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November 2016

Christmas Gift Shopping for Your Kids Made Easy – 50 Awesome Ideas That Are NOT Toys!

On the prowl for Christmas gifts that aren’t toys for your kids? We bring you a handy gifting guide jam-packed with 50 fabulous non-toy gift ideas for the little ones. Shop away!


Googled ‘Christmas gift ideas for kids’ and found yourself scanning lists peppered with dollhouses, remote controlled toy cars and LEGO sets? The little recipient you are shopping for has probably gotten his fair share of toys over past Christmases. So before you add on to his collection of toys, why not surprise the kiddo with a delightful non-toy present this Christmas? Fret not if you are at a loss for ideas.

We have gone to great lengths to put together this list filled with 50 awesome non-toy Christmas gift ideas for children. From memberships that promise oodles of fun to DIY kits that will keep little hands occupied on rainy days, you are sure to find a memorable gift for every type of kid! Happy shopping!

Gifts That Take You Places

For kids who can’t get enough of their favourite attractions and edutainment centres, why not help them become certified members for priority access and extra perks?

1. Amazonia Singapore – Amazonia Kid Membership

Christmas non-toy gift -amazonia2

This may be an extravagant gift, but considering that normal admission rates go from $22 to $33 per child for two hours of playtime on weekends, the Amazonia Kid Membership actually makes more sense for kids who frequent it. Perks include an Amazonia stationery set as welcome gift, unlimited visits and unlimited playtime all year round, plus free entry for up to two accompanying adults. Members also enjoy 50% discount on Spaceball and Mini Golf, 10% off entrance fees for siblings and 30% off birthday parties and other special events. Sibling memberships and pre-paid cards are also available.

How much: $888 for one year
Where to buy:

2. The City by Littlez – The City Annual Membership

Designed for two- to eight-year-olds, The City is an interactive role-play learning playground, where children can transform into cooks, cashiers, nurses or policemen. The basic annual membership comes with a free The City t-shirt, 10 per cent off admission fees, five per cent off birthday parties and exclusive discounts on The City events. Additional admission packages, such as the Family Value Package at $220 or the Toddlers Value Package at $180, gives 12 entries for the price of 10. Till 10 Dec, one child also gets free admission to The City’s fourth anniversary celebrations with purchase of the Family Value Package.

How much: From $50 for one year
Where to buy:

3. National Gallery Singapore – Gallery Insider

Christmas non-toy gift - national-gallery

Art aficionados will enjoy unlimited free entry to all exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore, from the two permanent galleries to special exhibitions and international collaborations. Benefits include priority bookings and discounts on dining, shopping and ticketed events. Gift memberships run from Individual for an adult or a child aged 12 and below, Joint membership for two adults, while the Family membership admits two adults and up to three children. Additional benefits for Family memberships include priority access to Keppel Centre for Art Education, priority booking for family programmes and discounted tickets for paid family events.

How much: From $25 for one year
Where to buy:

4. Resorts World Sentosa – RWS Invites Attractions Membership

Christmas non-toy gift -uss

No kid (or adult) will not love unlimited access to Universal Studios Singapore (above), S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark! Pick from any combination of the three mega attractions at Resorts World Sentosa with the One Park Access, Two Parks Access, or the all-inclusive All Parks Access. Junior annual passes apply to children aged four to 12 years, or you can get a six-month season pass to the three attractions individually. All memberships come with various perks, including complimentary ice cream for Junior members during each visit, rebates, member rates and priority access to various add-ons, birthday treats, and more.

How much: From $68 for one year
Where to buy:

5. Science Centre Singapore – Family Membership

Christmas non-toy gift -science-centre

The Family Membership at Science Centre Singapore lets up to five family members (immediate or extended family) enjoy membership privileges. Benefits start with unlimited free admission to Science Centre daily, plus six issues of Singapore Scientist Magazine. Members also enjoy discounts at the Omni-Theatre, KidsSTOP and Snow City, as well as at selected retail and F&B outlets within Science Centre Singapore. You can also ‘upsize’ the membership to get 10 Snow City tickets or 16 IMAX or Digital Planetarium movie tickets that can be used throughout the year. What’s more, members even get free admission to over 290 science museums worldwide!

