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April 2016

KidZania Singapore: A Sneak Peek at what’s in store!

Kidzania Singapore opens today! The indoor edutainment centre, spanning 7,600 square metres, is part of the new Palawan Kidz City at Palawan Beach on Sentosa and we’re really excited about it. Kids aren’t just clad in fancy dress and given toys to play with. Here at KidZania, they’ll learn about the role they’ve dressed up for, and get an insight into the skills required to perform this job well. As in the real world, they’ll be paid (in KidZos, the national currency of KidZania), and be able to use their earnings to reward themselves at the store after a day’s work. So yes, KidZania is more than just costumes and props, it’s learning with fun, and guess what? It’s opening today!

Here’s a sneak peek before you get there…


Plane Spotters’ Delight

The iconic front of a Qatar Airways B737 aircraft greets you at the entrance. Gleaming in the sun, it promises a flight of fun that kids (and parents too) will never forget.

Financial Wizardry

KidZania SG - iKiosks at the Maybank establishment.
iKiosks at the Maybank establishment in KidZania Singapore let kids pick up financial literacy skills as they learn to manage their kidZos, the official currency of KidZania.

Streets to Dance in

KidZania SG - Streets of KidZania Singapore
The streets of KidZania Singapore are ready for its citiZens! Watch out for and join in the daily City Dance and City Parade. You may even get a chance to ride in the vehicles as they make their way around the city.

Stadium Roars

KidZania SG - Specially-designed child-safe glass doors that lead to KidZania Singapore's sports Stadium
Specially-designed child-safe glass doors lead to KidZania Singapore’s sports Stadium. KidZania Singapore is one of the few KidZanias in the world to have a Stadium, where kids can role-play as sports personalities and commentator.

A Place just for Toddlers

KidZania SG - RightZkeeper's Residence
The RightZkeeper’s Residence is where toddlers and kids under the age of four can explore and enjoy fun activities, in their own space away from the big kids.

Print Runs

KidZania SG - A printing press at The KidZania Post-2
Hot off the press! A printing press at The KidZania Post, where aspiring child journalists can cover and deliver the world’s most important events to citiZens of KidZania Singapore.


Signature KidZania stations such as the forestation, CSI, aviation academy, and hospital are also present here, so kids can fulfill their career fantasies in these areas. Our little ones loved the kid-sized fire engine and the ambulance at other KidZania outlets; they’re looking forward to taking rides in the ones here too!


Have you bought tickets yet? If not, get them online here so that you and the kids will be guaranteed entry to a world of fun learning at KidZania Singapore!

Need to Know

Tickets $58 (walk-in) for children aged 4 – 17 years; $35 (adult aged 18 – 59 years); $25 (toddlers aged 2 -3 years); $25 (seniors aged 60 and above); free for infants under 2 years old.

Tip Online tickets are slightly cheaper, and buying ahead of time ensures that you will be guaranteed admission. Get online tickets here.

Opening hours 10am – 5 pm (Sundays to Thursdays); 10am – 8pm (Fridays, Saturdays, eve of public holidays, public holidays, and school holidays)

Getting here


All images: KidZania Singapore

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KidZania Singapore: A Sneak Peek at what’s in store!