(2007/02) February

I might belong here. But i've already joined the Jan thread cos my EDD was 30th Jan. Now my EDD might be later, which means in early feb
Hi Ann.
How many weeks are you and when you due.

I'm from the Nov Thread, just dropping by.
Slowly more Feb Mothers to be (MTB) will start joining this thread.
Hi Mei Lik, I'm 5 weeks and suppose to due on 30th Jan.

Last night went for scan, bb stil v small, so doc said must wait till 2 weeks later then can determine the actual EDD, but he est will be late jan, early feb
hi gals

i was confirmed positive last tue. i should be due next Feb. i'm going into week 5, and will go for a scan 2 tues later. As this is our first child, we are very excited about this pregnancy. All the best to all MTBs here and i'm sure we will have lots of things to discuss over this thread soon!
Hi Cloe, this is also my first child

I'm actually in JAN/2007 thread too...tt thread v active

Which gynae you going to? Planned or choose the hospital to deliver yet?
hi Mrs Wong

i am with Dr L C Foong, Gleneagles. i conceived via IVF under him, so will continue with him till delivery

How about u? Which dr u with? Btw, any pregnancy symptoms yet? i dun seem to have any, probably will starting getting them later.
Chloe (you got same name as my beautiful baby niece

I'm with Dr Woo Bit Hwa at Northern Hop (Punggol Plaza), TMC.

Went for first visit, v comfy with him, so we signed the package already

I dun have any symptoms, other than frequent urge to pee, hunger pangs (I'm v greedy to start with, so now, I'm like hungry ghost) and some slight tugging feeling in my tummy...

No MS, no nothing yet...But I feel nausea when I smell my hubby's sweat...so he showers once he reach home, before he come into the bedroom
Hi everyone.. can tell me if Dr Brenda Low at Northern Hope is a good gynae too? I prefer a female gynae.

I need more feedback ya...

I don't think I am preggie right now, but I need to know so that I can start planning to visit her if I strike for a second one...
J&mum, when I called Northern Hope, the nurses rec'd Dr Woo to me although at first I wanted female gynae...

But after 1 session with Dr Woo, I signed the package already

If you are at Punggol area, I think opposite PP got one gynae called Dr Chern? Female gynae, alot of pple go to her.
Thanks for responding to this thread... I am staying in Punggol and are you?

I find the package under Northern Hope seems reasonable. My hubby will feel good about paying that package too. Heard about Dr Chern too but she charged quite ex package now then before.

Actually I do get some pregnancy symptoms now but I am not sure if I am preggie or not... I get sore in the tail bone area, I get tired and get alittle giddy at times, and lastly my tummy gets a little cramp... sometimes on the right, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the middle area... So wierd... I mean, these are the symptoms I get when I have my first baby boy. My next mense due this weekday...

Can anybody tell me what's probably wrong? or if there's anybody who has such experiences too...
J&Mum, I also had symptoms b4 I missed my menses and I did pregnancy test at polyclinic b4 I missed my menses, tested positive

Sometimes it is jsut v weird, we just know it b4 it happens
Mrs Wong, the test you did in polyclinic is it a blood test? I have tested on pregnancy test kit last night but it seems like I am not pregnant.

Heard because I should take the test after my period is due and not before that...

Ya, really weird that I am having such symptoms when the pregnancy test kit (urine kind) shows that I am not pregnant.
J&Mum, I requested fro blood test cos I did home test also not positive, but after 1 week, i did home test again, positive
Mrs Wong, thanks for answering to my doubts. Though I am not the first time preggie but somehow it seems so new to me over again. My son is coming to 21 mths old next week...

You are in your 5 weeks preggie now? Please take good care and rest more cos first 13 weeks are important period...
Wah...21 months...the cutest age a kid can be!! Esp for boys...once they turn 3, they turn into MONSTERS...

haha...my 2 nephews are like that...when they were 2, they were my angels...when they turn 3, they were my nightmares...haha...
Haha... Totally agree with you and which is why I treasure the time to be with him now... This is the cutest age...

So apparently you are saying Northern Hope, Dr Woo is not bad? I feel so awkward with male doctor. Is he patience to answer all questions?

I was with Dr Tan Yin Yin for my first child. She is very good and nice. Still wondering should I go back to her again. My hubby is saying that she is expensive.

Can anyone else tell me which other female Gynae is good?

Thanks in advance...
J&Mum, Dr Woo is v nice. He will make you feel comfy lor. At first I'm quite weary of male docs also, but he doesnt make me feel awkward...in fact, I'm looking forward to the next visit

He answers all our questions, even spend some time asking my hubby if he got any worries, any concerns...

The package is good, S$800 + S$40 (GST) can sign on first visit. So we save alot of $ lor.
i guess I must be mentally ready when I need to see a Male Gynae... Haha...

