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haha...i'm lucky to have chanced upon your post, so knew u having twins...i'm also keen to know, u have twins genes on mother's side?? i also envy having twins, but the difficult part is hard on the mother who's carrying the babies. so u'll know their gender in abt a mth's time? so excited for u!

tks for the sms informing of the change in gathering date. can i decide nearer to the date? now jk's right eye has a new eye sty coming up, so not sure whether this time round will drag longer to heal or not... sigh...

Hui.. wish JK a speed recovery..

Mummies near Woodlands..

May I know which childcare or playgroud u sending ur kids to?? I m looking for one now but it seem is a mission impossible for me.. any recommendation??
cashewnut - there is 1 childcare opening @ next block but not sure the name cos they still building e place, think will be ready next yr jan or something.

Kate - do u know e name of the childcare centre?
cashewnut - ur area got a few CC.

Civic center - kinderland
opp ur house 36X plus - got another CC.
Vista point - got MMI and Learning Vision.
at Republic poly - got a Learning vision also.
at 888 plaza - got Champkids

behind vista point, like wat Jen mention, at blk 585 there is a new one opening in March 2010. it is under PAP.. call Sparkletots. now still under renovation.

my girl in Vista Point Learning Vision. I find it not bad.

hopes it helps!
Jen.. thanks, but where is next block?? Where u currently put ur gal to?? I actually shortlisted one playgroup but no vacant & priority given to those afternoon class one where i dun wan to put my son in the afternoon class cos that is exactly his afternoon nap timing..
Kate.. if near my house, i need full day CC.. if near my PIL house at Marsiling, then I can consider playgroup.. My husb has set S$400 on the budget, we intend to send the 2nd one to cc when he turns 18mths.. so he think it is very siong if the fee is too high..

Kinderland at civic center - went there but husb dun like teh teacher there..
PAP opposite civic center - under waiting list, but it is only 2hr school, not very keen..
Vista point, republic poly & 888 plaza - all need transport, over budget..
MMMI at almiralty - yet to go.. but think oso over my husb budget de.. cos need to arrange for transport too..
Cherry House opposite Marsiling MRT - waiting list, but their priority given to their afternoon class student.. (i prefer this school cos quite small in size & number of ppl.. & teacher teach accroding to student's progress) & oso is 3hrs class which fully occupied the whole morning..
lastly.. if no choice.. we will put him PAP opposite Marsiling mrt which is near my PIL house..
cashewnut - like wat kate said is blk 585.
my gal currently @ my mum's place (mini daycare cos there 2 boys - N2, 1.5yrs n belle n Luis (belle's didi) :p ..

my mum will superivise N2 boy homework so belle also learning there. she will buy them books to do 'homework' too.

next yr, belle will be attending appletree (near my mum's)
Jen.. I dun mind to put my son under PAP cos hear good review on the PAP opposite the civic center, but bcos it is only 2 hrs school & is quite inconvenient for my FIL to pick him up everyday, thus we might put him under PAP opposite Marsiling if there is still vacant there..
Got is from other thread.

Holiday Shows At Shopping Malls (Nov -Dec 2009)
1) Date: 13 -18 Nov
Event: Bakugan Competition and Meet & Greet
Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 1 pm & 6pm
2) Date: 13 -18 Nov
Event: Power Rangers – Jungle Fury Meet & Greet Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 3pm & 7pm

3) Date: 20 - 29 Nov
Event: Mr Men meet & greet only
Venue: Takashimaya
Timing: 1 pm, 4pm, 7pm
*1pm on 20 Nov for Takashimaya members only, no shows on 23 Nov

4) Date: 21 Nov- 7 Dec
Event: Winx Club show
Venue: Marina Square, Central Atrium
Timing: 1pm & 7pm (Tues to Thurs), 1pm, 4pm & 7pm (Fri to Sun)

5) Date: 2 – 14 December
Event: Barney & friends show
Mon - Fri, 2pm & 7pm (No shows on Tuesdays)
Sat & Sun, 2pm, 5pm & 7pm
Venue: United Square, Main Atrium, Basement 1
***Be the first 50 shoppers to spend a minimum of $30* in a single receipt to Meet and Greet Barney & Friends after each show. Passes will be issued 1 hour before each show.

