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December 2020

Our Pick of Ukulele Lessons for Kids in Singapore

The ukulele is easily one of the most melodious instruments around. And with just four strings, it’s also one of the easiest to learn. In fact, many ukulele instructors swear that they can teach a child — or adult — how to play a song within an hour. Even for complete music noobs. This holiday season, why not give your family the gift of music with ukulele lessons for kids? Your child’s sense of accomplishment and the resulting hours of beautiful sound will be worth it!

1. Ukulele Movement

ukulele lessons for kids at Ukulele Movement
Image: Ukulele Movement

You can’t go wrong at the one and only dedicated ukulele school in Singapore. Ukulele Movement’s teachers are great with kids from five years and above, with most classes now conducted on a one-to-one basis, for COVID-19 safety. You can sign up for low-commitment ad-hoc lessons, a 4-week appreciation course, or a structured 12-week module. Since the circuit breaker, they also conduct online ukulele lessons for kids and adults.

Where #02-87, 2 Kitchener Road | Online

2. Vinnie Classroom

Vinnie Classroom

If you have older kids learning the ukulele in school, they may find instructors here familiar. Yup, Vinnie Classroom designs and conducts music programs in many local schools. Whether your child hopes to further their music ambition, or you wish to expose your younger ones early, Vinnie Classroom’s ukulele lessons for kids will cater to each student’s individual learning style and needs.

Where 246A Upper Thomson Road

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3. The Music Lab

ukulele lessons for kids at The Music Lab

At The Music Lab, children from five years of age learn to play the ukulele with Paul Danial, an instructor with three decades of performing experience and 28 studio albums under his belt. Modules range from basic ukulele understanding to music composition. There are even opportunities for band practice and live performances. Who knows, your kid might go on to become a recording artist like many of his past students!

Where #06-07 City Square Mall

4. Joy Music Studio

Joy Music Studio

Whether you want your child to simply explore music or ace a graded exam, Joy Music Studio can help. They offer individual and group ukulele lessons for kids and cater to each student’s learning pace and style. Classes are fun and engaging, striking the perfect balance between structure and creativity. On top of core music lessons, students can learn to play their favourite song, and participate in concerts.

Where #02-02, 1 Marine Parade Central | #03-43 Queensway Shopping Centre

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5. Silversnow Music School

ukulele lessons for kids at Silversnow Music School

While relatively new to the scene, Silversnow Music School has already won numerous awards since its founding in 2016. The MOE-certified boutique music school bases lessons on each child’s aptitude and needs, and charts students’ learning journeys with weekly student progress feedback. Students can begin at four years old, with 30-minute lessons where they’ll learn while having fun.

Where #02-90 Roxy Square II Shopping Centre | #02-77 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

6. Ensemble Music

Ensemble Music

A popular boutique music school in the Thomson area, Ensemble Music offers ukulele lessons for kids five years and up. Initially, students learn basic chords and simple strumming techniques. Soon, they’ll be mastering song after song, and you might even see them performing in recitals! Ensemble Music promises a lively and engaging learning environment, with greater flexibility on replacement lessons.

Where 5A Thomson Ridge

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7. Stradivari Strings

Stradivari Strings

You may have guessed from the name that Stradivari Strings specialises in instruments such as the violin and cello. But did you know that they also offer ukulele lessons for kids and adults? In fact, students as young as three years old can start! Under the expert guidance of experienced teachers, students learn quickly while having fun. You can also arrange for your child’s ukulele lessons at yours or the teacher’s home.

Where #02-23 Sultan Plaza, 100 Jalan Sultan

8. Creative Hearts – Centre for Performing Arts

ukulele lessons for kids at Creative Hearts

A performing arts school dedicated to nurturing creativity from an early age, Creative Hearts offers a wide range of programmes. Preschoolers from four to six years will enjoy the Uke Club, where they will learn to sing and strum as a group. Individual ukulele lessons for kids and adults are also available. Other programmes include music and movement for babies and toddlers, and even vocal training for adults.

Where #01-200 Acacia Court, 2 Pandan Valley

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This list is by no means exhaustive. As the ukulele continues to grow in popularity, so do the number of schools and instructors. It’s no wonder, given its portability, ease of learning, and unique sound. Furthermore, while other instruments can cost a pretty penny, you can get your child a decent ukulele for under $100. Besides the ones listed above, you can also find ukulele lessons for kids at:

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ukulele lessons for kids

Our Pick of Ukulele Lessons for Kids in Singapore