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    how do you do this? tired mummy here

    Hi, my agency told me helpers can come in as fast as 2 to 3 weeks now. Maybe you can explore this option. I have a young toddler and my maid has been a great help. As a working mummy, having help makes a difference.
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    Oscar vs Panorama

    Hi, My gynae explained that NIPT is a screening test while Amnio is a diagnostic test. NIPT has a high level of accuracy so only if the results come back high risk then mummy can decide whether to do amnio to confirm the diagnosis. If NIPT results are good then usually no need to take the risk...
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    Total cost of pregnancy

    You can go subsidised first. Go polyclinic get referral letter. Just note that you can't choose doctor. It's much cheaper. I heard they dun do scans every visit though. NIPT tests are about half price compared to private. You can subsequently switch to be a private patient at KKH and choose a...
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    Total cost of pregnancy

    Just sharing my own experience, private gynae at TMC, no package. Pay per visit. Each visit consultation $100, scan $80. Exclude supplements ($50-$60 a month). From 2nd trimester usually 1 visit a month. Last 2 months will shorten to 3 weeks then 2 weeks then weekly. Some gynaes offer package...
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    Total cost of pregnancy

    Are you intending to go to private hospital? Or KKH subsidized? Or KKH private?
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    Is it safe to Chrysanthemum during pregnancy

    Anyone knows if ok to take chicken essence during pregnancy?
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    What to do during first trimester to prevent miscarriage

    Hi there, i had a mc before this and so my gynae gave me duphaston to support the pregnancy. She asked me to take daily til end of first trimester. Have a balanced diet, lots of vitamins and 2 glasses of milk a day. Also advised me to avoid caffeine, alcohol, ginseng, pineapples and all raw...
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    Harmony NIPT outcome

    Did you try checking health hub for the results? I've done some tests at KKH before (but not NIPT) and so far all the results are uploaded on healthhub. Login with your singpass and try.
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    40, pregnant and worried

    Don't worry about the age. Had my first kid at 40yo and have a few other friends who delivered at 40yo or older. You have had 2 healthy pregnancies, this one likely will go well too. Of cos with age, risk is higher so just do your NIPT and keep to regular gynae visits. Happy mummy, happy baby. :)
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    May 2022 EDD

    Dr Adelina Wong at TMC. Very gentle and reassuring. Stitching skills are good. Wound healed very fast for my previous natural delivery with minimal pain. She doesn't offer packages though.
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    Positive covid pcr and 3 months pregnant :(

    Yes, you're right. Gynae all follow govt guidelines and encourage booster. My gynae asked me to take but due to my recent recovery, I'm actually good for another 9months before I need to take booster.
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    Positive covid pcr and 3 months pregnant :(

    Thanks for asking. :) I've recovered and from the scan, baby is well. Only mild symptoms throughout the isolation period
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    Constipation in 1st trim

    Yellow dragonfruit works wonders for me but a little pricy. Prune juice works pretty well too.
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    Positive covid pcr and 3 months pregnant :(

    Nope. Waiting since Sunday. So frustrating. Called the health buddy hotline on Monday to expedite. Also no use.
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    Positive covid pcr and 3 months pregnant :(

    Yes. I'm vaccinated.