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Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019: 17 Instagrammable Treats, Rated.

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019

Happening from now till 5 June, traditional foods are back at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 for a true Ramadan vibe. In fact, according to organisers Wisma Geylang Serai, 60 per cent of the food stalls must sell traditional Malay food. But the smartphone cam-brandishing generation doesn’t have to worry. You’ll still find plenty of IG-worthy hipster foods to whet the appetites of your social media followers. And yes, it’s 100 per cent Halal-certified.

Our team and friends trooped down to Geylang Serai on the opening day to bring you this spicy scoop, complete with our most honest ratings. C’mon, let’s dig in!

1. ALL-IN Mala

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 - Mala Stop

It’s 2019 and Ma La Xiang Guo (MLXG) has become ubiquitous most everywhere you go. Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 is no exception, but what’s unique is that Halal MLXG is a rare find! Pick from varieties from beef to seafood, or simply go ALL-IN! We didn’t think the spiciest level was spicy enough though – it should be super spicy, especially since the price includes a drink to put out any flames.

How much $14.90
Rating 👍👍Worth a try

2. Chicky Salted Egg Yolk

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 - Mala Stop

While some of us have gotten past the salted egg yolk fad by now, it definitely won some lifelong fans. If you’re one of these, then you have to make a stop at The Mala Stop. Most of us preferred Chicky Salted Egg Yolk as it was very tasty. Their secret: real salted egg yolks (not the pre-mixed kind). Oh, and the noodles were very ‘Q’ too !

How much $11.90
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

3. White Rabbit Candy Soft Serve

White Rabbit Candy Soft Serve

This soft serve ice cream dessert is an ode to the classic White Rabbit Candy that’s all the rage now. It even comes complete with the iconic edible rice paper wrapping for authenticity! Made with tons of melted-down White Rabbit Candy, it’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth. One of our team felt it tasted pretty much like vanilla ice cream, but went well with the cornflakes topping.

Stall TAKE A BITE (WGSB 019)
How much $6.00
Rating 👍 Can try lah

4. Vadai Udang

Famous Vadai Uncle

After missing his friendly smile at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2018 (he was at Bazaar Utara instead), we’re happy to announce that Famous Vadai Uncle is back this year. As before, the vadai is ultra soft, pillowy and packs the right balance of flavours without being oily. We strongly recommend you enjoy it between bites of green chilli, but either way it is simply sooooo good! The udang (prawn) is fresh, crispy yet tender, and variations include chicken, ikan bilis and crab meat.

Stall Famous Vadai Uncle (WGSB 001)
How much 3 for $2.50, 7 for $5.00
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

5. Ryokucha Belgian Waffles

Pebbles Belgian Waffles

Waffles fans, look out! These Belgian waffles are dipped in various flavours and covered with your choice of toppings. The best part is that it comes on a stick, making it a super convenient-to-carry-around-the-bazaar snack. The most popular choice with our team was Ryokucha (above left) – matcha glaze combined with Azuki red beans complement the waffles well.

Stall Pebbles Belgium Specialty (WGSB 017)
How much $4.90
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

6. White Canvas Belgian Waffles

Pebbles White Canvas

Another popular option from Pebbles Belgian waffles is White Canvas. Possibly because rainbow (and hence suitable for the ‘Gram). Partly dipped into Greek yoghurt and topped with fruity pebbles, kids like it because it’s sweet and colourful. Other options include MudRep for chocolate lovers, and CinnamonStar, a classic dipped in homemade cinnamon sugar.

Stall Pebbles Belgium Specialty (WGSB 017)
How much $4.90
Rating 👍 Can try lah

7. Burgs ‘Ayam Percik’ Burger

Burgs Ayam Percik Burger

You’ll find quite a few stalls around the bazaar selling traditional ayam percik, grilled chicken marinated in spices. Burgs has cleverly stuffed rotisserie grilled chicken thigh with homemade ‘percik’ sauce between burger buns. The flavour isn’t as strong as a good ayam percik though. Also on the menu are Beef ‘Bistik’ Burger and Curry Lamb Burger – get all three for $20 .

Stall Burgs by Project Warung (WGSB 013)
How much $6.00
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

8. Truffle Mushroom Mac & Cheese

Burgs Truffle Mac & Cheese

Although the main focus of Burgs by Project Warung is its burgers, we were pleasantly surprised to discover they do a mean mac ‘n’ cheese too! One of our team says the Truffle Mushroom Mac & Cheese is to die for! The sauce is thick and coated the al dente macaroni very well. They were generous with the mushrooms too. If you’re ordering a burger, simply top up $2 to get this – you won’t regret it!

Stall Burgs by Project Warung (WGSB 013)
How much $5.00 a la carte
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

9. London Lobster Roll

London Lobster Roll

Their banner calls it Singapore’s first Halal premium lobster roll, and dreamy footballer Ikhsan Fandi is its ambassador/partner. Two claims that surely make queueing up for the London Lobster Roll worth your while. Each buttery brioche roll is stuffed with a generous serving of shredded lobster, then topped with more juicy chunks. Although it wasn’t as tasty as we wished, the super crispy cassava chips on the side made up for it.

