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December 2020

Good Riddance to 2020 & Hello to 2021 Long Weekends & Public Holidays!

Can’t wait to wave goodbye to 2020? Start by making plans for 2021! Sadly, there will only be four official long weekends from public holidays to look forward to. That’s a far cry from the 10 long weekends we had — and seemingly mostly wasted — this year. However, by strategising leave days, we can bag ourselves another three to coincide with the scheduled school holidays our kids get. That’s a total of seven long weekends in 2021, so let’s make the most of them!

2021 Long Weekends & Public Holidays

2021 Long Weekends & Public Holidays
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New Year’s Day | 1 January (Friday)

New Year’s Day falls on a Friday, which makes it the first of the 2021 long weekends. Kick start the new year by creating new memories as a family. The best family photographers in Singapore can help make them — literally — unforgettable.

Chinese New Year | 12-13 February (Friday – Saturday)

Now that we’ve entered Phase 3 of reopening, the Chinese New Year celebrations are looking a little more festive. Take the opportunity to get to know Grandpa and Grandma better with a get-together in person. Zoom is so last year, don’t you think?

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Good Friday | 2 April (Friday)

The annual Easter long weekend is an excellent opportunity to bond with the kids over brunch an egg hunts. Check out what Singapore’s kid-friendly restaurants and cafés have to offer kids young and not-so-young.

Everything Green starter kit
Image: Everything Green

Labour Day | 1 May (Saturday)

Ironically, Labour Day 2021 falls on a Saturday, which means most working parents don’t actually get to enjoy a break. However, the luckier ones may get a day off in lieu. How about embarking on a labour of love by growing an edible garden with the kids?

Hari Raya Puasa | 13 May (Thursday)

Growing up in Singapore provides a wonderful chance to discover the various cultures that make up our little red dot. This Hari Raya Puasa, take the opportunity to learn more about Ramadan. Yummy iftar feasts are not limited to Muslim diners either!

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Vesak Day | 26 May (Wednesday)

Taking place just before the mid-year school holidays is Vesak Day, a day that commemorates Buddha’s birthday. But you don’t have to be Buddhist to do good deeds. Help others by participating in family-friendly volunteering opportunities with the kids.

Family staycation at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Image: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Youth Day | 4 July (Sunday)

Block your leave for 5 July to make another three-day weekend, as it’s a scheduled school holiday on Monday. Celebrate your kids’ youth while reliving yours. It sounds like a great excuse for a family-friendly staycation, if you ask us.

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Hari Raya Haji | 20 July (Tuesday)

Being cooped up indoors all day long is not ideal for growing minds and bodies. The solution? Head out for a fun-filled hike and explore one of Singapore’s many kid-friendly nature trails and parks.

National Day | 9 August (Monday)

With the day after National Day also a scheduled school holiday, here’s a four-day weekend waiting to happen. Consider taking Tuesday off, and check into a three-night cruise-to-nowhere on the World Dream or Quantum of the Seas.

Biking Singapore
Image: Biking Singapore

Teachers’ Day | 3 September (Friday)

While your kids’ teachers take a well-deserved break, how about encouraging the little ones to pick up something new? Like learning how to cycle, for instance. Once they’ve got their balancing act down, hit the PCN trails together!

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Children’s Day | 8 October (Friday)

Take Friday off and dedicate this entire long weekend to bonding with your offspring. Go glamping or camping, play board games or hide-and-seek, visit theme parks or water parks, or simply Netflix and chill. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do; the important thing is to do it together.

Deepavali | 4 November (Thursday)

Spend the Hindu Festival of Lights cooking up a storm with the kids. Prep super-cute bentos or try a trendy rice-cooker meal. With bellies full, drop by Little India to gape at the brilliant light-up and decorations before the day ends.

Admiralty Park - waterfall
Image: Admiralty Park

Christmas Day | 25 December (Saturday)

After stuffing yourselves with all that Christmas turkey, ham, and log cakes, it’s time to work it all off. Hit your kids’ favourite free indoor play areas and outdoor playgrounds for a good workout that they won’t complain about.

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Plan Now for 2021 Long Weekends, School Holidays & Public Holidays

With just about two weeks left to this rather dismal milestone year, here’s to a promising new year ahead. We’ll leave you with the dates for the 2021 school term holidays and scheduled school holidays, for easy reference. Ready, get set, go!

2021 School Holidays

2021 School Holidays
Source: MOE website

2021 Scheduled School Holidays

2021 Scheduled School Holidays
Source: MOE website

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Good Riddance to 2020 & Hello to 2021 Long Weekends & Public Holidays!