6) Date: 3 - 13 Dec
Event: Hi-5 Meet & greet only
Timing: 1 pm, 4pm, 7pm
*1pm on 3 Dec for Takashimaya members only, no shows on 6 Dec 1pm & whole of 7 Dec
Venue: Takashimaya

7) Date: 5-12 Dec
Event: Spongebob Square pants Musical show
Venue:Suntec City, Tropics Atrium
Timing: *To be confirmed

8 ) Date: 5-13 Dec
Event: Bob the builder
Venue: Jurong Point, JP1 Centrestage
Timing: Tue – Fri, 1pm and 7pm
Sat and Sun, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm

9) Contributed by daist
Event: Watch & Meet friends from Sesame Street, 20 mins performance, followed by a 10 mins "Meet & Greet". Show at 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Date: As follows

Yew Tee Point - 20/11 to 22/11 (Meet & Greet only)
Compass Point - 24/11 to 29/11 +
Causeway Point - 1/12 to 6/12
Northpoint - 8/12 to 13/12
The Centrepoint - 15/12 to 20/12
+ (24/11, 1pm show reserve for children from Minds)

10 ) Date : 4 – 14 Dec 2009 (except 10 Dec 2009)
Event: Disney Classical Christmas Meet-and-Greet with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale
Venue: Vivo City
Time : 2pm and 3.30pm at Central Court, Level 1
6pm and 7.30pm at Amphitheatre, Level 3
**** Note: Spend $100* (maximum of 3 combined same-day receipts) between 27 Nov and 14 Dec 2009 to redeem a pass to attend one of the Disney Meet-and-Greet sessions. OCBC Credit Cardmembers only need to charge $80 to qualify. Each pass admits a maximum of 6 persons and limited to 1 group photo only. Redemption is limited to 1 pass per shopper per day, on a first-come, first-served and while stocks last basis.

11) Contributed by thebusybee
Event: Hello Kitty's Christmas Wish
Showtimes : 4 & 11 Dec :7.30pm
5, 6, 12 & 13 Dec : 3pm & 6pm
Venue : The Great Hall, Millenia Walk

12)Contributed by blurbee
Event: Care Bear Musical Show
Date: 1 - 6 Dec
Showtimes : 1pm, 5pm, 7pm
Venue : Plaza Singapura

13) Contributed by blurbee
Date: 22 Nov - 25 Dec
(Weekends and Public Holidays Only)
Additional show on 21 November at 12.30pm.
Event: Mini Musical Live Show by the Looney Tunes
Showtimes : 6pm - 6.30pm
Venue : Downtown East Event Square

14) Contributed by roseofsharon
Date: 20 Nov – 6 Dec (Except Mondays)
Event: Barbie “I can be” Live show
Venue: Raffles City 1pm , 4pm, 7pm
Date: 7 –20 Dec
Event: Barbie & The Three Musketeers Meet and Greet
Venue: Raffles City, 1pm , 4pm, 7pm

15) Contributed by schellen
Event: Christmas Rocks with Tom & Jerry!
Venue: West Mall
Date: 11-20 Dec 2009, 1pm & 7pm
Interactive song and dance
***Spend $50* to redeem pass for exclusive photo session after each show.
UOB cardmembers need only spend $20* to qualify.
*max. 3 combined same-day receipts. Each pass admits one child only. Limited to 30 passes per session, one pass per child. Passes are available on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.

16) Date:21 -29 Nov (except Monday)
Event: Astroboy Live
Venue: Liang Court
Time: 2pm, 5pm & 7.30pm (Sat & Sun)
5.30pm &7.30pm (Tue to Fri)
*** Meet & Greet: Spend $50 in a single receipt to get a Meet & Greet Pass. Limited to 30 passes each show time & 4 pax per pass.
Jen.. JK is born in year 2006, so 1 year advance than Belle, same as Owen, he is going to N2 in year 2010 then K1 in year 2011.. tts y i m quite kan jiong now.. Our bb is year end bb..
gd afternoon!

icy, fae & i are bringing the kids for Hi-5 show at Taka on thur 1pm. we will be meeting 11am for lunch. anyone keen to join us?
jen, yes, cashewnut is right, jk born dec 2006, so going N2 in jan 2010.

tks, i'm actually looking for this thread too. u have the link? i actually wanted some neighbourhood malls free shows so i can bring jk.
jen , if im correct, babies born in 2007 shd be :

2010 - N1 (dou dou ban)
2011 - N2 (Nursery)
2012 - K1
2013 - K2
Kate - congrats! Twins and identical somemore! So lucky!