How much: From $55 for one year
Where to buy:

6. Wildlife Reserves Singapore – Friends of Wildlife

Christmas non-toy gift - bird-park

Perfect for little animal lovers, the Friends of Wildlife membership offers unlimited annual access to all four of Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s parks: Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park (above). A family membership includes two adults and one child aged three to 12 years at $259; just add $10 for every additional child (maximum five children per family). Individual adult and child memberships are also available. Members enjoy complimentary tram rides at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, and discounts at selected retail and F&B outlets. Alternatively, choose either Family or Individual memberships from any one of the four parks separately.

How much: From $79 for one year
Where to buy:

Gifts That Deliver in More Ways Than One

For gift ideas that bring the adventures to their doorsteps instead, check out these fun yet educational subscriptions just for kids.

7. Little Passports – World Edition Subscription

Christmas non-toy gift -little-passports

Family vacations can get expensive, but with Little Passports, kids can explore the world from their living room. The first month in the World Edition subscription brings The Explorer Kit. This contains a mini blue suitcase, a special ‘passport’, wall-sized world map, welcome letter, stickers, photo and activity sheet, as well as access to online games. Every subsequent month brings packages highlighting different countries, including fun country projects and geography activities, suited for kids aged six to 10 years. Younger ones aged three to five will love Early Explorers, while budding scientists aged nine to 14 years will enjoy the Science Expeditions subscription.

How much: From USD $41.85 for three months or USD $143.40 for 12 months (shipping not included)
Where to buy:

8. National Geographic – Kids & Little Kids Magazines

Christmas non-toy gift -natgeo

NatGeo Kids for children six to 12 years is packed with award-winning photography and stories of wild animals, exotic places and interesting phenomena around the world. Each annual subscription includes 10 issues, with surprise bonuses like collectible animal cards and pull-out posters. NatGeo Little Kids was designed for preschoolers aged three to six, with adorable pictures and easy reading. The annual subscription comes with six issues, each complemented with fun activities, quizzes and ‘Wild Cards’. Enjoy free delivery within Singapore. In addition, your gift will go towards helping National Geographic’s research and education programmes globally.

How much: From $40 for one year
Where to buy:

9. Spur Box – Sensoria Kid Boxes

For children aged 12 months and up, Sensoria is a series of 12 boxes delivered throughout the year. It aims to provide children with sensory fun via different themes each month. Each box contains a Create Pack with activities that help develop motor skills, and an Explore Pack of tools and accessories for hours of play. Other Spur Box subscriptions include Joy Box with eight craft activities for kids aged two to 10 years and a series of P-Skool age-specific themed activities to get toddlers honing their sensory, critical thinking, phonics, reading and writing skills. Single trial boxes are also available.

How much: $286.80 for one year
Where to buy:

Gifts That Warm The Heart

‘Tis the season of giving, and these feel-good options fulfil two gifting purposes at one go. They not only contribute to a good cause, but empower your little recipients to be givers at the same time.

10. Adopt a HeroRAT

Christmas non-toy gift -herorats

Nisay is a mine-detection rat based in Cambodia. She uses her super sense of smell to clear landmines in the second most mine-affected country in the world. Chewa is a tuberculosis-detection rat based in Tanzania. This hard worker can search for TB in sputum samples 96 times faster than any human lab technician. Adopt one of these talented African giant pouched rats and help APOPO to continue their amazing humanitarian work. Every adoption goes towards research, training and care for the HeroRATS while supporting the communities they work in. Adopters receive a welcome pack about their chosen HeroRAT, a personalised adoption certificate and monthly updates via email.

