocbabe, guess i was lucky. cos my fren also warn me. but frankly i saw them everywhere HK noe.

the thread seem so quiet noe... all on holi?
We are back from our Goldcoast trip! Phew, thank God for a smooth trip. The kids were alright on the 7+hrs flight except ashley was restless on the return leg but we still managed to watch 2 inflight movies each
not bad I guess.

smurfy, i got all the party stuff from Trish, kidzparty, can call her 90309902. She is v friendly. Her two kids are about our kids' age too

Catz, am sure you will be fine! But its really quite a challenge to manage 20hrs flight. But 3 weeks hols, it will be so fun!!

I am already planning 2 more trips, a short trip in aug and another one to Bali in Oct. Next yr we will probably go on a longer trip now that we are more confident of handling the two kiddos on our own. I am really glad that we did it this time as previously we were always so reliant on the maid but it shows that we can do without one too. Of cos, its a LOT more tiring but at least we become real parents for the week.
Hi Cherryale, wow... u went Gold Coast with the 2 children w/o help from maid, parents or in-laws? Hmm... now, I am thinking if i should.

was planning to go Tokyo disney but only bringing Timothy along. but then everybody was like... how can u leave Jeremy at home with the maid only. Hmmm... i shd seriously consider Austrlia :) was it a free and easy holiday or a group tour?
good for u
. i bet u must have more confidence in ur parenting skills after this trip.
great! now u can continue all ur holidays funs with the kids

oh.. i am getting the simple balloon package from kidzparty..$80.. i am getting my bannner frm babyterroronline though..

ur walking hello kitties balloons are just soo suited for the hello kitty theme.. too bad they dun have walking carebear balloons kekekeke.. and they have limited doggy design.

hey, u spent a boom for this party? coz ur balloons n decor seems alot
jazzcy, dun leave jeremy behind at home. Am sure you can manage both. Of cos, hb has to help out a little. Have confidence in yourself ok? if i can, am sure you will have no problem too. Its free&easy more flexible but we arranged transfers everywhere we go so its easier.

smurfy, in total for her party I think I spent about 2k+ including catering, cake, photography, party decor, toys rental. But everyone had a good time, so it was good.
Thanks for info. Ryan is a value pass holder?
Think I'll sign Soph up too, altho hotel has only 15% discount during the period i am going.

It's a great feat to have done the trip all by yourselves!

I agree with cherry - don't leave any kid behind. I was deemed "too young to travel" and was always left behind. Till now, still a bit sore about it :p

How's your maid issue coming along?

Saw your pics on FB... I miss California lots!

OK girls, I'll be reading but won't be posting much... little Dave has chickenpox... hope maid doesn't get it too!
huskie, poor Dave! take care too!

cherry, congrats! see everyone can do it 1... hehe in fact they behave better when they outside as new things to explore n see.

Jazz, dun leave no2 behind ley! poor thing 1...
i always say my fren who go holi w/o no2 till noe. not fair man... hahaha
2 sentences.. "no luck", " i miss high classy".. this one told me on 2nd day.. agent told her after come back from ah-ma's place at 930pm to 10pm .. can rest oredi.. then i was thinking.. who is going to feed EQ and change her diapers, make her sleep?.. 4th day cry n ask me whether her friend can pass her a mobile phone coz she miss her son and using the mobile phone is the only way she will feel at ease while working in sg.

geezz.. all travelling.. will be outta my dictionary for a long long time... hb will soon be outta job.. whahahaha
9.30p.m? rest earlier than me... keke
my maid still washing dishes... n 2 of us will be changing the kids at this time.

wat happen to hb? travelling also out for me now as no budget allocated.... sob sob. have to save for nxt yr!
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What happened to your hubby?
Anway, this week should be the end of my maid's career with me... today I just lost it with her.

Hey, is Ergo carrier really good?
I'm lookign for one that is easy to use and can use like a backpack... like how the Koreans carry their baby on their backs.

Thanks... David has actually recovered well and fast too! Been only a week and he is totally recovered.. guess the old folks are right when they say good for kids to have it younger... altho I still think 8mths is a bit young to get chickenpox ;P
garfield, havent had time to post on blog or FB yet. But I made it into a photobook before 30 june to take advantage of the free shipping.

smurfy, hopefully u will get a good maid eventually. A good help is really hard to come by.

he problematic person lar.. think he dun wanna work oredi whahahhahaahaa...

ergo is good for me as a front carrier, when EQ needs to be carried alot.. she's very sticky child lar.

what happens to ur indo maid?

my maid woes never ends.. read my facebook ..2nd day at grandma's place come home tell us very hard to work with grandma.. she will try for one week.. wao biang, she's the boss or i am the boss now? then keep comparing her stint in saudi with us.. (employer brought her holidays to dubai 2x.. stayed in hotel 2weeks).. then tell us she got maid at home.. this woman can work lar.. but attitude problem lor.. hb told me to dong, but i bet she will want to go back agency soon ...

i very sianz oredi.. wanna cry can?
Read your FB... haha, I like Qy's comment "auntie, can you do housework?". Tods this age are so amusing

Hey, I remember Winnie's maid also has a maid back home in Fili yeah?

