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October 2021

Why Drip Chicken Essence should be part of your Confinement diet

Pregnancy and birthing change a woman’s body in incredible ways. Apart from the fact that a brand new human being is grown and born, blood is lost, organs are shifted, and your body shape changes. And all these are just what you can see. Internally, within the body, adjustments which are invisible to the naked eye take place as well. Hence many Asians follow the tradition of confinement (坐月子) after giving birth to ensure that they receive the right postnatal care for optimum postpartum recovery. 

During these 30 (or 45) days new mothers follow confinement traditions such as resting more, and avoiding cold water. More importantly, they consume a confinement diet which includes foods that are meant to help the body recover better from pregnancy and childbirth. As an added benefit, some of these foods are said to help to boost breast milk production.

The importance of a proper confinement diet 

As you can probably tell, the confinement diet is one of the most important components of postnatal care and recovery. This is because the Chinese believe that eating right after delivery is crucial for proper postpartum recuperation.  

Many people believe that they have to cook Chinese confinement meals with lots of sesame oil, rice wine and ginger. However, these dishes can often be too greasy and ‘warming’ for modern mums. In addition, overeating burdens the body and is not conducive to breast milk secretion. Instead mothers should focus on a balanced diet with more iron and low-fat and high-protein foods (such as fish, chicken breast, dark vegetables, grapes, etc) for postpartum repair.

Some mothers may also opt for supplements such as drip chicken essence, which can help them regain strength and promote postpartum recovery.

What is drip chicken essence?

Is it the same as chicken essence? Yes, and no. Drip chicken essence is chicken essence made even better thanks to a thorough and meticulous process of extraction. 

This fragrant, nutrient-rich brew offers superior nourishment for everyone including and especially for, new mothers who have just given birth. 

In Taiwan, Tian Yuan Xiang’s (TYX) Drip Chicken Essence (滴鸡精) reigns as the best world-class chicken essence in the country. Extracted from a whole chicken over superheated steam over an extended period of time, Tian Yuan Xiang’s Drip Chicken Essence contains the purest flavour, nutrition, and nourishment in every drop. 

How does Tian Yuan Xiang achieve this? By not adding anything to the process — not even water. Ultimately, this preserves the flavour and purity of the drip chicken essence. In fact, you will be able to smell and taste its fragrance and richness from the very first sip. Who knows, drinking this may even bring back fond memories of the fresh chicken soup that your mum brews!

Anyone can drink TYX Drip Chicken Essence. TYX has “Halal certification” and its Chicken Essence with Lingzhi has achieved “Health Food Certification” from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Benefits of drinking TYX Drip Chicken Essence during confinement

• Tailored especially for mums

Co-developed with professional Chinese physicians, Tian Yuan Xiang Drip Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精) is tailored to mums. Curated concoctions such as “Chicken Essence for Breastfeeding” and “Chicken Essence with Eucommia” offer a pampering nutritional boost to their postpartum healing and recovery.

• Increase strength & energy

Drip Chicken Essence contains proteins and essential amino acids that the human body needs in order to function optimally. Together, these help boost a new mum’s energy levels after giving birth. One of these amino acids is Glutamine, which speeds up the repair of post-operative wounds. Tryptophan, another amino acid, helps stabilise moods and may aid in dealing with postnatal blues. 

• Suitable for breastfeeding

TYX Chicken Essence for Breastfeeding contains Chinese medicinal herbs such as Vaccaria Seed(王不留行). This medicinal herb helps to improve lactation and increase breast milk supply. 

• Lessen postpartum hair loss

TYX Chicken Essence for Breastfeeding also contains Fleece Flower Root (何首乌). This herb can alleviate hair loss, a common problem that many postnatal mothers face.

• Strengthen the body

TYX Chicken Essence with Eucommia contains eucommia bark, a herb that helps strengthen bones and muscles. Treatments for the lower back and the knees often employ the use of this herb as well. 

• Offer zero-fat, low-calorie nutrition

All of Tian Yuan Xiang’s Drip Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精) goes through a repeated oil filtering process. This ensures that unwanted calories are removed, while retaining its authentic taste so you can drink up without guilt! 

Drink TYX Drip Chicken Essence for better Postpartum Recovery 

Chicken essence has been regarded as an unparalleled health supplement since ancient times. Even now it remains a must-have for new mothers who wish to enhance their postpartum recovery. 

If you are planning to supplement your confinement diet, why not do this with a more modern and scientific choice — like Tian Yuan Xiang’s Drip Chicken Essence.

Find the right TYX drip chicken essence for your postnatal needs here. You can also enjoy discounts of up to 18% at the TYX website from 16 to 24 October 2021.

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Why Drip Chicken Essence should be part of your Confinement diet