How much: From USD $7 per month or USD $77 per year
Where to buy:

11. Sponsor a Rescued Bat

Bat World Sanctuary rescues hundreds of bats each year that might otherwise die. They rehabilitate and release orphaned and injured bats, and provide lifetime sanctuary for non-releasable bats, including those retired from the exotic pet trade and zoos. Sponsorships help provide food and medical care, and sponsors receive a personalised adoption certificate, a photo and information about their adopted bat, plus an online membership. Whether you choose Little E, a Brazilian free-tail who isn’t good at being a bat, or a goofy Egyptian fruit bat named Boo2, it’s a great way for kids to learn about these oft-misunderstood mammals.

How much: From USD $35 per year
Where to buy:

12. Snack Good, Do Good

Christmas non-toy gift -boxgreen1

Send a gift box full of delicious and healthy snacks, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward helping to provide meals for the less privileged. The Kid’s Box includes 12 snacks – think Rocky Pecan Brittle or Brown Sugar Magic Beans – with cute stickers and free shipping to boot. Or go with the limited edition Christmas gift box at just $12, each packed with four exclusive festive favourites, from Ginger Fruit Muesli Munch cookies to Herb Garlic Garden nut mix. You can even sign up for a box subscription and have healthy snacks delivered to your gift recipient every month.

How much: From $24.90 per box
Where to buy:

13. Foster an Orangutan

Christmas non-toy gift -orangutan

Orangutan Foundation International is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans and their rainforest habitat mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. They also rehabilitate displaced, orphaned and injured orangutans. Becoming a ‘foster parent’ to Lanang, Mr Bernie, Trudeau and their friends helps contribute toward providing medical, dietary and emotional care that these intelligent primates need in order to thrive. Each Foster Parent Intro Kit includes an adoption certificate and the biography and photo of your foster orangutan. Foster parents also receive progress reports with a new photo every six months.

How much: USD $100 per year
Where to buy:

14. Support The Art Faculty by Pathlight

Christmas non-toy gift -art-faculty

The Art Faculty features the artwork and merchandise of talented students and alumni of Pathlight School’s Artist Development Programme. By purchasing their merchandise, you will be supporting the special talents of people with autism and related challenges. Some of our favourite picks include the adorable elephants, penguins and hippos t-shirts for kids, as well as various animal-themed mugs and notebooks from The Animal Project designed by Tay Jun-Yi.

How much: Prices vary
Where to buy:

15. Support Children in Need with TOMS One for One

Christmas non-toy gift - toms

The options and designs of the iconic TOMS slip-ons are endless, and are perfect for kids to romp about in. When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes, TOMS will mirror that purchase by giving a brand new pair to a child in need. To date, the company has given over 60 million pairs to needy children. What’s more, there is also a collection of backpacks for kids, which do more than just carry books. For every backpack purchased, TOMS will help stop bullying, one youth at a time. To be part of the One for One movement, head to any TOMS outlet in Singapore.

How much: Prices vary
Where to buy:

16. Adopt Merapi the Tiger

Christmas non-toy gift - wwf

With fewer than 4000 tigers left in the wild, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is dedicated to helping to conserve the magnificent but sadly, endangered species. Merapi is a Malayan tiger residing in Belum Temengor Forest Reserve in Malaysia, and he represents all the endangered tigers out there. Adopters will receive a cuddly toy tiger, adoption gift pack including an adoption certificate, and regular updates. Best of all, this gift adoption will be helping to restore habitats, strengthen anti-poaching patrols and ensure that conservation laws are enforced, with the aim of doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022.

How much: From $15 per month
Where to buy:

17. Sponsor a ‘Sibling’

Most of us here in Singapore have never experienced true hunger, and our children are very blessed. WorldVision’s Child Sponsorship Programme seeks to tackle the root causes of poverty in the lives of less privileged children and empower their families and communities to be self-sufficient. Sponsoring a child means helping to provide basic needs in terms of nutrition, clean water, sanitation, healthcare, education and economic development. Sponsors will get to correspond with their sponsored child or ‘sibling’ via personal letters, greeting cards, photos and drawings. You may even get the chance to visit their country and meet him or her in person!

