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June 2017

12 Must-Try Non-Hipster Street Foods at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

There’s indeed more to this year’s Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar than just rainbow snacks and unicorn drinks. We head there again to bring you a second scoop of goodies that are worth every calorie!


There’s been a lot of hype in the media since the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar opened on 26 May, with majority of the news focused on unique hipster foods on offer. It’s not really surprising, considering how they tend to look amazing on Instagram, and rainbows make us all feel happy, right?

But for those who fear that the event has lost its true meaning, which is to mark the holy fasting month of Ramadan and provide our Muslim families with food suitable for breaking their fast each day, fret no longer! The SingaporeMotherhood team forged through the bazaar despite the sweltering heat to bring you this list of 12 more old school Malay and Indian Muslim delights – and prove that our traditional culture is still strong and very much alive!

1. Prawn Vadai

Ramadan Bazaar 1-vadai-udang

A classic Indian treat, each Vadai Udang is a savoury doughnut topped with a whole fresh prawn, then fried to crispy golden perfection. It comes with a fresh green chilli that packs a piquant punch. Take a bite of the vadai, then a bite of the chilli – it’s a match made in heaven! The vadai at this stall are handmade by a famous Indian gentleman (see feature photo above) who modestly calls it “probably the best vadai udang in Singapore”!

Stall: Famous Vadai (Stall GS 137)
How much: $2.00 for three pieces

2. Triple Patty Beef Special

Ramadan Bazaar 2-ramly-triple-patties-special-1

Many pasar malam fans are familiar with the ubiquitous Ramly Burger, but have you tried one with a triple deck? Designed for every kid or kid-at-heart with a big appetite, this rendition combines a soft bun with tender beef patties wrapped in gooey cheese and egg for the ultimate mouthful. Single or double patty versions are also available, as are chicken or fish patties.

Stall: Ramly Burger (Stall GS 125)
How much: $6.50

3. Kambing Golek

Ramadan Bazaar 3-kambing-golek

It’s worth trooping down just to see a whole goat roasting on a spit, a sight not often seen in Singapore. The tender meat is then shaved into slices for your tasting pleasure. It’s delightfully marinated with a slight spiciness that’s very appetising. You can also get it in a burger for $5.00.

Stall: Kambing Golek (Stall GS 43)
How much: $6.00 for 100g

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4. Ayam Percik

Ramadan Bazaar 4-ayam-percik

If goat is too gamey for your tastebuds, try the Ayam Percik instead. Each whole chicken wing is coated in a tasty marinade and grilled on a bamboo skewer. The result is succulent and finger-licking good. Many Muslim families pick these up in the afternoon to have with rice for iftar (break fast) at home later in the evening.

Stall: Kambing Golek (Stall GS 43)
How much: $5.00 for three pieces

5. Banana Cheese Nutella Pancake

Ramadan Bazaar 5-apam-balik-banana-nutella-cheese

Apam Balik is a turnover pancake prepared fresh on a griddle when you order. Here, you can choose from one, two or three toppings, ranging from peanut and corn to chocolate and freshly shredded cheese. We highly recommend the combination of banana, cheese and Nutella – the kids are sure to approve!

Stall: Apam Balik Power (Stall GS 27)
How much: $5.00 with three toppings

6. Chicken Pita

Ramadan Bazaar 6-chicken-pita

You can’t go to any pasar malam these days without seeing (or feeling the heat emanating from) the huge Doner kebabs grilling on a vertical rotisserie. The shaved meats are then topped with fresh veggies and wrapped in a tortilla or stuffed in a chewy pita bun.

Stall: Botak BBQ & Grill (Stall GS 12)
How much: $6.00

7. Cendol Soft Serve

Ramadan Bazaar 7-cendol-soft-serve

We know that soft serve ice cream isn’t exactly old school, but consider this a modern take on a traditional dessert. While there’s no shaved ice, you’ll still enjoy the comforting taste of fresh gula melaka, green grass jelly and shaved coconut in a cup. Its melty goodness is the ideal foil for the hot weather!

Stall: Sofnade (Stall GS 9)
How much: $5.00

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8. Putu Piring

Ramadan Bazaar 8-putu-piring

The traditional handmade steamed rice cake that’s filled with gula melaka and topped with freshly desiccated coconut gets a pink makeover at this popular stall. But don’t worry, because princess-y colour aside, its taste and texture remain true blue to tradition!

Stall: Pisangkeju Putu Piring (Stall MV 54)
How much: $3.00 for five pieces

9. Roasted Quail, 10. Roti Boyan & 11. Keropok Lekor

Ramadan Bazaar 9-roasted-quail

They look like tiny whole chickens, but seem pigeon-sized. According to the makciks running the stall, they’re quails! Turns out that the roasted birds are juicy and definitely more tender than run-of-the-mill chicken.

Ramadan Bazaar 10-roti-boyan

The eponymous item that gives the stall its name, Roti Boyan (Boyanese bread) is a concoction of mashed potato spread on a dough base that’s not unlike roti prata. It originates from Indonesian island of Bawean, and comes with a yummy sambal sauce!

Ramadan Bazaar 11-keropok-lekor

The third item from this stall is also our team’s favourite of the three. Keropok Lekor has a distinct fish cracker flavour but unlike its keropok cousins, it’s not crispy but chewy! Each bagful is also matched with a sambal dip (not the same as the one that accompanies Roti Boyan) which is absolutely delish!

Stall: Roti Boyan Power by Mas Creation (Stall MV 60)
How much: $10.00 for any three items

12. Smoked Duck Sandwich

Ramadan Bazaar 12-smoked-duck-sandwich

We discovered the last item on our list just before ducking into the air-conditioned comfort of Tanjong Katong Complex. Thick slices of smoked duck, fresh onions and veggies were layered generously in a large bread roll. The icing on this cake was the dressing, a concoction of sweet, sour and spicy-but-not-too-spicy flavours drizzled over the duck. A smoked duck sandwich may not be the most traditional of Muslim cuisine, but the stall also offers grilled beef, chicken and lamb options.

Stall: Broz Exciting Sandwiches (Stall TK 65)
How much: $6.00

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The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2017 runs till 24 June 2017. Do note that while the bazaar is technically open from 11am each morning, most food stalls don’t open for business till around 3pm or later, with peak hour starting at around 7.30pm. Apart from food, it’s also a fun experience for the whole family, with stalls offering colourful Turkish lamps, gorgeous rugs, traditional Muslim costumes and even unique toys!

The letters in the stall numbers above stand for:
GS: Geylang Serai − stalls lining Geylang Road
MV: Malay Village − stalls in the huge tent along Engku Aman Road
TK: Tanjong Katong − stalls outside Tanjong Katong Complex

P.S. To be doubly sure that the stalls are certified Halal or at least Muslim-owned, click here for more details. Once again, the SingaporeMotherhood team wishes all our Muslim readers a blessed Ramadan!

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12 Must-Try Non-Hipster Street Foods at the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar