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July 2015

SG50 Jubilee Weekend: The Family Edition

From red and white hair strips to nursing necklaces, retailers island-wide have gone on a creativity streak to whip up products for Singapore’s biggest birthday celebration during the Jubilee Weekend. Here are some that will please everyone in the family, from baby, to granny!
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For kids who can’t let go of the device SG50 app games

We wouldn’t normally recommend this, but hey, it’s a holiday, it’s all about app usage management for kids, and the kids do deserve a break. Tell them you’ll let them play device games this weekend (and score some mum or dad points!) and introduce them to these five homegrown games that let players learn about Singapore’s history, culture and personalities while being entertained. And yes, they’re free! (Psst! Kids can also learn about Singapore through food, fun, and games, says local author Don Bosco, whose latest book Lion City Adventures (Marshall Cavendish Editions) takes kids on an exploration tour of 10 fun locations in Singapore, complete with exciting mini-mysteries to solve.)

Available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.


For nursing mums and babes SG50 Limited Edition Pearl Necklace

This special limited edition SG50 red or white necklace by Singapore label Peachtree is also a teether on the go, and the perfect accessory if you’re bringing your teething baby to the parade or to catch the fireworks show and oops, happen to run out of nibbles for the nugget. Let him gnaw on these 100% non-toxic, super durable, waterproof beads; they’re gentle on little gums and emerging teeth. Choose from two versions: White with single red heart, or Red with single white heart – or why not just get both?

$45, available exclusively at Maternity Exchange at 10% off for a limited time.

Uniqlo SG50 tees

For the child’s National Day celebrations in school UNIQLO Street Tales Tees

Every road tells a story, and to celebrate SG50, UNIQLO has curated 55 stories from local personalities (like MediaCorp artistes Rebecca Lim and Desmond Tan) and homegrown companies (like BreadTalk and Tiger Balm), and turned them into a selection of Singapore-inspired Street Tales tees. Buy one to contribute to charity (all net proceeds go to the Community Chest and funds raised will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government under the Care & Share Movement). Prefer to create your own story? Do it with UNIQLO’s UTme! app. Or why not use it to let the kids create their own SG50 tee to wear to school for National Day celebrations next week?

Till 10 August 2015, $29.90 for an adult’s T-shirt and $24.90 for a Kids’ T-shirt, only at UNIQLO Bugis+.

SG50 app

For going out and about during the Jubilee Weekend Celebrate SG50! Mobile App, free

All hail the Jubilee Weekend! Think four glorious days of celebrations with every Singaporean’s favourite ‘f’ word – free! (and if not free, then very heavily discounted) But with so many lists making their rounds online, you’re bound to get rather confused. Enter the Celebrate SG50! Mobile App, which contains a complete listing of the Jubilee Weekend events and activities within the Marina Bay area, as well as around the island, including details of each event, with venue and transport information, so you can plan your weekend perfectly. Want to know where the special SG50-related retail and F&B promotions and deals during the long weekend are? All in the app!

Free for download on both iOS and Android mobile platforms.


For family gaming at home Monopoly and Pictionary – SG-style

Not on devices! Go back to the basics with board games and make them all Singapore editions. The Monopoly Then and Now Singapore Edition isn’t just the world’s first double-sided board game, it also lets you transact in two ways – with traditional paper money, or via an electronic banking device. We love the uniquely-Singapore tokens: a durian, a trishaw, a tiffin carrier, a pair of clogs, and a mobile phone. There’s also the limited edition Singapore edition of Pictionary which contains words only true-blue Singaporeans would know. Yup, think you could draw “kiasu”, “Ah Meng”, and “fine”? How about “lah” or “abuthen”?


For Aunties everywhere Limited Edition Vanda Miss Joaquim One Touch Gift Set

Even the ‘kuehs’ get their own special SG50 container! Singapore’s national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, is imprinted on the Tupperware® signature OneTouch canisters. They come in two sizes (600ml and 1.25L) and look pretty enough to grace our tabletops all year round, not just this weekend!

$50 per set, packaged in a gift box, from Tupperware.

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SG50 Jubilee Weekend: The Family Edition