How much: From $45 per month
Where to buy:

Gifts of Valuable Experiences

Life is a series of experiences and children benefit from taking part in challenging adventures and learning journeys. There is an experience to suit every child this holiday season.

18. Flight Simulator at Flight Experience

Christmas non-toy gift -flight

Perfect for every budding pilot, children (and adults) will be taught the basics of aviation by your First Officer, a professional pilot. Each little Captain will be helped through take-offs and landings at an airport of their choice, and experience the exhilaration of flying over 60 tonnes of a commercial jet airliner over spectacular scenery in high definition. It’s great family fun too, as passengers fly for free. This world class flight simulator is officially licensed by Boeing, and is located at the Singapore Flyer.

How much: From $175 for a 30-minute flight
Where to buy:

19. The Flying Trapeze

Which kid has never thought of running away from home to join the circus? Satisfy this fantasy at Singapore’s only flying trapeze activity, located on Siloso Beach, Sentosa. Trapeze artistes aged four years and up will receive expert instruction on how to swing and sail through the air. No worries, parents, even though your little flying acrobat will be hanging in mid-air eight metres off the ground, it is done over a net, and all flyers will be briefed on the dos and don’ts beforehand. Learning the trapeze also helps to develop concentration, strength and coordination, as well as helps conquer fear of heights.

How much: $10 per swing or $20 for three swings
Where to buy:

20. Treetop Obstacle Course at Forest Adventure

Designed for the monkey in every child, the Kids Course at Forest Adventure boasts 16 crossings in the treetops for kids aged five to 10 years. The highlight of the course is the thrilling zip line at the end! Children are harnessed and attached to a safety line from start to finish, although a minimum height of 1.1m is required. Littler ones that don’t quite qualify but are at least a metre tall can go on the Mini Course ($15 for three rounds). It comprises eight obstacles including a spider net and a balancing beam, with platforms just 1.8m above the ground. Family packages are also available.

How much: From $34 per hour
Where to buy:

21. Gymnastics, Parkour or Trampolining at GymKraft

Kraftin’ programmes at GymKraft are conducted by experienced coaches to help kids and adults build health, coordination and confidence in a dynamic way. Children as young as three years old can learn gymnastics techniques which help develop lifelong skills that form the foundation to all sports and fitness in general. Parkour is a unique activity of getting from point A to B that nurtures determination, spatial awareness, creativity and self-discipline. Beginners to the Olympic sport of trampolining will discover the joys of jumping, twisting and somersaulting, leading to agility, coordination and posture. Both parkour and trampolining are for kids aged seven and up.

How much: From $295 for eight weekly sessions
Where to buy:

22. Indoor Skydiving at iFly Singapore

Christmas non-toy gift -ifly1

Kids aged seven years and up can experience their first taste of skydiving without actually taking a plane or helicopter, or being reliant on a parachute. Thanks to the iFly Singapore five-storey-high wind tunnel, flyers can experience realistic free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive. Each skydive is like falling through the air from 12,000 to 3000 feet. First timer packages come with a training session, complimentary flight gear and personal coaching from a flight instructor. At the end of the adventure, flyers also receive a flight certificate to prove that they have conquered gravity.

How much: From $89 for two skydives and $169 for four skydives
Where to buy:

23. Adopt a Vertical Farm with Pocket Greens

At the top of Bukit Panjang Hill, you’ll find Urban Farm & Barn, a unique place that allows city-dwellers be farmers without the hassle. Pocket Greens has developed a high-tech system where farmers young and old can grow their own greens. Just sow the seeds of your chosen herbs and veggies in automated-watering growing trays, and then come back in a week or 10 days to harvest your very own salad! Now kids can not only experience this rewarding farming activity, but also benefit from pesticide and hormone-free greens that they’ve farmed themselves. They can also see grapes, rice, cotton and wild strawberries growing on the farm!

