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August 2015

Introducing Hegen’s Revolutionary Baby Bottle…

Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open” – PCTO for short, and that’s Hegen’s patented tagline which accompanied the launch of the world’s first baby bottle without a screw neck! In other words, parents can simply press on and twist off bottle lids with zero spillage. Now, isn’t that a godsend? Last Tuesday, the 28th of July, saw the unveiling of Hegen’s revolutionary baby bottle to the members of the media at The Fabulous Baker Boy. There was even a PCTO Challenge in which two guests (featured below) raced against time to assemble baby bottles!

The bottle’s interchangeable feeding and storage lids allow for effortless transition from a feeding to storage bottle. Thanks to its breakthrough PCTO one-hand closure, Hegen’s practical design lets parents minimise spillage and wastage of nature’s unparalleled gift – breast milk. In fact, the founder and brainchild of Hegen, Mrs Yvon Bock (featured below), is a mother of four herself! The idea to create the perfect Hegen bottle was born upon drawing on her own breastfeeding experience.


“Having gone through the journey of breastfeeding four times, I definitely understand the challenges faced by mothers when nursing. I feel passionate about designing bottles to assist not only mothers, but other helping hands in the entire feeding and bonding experience, with a simple and practical product,” says the Managing Director of Hegen. “After many years of intensive research and development, working hand-in-hand with the best product developers and innovators, I am very proud to unveil Hegen and our revolutionary product. Hegen is created with the belief that the goodness of breast milk should be maximised, while promoting a stress-free nursing experience for the entire family.”


Hegen bottles feature a unique square-shaped design and wide mouth, and they are also, wait for it – stackable! Stack them up neatly when they are filled and free up valuable storage space when at home or when they are nestled in your bag! The bottle’s snap-on interconnecting storage lids allow several containers to be fused together effortlessly, immediately transforming into an organised milk storage system.

Hegen’s first-of-its-kind off-centre teat promotes feeding in an upright position, which decreases the risk of the back flow of milk, thus reducing the likelihood of mid-ear complications. The bottle’s elliptical shaped and ultra soft silicone teat is designed to closely mimic a mother’s breast. It improves the process of latching on naturally and minimises nipple confusion. Ultimately, the bottle makes it simpler to combine breast and bottle feeding.


Hegen’s products are manufactured while adhering to the highest quality standards, backed by their parent factory with decades of manufacturing expertise and accredited with the relevant ISO certifications. Their products are free of phthalate, PVC, BPA and EA. Hence, parents can rest assured that Hegen bottles are always safe for their precious little ones to drink from.

Hegen products will be exclusively available at Motherswork Great World City from mid-August 2015 onwards, and subsequently at other Motherswork stores island-wide. However, online purchase is currently available at the Motherswork e-store.

For more information on Hegen products, and their availability, click here.


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Introducing Hegen’s Revolutionary Baby Bottle…