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October 2016

All-You-Can-Play at Cool de Sac Singapore

Our little roving reporter Elliott checks out Cool De Sac, an indoor play centre at Suntec City designed to keep kids of all ages entertained. Here’s what he thought of it.

With the summer holidays coming to an end, we decided to get together with Elliott’s cousin Ruishuang for one last play date before she heads back to the States. Having heard good things from other mums about Cool De Sac – an indoor children’s entertainment centre in Suntec City – we made our way down on a Friday morning.

Cool de Sac - entrance

Its entrance is tucked away in a discreet corner on the second floor of Suntec Convention Centre, located directly above H&M and Uniqlo. A colourful and welcoming foyer greeted us.

Cool de Sac - kiddie rides

There are a couple of coin-operated kiddie rides by the entrance that caught Elliott’s attention; I had to literally peel him off so we could get tagged and registered.

Cool de Sac - lockers

We proceeded to park our strollers at the locker area, which has an interactive floor projection that kept the kids occupied while we got ready. There is also a baby changing area by the lockers.


The playground stretches across a huge, sprawling space, with six different play zones cleverly carved out to cater for kids of different age groups. The layout is also designed such that children can start from the entrance and play their way inwards, making navigation a breeze. Needless to say, Elliott and Ruishuang dashed right in.

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A Swinging Good Time

Cool de Sac - tree house

Our first stop was the Tree House. As the name suggests, the area is made up of a row of tree houses connected by various obstacles such as a bridge, fireman pole, rope ladder, and even a mini flying fox station. Considering that the floor isn’t padded and the play areas are mostly elevated, I’d recommend this area for preschoolers aged three to five years.

Cool de Sac - bridge

To my surprise, Elliott – who’s only turning two this December – made his way up without a hitch. However, things got tricky at the bridge when a couple of kids started jumping on it. The poor boy froze up halfway and ended up whimpering on all fours. Ruishuang tried to help him across by dragging him by his legs, which got him so amused he couldn’t stop giggling, and all was well in Elliott-land again.

Here, There and Everywhere

Cool de Sac - kiddie slide

The younger ones can roam freely within a dedicated area that encircles the tree house. There is a kiddie slide by the tree that ends in a pile of tic-tac-toe cushions. The steps leading up can be pretty steep, but nothing my fun-sized adventurer couldn’t handle.

Cool de Sac - ball pit 2

There is also a brimming ball pit that begs to be dived into.

Cool de Sac - play area

The highlight of Cool De Sac is its Play Area which features a brightly coloured play structure complete with adjoining slides, hanging swings and a hidden ball pit.

Cool de Sac - big slides

While Elliott’s not one to shy away from a slide, the ones here are a tad too high for a 20-month-old toddler. We decided to give it a miss.

Cool de Sac - arts blocks

There is also a range of hands-on activities for kids to express their creativity – from an Arts corner with free doodling materials to a Blocks section teeming with colourful Lego blocks.

Cool de Sac - blocks

Although Elliott hasn’t quite found his inner Bob the Builder yet, he was happy as a clam just busily sorting out the blocks according to their colours.

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Say Cheese

Cool de Sac - back stage

Always ready to strike a pose, Ruishuang was a big fan of the Back Stage area. Here, kids can choose from a myriad of costumes and act out their fantasy of being anyone from a princess to a witch. There is even a makeup area where staff can help complete the look with temporary tattoos and face paint.

Cool de Sac - makeup

Cool de Sac - drawers

Elliott, on the other hand, was so engrossed with trying to open and close every drawer in this area – a fascination he’s recently developed – he didn’t even notice me slipping him into a Roman soldier outfit, with a swanky marker-drawn moustache to boot.

Cool de Sac - costumes

We took the kids, now all dressed up, over to the photo wall to take some shots for memories’ sake. While Ruishuang was busy posing as a ballerina, a kungfu-fighting princess, and a feisty kitten, among others, Elliott got distracted by the disco ball hanging overhead, and was transfixed in his own little world.

Cool de Sac - disco ball

For Tweens & Tots

Cool de Sac - tweens

For the older kids who’ve outgrown the playgrounds, there is a Tweens section with interactive console games such as Wii and Nintendo to keep them entertained. Elliott and Ruishuang, however, were more interested in exploring the other play areas.

Cool de Sac - tots

Cool de Sac - play2

We finally made our way to Tots, a fully padded soft playpen with toddler-friendly games and play equipment that kept Elliott endlessly entertained. He especially loved the tiny slides, see-saw rocker, merry-go-round and sensory boards – as well as the colourful assortment of toys – in this area.

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Cool de Sac is Cool

Cool de Sac - bistro

There is also a bistro within the premises where grown-ups can enjoy a peaceful meal while keeping an eye on their kids. However, the kids wanted kaya toast for lunch, so we headed next door to Papa Rich instead.

Cool de Sac - play

Peppered with all the trappings for a fun day out, Cool De Sac certainly didn’t disappoint. There are so many things to do here; you’re likely to spend at least a few good hours here for kids to fully explore the playground. Not to mention it’s super friendly on the wallet – with prices ranging from $10.70 to $27.80 (depending on age and the day of the week) for unlimited playtime all day long. What’s more, children below six months old get in free!

If you have a birthday celebration coming up, Cool De Sac also offers a selection of themed party packages – from a princess tea party fit for royalty to the science-themed galaxy galore – that include everything you’ll need for a memorable affair.

Our connoisseur, Elliott’s rating:

Even though some of the zones weren’t exactly toddler-friendly, Elliott loved every bit of the experience just as much. It has everything a kid would want in a playground, and then some. The play things are great for developing motor skills and flexing creative muscles. The clean, safe environment and friendly staff also made it pretty easy for him and his cousins to roam about freely. We’ll definitely be back for more!


• Socks must be worn at all times. If you forget to bring socks, you can purchase a pair for $2.30.


Opening hours:
Sun – Thu, 10am – 8pm
Fri & Sat, 10am – 10pm

Admission rates (unlimited playtime):
Weekdays – $10.70 for tots 6 months to 3 years; $21.40 for kids 3 to 12 years
Weekends & public holidays – $13.90 for tots 6 months to 3 years; $27.80 for kids 3 to 12 years
2 accompanying adults enter free with every child (additional adults $5.50)

* Babies under 6 months enter free
* Adult rates apply when accompanying babies under 6 months on weekends & public holidays


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 6337 0205

Address: #02-379/80 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983

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All-You-Can-Play at Cool de Sac Singapore