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June 2018

KidZania Singapore: KidZ & Sports this June School Holiday 2018 + Pro-Tips!

Best way to get the kids moving this June school holiday? Bring them to KidZania Singapore for active, sporty fun

With sweltering and stormy weather alternately hitting our little red dot this June school holiday, the kids’ playdate plans with their BFFs keep going awry. Yesterday, however, we found the best place for them to let loose and blow off steam. Firstly, it’s in air-conditioned comfort and not at mercy of the elements. In addition, the kids can pick up new skills while learning the value of good ‘ol hard-earned cold, hard, cash. Yes, we’re talking about KidZania Singapore. This June holiday, the kid-sized city gets fit and even more fabulous with KidZania’s KidZ & Sports event.


From now till from 23 June, families can enjoy sports such as soccer, tennis, and more as they play, learn and bond through these activities:

Sports Challenges (at the Stadium and Climbing Building)

• Game for speed and action? Spur on your family and friends in a series of sports trials!
• Conquer the Climbing Building within a time limit and receive Kira Kira candy (while sticks last).
• Compete against other families from 18 to 23 June in a Tic-Tac-Toe obstacle game by Gymstick and win up to 10 kidZos.

Cheerleading Parade (around the City)
1.30pm and 4.30pm daily

Be a cheerleader for a day! Bring out the pom-poms and get into formation. Both adults and kids are welcome to join!

World Cup Radio Show (at the Radio Station)
Till 15 July

Kids can deliver the latest World Cup action on their own radio segment.

Workout in the City (at the Main Square)
Till 23 Jun, 11.15am and 3.15PM daily

Take part in energetic Dance and Martial Arts workouts. All participating kids will earn 5 kidZos upon completion. Adults can join in the fun too!

Sports Clinic (at the Stadium)
Till 17 June

Try out new sports! Learn the basics and fundamentals of Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics and more from SportSG coaches.

** Pro-Tips to get the most of your visit to KidZania Singapore **

Who doesn’t love a pro-tip or two? Here’s what we learnt on how you can maximise your visit to KidZania Singapore. You’re welcome!

Pro-tip #1: If your child is an aspiring pilot or wants to be a member of the cabin crew, head to the kindergarten (look for its green roof) at level two at the right time (11am, 1.15pm, and so on) to queue for a ticket to take part in these activities. Do note that each child can only choose to do either activity each time, not both. Hint: parents will be invited to enter the plane to witness their kids acting as cabin crew. If your child is doing the pilot activity, sorry, you can’t enter. However you can buy photos ($25 per photo) of your child, dress in pilot uniform and hat, at the photo studio.

Pro-tip #2: Want to earn more KidZos (KidZania currency) with each activity you do? Get a degree from The Learning Lab university first. With this, you’ll earn an extra 2 KidZos when you do activities at the Acting Academy, the Newspaper Edition, the Radio Station, the Film Studio, and more!

Pro-tip #3: Insurance is a must before you can scale the Camp Challenge high-level obstacle course so don’t waste time in the queue unless you already have your insurance card.

Pro-tip #4: Similarly, if you’re planning to do the driving activity at ESSO, you’ll need to pass a vision test and get a driving license first.

Pro-tip #5: You’ll have to pay KidZos to take part in the food preparation activities but the food can be your meal too.

Pro-tip #6: Go to the NETS machines and follow three simple steps to get an extra 10 KidZos into your bank account. It’s like having free money!

Pro-tip #7: Keep the hair-net. You’ll use it over and over again as it’s a requirement for several activities — all that involve food prep, the Climbing Building, Camp Challenge, for instance.

Pro-tip #8: Parents, there’s a parents-only lounge on level two. If your kids can be left alone to play, this is the place to get a break from the *ahem* non-stop noise.

Pro-tip #9: Go early. It’s least crowded and queues are shorter. The next non-crowded time is after 4pm. However, there won’t be much time to complete many activities at this time as the park closes at 6pm.

Most of all, have fun!

Did we miss anything? Let us know, and we’ll add it in here so other parents and kids can benefit too 🙂

KidZ & Sports at KidZania Singapore

When Till 23 June 2018, daily: 10am – 6pm. *Opening hours are subject to change. Refer to for the latest updates
Where KidZania Singapore, Palawan Kidz City
31 Beach View #01-01/02, Singapore 098008
Web or

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KidZania Singapore: KidZ & Sports this June School Holiday 2018 + Pro-Tips!