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December 2020

Support your Breastfeeding Life with the Most Complete* Maternal Milk (+ Giveaway)

Welcoming a baby to the family is a joyous and exciting occasion. But for most new mums, this period of life can be hectic as well. There are so many concerns vying for her time and attention. She has to learn to cope with a newborn in her arms. Try to find the time for balanced, regular meals. Struggle with postpartum weight loss. Balance work obligations with mum duties, and more. All in all, she is exhausted from trying to cope with a new, demanding, daily schedule.

Add breastfeeding to the list, and it’s easy to see why so many new mums find this phase of motherhood overwhelming. Moreover, it can take six to eight weeks to fully establish a breastfeeding routine, and the process can be challenging.

While it is natural for new mums to feel challenged, breastfeeding is also a beautiful bonding experience to be cherished with your baby. With the support of maternal milk to help you be the best nutritionally for your baby, you can better enjoy your breastfeeding life.

Ensure good nutrition for you and your little one

Image: Ivan Samkov from Pexels

One aspect of self-care that new mums tend to forget about is nutrition. While taking care of everything and everyone around them, they end up neglecting their own needs, especially when it comes to meals. This is not ideal, as maternal nutrition is important to sustain breastfeeding.

It is widely recognized that breastmilk is the best for newborns and babies. Its nutrients come from the mother’s diet or from her nutrient reserves. Hence to ensure that your baby receives the best nutrition, it is important for you, especially if you are breastfeeding, to consume a varied diet.2

Discovering better nutrition for breastfeeding mothers


The right nutrition during breastfeeding includes:

  • Staying on track with regular, balanced meals
  • Losing postpartum weight
  • Balancing work demands with sustained breastmilk supply and keeping up a regular feeding schedule
  • Keeping energy levels up
  • Meeting increased nutritional requirements for yourself and baby

Similac Mum, the most complete maternal milk1

Image: Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

To help you get more of the right nutrients as part of a well-balanced diet to take on life’s challenges as a new, breastfeeding mother, you can rely on Similac Mum – the most complete maternal milk that supports mums in #BeingBestForBaby. 

Similac Mum is specially designed to help breastfeeding mums meet their increased nutrient requirements.

Scientifically studied amongst pregnant and breastfeeding mothers3, Similac Mum features:

  • 27 essential vitamins and minerals which include Choline, a Vitamin B naturally found in breast milk, and Vitamin D3 to support calcium absorption and bone strength
  • EyeQ Plus nutrition system, now improved with Natural Vitamin E and Lutein, an integral part of the eye’s retina
  • DHA, a building block for brain and eye development
  • Iron and Folate to help reduce fatigue

Finally, as a low-fat maternal milk, Similac Mum is a “Healthier Choice” option and provides a wide range of valuable nutrients, with 25% less saturated fat than regular dried milk powder.

Connect with other Breastfeeding Mums around you

As a mother you want to give the best to your baby. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to start. While it may seem tough at first, you are not alone in your breastfeeding journey!

Discover support for your breastfeeding life by connecting with a wider mum community in Singapore at the Million SimMums Facebook page. For further inspiration, check out The Breastfeeding Life video series as well as confinement food recipes for new mums.

:: Similac Mum Giveaway ::

Win up to 3 months’ supply of Similac Mum as we help you in #BeingBestforBaby! We have three sets of Similac Mum supplies to give away to 3 mummies in Singapore.

  • 1st prize – 3 months’ supply (6 cans of Vanilla 900gm worth $201)
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Here’s how to win:

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  • Closing date of giveaway: 12pm, 5 January 2021. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents.
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  • Winners who do not respond within 48 hours will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.


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This sponsored post was brought to you by Abbott Similac Mum.

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Support your Breastfeeding Life with the Most Complete* Maternal Milk (+ Giveaway)