RE: Christmas Party, I can't make it if it's on 26th, there's a family gathering on that day. =( you girls enjoy yourselves. =)
haha, my 2 gals r sharing e mattress tat ur gal is using rite now. e one tie here tie there n zip oways break one. tink i'll let them sleep on 1 seahorse mattress each when i move to my mom's place.
zenn - me just done up belle's room, bought her a bed from ikea that can 'grow' with her (length can extend n shorten' type. so ve to buy their mattress as well.
kate - thks for the info, i tot PAP ve to study 2 years of Nursery, think i will call up PAP school n check 1st. incase i make a mistake
oh so the folderable is gd enough??? i think there r sale going on leh! ya i m lookin for those that put on bed.

jen, ve u check out the mattress???
mine the foldable one tat costs abt $50 or slightly more expensive. their sale quite scary. gotta go on 1st day cos they DUN KEEP STOCK! no stk very quickly n then gotta wait till next round when they hv stock.

and yes, i put foldable one on floor. so far, no intention to sleep bed leow, after selling all e kids beds.
fae, hows ur garage sale? i need one for estelle bed. is the foldable good enough?

survey : how many kg is your washing machine?
dun ask abt garage sale leow. i gonna hv to do it tis sat as well.

i tink u better buy proper mattress for her bed la.

washing machine: 7kg
~*~ January Thread Christmas Party ~*~

Date : 26 December 2009, Saturday
Venue : Simei Green (Function Room)
Time : 1pm to 5pm
Lunch : Suggest Potluck

Confirmed Attendees

1. icylemon + hubby + Rachel + Regine - Either Roast Turkey or Roast Turkey Breast
2. Zenn + hubby + Estelle
3. Mildy + Hubby + Charlene + Claudia
4. Faeriekim + Hubby + En Bi + SY
5. Sugarbean + Kimi - Sugar, I miss your potato salad
6. iceblue + celeste + Janson + Javier

Total Pax:

11 Adults

10 Kiddos
dun tink the party will be on la.
so late oredi n still no more than 6 families.
i'll be a kind soul n 'return' the function room to the condo ppl ok?

next yr bah!
any kids drinking enfapro or enfakid or mamil gold step 2 or gain iq kid?

i have the following to give:
1. $5 off Enfapro A+, expiry jan 2010.
2. 2 satchets enfakid, & a $5 off Enfakid voucher, expiry jan or feb 2010.
3. 2 satchets gain 1q kid.
3. mamil gold step 2, a $5 off off newgen pack 700g, expire 31 dec 2009.

whoever has my hp can sms or PM me.
Mildy, How you make your kids sleep by own?? Do you need to lie beside them?? How long they take to fall in sleep after go on the bed?? Wat time is their sleeping time?? from wat time to wat time?? ur young one still wake up for mid nite feed??
Does anyone knows where I can get the agar-agar type of cake for birthday? Seen pple's blog
showing Barney design.

first year celebrating for Trisha in SG and didn't know where to get such stuff.

Also is it a must to have goodie bags for kids in sch if she celebrates in sch? Found it such a hassle and didn't really want to give kids sweets which she gets from other kids' birthday. any suggestions on what to put in these goodie bags? Realised it could be quite ex! =p
eh... everynight i just put claudia in her cot with a bottle of milk (after she finish the milk she will just roll abt and fall asleep by herself) then i will tell charlene its bed time then i will take my cane to my study room and play FB, if charlene pop out then i show her the cane she will run back into the room n sleep. =p Last time i have to lie beside charlene before she sleep but now she is able to sleep by herself already, cos she cannot "dong" pass 11pm dun sleep. ussually ard 9 plus i will shoo them all to bed. They ussually sleep from 9 plus till 8am the next day, and yes, Claudia still wakes for midnite feeds... gr..........she wakes up between 12 to 2am n 5 to 6am. ussually i will just throw in 1 bottle of milk into her cot then i will go back to bed and later wakes up to pick up the empty bottle. i am a lazy mummy. kekekekek......

i just celebrated charlene's birthday in school yesterday, and i am 1 of the guilty mummy that gave kids sweets. wakakak... this is wat i put in, pocky, lollipop, wang wang xiao man dou, M & M chocolates, marshmallow, 1 party blower and 1 box of crayons. this cost me $150! for 20 kids.

thanks hui for the contact. =)

Mildy - ermm...the comment that I don't want to give sweets to kids is not to offend anyone...=p I do give sweets to Trisha too once in a while in order to bribe her to eat or do something she doesn't want to...hehehh.

ya lor, so ex to celebrate birthdays for them...sigh.