Yes, i think the package is pretty alright too...
Mrs Wong,
just to clarify some doubt with you..

1)I'm with Dr Woo Bit Hwa at Northern Hop (Punggol Plaza), TMC
>>which clinic of TMC is he from? cos currently mine wifey is at TMC oso, but wif Dr Eunice Chua.
thinking of switching gyna due to the cost.

2)I dun have any symptoms, other than frequent urge to pee, hunger pangs (I'm v greedy to start with, so now, I'm like hungry ghost) and some slight tugging feeling in my tummy...
>>slight tugging feeling??
mine wifey dun have these type of feeling,
but she did experience those "empty empty" feeling in her stomach. normal?

3)when I called Northern Hope, the nurses rec'd Dr Woo to me although at first I wanted female gynae...
>>mind to share the contact for Northern Hope?

4)The package is good, S$800 + S$40 (GST) can sign on first visit. So we save alot of $ lor.
>>mind to elaborate what is inclusive inside the package? cos at TMC, the package can onli sign up during the 5mths.

Thank in advance!
Mr Iceblue,

He is at TMC, I'm not sure which clinic cos I go to Northern Hope.

Not to worry if she dun have the tugging feeling, to her, it might feel like slight cramps. The empty feeling is normal!

Northern Hope: 63155550 168 Punggol Feild, Punggol Plaza #04-08

Package you can call the clinic to fax you the details...if want to type I will go bonkers!
Mrs Wong,
Same for mine wifey, she prefer female gyna. hopefully Dr Woo can make her change her mind!
Mrs Wong,

just to clarify one thing,

TMC package: $1.5k, started at 5mths, do not include any medication n supplement, normal delivery.
Dr Woo package: $840 including GST, start anytime till delivery, include vitamin.
but, does it include the normal delivery as well?
Hi all,
i should be a feb mummy. :p Based on last AF, my edd is end Jan, but my cycle are longer.. so I believe that it is early feb.

But I am in bangkok, following my hb on job rotations.. my next stop will be in taiwan, which means I will be gynae hopping until I come back around oct-nov to sg to delivery my bb.

Dr Woo's delivery package is different. He bundle delivery and room rates together:
1 bedder normal delivery is S$2.8k - 3.3k
4 bedder normal delivery is S$2k - S$2.5k

TMC's package the 1.5k is it any type of delivery also applicable? or got terms and condition? Cos I checked w my couz, her TMC package is S$1.5k, but hers was C section, added another 1k to the package.
Icy, you should identify which gynae you want in SG, then get all other gynaes to forward your medical records to your SG gynae after each visit so that the delivery gynae in SG is updated.
mrs wong,
Yes, I have a gynae in singapore - Dr Yeoh (female gynae) at Mt E. Actually I am quite confuse what can be done.

I guess I would have to fly back around Jul and clarify things with her. I kind of disappointed that there is no scanning at the hospital here. I only can rely on blood test and see that I am okie for HCG but too low for progesterone.

I will be seeing my referal gynae this sat, the first doc I see in bkk wasnt into pre-natal.. *sigh*

I wonder if I could still take package when i come back singapore or it is not worth it anymore.
Icy, in bkk, if you want ultrasound, go to private hospital. If you want, I can ask for the name of my fren's gynae in BKK.

Her hubby travels alot and she followed him during her pregnancy. They travelled from SG to BKK to India to US to UK. She gave birth in UK cos baby came early
Mrs Wong,
Thanks for the information. Yeap I am actually went to private hospital - Bumrungard Hospital. If possible, could u let me know your friend gynae in bangkok.
Mrs Wong,

TMC 1.5k package for natural delivery only!

Thank for clarify!
This makes mine calculation easier...

Iceblue, you must everyday talk to bb and tell bb to be good, come out naturally without much pain for mummy then daddy can save money on delivery and buy nice things for you...heehee...

My hubby doing that now...v farnie...

BTW, my couz's delivery bill, got alot of additional things other than the doc's fees plus bed, so I think Dr Woo's delivery package should include those things? I will ask him during my next visit on next Thu.
Mrs Wong,
ur appointment next thu ar?
i book for mine wifey next tue 130606..
aft i do research plus ur info, this is what i can conclude:

TMC - monthly checkup at TMC average $200plus
per visit
- 5mths onwards package $1.5k for natural
- Room rate: 1 bedded $250 daily
4 bedded $150 daily
- Total?
1)assuming 3 more monthly checkup starting
from now till 5mths = $800
2)5mths package = $1.5k
3)assuming 2days at 1 bedded room = $500

Dr Woo - $840 checkup package till delivery
- $2.8-3.3k delivery and room(1 bedded)
- Total?

