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September 2016

10 of the Cutest Singaporean Babies You Should Follow on Instagram

Some kids have Instagram accounts even before they learn how to crawl. We round up 10 of the most adorable Singaporean babies you really should be following on Instagram for your daily dose of cute! 

It’s usually Michael Phelps on whom the entire world has its eyes on when he wins yet another gold medal at the Olympics. But at Rio 2016, his adorable three-month-old son, Boomer, stole some of the world renowned swimmer’s limelight. Boomer Phelps has his own Instagram account, @boomerrphelps, with a whopping following of about 692,000.


Teeny Boomer wore some seriously cute USA themed outfits to cheer on his Olympian dad – we love this Stars And Stripes tee (below) that’s complete with his famous father’s initials! Without a doubt, Boomer Phelps is the most famous baby to have graced the Olympics.

I’m ready to see some more fast swimming!!Go get em daddy!!! Go get em USA!!! #usa #rio2016

A photo posted by boomer phelps (@boomerrphelps) on

Young Boomer’s fame on social media got us curious. We decided to scour Instagram for more adorable babies with their own Instagram accounts – in our very own sunny Singapore! There’s no denying that cute baby pictures are the ultimate way to brighten up a stressful day at work. How can anyone resist those innocent toothless smiles, chubby thighs and squishy cheeks? You can’t, can you? We thought so.

Here are 10 of the cutest Singaporean babies to follow on Instagram!

1. Aden & Avery Chen

葛隔爱美眉! #adenchen #acerychen #kandienetwork @kandienetwork @katepang311 @andiechen @orangestudios

A photo posted by Aden Chen (@aden_avery) on

Aden and Avery Chen are the cute children of celebrity pair Andie Chen and Kate Pang. What makes three-year-old Aden super adorable is his “mushroom” haircut – it somehow just ups a child’s cute factor several notches! Judging from this shot, we think it’s rather safe to conclude that Aden is taking very well to his three month old baby sister, Avery. Awww!

Follow them at: @aden_avery

2. Hayley & Ashley Huber

Walked past this morning, and couldn’t resist. Girls having my favourite dessert for the first time #rochorbeancurdhouse #hubersisters #hayleyandashley #stoppingforasnack #mummyanddaughtertime #ashleysfacetho 😁😂

A photo posted by Belinda Huber (Tran) 🐝 (@belindahuber) on

Whoever said that little girls are made up of sugar, spice and everything nice sure was right. This adorable sister duo is living proof. Their sweet smiles will just melt your heart and brighten up the worst of days. Three-year-old Hayley and almost two-year-old Ashley sure know how to work the camera. We dare say that they are mini models in the making!

Follow them at: @belindahuber

3. Danson Hu

Red & white for class in conjunction with Singapore’s 51st bday!! ❤️🇸🇬 #liverpoolfan #kopites #littlefootballer #dansonhu #toddlerstyle #weloveSg #sg50bb #sg51 #thks舅舅 #4teethandcounting

A photo posted by Mrs H. Feron (@feronarcissism) on

This photogenic little lad pulls off candid shots oh so well. One-year-old Danson appears to be taking his reading very seriously – we approve! Follow him for a glimpse into his daily activities which sometimes include magnetic fishing and enrichment lessons at Heguru. Kopites, rejoice, for this charmer is on his way to becoming a Liverpool FC fan!

Follow him at: @feronarcissism

4. Elroye & Elliee

My 2 precious gems 💎 #22monthsold #8monthsold

A photo posted by Tammy Tay (@ohsofickle) on

Here’s another big brother and little sister pair. Elroye and Elliee are the precious tots of Tammy Tay. Little Elliee is as cute as a button – we can’t get enough of those chubby cheeks of hers! They are both quite the mini fashionistas too. We reckon that they have definitely inherited the style gene from their fashionable mummy.

Follow them at: @ohsofickle

5. Leia & Lauren Lok

What’s salt without a dash of pepper..freshly-ground, anyone? #lifesbestseasonings #shakers

A photo posted by Momo Twins ~ Leia & Lauren (@leialauren) on

Leia and Lauren are one-year-old momo twins who have taken Instagram by storm. Their followers aren’t just from Singapore – they seem to have fans from all corners of the globe! This comes as no surprise considering that they both offer double the dose of cuteness in one frame. Their mother also dresses her twin babies in the most creative of costumes such as the Salt & Pepper ones seen here. Gosh,  just look at those chubby thighs! *squeals*

Follow them at: @leialauren

6. Meredith Tan

Mum, do you want that? If not i’m gonna claim it as mine too 😌 Thank you @itsingapore #chocoolatesg for sending my mum these. They now belong to me anyway 😅

A photo posted by Meredith Tan 陳祉儜 (@meregoround) on

Barely two, and it looks like this little one is giving her famous blogger mum, Qiu Ting, a run for her money. Meredith Tan has got her own Instagram account with about 70,000 followers. Oh, and have we mentioned that she’s got a husky named Drago? Now, if there’s anything more adorable than a baby, it’s got to be a baby with a gentle giant of a dog.

Follow her at: @meregoround

7. Royce

One bottle of promegranate juice is not enough! 😆 Thank you everyone for your care and concerns, we are fine as we are staying around platunum area ❤️ 🙏🏻 Nevertheless, we will still be cautious and stay vigilant

A photo posted by Royce 男の子 & Interior 家🏠 (@bbroyce.stagram) on

Little Royce will be turning two next month. But we think he’s already dressing better than most of the grown men we know. We especially love his triple tone fedora which looks perfect perched upon his little head. There’s no doubt that this little guy will be turning some heads when he grows up! In fact, he already is.

Follow him at: @bbroyce.stagram

8. Scarlett Ansley Chua

PIKACHU, I CATCH YOU! Are you up and about playing #pokemongo already? #pickachu #pokemoncenter #pokemonsg

A photo posted by Scarlett Ansley Chua 🇸🇬 (@scarlett.ansley) on

Her Instagram bio describes her as an eleven-month-old “ever-smiling petite baby”. We aren’t going to deny that. Scarlett has got one of those highly infectious smiles which leave you grinning silly at your screen. This little munchkin also sports a full head of gorgeous locks. We think she looks extra irresistible when her hair is tied up in two mini antennae-like ponytails!

Follow her at: @scarlett.ansley

9. Tyler Huan

Happy #nationaldogday ❤️🐶 this two are the sweetest !!! Best furfriends ever !!

A photo posted by ▪️TylerH 2️⃣ Years Old ▪️ (@tylerhuan) on

Here’s a tot the fashion police would be proud of. Two-year-old Tyler Huan effortlessly oozes swag in every shot. Ripped skinny jeans, leather jackets, and classic Timberlands – Tyler’s tried them all and gained a massive fanbase in the process. If you love looking at well taken photographs of stylish kids, you have got to follow this mini fashionista!

Follow him at: @tylerhuan

10. Zyah Yap

Even superheroes need to refuel! 🌞💦🍼

A photo posted by Zyzy (@zyahyap) on

Move over, James Bond. Angel-faced Zyah who turned one back in June has already rocked a tuxedo. Doesn’t he look dapper? This little cutie pie will have you hitting the ‘Follow’ button on his profile in no time. We love how he looks straight at the camera with those big eyes of his in some particularly adorable shots. Also, his curls score him extra points in the cute department.

Follow him at: @zyahyap

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10 of the Cutest Singaporean Babies You Should Follow on Instagram