How much: From $50 per month for 20 trays (minimum 3 months)
Where to buy:

24. Multi-Sports at Sport4Kids

Christmas non-toy gift - sport4kids

Not sure which sport your child prefers? Or is your child a pocket rocket who loves all sports and games? Either way, Sport4Kids’ multi-sport programme gives children from 18 months to seven years of age the chance to learn a variety of skills while dabbling in many different sports. These include football, basketball, rugby, hockey and tennis. Tots start by learning the fundamentals of throwing, catching, bouncing, running and kicking with parental involvement. Older toddlers learn individual and team skills, and preschoolers focus on specific skill development, speed, agility, plyometrics and competition.

How much: From $200 for eight sessions
Where to buy:

25. Learn to Play The Ukulele at Ukulele Movement

Christmas non-toy gift - ukulele

Music is essential for well-balanced child development and the beginner ukulele courses at Ukulele Movement are a great way to get kids started. Designed to suit everyone aged seven years and up, the module covers the fundamentals of music such as rhythm and music notation. Students learn basic chords and strumming patterns while learning pop songs, classical music and familiar tunes. Many Ukulele Movement students have even gone on to perform at various ukulele festivals with their teachers! One-off beginner workshops are also available.

How much: $234 for eight lessons
Where to buy:

Gifts That Promise Hands-on Fun

Know a child who is always happy to take part in something that involves hands-on fun? One of these DIY kits will make for a memorable Christmas gift then!

26. Whip Up Some Yummy Muffins with The Muffins & Kids Set

Muffins & Kids Set

This is what every budding baker needs – a muffin making kit! It includes six silicone muffin cases (each with a capacity of 80ml), one Decopen decorator, one recipe book, and one silicone spatula. Kids are sure to have a ball of a time baking, decorating and of course – eating their yummy creations! The Muffins & Kids set is recommended for tots aged four and above. Purchase this for your child and perhaps you can expect some perfected baked treats by next Christmas!

How much: $31.90
Where to buy: HipVan

27. Stamp Away and Tell a Story with The Stamp-A-Scene Set

Stamp-A-Scene Farm

This extra-large stamp set for little ones makes it easy as pie to create an exciting storyline or a colour-in-scene on paper. The set includes twenty rubber-faced, wooden-handled outline stamps and a dual-coloured stamp pad filled with blue and green washable ink. Five coloured pencils in coordination with the various themes (rainforest, farm, vehicle etc.) will allow junior to add details and colour to the scene. It’s a creative arts & crafts and storytelling kit all rolled into one!

How much: $32.99
Where to buy: Toys R Us

28. Learn More About Science with The Let’s Explore Chemistry Kit

Lets Explore Chemistry Kit

If you’re looking for the right present for a budding chemistry geek, you have got to consider this one. The Let’s Explore Chemistry Kit is a valuable learning tool for children aged nine and above. It starts off with the elementary exploration of materials and works it way up to the more complex concepts involving volume, density, solubility, crystallisation as well as acidity and alkalinity. Little scientist wannabes will be guided along with probing questions accompanied by fun facts and real-life applications.

How much: $74.90
Where to buy: Curiosity Shop (Science Centre Singapore)

29. Weave Your Own Accessories with The Totally Me! Stretchy Wrap Bracelets Kit

Totally Me Stretchy Wrap Bracelets

Has the mini fashionista in your life been complaining about her lack of funky accessories recently? It’s about time to let her make her own trendy bracelets then. This Stretchy Wrap Bracelets Kit is perfect for fashion-conscious tween girls as it lets them weave and wrap bright stretchy bands with cords and beads to create a cool bracelet to match their hip outfits! The possibilities are truly endless and they could also make them as heartfelt gifts for their friends!

How much: $19.99
Where to buy: Toys R Us

30. Treasure Your Precious Memories with The Album In A Box

Album in A Box_59

This Christmas, why not give the gift of memories? Let your child learn how to create a photo album using 4 x 6 and 3 x 4 inch sized cards that are all the rage in the crafting world right now! The album fits snugly in a rustic wooden storage box that can also be decorated in order to match the album that it holds. The photo album can accommodate up to eleven photographs and comes in four different styles. A variety of patterned paper and stickers are also included in the kit!

