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November 2021

Seriously Fun Skateboarding Lessons for Kids in Singapore

When a bunch of 12- and 13-year-old girls stole the show at the Ariake Urban Sports Park in Tokyo earlier this year, it signalled the arrival of a new era. One in which skateboarding, once deemed a hobby for rebellious juveniles, is now a full-fledged Olympic sport worthy of recognition. Maybe it’s time to consider signing your future champion up for skateboarding lessons for kids in Singapore.

Truly, it was inspiring to watch those young athletes try over and over to land those tricks. Besides skill, it also takes stamina, focus, strength, agility, and yes, a never-say-die attitude. If you’d like your offspring to develop resilience, determination, and self-belief, while having fun — and learning to do ollies and shove-its safely — let the experts show them the way.

Skateboarding Academy

Skateboarding Academy skateboarding lessons for kids
Image: Skateboarding Academy Facebook

The Skateboarding Academy is all about giving the next generation an authentic skateboarding experience. Children from five years and up can join their classes, although they have even taught three-year-olds in private sessions! It all begins with a trial session, inclusive of free skateboard rental, where coaches will assess your skill level and assign a lesson plan. There are three levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.

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SkateSports by Dragon Warrior Kids

With over 100,000 little Dragons under their belt, Team Dragon at Dragon Warrior Kids offer more than just skateboarding lessons. Kids learn life skills along with every fun activity that challenges them and helps develop focus, resilience, and grit. In the SkateSports programme, kids earn their Dragon Team T-shirt and Dragon badges as they progress. Getting to unlock these achievements definitely doesn’t hurt their motivation either!

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Por Vida Skateboarding

Por Vida Skateboarding skateboarding lessons for kids
Image: Por Vida Skateboarding

Since 2012, the passionate team of skateboard instructors at Por Vida Skateboarding has been introducing adults and children from five years and up to a new skate of mind. First-timers take a 45-minute compulsory trial lesson to assess abilities and decide on a suitable lesson plan. To ensure a conducive learning environment, there are only two to three students per class in the same age group. Private lessons are also available for students who need individual attention.

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Skate With Us

Skate With Us skateboarding lessons for kids
Image: Skate With Us Facebook

Since 2009, Skate With Us has been developing their Learn to Skate syllabus to deliver the most effective teaching methods. Today, they are the only skate programme approved by Sports Singapore to conduct classes at schools. While they specialise in inline skating, they also offer one-on-one private classes for skateboarding. The programme is suitable for children from three to 12 years old.

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The Ride Side

The Ride Side skateboarding lessons for kids
Image: The Ride Side Facebook

Another form of skateboarding that’s become very popular in recent years is the sport of surfskating. It uses a skateboard designed to feel like surfing waves, but on solid ground. The Ride Side specialises in surfskating classes, but beginners should start with the Fundamentals of Skate course. Both adults and children can learn about the different types of boards, the proper riding stance, how to push, stop, and ride safely, and make basic turns.

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MOVE IT! Active Family Programme

MOVE IT! Active Family Programme

There’s also the Active Family Programme by HPB and ActiveSG. Kids aged 6-12 years and their parents can join Active Family activities, while preschoolers aged 4-6 years can take part in Active Family Junior that promotes parent-child bonding. The wide range of activities include archery, rock-climbing, frisbee, inline skating, and of course, skateboarding. Activities are available every weekend at venues conveniently spread across the island and participation is free. However, take note that you have to pre-register via the Healthy 365 app so do book your slots early!

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More than Just Skateboarding Lessons for Kids

Still not sure if you’re ready to see your child taking skateboarding lessons for kids? Catch Netflix film Skater Girl for some heartwarming inspiration in the meantime.

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Seriously Fun Skateboarding Lessons for Kids in Singapore