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0-18 months Toddlers Gym Class to recommend. Thanks!

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by punkkini, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. punkkini

    punkkini New Member

    I have been wanting to send my tod to a baby gym and Besides My Gym, Little Gym, Gymboree, JWT Kids Gym, I would like to hear from parents out there who have send them to any fun and nice 'school'

    Your feedback and the website you posted here would be greatly appreciated!

  2. fable

    fable New Member

    My boy has been going to Sky Gym at Turf City since he was about 1.5 y.o. The place is really large and very kid-friendly, and the teachers good as well. He's almost 4 and Sky Gym is still his favourite activity.

    btw since i'm new i thought i'd better also say that I'm not related to them at all!
  3. chuameifeng

    chuameifeng New Member

    Hello yes my young son has been going to Ski Gym too for more than a year! The staff are generally all friendly and show quite a bit of patience, at first was a bit nervous sending them there of course but eventually I think my kid had fun and i got my well deserved breaks!
  4. pkum

    pkum Member

    any baby gym at/near sengkang?
  5. mrskhoo

    mrskhoo New Member

    I m oso looking for baby gym near sengkang
  6. shook

    shook New Member

    any other branches for Ski Gym?
    Is there any website? Kindly share
  7. pkum

    pkum Member

    irene> dun seem to have leh. i m looking for friends for my 6mth + baby. where do u stay? u may PM me.
  8. joylee

    joylee New Member

  9. kerand

    kerand Member


    Interested in the Ski Gym too..Mind sharing with us what is the cost? Or do we pay it on a per visit basis?.. Thanks.
  10. cutiest

    cutiest New Member

    Hi .. me interested too...
  11. dewis

    dewis Member

    hi, i'm interested to know too... did't know there is a kids gym @turf city. can i have the location? is it usually crowded?
  12. baby_megan

    baby_megan Member

    Hi, anyone can comment which is better?
    My Gym or Sky Gym?
  13. jerejoy

    jerejoy New Member

    I bought my boy to mygym at Marine Parade. It's v good. The teachers are very friendly and they even remembered my boy's name.
  14. cutiest

    cutiest New Member

    Can't find skigym website
    Anybody know any good classes in the west side ?
  15. gelim

    gelim Member

    Hi, you may also like to try out My Little Gym at the Forum, seems good. Heard parents mention that their kids can developed good motor skills.

    I've also signed up for their Fall. term starting Sep 09.
  16. rabbity

    rabbity New Member

    I had sent my elder son to JWT Gym. It was quite fun. He enjoyed it.
  17. chri

    chri Member

    Im looking for 1 in Bishan? any recommendation?
    & what's the cost like.
    Pls PM me.. Thks
  18. kady

    kady New Member

    Yes lor, i also looking for amk/tpy/bishan such enrichment school..
  19. metamorphosis8184

    metamorphosis8184 Active Member


    Anyone sent their child to Gymboree? I couldn't find any SG website for Gymboree. Does anyone knows what are the course fees like for young babies in Gymboree? And if there is any trial lesson?
  20. clearsky

    clearsky Member

    I'm also looking for the website . Anyone pls advise
  21. littleloki

    littleloki New Member

    My gal goes to raffles gymnastics at bishan ssc but now sports complex renovating for youth olympic next year so dun know where the lesson will be yet. So far she enjoys it.
  22. peabrain72

    peabrain72 New Member

    My eldest gal used to attend MyGym at Marine Parade. She started when she was about 14 mths and went on for abt a yr. It's a combination of music, gym, song and dance etc.

    Currently her sis who's 13mth is also with MyGym but at the Tampines Junction branch. We like that fact that it helps in their physical development. It's also a great and safe place for them to climb, jump and round around. No worries about falling etc.

    There's a 'Welcome Day' this weekend. It's free for all who register. Go through the class and see if you like it.
  23. chri

    chri Member

    cc, thks. Anymore suggestion for Bishan babies? 12mths onwards...
  24. babymickey

    babymickey New Member

    Hi All

    Just to share that my girl has been attending Little Neuro Tree at Parkway Parade shopping mall since Jan this year. She has been showing great improvement both in her concentration as well as the many class activities done in 3 lanaguages.

