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November 2022

Mums tell us how Soothing this is for their Kids’ Eczema-prone Skin (review)

As mums, we love cuddling with our little ones, and marvelling at the baby-smooth, velvety feel of their skin. But sometimes their skin gets dry, inflamed, red, and bumpy. Even worse, your child cannot stop scratching because it is itchy. And because they can’t stop scratching, the skin becomes raw, and painful when touched. Forget hugs and cuddles; even a gentle brush of fabric can hurt.

Chances are that your little one has eczema-prone skin. Skin like this has a compromised protective barrier, and hence is susceptible to drying out and becoming easily damaged. There are ways to help children with eczema-prone skin stay comfortable, such as dressing them in eczema-friendly fabrics like 100 per cent cotton, bamboo, and silk. Other ways include staying away from cold, dry climates, getting adequate sun protection, and reducing their exposure to common irritants.

One good way to soothe and manage eczema-prone skin is through regular, consistent, tender loving care with the right products, like Suu Balm Kids. We gave some mums whose children have eczema-prone skin Suu Balm Kids Rapid Itch Relieving & Restoring Ceramide Moisturiser, and Soothing & Moisturising Head to Toe Wash. They tried them out for two to 2.5 weeks, and these are their verdicts:

Mum: Evelyn, 40, Business Analyst | Child: Edward, 2

“Edward’s skin is very dry and he has milk eczema. We tried many cream, lotions and balms. His skin would get better, but the dryness would come back again. We were amazed by the fast results when we used the Suu Balm moisturiser. There were very obvious differences within five days. The rough patches were gone, and Edward’s skin was smooth to touch. His skin is no longer dry and he doesn’t scratch at the spots anymore! I must say, the Suu Balm moisturiser is one of the best products we have ever used.

I think the wash really helps too. It is so rich, and I can tell that it is very moisturising for the skin. Most washes or soaps are harsh and strip the natural oils from the body. However, the Suu Balm wash doesn’t do that. Suu Balm products are definitely value for money, and I like their ease of use, and effectiveness. I’ll continue to use them for Edward, and get my daughter to start using them too!”

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Mum: Natalie, 30, lawyer | Child: Claire, 14 months

“We use the regular Suu Balm cream for adults at home, so I already know the brand. Before Claire used it her skin was sensitive, reddish, and eczema-prone. After using it for a few days, her skin is less dry, but it is still prone to patches of eczema. 

Claire seems to enjoy applying the moisturiser, and she likes the penguin on the bottle! I like that the moisturiser is fast-absorbing, and has an easy-to-apply texture. The wash is non-drying, and doesn’t irritate her skin.”

Mum: Nicole, 35, planner | Child: Daughter, 4

“My girl has eczema and before we started using Suu Balm, her skin had raw patches. It is much better now after using Suu Balm, but we will need more time, perhaps another two weeks, to monitor and see if it really helps. I like the texture of the moisturiser as it is easy to apply. However I find that it takes time to be effective. I would continue to use the Suu Balm products on my daughter though, as I feel that they do help.”

Mum: Vanessa Tan, 34, civil servant | Child: Emma, 4

“Emma’s skin tends to flare up intermittently and she will scratch at the affected parts. After using the products for a couple of days, she is scratching less. I like how the products are effective in reducing the itchiness for her. The wash does not “bubble”, and this makes it hard to wash her hair with it.

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I will continue to use Suu Balm products for Emma. In fact, I’m bringing the moisturiser along when we go on our winter holidays this December as the weather will be dry and cold, and would probably make her skin itchy.”

[Pro-tip: Normal soaps and cleansers can be overly harsh for dry, sensitive skin, and strip off the skin’s moisture. To minimise itch and dryness, swap out harsh soaps and cleansers to Suu Balm Kids Wash, which is 100% soap- and sulfate-free!”]

Mum: Elaine, 32, Portfolio Manager | Child: Alea, 10 months

“Alea had rough, slightly flushed skin, with eczema. After using the Suu Balm moisturiser, her skin has improved tremendously. It is now smooth and moisturised. Her skin worsened initially, as she was teething, and salivating a lot. It took 2.5 weeks to see results. The uneven patches slowly became milder, and less red, then disappeared. Alea seems to like the moisturiser. She didn’t turn away when I applied it on her, unlike with other creams that we have tried.

I love the bright and friendly packaging; it’s so eye-catching for kids! That aside, the scent is soothing and calming. We have tried a lot of balms for eczema-prone skin but they didn’t seem to work long term. Suu Balm has shown effectiveness over time so we will continue to use it. I would recommend Suu Balm products to my friends with eczema-prone skin, or whose children have eczema-prone skin too. It is affordable, it smells good, and it works!”

The Suu Balm Story

Behind every Suu Balm product are hours of intense and methodical research. The brand was born when Dr Tey, Head of Research and Senior Consultant at National Skin Centre, Singapore, hoped to find an alternative to moisturisers that did little to relieve itch for his patients. Hence, Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser was formulated.

Launched in 2015, the Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relief Moisturiser saw over 90% of users get itch relief within five minutes of application, and over 90% of Suu Balm Dual Cooling and Moisturising Cream Body Wash users vouch for its soothing and gentle cooling effect. Today, Suu Balm has expanded its line to include a kids range – Suu Balm Kids – that is specially formulated with little ones’ delicate skin in mind.

Bye Bye Itch in Two Steps

Suu Balm Kids Range is clinically proven to be hypoallergenic. They do not contain preservatives, fragrances or parabens. Instead, the products harness the properties of ingredients like natural menthol and skin-identical ceramides in the moisturiser to help to soothe dry, irritated, and itchy skin.

That’s why we’d recommend integrating Suu Balm Kids’ two-step skincare routine into your child’s everyday life. With a body wash and a moisturiser that soothes, cools and hydrates, this ultra-gentle combo can help bring rapid relief for your child’s dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Suu Balm Kids Head to Toe Wash (420ml, $29.90)

Gentle and soothing, Suu Balm Kids Head to Toe Wash is 100% soap- and sulfate-free. It cleanses gently without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. Containing five moisturising ingredients, including shea butter and sodium hyaluronate, it is suitable for dry, sensitive skin. No parabens, preservatives, or artificial fragrances are used in its formulation.

Suu Balm Rapid Itch Relieving & Restoring Ceramide Moisturiser (75ml, $29.90)

Suu Balm Kids moisturiser contains a hint of menthol to help soothe and stop itch fast – within minutes – and moisturises skin with three types of skin-identical ceramides. This moisturiser also helps the skin restore fillagrin, a protein that is essential for the skin barrier to function well. Lightweight and non-sticky, this steroid-free cream is suitable for children of all ages, especially for those with eczema-prone and sensitive skin. It is also paraben, preservative, and fragrance-free.

Find out more about Suu Balm here, and get your products at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, and official Suu Balm stores on Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

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Mums tell us how Soothing this is for their Kids’ Eczema-prone Skin (review)