(2007/02) February

Smurfy, the loan is not refundable cos the maid run away/disappear not becos we return her for another maid. But the maid agency quite nice to give us a FOC change of maid. This one looks pretty innocent and does not look as smart as my previous one. Hubby said better not to get a too smart one who might turn out schemy. Just hope she is good at housekeeping, honest and hardworking.

Ya, my CL for my #1 & #2 will come and help me again this time and I will still be doing confinement in JB. Xi will stay with my aunt as she needs to go school. As for Ru, initially thot of bringing her back to JB but now think better put her with the nanny during my confinement.

Garfield, yes, she did not bring a single thing with her, even left her diary in our place. We asked the hotel where we had lunch to look at their CCTV from 1 to 5pm but they also could not see my maid. Haiz... Actually I hope she run away rather than been conned by bad people. At least I feel better to know that she left us out of her own will not becos we brought her to JB then met bad ppl and followed them away.
jelly, oh dear... what an experience with maid. Hope that your 2nd one will be fine... at least fine to the extent that we find it acceptable to close one eye.

cherryale, sorry didn't meet u as my last day was last Fri and I wasn't working much that week. Been sick... coughing real bad till last friday.

yes, yes... i am all for a gathering. how about we meet at a restaurant for a start? easier to organise lah. of course, i am also keen to have bbq but it may mean more work for the organiser ;-)

Apologies for posting in your thread.. but am..

1. Urgently in search of many tins of Enfapro A+..

If you've any to sell, pls pm me.. Budget's ard $10+- for the 400g tins..

2. Haenim Play Yard 6 panels (usu'd have 2 activity panels, 1 door, 3 plains with connectors) and ok with 4 panels too..

Budget's ard $100+- for the 6 panels

3. Steriliser
Looking for Pigeon Rapid Steam Steriliser

Budget's ard $20 to $30.. hopefully no rust..

4. Safety Gate needed to fit doorway of at least 118 cm..

Budget's $30++

5. Twin Stroller, just need one tt works, so on v tight budget constraint..

Pls pm me if you've any of the above tt ya letting go..

Thanks v much in advance! =)
halow gals.. pregnant with #3 and expected to deliver mid jan next yr, close to CNY... looking for a confinement nanny...any of ur past ones to recommend? good cook and take gd care of bb....rate has to be below 3k...CNY rate is scary now...
wah rachel... congrats to u and jason!

hats off to you
hope you'll get a princess this time so you'll have lots of fun dolling her up.
congrats rachel! so many here having 3's ah... v brave mummies

jelly, ya just hope nothing bad happen to her... scary thot...

hope yr new maid is good.

there a place which i wanna try 1 day. it at tanglin, called tanglin treehouse or something. it a place where we can have food n drinks while the kids can play at the treehouse or garden. Soemwhere near tanglin mall. anyone knows? wanna try?
sooo miss here too!!!...

the photo is BEAUTIFUL!! v warm!!

you pop le ma???

hahah wanted to come in to annouce for rachel..she came in first liao...hehehe..

Me keen on meet up too!!! anyone organising muz mass PM hor..
Fat Babe
Yes she did!

cOngrats for the healthy delivery of #3 princess
have a great confinement

wow.. #3 on the way? congrats congrats.

when are u going to join ur bestie ?:p

wat news are u hiding from us???

No lah, nothing to hide... just didn't feel inspired to update blog that's all.

Sorry to hear about your experience with the maid. Hope she is not conned and being human-trafficked.
Hope your new one is OK.

Have you popped?

The picture is very nice. Which photograhper did you hire and how much is the package?
Hi ladies!!

Long time never chat with u all..so nice to hear good news too!
Been really busy with 2 kiddos and freelance work.

Rachel..Congrats on no. 3! Hope will be a gal yup? Haha.

Jas..Popping anytime rite?! All the best, smooth delivery and confinement!

Im all for gathering too! Sunday better please!!
Thank you gals.. yea hope is a gal... doing my scan on 15th then will know =p..

Should we do a childrens day gathering?
can do at my place..at loyang valley...3oct? anyone?
<font color="0077aa">Hi mommies:</font> I've been silently following since I last popped in 2 say "hello". So fast, our Feb '07 bbs 3.5Y liao. Mine gal is born 17 Feb &amp; is now 97cm tall. Ppl kp commenting she's tall 4 her age, some even tink she in K1/2. Anyway, cross 90cm no more free buffet lor + when I do take bus &amp; train w her, gotta move qwikly
<font color="ff6000">Sunsweet:</font> Haha, so u stl searching 4 English course for Big J? My B1 stl luving it @ I Read N Write. Itz been almost 1.5M now since she started &amp; she kan tell me "Mommy, I like Reading School - it is fun. I don't like Sunday School, it is not as fun!"
Plus she dubbed e spiral staircase there e "Secret Princess Staircase". Anyway, I'm happy she's enjoying herself considering e $ &amp; x invested!
E Snr Tchr there says she's picking up qwikly so they've moved her onto Book 4 liao 4 beginners level. I do realised tho dat it definitely helps she's going twice a wk + she's veri fluent in English so watever word they introduce she wld oledi noe it e.g. how 2 use, itz meaning...

