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April 2013

DIY: Mother’s Day Jewellery Stand

This is a Mother’s Day DIY for children and their daddies to make! It comes from Jasmine Koh at Scissors Paper Stone. Jasmine, who is mum to two boys aged five and eight, shares beautifully creative and do-able (very important!) craft ideas for parents and children on her blog.

When the kids were young, I hardly wore any jewellery. Often, it was out of sight, out of mind. With this gift, mum will be able to see the jewellery that she once wore and hopefully, feel inspired to put them on again. Wearing a piece or two may very well make her feel every bit the beautiful woman whom you know and love.
This DIY jewellery stand is a quick and easy craft that is macho enough for a daddy-and-child project. I say that because it involves a hot glue gun and because daddy should be the one to handle this piece of equipment.

The end product is a lovely jewellery stand that is perfect for mum to hang her watch, earrings, or rings on.

What you’ll need:

– Wooden chopsticks (at least 10)
– Hot glue gun (available from craft stores and stationary shops, as well as Popular Bookstore)

What to do:

1. Discuss with your child where he/she would like the chopsticks to stick. Spend
some time planning the structure.

2. Apply a small glob of hot glue onto the chopstick. (Please note that the tip of the
hot glue gun is very hot! The hot glue gun should only be used by an adult at all times.)

3. Moving quickly, pick up another chopstick and press hard onto the blob of glue
before the glue dries. (It tends to dry quickly within a minute)

4. Once it has dried, continue to discuss where you would like to glue more
chopsticks together, ensuring that you have at least three legs to form a sturdy base.




Optional: you can also spray paint the whole structure in mum’s favourite colour.


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DIY: Mother’s Day Jewellery Stand