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    Advantages of Dry Fruits in Baby Foods

    Some benefits of Dry- fruits for Infants: 1. Nutrient-dense: Being Nutrient dense , dry fruits can fulfil baby’s nutritional needs. A few dried fruits that can boost baby’s nutrient intake are apricots, figs and dates. 2. Optimum micronutrient supply: Micronutrients are important for...
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    Organic Baby Foods

    Organic food is a term generally associated around healthy eating. Organic baby food is known to be the best source of naturally infused nutrients. Going against nature has always backfired for people in every context. There's a strong reason why when a baby is born, the mother is advised to...
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    Adopting change in food habits

    When a child is being raised by his or her parents, they are taught to eat particular things and in a particular way. "At some point during a child's life, he or she may wonder why she or he eats differently from others. As children grow, they would eventually assume more autonomy with their own...
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    Need for Organic Baby Foods

    A baby might get bored with the same taste of its food and might be in the need of change in taste. It is always better to try homemade purees and porridges of healthy combination of fruits and vegetables like apple, mango, carrot, beetroot, spinach, sweet potato. Its always better to give...
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    Encouraging your kids and babies to eat veggies.( please suggest some brands )

    Little things matter a lot like encouraging your child to eat veggies, cheering and praising them on eating it, introducing vegetables to them in form of snacks. Organic baby foods can also help like purees and porridges of different combination of fruits and vegetables.
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    How To Make HAPPA’s Sweet Potatoes and Spinach Puree at Home.

    Thanks for the information Mahek. Its very important to feed baby with good nutritious organic baby foods of purees and porridges. Will definitely try this out..
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    Infant Botulism

    Let’s address an illness called Infant Botulism, what are its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention. Infant botulism is an illness that usually happens when a baby ingests toxins from a type of bacteria. They need to be treated in a hospital. With early diagnosis and proper medical care, a...
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    How to make meal session of babies more exciting?

    Its important to keep baby’s personality in mind when you are feeding your baby. Any suggestions ? Also please suggest me some good organic baby foods
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    Sugar And Salt Are Not Your Friends Little Ones ( please suggest some brands)

    Go for organic baby foods free from preservatives or additives. Purees and porridges of different fruits and vegetables like spinach, sweet potato, oats, mango, apple, carrots can help
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    Importance of self-feeding for babies

    Yes definetely a pleasant sight seeing self feeding. Go for organic baby foods of purees and porridges of fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, spinach, apple, banana, oats. Make sure it is free from preservatives and other additives which may be harmful for baby.
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    Organic Baby Foods

    What is general criteria that must be considered while selecting a baby food brand? Kindly help. Also suggest some good organic baby foods brands
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    Cold weather with toddlers (please suggest some great baby food brands for babies in the winter)

    Thanks for the information Mehak It is important to take care of babies in all seasons and especially winter for the reasons best explained above. For baby food brands, ensure it free from additives or preservatives...
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    Limit BPA Exposure ( please suggest brands who dont have BPA in their packaging)

    Thanks for the information Mehak Yes, it is always good to avoid plastic as much as possible, one must also ensure the pouches of organic baby foods should be free from plastic. Thankyou for the suggestions of food brands that uses BPA free pouches. Utmost care should be taken while selecting...
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    Delicious Vegetable Purees For Tweens

    Also provide organic baby foods with purees and porridges of fruits and vegetables like apple, mango, banana, ragi, carrots. Make sure it is free from preservatives
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    Fruits - The champion item in babies solid food

    Organic baby foods is also a good option for feeding babies. Go for Happa foods as it provides purees and porridges in different combinations of fruits and vegetables