Thanks for info on Ergo. I'm getting the cranberry one too... not bad, the guy will actually deliver it to me this Fri! I'm thinking of carrying D on my back when I fetch Soph downstairs for schoolbus. Long flight of stairs (28 steps to be exact)... I don't want to risk a struggling D and falling down the stairs with Soph esp. on rainy days.

OK, my Indo maid: we found out she stole money (no proof so I cannot confront her). But I know cos I counted my money in the wallet and then found a $10 note missing. She lies to me she has no hp but actually has. When I caught her SMS-ing, I told her it's OK to have hp, but use it only after chores are finished at night, or when not looking after baby.
Yesterday I went out for a short while to view a sch with Soph, and came home unexpectedly early. Opened the gate and heard her yelp. I ran into the bedroom and saw her holding a struggling D by his waist and the other hand busy trying to stuff her handsfree set into her pocket... standing by the window, no doubt to look out for me coming home. Asked her what happened and she said D bit her... luckily she never drop D! I told her that's the end of my patience and since she abused my trust in her, I would like to keep her hp, and she refused... so I said, either give me the hp or she goes home... and she chose to go home.

So stressful - why do they abuse my trust in them? To think I treat her really well.
Forgot to add - hope you find a good maid.
Lots of my friends are opting for pt helper after terrible encounters with maids, but I think for both FTW parents, it's very difficult not to have maid.

My mum also having problems with my bro's 2nd maid. Maid always like to give milk bottle for 3-yr-old to the 9-mth-old baby, so poor baby always choke with the gush of milk and cannot drink properly. Her excuse: teats are all the same, regardless of size.
oh god, all of u facing prob w maid. poor thing. hope u all get a better one soon. well all maids sure got flaws 1, but best is really love kids lor. cannot imagine they abuse... scary
Actually I love this maid very much... almost like my own daughter!
Cos she is so good with kids and love children so much, I just close one eye and forget about the lie of not owning a hp etc. I also know she goes out without my permission to buy phonecards, but also close one eye.
Sometimes when I go out with her, I'll take care of the kids in some coffee place and ask her to go walk walk and shop around by herself.
If she chooses not to, I'll buy her her favourite iced-teh for her at those Toastbox places.

So very sad that she abused my trust by using hp when looking after baby. If only she said sorry that day, I would have forget about the whole thing. But she chose to go home instead
i think it wwas jazzzy whose maid has maid oso.

u r just a sweet sweet lady lar.. being too nice to ur maid.. i think after high classy, it's simply employer, employee r/s. no personal talk. nothing extra.

a photo to perk up the day for everyday..
qiqi's birthday party last week


today's her actual birth-day

paging for u.. ehh u shld be not working oredi right? busy with helping ur ex-boss? or busy with both kids and the pregnancy?
wow... so long that i haven't log in.

speaking abt maids, mine is really one up. She has just informed us 3 weeks ago that she is going to Canada to be a live in care-giver. She only has to work 8hrs a day @ CAD 10 per hour. 5 days work week and 1.5times overtime for any hours exceeding this. As she is living with the employer, her income as a caregiver is CAD 1200 per month. And Canda immigration law allows her to be apply for residency after 2 years there. See, such a smart maid... find an employer there herself without even going to maid agency. Amazing right?

Ok, as an employer, I had to let her go to Canada visa office on week days and y'day, even went to get bank draft for her. Wah, don't know how many more trips before they would issue her the work permit. Anyway, is my maid super good? No, she is not. Just that she is good with Jeremy. Smurfy, she naps every afternoon together with Jeremy and her day starts at 6.30am and ends at 9.30pm. On top of that, my neighbour told me that she would cook lunch for my neighbour's maid and they would have their lunch gathering at the common area downstairs. Anyway, I just close one eye, never chide her for anything but my No.1 rule is "No stealing".Told her that if she ever steal from our family, she is answerable to God and she will be sent back to Philippines immediately

