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November 2022

All New Mums Face the Same Two Problems – Taiwanese Actress Lin Chiling Has the Solution!

No two women go through the same pregnancy journey or delivery experience. But after baby comes along, there are two problems that ALL mums have in common — having irregular meals and disrupted sleep. It usually begins once you bring baby home from the hospital, and very often, continues until they grow up! But how is it some new mums positively glow with health — Taiwanese actress Lin Chiling, for one — while others look tired and worn?

#1 – Poor Eating Habits

All mums know the importance of regular meals and a well-balanced diet. We nag at our kids to “eat your veggies” and find ingenious ways of making the dreaded greens more palatable. Yet we are so busy running around that we either gobble down our food or forget to eat altogether. What’s worse, when we suddenly realise how hungry we are, we grab at whatever’s convenient to fill the void. Sound familiar?

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It doesn’t help that the stress of daily life can also result in poor digestion, and poor absorption of nutrients. Ironically, many find it hard to regain their pre-pregnancy weight or even become overweight despite having a poor appetite. In the short term, reduced immunity makes us more vulnerable to falling ill.

Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence with Four-ingredient

“Since becoming a mother, my baby is my priority. Besides having irregular mealtimes, my appetite became poor,” says Chiling. The new mum relies on Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence with Four-ingredient to make up for this. Containing TCM, which can nourish the spleen and stomach, it helps promote appetite, encourages better nutrient absorption, and replenish physical strength.

#2 – Constant Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping through the night is almost impossible when you have a newborn. Waking up several times a night for feeds and diaper changes can go on for months. Even as children grow older, it’s not uncommon for them to wake mummy up for all sorts of reasons. Mums the world over sacrifice sleep to potty-train, care for a sick child, or chase nightmares away. Even when you get to sleep, it’s often not restful and you wake up feeling groggy instead of refreshed.

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Unfortunately, chronic sleep deprivation can have more severe consequences than just excessive yawning during the day. In the long run, lack of sleep and fragmented sleep can impact your physical and mental health, performance, and safety.

Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing

To combat the problem of segmented sleep, Chiling chooses to take Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing regularly. It contains TCM such as Codonopsis Pilosulae Radix (党参) and Ophiopogonis Radix (麦门冬), which can nourish yin energy and help mothers get better sleep quality out of limited sleep time. She says, “Every mother faces the problem of the lack of sleep. Yet getting good sleep quality is very important!”

Be Like Lin Chiling – Take Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence

Chiling, who gave birth to a baby boy in January this year, swears by Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence. She’s not just another brand ambassador either. She’s been taking this “silver bullet” as a daily maintenance supplement for over 10 years!

Extracted from whole chicken via time-consuming superheated steam, each drop is pure chicken essence, with no added water. While most traditional chicken essence has a smell and taste that turns many people off, “Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence is tasty, like fragrant chicken soup!” the muse exclaims.

Lin Chiling takes Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence

Despite containing only 20 calories, each pack of drip chicken essence delivers micro-molecule proteins and 18 different amino acids the body needs, helping to quickly replenish physical strength. TYX’s Chicken Essence with Lingzhi also received the official Health Food Certification from Taiwan’s Ministry of Health for its ability to effectively “regulate immunity and fight fatigue”.

No space in your freezer? You’ll be glad to know that Tian Yuan Xiang’s Chicken Essence with Four-ingredient and Chicken Essence for Sleep and Bone Optimizing are now also available in room-temperature editions.

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Boost Your Nutrition and Sleep Quality with Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence

Mothers focus so much on ensuring their little ones eat and sleep well that they often neglect their own well-being. But mums, remember that poor nutrition and sleep deprivation can lead to health problems, which impacts your family as well.

If your busy lifestyle makes these two problems difficult to avoid, rely on celebrity mum Lin Chiling’s tried-and-tested solution!

From 16 to 27 November 2022, enjoy up to 20% off Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence! Take advantage of this fab deal at the TYX website and get the nourishment and quality sleep your body deserves!

This post is freshly brewed together with Tian Yuan Xiang (田原香).

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All New Mums Face the Same Two Problems – Taiwanese Actress Lin Chiling Has the Solution!