Stall BURP Live Station Catering (WGSA G359 & 125)
How much Regular $12.00, London size $19.00
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

10. Laksa Lobster Roll

Laksa Lobster Roll

While the classic London Lobster Roll is decent enough, Burp won us over with this laksa-licious fusion. Basically, for a $2 top-up, the lobster is drenched in an aromatic laksa gravy that we couldn’t get enough of. Guys, more gravy, please! By the way, we hear they use the same lobster supplier as the acclaimed Burger and Lobster at Jewel Changi Airport…

Stall BURP Live Station Catering (WGSA G359 & 125)
How much Regular $14.00, London size $21.00
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

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11. White Rabbit Drink Bucket

White Rabbit Drink Bucket

Burp also jumped on the White Rabbit Candy bandwagon with this bucket drink. Don’t worry, it’s not as sweet as you’d imagine. Our team actually found it surprisingly refreshing, and it was a hit with nine-year-old Ansel. Top up $6 to get the White Rabbit Drink Bucket or a Rainbow Shaved Ice Bucket to complete your lobster roll combo meal.

Stall BURP Live Station Catering (WGSA G359 & 125)
How much $8.00 a la carte
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

12. Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée

Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée

ALLEY returns to the bazaar this year with novel tea and boba (tapioca pearls) offerings. Out of five drinks containing freshly made brown sugar boba, we decided on Brown Sugar Crème Brûlée. While some of us found it a tad too sweet, others, including young Ansel, savoured its richness. It was also fun watching them torch the drink to create the crisp caramelised layer.

Stall ALLEY (WGSA G360)
How much Medium $5.30, Large $6.30
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

13. Boba Pancake Stack

Boba Pancake Stack

Riding on a new trend that introduces boba into food items such as croissants and pizza, ALLEY brings the Boba Pancake Stack to our favourite bazaar. The tea-infused pancakes have a nice soft texture, and you get that faint tea taste which carries the taste of the cream and brown sugar boba really well. A good mix of chewy and fluffy makes this a good choice for both bubble tea and pancake lovers !

Stall ALLEY (WGSA G360)
How much $9.90
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

14. Chilli Crab Praffles

Chilli Crab Praffles

A collaboration between Fooditude and popular YouTuber Hirzi brings about a marriage of two classics: prata and waffles. It sounds a bit gimmicky, we know, but the results surprised us. Imagine a thick waffle cone but with an added crunch not unlike tissue prata. It’s matched by deep-fried soft-shelled crab and a decent rendition of chilli crab gravy (above right). There is also a dessert version with Rainbow ice cream.

Stall PRAFFLES by Fooditude and Hirzi (WGSA G342)
How much $15.90
Rating 👍👍 Worth a try

15. Truffle Cheese Praffles

Truffle Cheese Praffles

The Praffles that won our entire team over, however, was the Truffle Cheese version. It’s stuffed with mozzarella, cheesy chicken sausage, popcorn chicken and turkey bacon, then covered in truffle cheese sauce. We suggest making it your main meal, or (reluctantly) sharing it with friends and family, as it’s really quite filling. Possibly our entire team’s favourite item of the lot!

Stall PRAFFLES by Fooditude and Hirzi (WGSA G342)
How much $10.90
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

16. Skydancer

Rainbow Works Skydancer

The rainbow unicorn drinks of yesteryear are no longer. This year, Rainbow Works has crossed over to the dark side. Complete with black wings and a black balloon, Skydancer is evocative of Black Swan, the psychological thriller movie. Except we discover it’s supposed to be a Milo chocolate milkshake cosplaying as Darth Vader. Sadly, it was more style than substance – much too viscous and sweet for our liking. Got Milo meh?

Stall Rainbow Works (WGSA G343)
How much $9.90
Rating Don’t try. Unless you need the IG cred

17. Lobster Nasi Lemak

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 - Lobster Bro

Remember Beef Bro, Singapore’s first mentaiko blow torch grilled beef cubes by dreamboat celebrity daddy Danial Ash? It not only returns this year, but comes with a spin-off right next door. And Lobster Bro has bigger (shell)fish to fry, well, torch, with an upgrade to the classic nasi lemak. The rice is soft and lemak, the lobster is well-flavoured. But the true star of the dish is the sambal chilli – it raised the flame-torched lobster to new heights.

Stall Lobster Bro (WGSA G306 & 307)
How much $22.90
Rating 👍👍👍 Must try!

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The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 runs till 5 June 2019. And just like in previous years, while the bazaar is technically open daily from 10am till midnight, most food stalls don’t open for business till around 3pm or later, with peak hour starting at around 7pm.

What’s different, however, is that the Ramadan bazaar is much more neatly organised this year. The food stalls are more consolidated, rather than having a mish-mash of food and retail all over. With billowy tents and fairy lights over seating areas, it’s also more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for dining at. Think Artbox rather than past years’ Geylang Serai. Best of all, the spaces are wider and airier – no more squeezing through narrow pathways of sweaty bodies – yay!

Apart from food, it’s also a fun experience for the whole family, Muslim or otherwise. There are Uncle Ringo amusement park rides, carnival games and arcade claw machines for kids young and old. You’ll also find all manner of unique decorations and homeware, clothes and accessories on offer.

Do visit the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 and enjoy the lovely street lights while you’re at it. The SingaporeMotherhood Team wishes all our Muslim readers a blessed Ramadan!

P.S. Of course, tastes are highly subjective, so do go down and try these goodies for yourselves. The above reviews are simply the honest opinions of our team and the ratings are a consensus among us.

The letters in the stall numbers above refer to:
WGSA: Stalls along Wisma Geylang Serai
WGSB: Stalls outside Tanjong Katong Complex

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