    Do check out their newly setup blog-spot below for more info:


    heehee!!! my girl appeared in one of their photos too... =)
  25. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    My daughter,1yr now, has been attending Kindermusik lessons. She really enjoys the session.Me too :p Went for a trial at Positive Focus bt didn't really like it.Now, I'm intending to send her to Gymboree for the play & learn session.Have yet to go for the trial though.Anyone can feedback on Gymboree's sessions?Thank u in advance! [​IMG]
  26. chri

    chri Member

    ya, think it's good to go for trial lesson. anymore recommendation? I want to let my baby try few before enrolling him next yr for play group.
  27. astromum

    astromum Member

    howz My Gym at Tampines? Any comments?
  28. lwee

    lwee New Member

    I'm int'd to know if any mums have taken their kids to Tumble Tots. How's the programme there. I have a 20mth old.
  29. fiona_ng

    fiona_ng New Member

    Should check out http://www.genius-space.com
    It is a complete enrichment centre for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.It integrates holistic brain development, gross motor skills,literacy/phonics, numerals and science in their infants and tots classes.
    I find that it has a great location-free parking!
  30. chri

    chri Member

    I went for Gymboree trial music class at Tanglin mall, my baby don't like it maybe there are too many babies , est. about 11-12 babies, 1 teacher cannot handle & she seem like rushing thru...1-2 babies left half way during class.
  31. mxxx

    mxxx New Member

    Just to share, I just brought my boy for a free trial class at this newly opened gym at East Coast Big Splash. The instructors seems quite professional and my DS enjoyed the class. The website is http://www.alphagym.com.sg/
  32. iceblue27

    iceblue27 New Member

    hi chris, i was planning to let my gal joing the music class at gymboree too, harbourfront outlet.
    wah tt bad ah? uch a big class!
  33. chri

    chri Member

    Hi Iceblue, ya, mine was quite a crowded one as I have to sit behind another parent. Toys also not enough....maybe I went at the wrong time...u should try it out, maybe your gal will like it. Every baby has their talent! ;-)
  34. bunzjd

    bunzjd New Member

    i just would like to ask if you know any good summer activities for my 2.5 year old son.
    we're coming over to the City and i dont want my son to get bored all day so i want him to be in a summer class...not just a simple PLAY GYM..

    and also i want to ask how much does JWT kids gym charge us? is it per hour or per class? can you tell me the basics of this..
    thanks a lot
  35. rabbity

    rabbity New Member

    My elder son attended JWT gym a few yrs ago when he was 1 yr old. the teachers are friendly and fun. If I remember corectly, they charge by a term. Maybe u can call them up for more details.
  36. preciousgift

    preciousgift New Member

    considering My Gym@ Tampines playgroup for my son. any experiences anyone?
  37. babyneuro

    babyneuro New Member

    Hi Chris,
    If Tanglin Mall is convenient for you, you should try Kindermusik. Although its not a gym, their music and movement classes are quite stimulating for the babies. My 9 month old girl have been attending their Village class for 3 months now and she just loves it! The teachers know what they are doing and are well-trained, their staffs are friendly too.
  38. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Kindermusik for a start is great! I highly recommend it.. Nw, i'm enrolling my DD at GUG at Suntec..
  39. aksharra

    aksharra New Member


    what are the charges for kindermusik village session? Do they allow trial classes? Is it chargeable?
  40. beezewax

    beezewax Member

    Can't really remember :p if i'm nt wrong, it's about $300+ with materials. Yes there's a trial class. I think it's about $26-32. Can't remember. I really like their sessions. Something which i realised; sat sessions are more crowded than sun bt not cramped unlike gymboree. I tried at gymboree & didnt like it at all. The teachers are yelling rather than singing :p but then, u shld go for a trial at any places & decide frm there.

    For me, kindermusik is the best!
  41. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

    My daughter has been attending Kindermusik class at Tanglin Mall since she's 6 months old and she enjoys every bit of it! I personally enjoy it as a parent too. Thumbs up!
  42. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    hi mrs koh does your daughter get sick from goin to kindermusik?
  43. happymrskoh

    happymrskoh Member

    maybe when she doesn't like the particular activity.. for eg she doesn't like to play with scarf, so when it has to do with scarf activity, she just switch off.. other than that, if it's swaying and singing to music and playing with musical instruments, she is ok with it.

    is your child attending kindermusik too?
  44. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    Ha sorry I mean did she ever fell ill since she been there ?
    I am goin to start soon
  45. cjdg

    cjdg Member

    anyone has any recommendations where i can bring my girl to? she's now 8mths..
  46. irenekhoo

    irenekhoo New Member

    Hi cjdg,
    u can try Edufarm,they have baby gym.
  47. la_mommy

    la_mommy New Member

    Can try Little Gym at Forum or Marina Sq
  48. derrickloo

    derrickloo New Member

    Hi all,
    i think you are referring to Sky Gym @ Turf City.
    Here's the website: www.skygym.com.sg, and it's on facebook also: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore/Sky-Gym/133220396708070

    Full disclosure: I work at Sky Gym, but all I'm going to provide here is the link to their website. It would seemed biased for me to write anything here.

    I'm expecting my little one to arrive in October also, that's why I'm in this forum. You can check my profile and the threads I was on, I was looking for a gynae then. Cheers [​IMG]
  49. holeyman1

    holeyman1 New Member

    could be out of context but is agape little uni any good? there's a new one in my office building in cecil street? what do you guys think?
  50. chri

    chri Member

    anyone know enrichment class for 18-24mths baby in Toa Payoh? when is the ideal time to send baby for music class. Tried Gymboree, baby don't like.

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