Diz Sat I'm letting do trial Chinese language class @ e Confucius Institute @ Buona Vista. Itz $390 for 10 x 1.5hr lessons for 10wk term. <font color="ff0000">Nt sure how diz compares w e rates @ Berries &amp; Tianxia -- kan advise?</font> 4 diz age, suppose 2 b activities &amp; games-based so itz engaging &amp; enjoyable 4 e kidz. Well, c how it goes. Gotta get her up early coz they onli hv diz one preschoolers class @ 9:30am. Then gotta cont'd on 2 her ballet. Haiz, no choice bt 2 get our kidz ready now coz languages nd early exposure.

Btw, any mommy got rec for maths enrichment? I visited CS Montessori (Tiong Bahru Plz &amp; Bt Timah Plz) &amp; e manager gave me veri comprehensive tour of e facilites + backgroundo n montessori method. Seems by age 4, kidz learn 2 count to thousands! I was chkg out their daily prog 4 B2 -- planning 2 send him fr Jan nxt yr. He's reluctant 2 talk tho when he's veri desperate i.e. when I pretend 2 ignore him, he'd open his mouth &amp; squeak "milk, milk" 4 me 2 bf him
<font color="ff6000">Sunsweet:</font> 4got 2 ask if u explored e Speed Reading Chinese Prog I gave u contact 4? E othr parent in my gal's CC says her son benefitting much. Bt nearest outlet is in Bt Batok whc I find far. Any other mom here located in west, kan chk out 4 Jurong &amp; Bt Batok area:

Yes, I have popped last Saturday and now having confinement in JB. Leave Xi with my aunty and Ru with her nanny in SG. This time my milk supply is much better than previously and feel more relax as having the same confinement aunty taking care of me and my maid who so far is quite good.


Thanks for posting up that collage, brought back a lot of fond memories of being a first time mummy.
Now our #1 are oredi 3.5 years! Time flies!!!


Congrats on #3! Another cny baby! Take good care of urself.
Hi mummies,

about the photographer, well he our friend who also did my Wedding day photo.. haha..

well I'm not sure how much he charges but if you are keen, drop me a PM, I'll forward his contact to you.

Jelly &amp; Rachel,
Congrats on your No.3!! hehe

I scare to think of no.3 at the moment.. too tiring liao.

Sorry to disturb.

I have a tin of Mamil® Gold Step 4 with IMMUNOFORTIS 1.6kg and a box of Mamil Gold Step 4 New Value Pack 2.1kg to let go. If interested, pls email me @ [email protected]. Expiry date is Aug 2011.
<font color="119911">Chinese enrichment for pre-sch:</font> JTS -- sent my B1 4 1.5hr trial class @ Confucius Institute last Sat. I observed fr o/s -- saw them doing art &amp; craft, singing, etc. There were abt 6 kidz in e class w 1 tchr. My gal said she enjoyed it &amp; wants 2 go bak bt I'm stl contemplating. There's 1 more term 2 go (10wks) bt tchr says itz all fu4 xi2 so no worries if I sign her up. Fee is $390 w abt $80 of material fees (the ctr's own wkbks). Bt got 10% discount w Popular Card. Actuali bigger issue is e timing coz e tchr advised signing up 4 e full 2hr class whc includes 30mins of Mandarin Mathematics (think they charge $530 b4 PCard discount) whc she says helps w right-brain learning, supposedly method veri successful in China. Oh, all e tchrs r fr China. Anyway, stl in two-minds coz veri short turnaround time 2 rush 2 baby ballet. Dunno if shd chiong juz 4 diz 10wks 2 try out 1st. I suppose nxt yr when I B1's out of CC and into kindy then has free PMs 2 better plan e activities she likes. Btw, diz trial wasn't free -- was charged $39 for 1.5hrs &amp; tchr actuali brought my gal out like 10mins b4 time was up!
Ok 2 b fair, she spent 10mins talking 2 me abt her observations &amp; rec 4 my gal. My biggest worri was whether my gal cld gel in &amp; tchr said she was sociable. Othr worri was whether she cld understd e tchr since my gal so 'kentang' bt u noe, when I sent her in &amp; was introducing her 2 e tchr, e current students actuali were mostly spkg 2 e tchr in English!!! Haha, so dat let me heave a sigh of relief

