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November 2017

Double 11 Epic Toys to Make Your Kids Squeal with Joy This Christmas

Tmall’s Double 11 shopping festival falls on November 11, just in time for some early Christmas shopping. We curate 11 jumbo-sized toys that will not only make you the best Santa ever, but also save you money!

If you’ve never shopped your socks off at 11.11 online sales events annually, you’ve been missing out. Chinese Singles’ Day, which began as a festival for young Chinese people to celebrate being single, is now a massive excuse to shop. In fact, 11 November is now the largest online shopping day globally, with sales at Alibaba sites Tmall and Taobao last year smashing records at US$17.8 billion in a span of just 24 hours!


This year, Tmall’s Double 11 Shopping Festival promises more discounts on a wider range of items than ever before. What’s more, you can have your items shipped by sea, so buying larger-than-life items won’t incur exorbitant air freight charges! Here are 11 supersized picks to get you started:

1. Electronic Mini Motorbike

Tmall Double 11 - motorcycle

Have your little one ride one of these macaron-inspired little electronic motorcycles – it’s fun for them and utterly adorable at the same time. They’re designed with toddlers’ comfort and safety in mind, with large stable wheels and an easy-to-manage foot pedal. Pick from powder white, pink or blue.

Suitable for 1 to 4 years
How much ¥ 249 (usual price: ¥ 599)
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2. Hobby Tree Playground Set

Tmall Double 11 - playground

If your little one never wants to leave a playground, why not bring the playground home? This cute play set comprises a slide, swing with dining tray and inflatable ball pit. The kids can even enjoy basketball and football on a fun play date. Other colour combinations and configurations are available as well.

Suitable for 1 to 6 years
How much ¥ 738 (usual price: ¥ 1476)
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3. Electronic Mini Excavator

Tmall Double 11 - excavator-featured

Does your little buddy love Diggersite and keep wanting to go back? This will be a perfect gift as now they can get behind the wheel of their very own mini excavator any time! There’s also an option to include a remote control, so you can help manoeuvre them around.

Suitable for 2 to 6 years
How much ¥ 399 (usual price: ¥ 899)
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4. Playtime School Bus

Tmall Double 11 - school bus

This multi-purpose school bus is an adorable addition to your child’s play time. They can pretend to drive the bus, climb into a ball pit, slide down and even practise tossing a ball through the hoop on the back of the bus. Pick from blue, yellow or pink.

Suitable for 2 to 6 years
How much ¥ 1768 (usual price: ¥ 2210)
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5. Futuristic Kids Bicycle

Tmall Double 11 - bicycle

Prefer something more athletic? A great first bicycle for kids, these are designed with a child’s comfort and safety in mind. There are three sizes to choose from, suitable for kids ranging from 85cm to 150cm in height. It also comes in four attractive colours – blue, yellow, pink and gold.

Suitable for 2 to 11 years
How much From ¥ 359 (usual price: ¥ 1699)
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6. Electronic Piano and Drum Set

Tmall Double 11 - musical instruments

Start your kids on their musical journey with this combination of a miniature drum set and a mini electronic grand piano. You can also get them separately, or pick the electronic keyboard option that should last them many more years.

Suitable for 3 to 6 years
How much ¥ 296 (usual price: ¥ 376)
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7. Make Believe Kitchen Play Set

Tmall Double 11 - kitchen set

Every kid loves pretend play, and this will keep them busy for many hours. Cook and clean to their hearts’ content with true to life utensils, crockery and fun food items that they can actually ‘cut’! Made out of solid wood, the kitchen set will last them many a year.

Suitable for 3 to 9 years
How much ¥ 598 (usual price: ¥ 1196)
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8. Children’s Rollerblades and Gear

Tmall Double 11 - rollerblade

Are you planning to teach your kids how to rollerblade? They’ll love strapping themselves into a pair of colourful rollerblades with LED-lighted wheels! Even better, get the whole package comprising matching carry bag, helmet, knee, elbow and wrist guards and more.

Suitable for 3 to 10 years
How much From ¥ 155 (usual price: ¥ 378)
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9. Radio-controlled Jets

Tmall Double 11 - radio control jet

Not quite ready for drones? Give your little ones their very own radio-controlled planes, helicopters or even the cutest police jet. Battery-powered remote controls let them taxi on a runway, spin and lift off. They can even transform and stand on their own two feet!

Suitable for 3 to 10 years
How much From ¥ 135 (usual price: ¥ 270)
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10. Giant Stuffed Shiba Inu Puppy

Tmall Double 11 - shiba

Every child loves a stuffed toy. Now expand that to two metres in length and your child will have a cuddly best friend that’s surely larger than they are. Who can resist that? If space is an issue, this stuffed shiba inu toy also comes in smaller sizes.

Suitable for 3 years and up
How much ¥ 290 (usual price: ¥ 580)
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11. Double-decker Bedroom Set

Tmall Double 11 - double-decker bed

Not quite a toy, but the kids will love these bunk beds anyway. Packed with functional storage space, bookshelves and safety steps, they’re attractive and great for sibling bonding too. They also come in different sizes to fit your children’s bedroom and various configurations from wardrobe to desk. The best part is that you enjoy free shipping to Singapore and installation in your home!

Suitable for 4 years and up
How much From ¥ 4999 (usual price: ¥ 9998)
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Of course, these are just a tiny fraction of the choices available. So remember to mark your calendars for 11 November, as Tmall’s Double 11 Shopping Festival promises the lowest prices ever. If you miss it, you’d have to wait a whole year for such deals to come around again. Happy shopping!

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Double 11 Epic Toys to Make Your Kids Squeal with Joy This Christmas