How much: $60
Where to buy: MakeMyDay by PaperMarket

31. Make an Adorable Stuffed Animal with The Kids Sewing Kit

Kids Sewing Kit

This fun hands-on kit will be a great Christmas gift for any child who wants to learn how to sew. It’s never too early to get them started on an essential lifeskill, yes? The pre-punched holes on the pieces of felt and the large needle and thread provided will make it easy for junior to get started on his first sewing project! The Kids Sewing Kit is recommended for children aged three and above. You can choose from a range of other animal designs as well. Rest assured, they are all equally cute!

How much: $22
Where to buy: Etsy (Zooble)

32. Put Together a Mini Terrarium with The Kids Party Moss Terrarium DIY Kit

Terrarium DIY Kit_179

DIY Terrarium kits have been rather popular in recent times and they are now on the market for little ones as well! Make Your Own sells fun, palm-sized terrarium kits which are suitable for children aged four and above with the assistance of mums or dads. Each DIY kit consists of a cushion moss, a plastic egg shaped container, two figurines, a packet of coloured sand, and a step-by-step guide with care tips. The figurines come in three themes – By The Sea, Fun at The Zoo and Enchanted Forest!

How much: $18
Where to buy: Make Your Own

33. Create Cute Critters with The Sculpey Clay Animals Kit

Many animals made of clay

Know a child who loves getting hands-on with clay and making cute critters out of them? Gift her a Sculpey Clay Kit this Christmas then! This activity kit will equip little ones with all the materials needed to create adorable clay animals which can be shared with friends or even transformed into clay jewellery such as necklaces and earrings! The materials needed to do so are all provided in the kits. Adult supervision is required for this one as well!

How much: $18.60
Where to buy: ArtFriend

Gifts That Make You Stand Out  

It’s not just us adults who want to up our style game with fashionable apparel and accessories – kids do too! Here’s a collection of stuff that will delight little ones who just want to be stylo-milo. 

34. Show Off Your Personalised Designer Water Bottle at School

Kids Designer Drink Bottle_4

These quality water bottles from Stuck On You are BPA-free and are made from food-grade stainless steel. There are quite a number of bright and colourful designs for you to choose from and you can be sure that no other kid has got the exact same bottle since your child’s name can be printed on it. Each personalised bottle comes with a pop-up lid that makes it easy for junior to drink from and has a plastic cap to reduce the chances of a spillage. As parents, you can be confident of your child returning home with his personalised bottle each time!

How much: $39.95
Where to buy: Stuck On You

35. Wear a Pretty Pendant from The Disney Tsum Tsum Collection

Disney Tsum Tsum Collection SK Jewellery

If you think Disney characters are cute, the ones from the Disney Tsum Tsum collection will have you squealing even louder. Disney Tsum Tsum is the name of a range of collectible stuffed toys based upon an arcade game inspired by Disney characters. SK Jewellery has recently collaborated with the brand to come up with a jewellery collection to reflect the charming personalities of the well-loved characters. If you are in the mood to spend some serious bucks on a little Disney fan, you know where to head.

How much: from $369
Where to buy: SK Jewellery

36. Gift a Special Bub a Personalised Hooded Bath Towel

Personalised Blue Hooded Towel_210

A towel is something EVERYONE could use. So why not give a special bub a charming hooded towel to add an extra touch of cuteness to bath-times? It’s made of 100% cotton for superb warmth and comfort. This towel comes in a lovely shade of baby blue and features an adorable hood with two tiny ears for delightful snugness! You can make it extra special by personalising it with the baby’s or toddler’s name at no extra cost at all.

