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August 2019

Teachers’ Day 2019: 10 Thoughtful Gifts your Child’s ‘Cher will Cherish Forever

Teachers’ Day is approaching (6 September 2019) and appreciating your teachers has never been easier. These no-fuss, no-frills gift ideas that kids can create at home or together with friends in school, are great for kids to do on their own or with minimal help, while learning to appreciate their teachers.

1. Decorated Mason Jars


Decorated jars brighten up any teacher’s desk. Simply purchase a clear jar — this is only $6.55 on Lazada but there are crafty, coloured, decorated jars on craft sites like Etsy. Decorate with stickers, notes of encouragement and thanks, or even original artwork! Next, find something to fill it up with—anything from sweets to paperclips or even red pens!

2. “Three Things I Have Learnt From You” Framed Poster

This craft requires a piece of A5 paper, A5 sized cardboard, A5 sized frame, markers, glitter, and glue. Create a framed poster with three lessons that your child has learnt from their teacher. Something as simple as “Thank you for teaching me to start each day with a smile” would work. Kids can also draw pictures depicting the lessons described. Add sparkle with stickers or glitter, which you can find in shops like Popular, Kikki K, or online. After decorating the poster, stick it onto the cardboard and slot it into the picture frame.

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3. Personalised Portraits

This craft requires a piece of A5-sized coloured paper, A5 sized cardboard, A5 sized photo frame, markers, coloured paper and glue. Optional: Watercolours, paints and wrapping paper.

This gift is a handmade portrait drawn by your child! Before drawing, look at a picture of the teacher and discuss their facial features, clothes they like to wear, and your kid’s favourite memory of them. Then choose colours, motifs and details that represent that. Older kids can paint their portrait in watercolour or paints too. Don’t forget date and sign it, and to include a quick thank you note!

4. Handmade Letter

As a kid, I never found myself particularly good with drawing, and was more confident with writing. So each Teachers’ Day I opted to gift teachers handmade letters decorated with my favourite stickers which represented how I felt each teacher was like!

Use white or coloured paper which you probably have at home. Simply cut it into a roughly A5 sized sheet, write a thank you letter to the teacher, and line the borders with stickers like these simple ones found at Daiso. To make it even more unique, get out glitter and coloured markers and jazz it up!

5. Donation in teacher’s name to a cause they support

For the teacher who is incredibly passionate about a cause, this is a meaningful way to show support. Search online for a campaign; there are many to choose from. For instance, has numerous beneficial causes to donate to — this project supports the Singapore Children’s Society and its efforts to give young children an equal playing field.

6. Gift that supports

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Another great way to show thanks to teachers on Teachers’ Day is to buy them a gift from a cause they support. For example, organisations such as the SPCA or WWF sell merchandise and products that aid their fundraising and operations. To find the SPCA shop, click here. To find the WWF shop, click here

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7. Highlights video

All you need are your child and a few of their friends, and a movie-making programme (which most computers have). Simple programmes such as iMovie for Macbook and Windows Movie Maker for Windows are easy to use, with fun transitions and templates.

First, get everyone to brainstorm by selecting which pictures, moments or memorable quotes they want to put into the video. Then, interview a few students about the year so far, and how the teacher has impacted them. Transport the video via USB, or on an online platform such as Dropbox or Google Files. Cap the video at around three minutes.

8. Class Scrapbook

This craft requires: a scrapbook and scrapbooking ornaments, for instance from Spotlight, and enough pages for the class. Yian Lee, 40, is a stay-at-home mum. When her children were in primary school, she helped facilitate class scrapbook gifts and highly recommends it. “Scrapbooking is a fun, interactive way to get the whole class involved and let everyone have a part in appreciating their teacher. If each kid gets a page, it’s a great way to get their creative juices flowing without putting any restraint on them.”

9. Class Plant or Flower

Get everyone to pitch in and purchase a plant for the teacher! If the class wants to get inventive, source for a unique pot with plant, like these desk-sized superhero themed pots, or these Hello Kitty pots. An optional idea is to present the plant in a personalised, reusable gift bag. There are lots of online options that allow customisation for fonts, design and text, like this canvas bag.

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10. Classroom Awards Ceremony

First, get your class together to decide which awards each teacher will receive. You can print the paper, certificates or medals using Microsoft Word! Make awards for things like, “Best Smile,” “Most Interesting Glasses,” or even “Most Enthusiastic!” Organise an awards ceremony to present the award to the teachers on Teachers’ Day! Classmates can also write a small speech to thank the teacher for their effort and work throughout the year.

All Ready for Teachers’ Day

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With Teachers’ Day fast approaching, kids and parents alike no longer have to scramble to find the best gift for our educators. The ultimate gift does not have to be a challenge to make—it can still be creative, personal and heart-felt, and will still show our educators that we are grateful for their year-long efforts.

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Teachers’ Day 2019: 10 Thoughtful Gifts your Child’s ‘Cher will Cherish Forever