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August 2016

11 Inspired Teachers’ Day Gifts + Dabber Dot Markers Giveaway!

For Teachers’ Day, my kids and I like to feed our teachers. Last year, we gave them gem biscuits. The year before, it was fish biscuits. And the year before last, we made them ‘kacang puteh’. This year, we’re giving them M&Ms. Yes, it’s all a ploy to sweeten the teachers up before the year-end exams and child evaluations. Hopefully we’ll be reading sweeter comments in the kids’ report books this year! And hey, in Singapore, food is THE way to do it, right? Oh not quite your thing? That’s all right. Check out these 11 other Teachers’ Day gift ideas that we’ve rounded up. They’re all easy enough for kids to do at home, and they’re really cute too!

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Give Teachers a Gift that’ll Stick

Teacher's Day post-it note gift

Image: The Happy Scraps

No time to craft elaborate hampers? This last-minute Post-Its Teachers’ Day gift is so super simple, even toddlers can do it! The best part? It will definitely come in handy for teachers. A printable is included.

Put Together a Box of Teacher Treats

box of teachers day treats

Image: Eighteen25

When you want to give everything but have no idea how to do it. This Box of Teacher Goodies a perfect way to get organised — just like your teacher! Fill each compartment of a plastic tray box with something that your teacher may like (classroom survival items like plasters and paper clips would work as well), decorate, and gift!

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Tell Her She’s O”fish”ally The Best!

Teacher's Day fish treats

Image: Landee See Landee Do

Punny greetings are the cutest, aren’t they? The printable tags are included in the post. I have not seen these adorable fish-shaped gummies in Singapore, but Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish Snacks (from most supermarkets) would work well too. You’ll just have to stop the kids from eating it all up while they’re putting this o”fish”ally fun fishy gift together!

Prescribe M&M Chill Pills

Teacher's Day chill pills

Image: Cook Craft Love

You can never go wrong with chocolate! These M&M Chill Pills are featured as a Back To School gift on the Cook Craft Love blog, but I think they’re perfect as Teachers’ Day gifts as well. Don’t you think so too?

Make Yarn Ball Bookmarks for Teachers who Read

pom pom yarn ball bookmarks

Image: Design Mom

I remember making these when I was a child. It was such a thrill to see the cute fluffy pom pom balls appear as I snipped away! Did you do it too? Leave the ‘tail’ and this Yarn Ball Bookmark becomes perfect gift for a bookworm teacher.

Gift a Fruity Favourite

tech fruit bowl gift BLOG

Image: Shaken Together

Bright, healthy, and filled with nutritional value? It’s all in this super clever fruity gift idea from Shaken Together. Printable tags included. Love it!

Make Her a Superhero Teacher Candy Bar

Superhero candy bar

Image: Artsy Momma

Teachers are your kids’ superheroes in school and sometimes, out of them too. I’ve seen those who go the extra mile to help a child, not just to learn, but also to develop their characters and become the kind of human beings whom we’d be proud to call our own. For all these (and more!) teachers are our superheroes. That’s why they deserve this Superhero Teacher Candy Bar. Agree?

Pack a Teacher Emergency Kit

Teacher survival kit

Image: The Crafting Chicks

Because anything could happen in and around class and we would like our teachers need to be prepared for any and every eventuality. Making a Teacher Emergency Kit to keep in class means teacher will have the necessities on hand and within easy reach all the time, no matter what happens. He or she will appreciate it too!

Make Apple Pretzel Bites

Apple Pretzel Bites

Image: Two Sisters Crafting

She’s the apple of your child’s eye. But you don’t want to just give her an apple, do you? These Apple Pretzel Bites combine some of the yummiest snacks around to make a heart-warming message for a child’s favourite teacher. What’s there not to like? Full marks!

Fill in the Lines with this Thank You Note

Thank you teacher printable

Image: The Suburban Mom

Personal notes and handwritten cards are always winners when it comes to expressing thanks. So you won’t go wrong with these pretty Thank You Teacher printables that even little ones can fill on their own. I love the little box on the bottom right where kids can draw a portrait of their teacher as well. How cute!

Design a Dabber Dot Notebook for Teachers!

Dabber Dots

Let kiddo turn artist and design a notebook for his or her teacher with Dobber Dot Markers! When mum Ada Ee needed a craft kit to keep her toddler Jonah occupied in a non-digital way, she did her research and came across thick-grip markers which were used in early childhood learning programmes in the United States. These helped young children to learn to grip, while giving them hours of creative fun. In using the dabbing and dotting motions, toddlers could also develop hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills. So Ada created these Dabber Dot Markers!

What’s different? They have bigger (one-inch thick) sponge tips so kids can make larger circles easily. Dabber Dot Markers are certified safe and non-toxic, making them an ideal art and craft tool for little ones. Even better, they dry quickly, and are leak proof. No need to worry about craft accidents or cleaning up! The Dabber Dot Starter Kit consists of a box of eight markers and an activity pad (alphabets and numbers). An additional activity pad ($12.90) featuring numbers, shapes and colours is sold separately. You can buy them online at and Amazon:

We have three sets of Dabber Dot Starter Kits (worth $39.90 each) to give away! Want to win a set? Here’s what to do:

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11 Inspired Teachers’ Day Gifts + Dabber Dot Markers Giveaway!