How much: $51.15
Where to buy: Gifts Less Ordinary

37. Stay Dry (and super cool) on a Rainy Day with The Little Artist Umbrella

NGS_Little Artist Umbrella_2990JPG

With our little red dot’s weather being so unpredictable these days, it’s always a good idea to pack an umbrella when you are heading out. We are pretty sure any kid would be pleased to own his very own umbrella that looks way cooler than any his parents have ever had. The Little Artist Umbrella from Gallery & Co. is a fantastic choice as it will keep junior dry on a rainy day while also taking his style factor several notches up.

How much: $29.90
Where to buy: Gallery & Co.

38. Deck Yourself Out in Batman, Sesame Street & Superman Themed Apparel

PUMA Batman Sesame Street & Superman Apparel_252

Batman, Sesame Street and Superman. There’s surely a child in your life who loves one of these series, so head down to a PUMA outlet near you to pick out some snazzy gear for him this Christmas! The collections are suitable for preschoolers right up to tweens. Our favourites include this Batman hoodie, Cookie Monster sneakers (also available in other designs) and Superman t-shirt (above)! Don’t you feel like snagging one for yourself as well, Batman and Superman fans? But sorry – they come in child sizes only!

How much: Prices vary
Where to buy: PUMA Singapore

39. Pack Your Gear Into a Stylish Mini Travel Case from SEED Heritage

Seed Heritage Mini Travel Cases_14

It’s intended to be a travel case, but we think it can double up as a mini portable bag for all of junior’s little knick knacks when you head out for a short while. A magnetic board game set, a pack of cards, an iPod, or a handheld game – small items like these are sure to fit in snugly. This travel case by Seed Heritage comes in two designs – a blue dinosaur one for the boys and a pink swan one for the girls. There are also PVC zip compartments within the case so your little ones can get super organised.

How much: AUD $24.95
Where to buy: Seed Heritage

40. Be The Coolest Kid at Kindergarten with The Skip Hop Zoo Insulated Lunchie Bag

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Bag_60

With friendly faces and matching zippers, Zoo Lunchies will make lunchtime a fun time for any tot! Sized just right for the little ones, or a mother and baby on the go, these soft bags have a roomy main compartment that can hold sandwiches, snacks, drinks and more. An insulated, wipe-clean interior keeps food and drinks cold and the internal mesh pocket can store lunch money, ice packs and utensils. What’s more, the clip-on handle will attach itself securely to any backpack!

How much: $22
Where to buy: Lazada

41. Keep Your Allowance Safe in a Super Strong Mighty Wallet

Mighty Wallet Superman_139

The Mighty Wallet is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Having said that, it makes us think that it was actually invented with kids in mind. Made from Tyvek (think express mail envelopes), these uber cool wallets resist tears because of thousands of plastic fibres spun in random patterns – this gives them superhuman strength! The writable surface even doubles up as a quick notepad on the go. Perfect for the tweens you’re shopping for this Christmas!

How much: $25
Where to buy: Design Museum Shop

Gifts That Are Simply Too Cool (or Cute) For Words!

These super cool gifts ahead don’t quite belong to any of the above categories and we couldn’t possibly leave them out, so we have put them all together here! It’s going to be hard resisting a buy – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

42. Get Your Pencils Razor Sharp with The Last Log Pencil Sharpener

The Last Log - Pencil Sharpener

As the human demand for timber and paper products needs to be met, an increasing number of trees are being felled. In the process, innocent animals are also losing their homes. Purchase this adorable squirrel for a special little one and it will not only keep her company on her study desk but also remind her to be conscious of her paper usage. Oh, and it also does a great job of keeping those pencils sharp and pointy!

How much: $20.90
Where to buy: Totally Hot Stuff

43. Give The Gift of Reading with “The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name” Personalised Storybook

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name

Give a child a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift this year that has inspired over a million children worldwide since its introduction – The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name customisable storybook! Just enter the child’s name and gender, select a language and preferred character for illustration purposes and watch the magical preview of the storybook unfold before your eyes. Whether you live in Singapore, Stockholm or Shanghai, your book will be shipped to you at no additional charges!