Oh another thing 2 share -- learnt big lesson fr sendg her 2 an art wkshp on Tchr's Day. E wkshp cum trial was a special 1 w e students doing a craft as tchr's day gift. It turned out 2 b a mixed-ages class &amp; B1 was e youngest. Others were between P1-P3. Those were e regular students &amp; three (2 boys &amp; a girl) were bickering like mad. My issue was w their language. Their exchanges included, "You r e most immature boy I've ever seen!" "You wanna fight?!" "I will flatten you if you fight w me!" "Come here or I wl kick your butt!" (diz last statement was 2 e 20+YO tchr...
So aft dat 1hr trial I was 2 process e whole experience w B1 &amp; explaine 2 her how rude some of those comments were, nvr 2 use them, etc. Thankfully she was quite understanding &amp; even told her daddy later, "I cannot talk like those kor2 or jie2"
My hb says datz e thing, once kidz go P1 they talk more colourfully. So I learnt a lesson here &amp; wl pick trial lessons/progs w more caution.

Oh, &amp; B1 stl wanna go bak 2 "art sch". Realised she's veri gamed 4 all diz new experiences lor. Like watch YOG &amp; tell me wanna learn gymnastics, TKD, archery, etc.
<font color="aa00aa">Any1 has fdbk abt Zoo-phonics?</font> Any1 has 1st or 2nd hand fdbk abt the prog? Coz I'm stl searching 4 prog 4 16MO B2 &amp; I noe Zoo-phonics takes them in, I tink fr 18MO &amp; up? I believe parent-accommpanied? Appreciate if any1 kan share w me wat u noe. Or wat u prog u did w ur Feb 07 bb then @ 18M. Coz B1 has been in CC all along we nvr put her in any prog. Kan share w me via PM. TIA!
Hi Mummies,

Apologies but am searching for a Babysafe Mattress for baby.. Do pm me if you've any to let go, with the condition, dimensions, pictures etc.

Appreciate it lots and thanks! =)
Hi Mummies

Sorry to disturb.

I have the following to let go.

Usual Price: $45.50
Letting go @ $35

Usual Price: $57.00
Letting go @ $45

Usual Price: $5.30
Letting go @ $4.00

Collection @ CCK MRT or UE Square. Do sms / email me @ 81839240 / [email protected]
confirmed having girl? congrats.. gals r made of honey.. and boys r monkey.. (there is a nursery rhyme that is along that line oso right?:p)

QY... everyday play fighting in school.. even got "guns"... sianz 1/2... his male classmates all (most, if not all) the same.... arghh every morning.. the mummies send the children to school.. all disgusted w the fighting grp our kids are in..

about english read programme class, I went to L Central at JE for a trial class, but find that the class is similar to what my gal does at her MMI class. But she seems to enjoy it bec there's phonics, crafts, and some action songs. however it would be repeating.

So after consideration I will give ireadnwrite another try cos the last time round, my gal was very reluctant to attend the class though the teacher was trying her best to teach her.
For that trial class my gal did not really manage to learn any thing.

Will speak to the person in charge again.
<font color="ff6000">Sunsweet:</font> Was it e 1st time Big J attended a trial when u brought her 2 ireadnwrite? Mayb aft dat she warmed up @ L Central. U c how. E snr tchr there juz told me my gal may b youngest there bt getting along well w all e other kidz, she say got gd EQ. I'm glad coz nxt yr I switching B1 to 3hr kindergarten so big chng in environment.

Bt I agree w u dat no pt doing phonics when our kidz r oledi learning it (somemore same teaching method) in CC. Datz why I dint wanna sign up B1 @ e one offered in nearby RC -- coz curriculum looked exactly like wat her CC offered. Even tho I was excited dat e RC one was also teaching Letterland phonics -- same w her CC so it wld b reinforcement &amp; hopefully nt confusion e.g. if she were 2 go Zoo-phonics... RC courses veri attractive in terms of price tho, juz $55 for 4 x wkly lessons!

