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September 2016

A Kiddy Day Out at The Petite Park (CLOSED)

Update (March 14, 2017): Petite Park has closed down.

Together with his cousins, our little roving reporter Elliott heads to The Petite Park at City Square Mall for a fun play date. Here’s his review.

One of Elliott’s cousins recently returned from the States for a holiday, so we decided to gather the little ones for a cousins’ play date.

The Petite Park -kids

Our group consisted of Ruishuang (five years old; left), Reginald (two years old; right) and the youngest of the bunch and our very own star reporter, Elliott (1.5 years old; centre).


We wanted somewhere indoors, safe and suitable for toddlers. Most of the indoor playgrounds tend to favour bigger kids, and we didn’t want to overwhelm the younger ones in the group. A quick search online later, we chanced upon The Petite Park.

For the Tiny Tots

The Petite Park -main

The Petite Park is an indoor play space designed for children under seven years old (or below 130cm in height) to play and explore in a fun, imaginative and challenging yet safe environment. They currently operate in two outlets, Changi City Point and City Square Mall.

We decided to head to the City Square Mall outlet, since it was the more centralised location of the two. At first glance, we were immediately drawn to the assortment of brightly coloured play structures. Evidently so were the kids, who couldn’t wait to jump right in.

The space was carved into two main play areas − an Active Play area designed to help children develop social skills and a Pretend Play area where they are encouraged to use their imagination.

The Petite Park -bar

Compared to our previous indoor playground adventure at the massive eXplorerkid E!hub, The Petite Room occupies a relatively smaller space. There’s also a small bar area in the front of the entrance where parents can hang out while easily keeping an eye on their kids.

For the Active Explorers

The Petite Park -slides3

Almost like clockwork, Elliott made a mad dash for the slides.

The Petite Park -slides1

The Petite Park -slides2

As it turned out, his love for slides runs within the family, because Reginald and Ruishuang wasted no time following suit.

The Petite Park -fans1

The Petite Park -fan2

In order to get to the slides, the kids had to climb up into a ‘tree house’ of sorts. It was filled with balloons that were being blown all over by fans, inviting them to jump around while trying to catch the balloons.

The Petite Park -balls1

The Petite Park -balls2

The slides end in two colourful ball pits where the kids had, well, a ball of a time diving from one pit to another. A bouncy castle sits next to the ball pits, perfect for ‘jumpers’ such as Elliott and his cousins.

The Petite Park -balls3

The entire structure was covered in a myriad of bright pastel hues and padded all round, making it very safe for the younger kids to run and climb about without much supervision.

The Petite Park -minislide1

The Petite Park -minislide2

There was also a smaller slide that Elliott loved, evident from the fact that he went on it over and over again. It was shorter in height but came attached with a car that kids can sit on while sliding down.

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Round and Round We Go

The Petite Park -merrygoround2

For something a little less strenuous, there were also two merry-go-rounds the kids could hop on − a smaller one with horses and a larger carousel with rotating striped balls hanging off the top.

The Petite Park -merrygoround1

The Petite Park -merrygoround3

The one with the horses proved to be a more popular option with our group. Elliott couldn’t quite figure out how to get on the latter, but that didn’t stop him from making the most out of it, giggling away as he swung the balls around.

A Pinch of Imagination

The Petite Park -pretend

Once the kids got tired from all the running, climbing and jumping, they finally settled down and made their way to the Pretend Play area. There were plenty of role-playing materials and activities for kids to get creative using their imagination.

The Petite Park -pretend2

The Petite Park -pretend3

These included a train track, kitchen sets, tables with tools and building blocks, a kiddy basketball hoop, little cars for them to ride around, and even their very own grocery store!

The Petite Park -playhouse2

Elliott spent a good amount of time in the cubby playhouse, where he quickly grew fascinated with, of all things, the windows. He’d open the windows, burst into laughter before closing them, and repeat this over and over again. It proved to be just as amusing for whoever was standing at the other end of the window, judging from the number of new friends he made while playing house.

The Petite Park -playhouse

An entire afternoon quickly flew by, and the kids were all played out and ready for their naps. It was a fun day out for the young ones, and thanks to the safe play environment and easy supervision, the grown-ups got a chance to catch up over a much-needed cup of coffee as well.

The Petite Park -variety

We especially loved the variety of activities that allowed the children to play in a meaningful manner − developing motor, social and creative skills while having loads of fun at the same time. I’d recommend The Petite Park for parents with infant and toddlers between six months and five years old.

If you have a birthday coming up, they also have birthday packages that can cater for up to 15 kids and one memorable celebration. Find out more about their Petite Party packages here.

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Our connoisseur, Elliott’s rating:

Yay! Elliott absolutely loved the day at The Petite Park and can’t wait to go back again.


Opening hours:
Mon – Fri, 10.30am – 9.30pm
Sat, Sun, public holidays, 10.30am – 10pm

Admission rates:
Weekdays except school holidays – $18 per child* for unlimited playtime
2 accompanying adults enter free (additional adults $3)

Weekends, public holidays, school holidays – $18 per child* for the first 2 hours, $6 for each additional hour
1 accompanying adult enters free (additional adults $3)

Petite Value Pass – $84 (6 visits on any day)
Weekday Value Pass – $72 (6 visits on weekdays except public holidays)

* Children must be under seven years old (or below 130cm in height)
* Free entry for accompanying siblings under nine months


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 6636 7267

Address: #B2-51/52 City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208539

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A Kiddy Day Out at The Petite Park (CLOSED)