Is mine calculation rite?
Assuming taking into account of what we know till date.
Ice blue, room rates not as simple as you think. There are alot of other costs (delivery room usage costs, nurses fees, etc etc etc) factored into the bill also. Ask someone to show you their bill and you will get what I mean

And one more thing, depending on case, sometimes gynae will ask u back in 2 weeks instead of 1 month later. Mine he ask me back in 2 weeks, but it is still part of package.

And Single bedder rate per day is not S$250, is it S$350 already.

So after your factor in the new costs, plus the miscellanous costs, it will be around the same.

But we save alot on the antenatal cos we signed on first consultation, which means normally pple will go ard week 5, 9, 13, 17, 21(this is the week that can sign, 5 mths). So got 4 consults, which can add up to around S$900 (inclusive of all the vitamins you need to buy for the first and 2nd trimester).

Plus if the room rate is individually calculated, it depends on your check in time. IF you check in before 12, they will count it as 1 day also, even if you are there for few minutes before 12

Tt's why we are more comfy with the package, cos the nurse explained everything to us and we know there are no hidden costs
learn new thingy again..
so for Dr Woo package = no hidden cost?
how much can Medisave deduct?
think next 1 yr got to live on bread liao...

got to check wif wifey which one she prefer then since both cost is almost the same...
just that Dr Woo one get the fright now and Dr Eunice one get it ltr part...
Medisave can deduct up to S$1.8k for normal delivery.

I think Dr Woo's one still quite ok, pay S$800 now for the rest of the pregnancy, then the rest pay upon delivery.

Plus for Medisave claims, you can claim S$450 for prenatal package and S$500 for doc's fees for delivery. If you get package which lump antenatal and delivery fees, then which are you going to claim for Medisave?
so does it mean:

prenatal package $840 - $450 = $390
delivery package $3.3k - $1.8k (medisave) - $500 (delivery) = $1K (BAL in cash)

Am i rite?
*getting more n more confused!
iceblue, the charges thingy can be confusing...

when I had first delivered my baby in East Shore Hospital, I had a c-section.. and the total hospital bill came up to $5kplus.. and in cash, we paid $2kplus... Oh well, by looking at the chart is just an approximate amount...

There are other costs incurred, like ward visiting, medicine, nurse fees, etc)... So just take the amount as an estimate ya...

Can log into their hospital website to find out their charges too...
all these rates sound confusing. Btw the package are just gynae fee right? So for my case, when i only come back say like on the 28 weeks.. there is no pt for me to get a package?
Icy, I think if come back at 28 weeks get package is still worth it.

Cos from 28 weeks, you will have to see gynae at 28, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 (assuming you pop at 40weeks)...That is 8 consults, which means if each consult with scan is around S$200, it will be S$1600?

So package still makes more sense?
mrs wong,
oic.. do u know any website which give u a schedule of like every time u see gynae at a certain pt of pregnancy.. what test they will do for you??

The package does it includes all these test?
Icy, website I'm not too sure, but books will have
Or you can request from your gynae...

Package include standard tests...
Those special tests for down syndrome, etc, are not included lor..
my due date is first week of feb 2007...
this is my second baby. i had a scan last week..
my baby was 5 weeks 4 days and is 2 cm big.
amazingly, i can see my baby's heart beat through the scan.. the nurse told me that for a 5 weeks old baby to show heart beat and 2cm big.. is a very big baby... is it true?
hi lee leng,
congrats to you. woah 2nd bb. 2cm sounds big but i am not very sure, cos I havent had my scan.
Hi ladies..

I hope I'll belong here..once I confirm my pregnancy with my gynae. I took a home test kit and it showed a 'not so bold' positive line. My menses hasnt shown up yet..andd i have some preggie symptoms..so I'll just wait to see my gynae..and hope its good news. This is my second pregnancy..I miscarried my first baby at 10 weeks.

Hi icy..

Nice to see u hear. Hope both of us will have smooth pregnancy.
hi icy,
nice to meet you..
how long is your pregnancy now?
are you having morning sickness? it must be very tough for you to follow your hb here and there...
anyway, take good care .. bye
hi hi.. must jia you. i heard the success rate for 2nd one is much much higher. :D

hello. my pregnancy should be like 7 weeks now. so far I don't have much MS.. just a bit like when I smell something werid. :D When is your EDD? Would it be a CNY baby??

Liling, at 5 weeks 2cm is HUGE. Mine at 6 weeks onli 4mm and gynae said it is normal size. Other mummies at Jan2007 thread at 6 weeks around 6-9mm onli...

One thing to note: did your gynae measure the right thing? Cos the 2cm might be the yolk sac and not the fetus.
My yolk sac is around 2cm also...

CNY 2007 is in mid Feb. 14th feb to be exact