Coz of ireadnwrite's word recognition method, B1's now veri interested 2 learn wat r e words around her &amp; askg us 2 read signs 2 her 2 e.g. "Slow", "Danger", "Sorry, we are closed", "Slow". W diz interest, I starting giving her those Pasar Malam ABC Activity &amp; Colouring books (Dora/Thomas/Kitty covers). She's colouring in them more then she's tracing e alphabets bt developing stronger grip on her pencils/markers. Main thing she's enjoying while she learns. I also doing more craft wk w her. Brought her 2 do those window art mayb 6x liao &amp; kan c she's getting better @ squeezing out e ink &amp; keeping w/i e outline. Thus also tinkg of buying a set fr Querida's BP 4 B1 2 do more @ home. Wl b much cheaper 4 sure!

Btw, 4 Chinese I put her in NTU's Confucius Institute liao since she enjoyed e trial class -- also e usual lah: crafts, games, singing/poetry. She also click well w e kidz there tho I send her in onli in last term. Bt on hindsight mayb blessing in disguise coz Term 4 is revision of Term 1-3's wk so like crash course + getting 3 term's worth for 1 term's fee! LOL!
So c how, mayb I dun nd 2 sign her up for Term 1-3 nxt yr lor...
Congrats Jelly on your baby girl!

Need some advice. My son is turning one this month. He is still on breast milk and I am still pumping at work. Would like to know when can I stop sterilizing the bottles and pumps?
<font color="119911">Sunsweet:</font> It was nice 2 finally mt u F2F @ ireadnwrite
Regarding Di Zi Gui, I recall one of e enrichment ctrs @ JE central incorporates it in2 their CL class bt I kant rmbr whc. I actuali spent 3-hrs last Sat combing e few blocks there 2 c wat courses r available. Bt I reali kant rmbr whc CL ctr's e 1 dat offers Di Zi Gui. Info overload lor...

I did find CMA Mental Arithmetic ctr there -- they offer two-hand abacus course whc means engaging both L &amp; R brain @ same x (vs those dat teaches 1-hand method). Bt e sch dun hv toilets w/i it's premises &amp; when I walked pass e public loo, it was super stinko -- likely due 2 e high no. of children going 2 e many ctrs there.

There were other interestg courses like MYC - Music for Young Children (Canadian) http://www.mycsingapore.com.sg/
Dear mummies, I am providing Weekend Chauffuer Service in a luxury 8 seaters MPV. Will be driven by myself. I can send your family to a location comfortably. Car seat and booster seat available for kid and baby. Pls sms me @ 90990650 or email me [email protected] to learn more. Limited slots available in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011.
I have 2 x 900g Karrihome goat milk 3-7 yrs old.
Letting go at $35 each, own collection or meet at Somerset.
Expiry 2012 Oct.
Interested PM me
I hv 4 tins of 900g Pediasure for sale as my boy change brand.

Letting go at $32 per tin but if u take all 4 tins then can sell at $30 per tin. Collection at buangkok mrt.

Vanilla favor expire Jan 2012 x3
Strawberry favor expire Sep 2011 x1

Serious buyer and no neg pls!!

Contact me via pm.. Thanks
Hi mummies,

Anyone with kids 4-7 years old interested to go for a Free music trial class at Serangoon gardens, burgley drive?? It's a new building called Lifestyle Hub if i'm not wrong.

Sending my twins there so thought maybe can meet some SMH mummies there to chit chat while my twins having the FOC trial.

Please pm me for more details like the map and school name.

Timing should be 11plus am, 3rd April 2011.

Hi to All Mummies,

Am looking for Enfagrow 1.8kg etc (Netherlands) bought from local stores, do let me know if you've any excess that you would like to clear off, would be keen to take all if the price's ok. =)

Pls PM me if you've any.
hi hi, is bitbit here, mummy to Metta, one of the Valentine's day baby here, still remember me?

jus wanna say hello to everyone after MIA for sooooooooooooooooooooooooo long....

... and jus wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Jan, Feb and Mar 2007 babies back then, now toddlers.

... and also the 2007 mummies on this thread back then. i had really enjoyed myself sharing our pregnancy joy everyday... thanks mummies, I have not forgotten all of you!

Love you all and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Hi mums! My girl's also a Feb'07 baby. JTS this info I rec'd her kindy. I'm hoping to go chk it out this wk or nxt

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hihi Bitbit

so surprised to see your message !

I am cherish's mummy..time flies now our babies are going to Pri Sch soon!
Smurfy..SO sad to hear that.
My girlfriend had 2 stillbirths back to back..at 24 weeks..so its a terrible time I know.
She also 35 plus..Both babies had hypercoiled cord..knotted blood vessels in the cord..apparently that eventually decreased the oxygen and blood flow to babies..for 2nd one, gynae put her on aspirin to thin the blood hopefully to prevent the condition for recurring..But sadly it happened again..I guess its not in our hands.

Is she having a rainbowbaby now?
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