so much about maids... I am changing job soon. changing to an office very near home... just 2 mrt stops away :)
<font color="0000ff">Hi Mommies:</font> I've been following bt dint hv much 2 add. We dun use maid lor. Anyway, nxt yr we reg'd our gal for Nursery in Faith so she'l b in current CC til Dec. Letting her stay til she's done w her Christmas concert performance whc she thoroughly enjoyed last yr
Bt e situation @ her CC reali bad since last Oct/Nov w like 3 rounds HFMD, 2 rounds chkn pox, 1 headlice, even got H1N1... So she wld fall sick then pass bug 2 her Apr 09 didi. Spoke 2 frenz who's kidz in kindies &amp; they say infectious diseases situation nt so bad like CC. Also our decision was finally reached when I decided I won't go rejoin wkforce as earlier planned when B2 turns 18M. Wl c if kan get some wk 2 do fr home. So now B1's "future" settled, I'm "shopping" for PG for B2 in our Clementi/West Coast/Holland area.

Btw, I juz started B1 @ ireadnwrite.com.sg aft she attended FOC 1hr trial. Was veri impressed she cld read 5 words @ end of e trial. Plus itz a veri fun 1-2-1 format: coach child for 5mins, send child to play, then call child back agn 2 coach... There're like 2-3 grps of children @ e class so when B1 goes 2 play, she's got company + nt 2 mention loads of "new" toys! She luved it aft dat trial session so we signed up her 2 attend twice wkly for 1st term. If any1 interested note dat I got e 1hr free trial thru coupon fr Eduguide 2009/2010. Picked up a copy fr 7-11 for around $5 &amp; itz got lotsa info + coupons 2 utilise. Btw, there's a $40 referral fee prog for ireadnwrite. So if any1 do sign up, kan quote moi &amp; we split e fee?
Hihi mummies!!!

Smurfy, *waiving*,

Happy belated birthday to sweetie Qiqi!!! Hope she had a great birthday celebration!

You are right, I am helping my boss with his other personal business. But i have told him oredi, once my maid comes, I need to work from home as that will mean bring back the girls to take care at home myself with the maid's help.

And this morning the maid agency informed me my maid is in sg oredi and doing her work permit today! I was like pretty shocked and not prepared at all cos thot she will only come next month. So now have to decide when to go pick her up (we can choose to leave her with Nation meanwhile for training) and need to instal a sliding door at the bom shelter so that she can sleep inside, clear stuff from our bomb shelter and also to inform my aunt and the nanny.

Pray pray hard she will be an honest and willing to learn type. I have never engaged a maid before, hope won't be bullied by her instead. Haha...

So fast i m in 35 week oredi... Bb's head down but not yet engaged. Feel this time tummy is bigger and heavier and more pain to walk. Every nite after putting the gals to sleep, i feel like gg to deliver cos feel so suan whole body and difficult to breath when lie on my back.

Huskie, u are such an angel employer! So ur maid is back to the agent? Have u gotten another one?

Jazzcy, ur maid is really a street smart kind! Ya, guess we have to close one eye sometimes so long as they do their job and take care of the kids well.
huskie, ya no choice if she abuse yr trust!
smurfy, happy bd to yr little gal! My gal also celebrate her bd this mth too! soon they be goin to kinder n then p1 liao... v fast 1
Hello mummies,

long time no see

i'm planning to send my gal to some language enrichment.

but I'm thinking.. english or chinese or both?

I've shortlist:
1) Berries vs. Tian Xia
2) GUG (early reading and writing) vs. Lorna Whiston (Speech &amp; Drama)
3) MMI (Accelerated Phonics) vs. Lorna Whiston (Study Ctr)

anyone has send your kids to either of the schools?

Whats your comment?

Currently Big J is in MMI daily class, she learns her phonics but not into blending yet... My thought is she can got for the accelerated class for phonics next year. Suppose is a 1:1 class to pick up reading fast.

If this is so, I will send her to a Chi Enrichment.. cause I think she does learn betterin class then at home where Lil J is disturbing her..

It will be sometime before I can sit both down for story/ study time without both crying cos lil one like to tear/ chew sis's book!

anyway a pic of my gals taken recently..

hi everyone! Nice to see all the updates.

Smurfy, qiqi looked so sweet in her birthday dress.

Jazzcy, u are changing jobs?? WE MUST meet for lunch then! When?? Good to have an office near home though. Your maid is really smart!

Jelly, hopes your new maid will be a good one. She is Indo or Filo?

Sunsweet, I like the pic of your two kiddos! So nice.

Some updates on my side:
1) Maid - my current maid is ok, not fantastic but she likes my gal a lot and she is extremely proud of her. Eg. She will teach Ashley alphabets and body parts and when there are other people around, she will tell her to show and point where is her head, nose, eyes. Can see on her face that she is so proud of her as if its her daughter. She is also super good with time management, operates like a clock but sometimes too mechanical to the extent that she doesnt use her brain. Lastly, her housework and cooking sucks big time! Guess I just have to close one eye.

