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July 2019

Play is the Most Important Gift you can give to your Baby. Here’s why

As a new parent, you’ve probably noticed the three most regular things your baby does – feed, sleep, cry. Now, add another component — play. “Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn,” says O. Fred Donaldson, Ph.D., play specialist and author of Playing By Heart.

Benefits of Play for Babies

Research has shown that during the first year of life, the brain cells in your baby’s brain are rapidly developing trillions of connections. During play these connections get a boost, helping your baby when it comes to learning, socialisation, and development.

Hence, through play, children develop skills for life. They learn to use language, regulate emotions, and socialise with others. In addition, play is also a fantastic way to bond with your baby.

Playing peekaboo, giving tickles, dancing to your favourite tunes while carrying baby in your arms… all these activities help enhance the mother-child bond.

Secrets to Effective Baby Play

Indeed, baby play is essential in helping your little one grow and develop well. However, there are two secrets for effective baby play that parents often overlook:

  1. Outdoor Exploration
  2. Social interaction with others

Read on to find out why they are essential for your baby’s development.

Outdoor Exploration

Nature provides the best all-round stimulation for your baby’s senses. As Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder says, nature creates a unique sense of wonder and discovery that no other environment can replicate. Outdoors, babies can see, hear, smell, and touch their surroundings. In addition, experts agree that children who play outside grow up to be smarter, happier, and less anxious than those who spend majority of their time indoors. So bring your little one out to parks, nature reserves, and places with greenery as much as you can.

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Social Interaction with Others

Playdates with their peers help babies develop a multitude of skills, from socialising, to taking turns, to learning impulse control. Don’t worry, there’s no need to structure a playdate or plan activities by the minute. Instead, let babies go with the flow. Give them the freedom to roam and explore, and to select the things they want to play with. Ever seen how your little ones prefer playing with the box a toy came in, rather than the toy itself? While educators strive to instill creativity in children, babies have it in bulk — and play helps to nurture it!

Best Places to Bring Baby Out

Does the thought of bringing your baby out give you the jitters? You may worry about issues such as diaper leaks, over-packing, and more. Or perhaps you are wondering about where you can bring your baby to? Well, follow the Pampers Store on Lazada to enjoy discounted privileges for you and your little ones at these baby-friendly places:

KinderMusik with Love
Through its fun music program, Kindermusik gives your child freedom to develop creativity, even at newborn and toddler stages. Classes are in groups, which mean your little one also gets ample social interaction with like-minded peers.

Gymboree Play & Music
The home of fun learning, this is where your baby can gain valuable skills, socialise, and make new friends through unique educational programmes in a safe environment!

Beauty Mums & Babies
This one-stop centre for mother and baby wellness equips mums with skills through workshops, and offers services such as baby massages and hydrotherapy sessions.

GRUB Singapore
This burger bistro serves hearty wholesome food in a family-friendly setting. After eating, slap on the sunscreen and bring your baby for outdoor adventures among the lush greenery of at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. This is the perfect place to inspire in your baby a love for nature and exploration.

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Play On, Baby!

Indeed, the best gift you can give your baby is the power of play. Through play, babies develop vital physical, mental, and emotional skills that will benefit them in life. To ensure that your baby gets the best play experience, equip them with the one thing that can ensure their early learning and development through play stays on track — the right diaper.

When diapers are comfortable, highly breathable, and leak-proof (like Pampers diapers) your baby can play on without interruption, even in hot and humid Singapore. Here’s how Pampers diapers work:

✔︎ Superior Fit: An S-curve is custom-fit to your baby’s body shape, hence there is also less bunching and folding between the legs. Leak guards prevent leakages even during active movement.

✔︎ Quick Absorbency & Skin Dryness: Babies enjoy up to 12 hours of skin dryness with ‘magical channels’, where wetness is quickly absorbed and evenly distributed. This helps with minimal sag so baby can move easily while playing.

✔︎ Soft & Gentle to Skin: A soft top sheet with lotion gently wraps your baby’s skin with comfort. This also helps prevent skin rash.

✔︎ Breathable Dry for Comfort: Wind ventilation line allows air flow even when the diaper is wet.

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Play is the Most Important Gift you can give to your Baby. Here’s why