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    WTB Barney Cake toppers

    I need Barney Cake toppers by 1 March. email me at
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    Confinement rate?

    Hi, Any mummies know the market rate for daytime confinement nanny now and the hours?
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    Confinement Lady (Daytime)

    Hi, Any mummies know the market rate for daytime confinement nanny now and the hours?
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    Mark and spencers bras are quite comfy too. Just abit plain.
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    Hi Sbb, I went zoo yest too! Came back feeling tired and nauseous! Was so hot yest. I tot nausea will slowly subside but it seems equally bad now starting 2nd tri. This pregnancy is definitely tougher. I am hoping for boy too do that I can pass down my son's clothes. Still alot...
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    Regarding diet.. I think we can eat anything but in moderation ba. My Fren and cousin was craving for crabs during their pregnancies so they ate alot of crab. Once or twice shld be alright. I ate sashimi throughout my preg. My Gynae told me as long as its clean shld be alright. As for Oscar...
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    Hey babydreamy, When someone stand too close to on the train, I will flick my long hair on the person's face so s/he doesn't breathe down my neck. If Backface I will put my bag in between me and the person so I won't be touching them. Daily mrt woes huh! Take mrt always have stories to tell...
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    I just came back from my Oscar scan. The sonographer told me Oscar scan is not to tell gender so she refused to check the gender for me. Guess I gotta wait till my next Gynae visit to know the gender. Sobs. Re. Durian.. I always tot it's very good for preggy to take durian? I have heard of...
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    Yea.. Kinda worried coz Im trying not to gain 18kg again yet must eat well. My first pregnancy was a breeze.. This time I feel nauseous most of the time. Hungry also nauseous.. Eat too full also nauseous. Din puke though. Hope our MS will subside and disappear too.
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    hi mummies, wow scans are so expensive now! I also heard from my frens that TMC has increased their prices. looks like I cant pay 1.4k cash anymore for single room. I travelled alot during pregnancy of my first one. To Taiwan, KL, BKK, Australia and cruise when i was 7th month. Enjoyed all...
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    hi mummies, looks like we are all due for Oscar now. Can I know how much is Oscar scan now? I will be doing mine at TMC on thursday!
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    (2013/02) March 2013

    hi mummies.. have been silent reader and decided to say something abt brazilian. I have been doing brazilian wax every 5-8 weeks for four years including the 10months when i was pregnant with my #1. Its safe for pregnancy and I love the clean feeling coz during pregnancy I rmb I had more...
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    Pediatrician in the West

    WE WILL NEVER GO TO DOROTHY ONG AGAIN. Today my usual PD, Dr Teo from BabyBear is closed, so I read good reviews about Dorothy Ong from BT Timah Plaza. On the way to the clinic at 9+ am, we called and realized that the clinic opens at 10am so we waited. When they opened, we were told the Dr...
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    (2011/01) Jan 2011

    I bring my bb frm my place at jurong to my mum's place at woodlands alone every morning via MRT.. Haa is this considered going out? Every weekend we will bring my boy out to meet friends for dinners or window shopping.. Want him to get used to strangers..
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    (2011/02) Feb 2011

    Hi, Selling off S diapers as my baby cannot wear size S anymore. 1) Opened Huggies S44 - $10 PLUS 8 loose pieces free 2) Brand New Pampers S48 - $12 Email me at...