2) Looking forward to Ashton starting in his new school in sep. Supposed to start earlier but I have been extremely busy and wouldnt have time to help him to adjust to the new environment. Hopefully he will like the new place and new friends/teachers. Actually we find that his learning is a little behind his peers, but I guess everyone has their own pace and as parents we just have to help him along.

We should really have a gathering, it has been ages. I think when our first born were couple months old till now. Anyone keen? and suggestions? Maybe bbq?
i am here.. just "missed" checking out this page :p.

:p ur lil gem is really a gem. i like peeping into ur blog to see her pics :p.. so sweet n dainty type.

i think the priority is the maid loves the kids. but one question, if her cooking sucks... errr ashton alright w her cooking?:p .. hey, do u have menus set for the maid to prepare foods for ashton? if so, please share. i guess ashton will adapt well lor.. coz most kids settled in quite well. i must say, i am quite pleased w the school so far.. the teachers n principal makes an extra effort to remember the kids name.. i was in school the other day.. and was surprised when the "on-duty teacher" and principal greeted QY his name. do u know which class will ashton be? my guess is the first class.. where there is a mix of foreigners.

tat's a studio shoot or home shoot? the girls are dressed in similar clothings.. with fairy wings!!!!!...

u must be 37wks now.. bag all prepared???? next time u can dressed ur 3 lil princesses like sunsweet's.. and take pics.. :p ur new maid from nation? shld be alright lar. good luck anyway. and have a good confinment
Hello mummies...

sunsweet, the photo was taken very nicely!!! Both your princesses look so much alike!

Haiz... My first maid disappeared after 10 days with us. Brought her for a family lunch in a JB restaurant last Sunday. She said she wanna go toilet then never return. Dunno she has planned to leave or been conned by bad people. We have filed police reports in both Msia and Sg but the chance of finding her is slim. Was really worried about her cos there is no sign of her wanting to leave and she did not bring a single thing including her personnel stuff. Tonite gg to Nation to see a transfer maid. If ok, then we will take her. But the loan which we paid for the 1st maid is not refundable loh. Almost S$3k ah... Sigh sigh...

Smurfy, YES, me 37 weeks oredi. Hubby still travels alot. So it's either the bb come out this weekend when her daddy is around, else gotta wait till 2 more weeks when daddy is back. My sisters and hubby's fren are in standby mode oredi just in case if bb decides to come out before he is back.

I got the photos done at aloha Loyang chalet when were we there for my #2 1st b-day.. so its considered outdoor?

Its by a professional photographer.

Yup made the gers wear same dress with tutu and fairy wings..

Maid got lost in m'sia.. ghees.. either the maid is really frighten now or she is out on an adventure!!

re: gathering
I'm ok with a gathering but its a gathering with kids or without.. ??
tat was a great choice. to have a photographer for the event, i so so regret not hiring one.

*pat*..why no refundable? coz run off? u took a transfer maid? phili or indo? good luck to ur 2nd maid...hope ur #3 will pop when ur hb is ard. u getting a cl this time round? how is childcare for ahxi and ahrun during this period
Dear Mummies

wow glad to see some of us back..

I do not have any updates..currently still not planning for #2..so basically my life revolves ard cherish.

she just changed childcare centre two weeks ago. Her prev childcare was not very good and my hb and i was not very comfortable with one of the teachers there.


Big J and lil J really look alike! i also have not though of any enrichment classes cos i feel that during weekday she is already in sch for 8 hrs plus..weekend just let her enjoy.

Her cc place very heavy emphasis on speech &amp; drama and i hope she can learn from there..


i believe ashton will be able to adapt fast since he has schooling experience.
jelly, poor u! act it bit frightening tat she really left w/o takin any personnel belonging i.e passport too??

smurfy, Thanks for the kind comments. Gem is act not so girly n sweetie hahhaha only sweetie to her papa... she likes to tease us n act like a boy. the other day i wanna tok sense to her after she did something wrong, u know what she did, she refuse to see my face! end up she look up towards ceiling. v rebellious gal ley.

Smurfy u are right it's the first class. Yes one of the reason for me to decide on the sch was how the kids love the principal when she walked me around the school. Hopefully he will adjust well to the new friends and teachers.

My maid doesn't really cook.ashton's dinner is prepared by mil maid or mil. She only cooks the porridge which consists of soup stock that we boil every week. But starting next yr I will ask her to cook dinner since both kids in sch and she will b v free. Mostly will be cooked using the multi tier steamer such as steamed minced pork, fish kind of dishes. Ashton is china man lah so he only takes Chinese food while Ashley eats all kind of food like pasta pizza