How much: from $43.99
Where to buy:

44. Let Imaginations Run Wild with The “32 Ways to Dress a Bunny” Activity Book

32 Ways to Dress A Bunny Activity Book

Little ones can use markers, crayons or paint to explore creative ways to dress up a cute animal (choose from Bunny, Pig, Cat, Dog, Fox and Bear) in this compact 5 x 3.5 inch book! Perfectly sized for small hands, this activity book designed by Wee Gallery can be easily packed for road trips or long flights. Place an order for three of these and you will qualify for free express shipping within Singapore!

How much: $8.90
Where to buy: Naiise

45. Bring Out The Inner Artist in a Child with The Super Petit Table Mat Set

Super Petit Tablemat Set_131

Shopping for a mini artist? This will be a super cool gift to surprise him with! This soft silicone table mat comes with five washable, dry-erase colouring pens – just wipe clean for re-use again and again. Your child can doodle away freely at every mealtime while saving on paper. The set is kept together with a yellow silicone wristband, so it can conveniently follow junior to his mealtimes at eateries as well. This resilient table mat also protects all your precious surfaces during art and craft sessions that can get a tad messy at times!

How much: $42
Where to buy: My Baby Gift

46. Practice Those Brush Strokes on a MÅLA Easel from IKEA

MALA Easel IKEA_67

Here’s another practical gift idea for that budding artist you are shopping for. Help her take her artistic endeavours a notch up by giving her a child-sized easel this Christmas! This beautiful pinewood easel from IKEA will be perfect for children aged three and above and can be effortlessly cleaned with a damp cloth. One side serves as a chalkboard while the other is a whiteboard – cool, huh? Pick up a box of chalks and a set of coloured whiteboard markers as well to complete the gift!

How much: $19.99
Where to buy: IKEA

47. Store All Your Stationery Items in a Personalised Pencil Case

Personalised Pencil Case

Yes, every school-going child these days owns a huge pencil case stuffed with stationery we could only dream of owning back in the days. But do you know any tot who owns a customised pencil case? No? This will be a unique and useful present then. Pick a pencil case design from tons of adorable ones and personalise it with your little one’s name. These pencil cases are perfectly sized to hold most stationery items and feature a super sturdy crocodile style zipper. There also matching school bags to consider!

How much: $19.95
Where to buy: Bright Star Kids

48. Label All Your Personal Belongings with Funky Customised Name Labels

Name Labels Stuck on You_224

Make it personal this Christmas by presenting your kids with gorgeously designed name labels. These are great for preventing lost property at school – they can be stuck on lunch boxes, water bottles, sports equipments, books, musical instruments and more! Stuck On You’s name labels are made from the highest quality vinyl with an extra laminate coating to prevent smudging, scratching and fading. The adhesive is super strong – so you can be assured that they stay stuck once applied!

How much: from $24.95
Where to buy: Stuck On You

49. Get a Little One Started on Crafting with Fiddle & Doodle Dabber Dot Markers

Dabber Dot Markers

What’s different about Dabber Dot Markers, you ask? They have bigger sponge tips so kids can make larger circles easily. Dabber Dot Markers are certified safe and non-toxic, making them an ideal art and craft tool for little ones. Even better, they dry quickly, and are leak proof, so there’s no need to worry about craft accidents or cleaning up! An additional activity pad featuring numbers, shapes and colours can also be purchased separately for hours of endless dotty fun!

How much: USD $15.99
Where to buy: Amazon

50. Record Your Globetrotting Adventures on The World Scratch Map

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

This world map is no ordinary poster to simply put up on a wall and stare at. It’s made using gloss-finish paper with a removable gold foil print that allows junior to visually track which parts of the globe he’s traveled to. Reveal the vibrantly coloured countries underneath one by one and create the ultimate personal record of your travels. It will be the perfect gift for the little jet setter in your life as it also comes with global facts, figures and travel tips!

How much: $29.91
Where to buy: Design Museum Shop


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