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September 2013

Friso Gold Formula – Product of The Netherlands

Friso is a brand of Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy companies. It is proudly owned by over 20,000 farmers in The Netherlands. Unlike other dairy providers, Royal FrieslandCampina has complete control over the supply chain, which spans from the production of fresh milk on the farm all the way to the final sealing of Friso tins into cartons in the manufacturing facility. This guarantees commitment and the quality of Friso Gold Formula. And the new advanced formula is 100% produced in and imported from The Netherlands.

Friso Quality: Grass to Glass

Friso Gold Formula originates from Royal FrieslandCampina dairy farms in The Netherlands. Every farmer is dedicated to the production of milk and ensures that nothing but the best goes into every Friso tin.

Fun Facts!

  • Do you know the average size of a Friso dairy farm is around 120 football fields? The farmers care for the grass as much as they care for the cows. This is because the quality of the grass cows graze on also determines the quality of the milk production.
  • Being a farmer means that there is no annual leave or off days. Farmers work seven days a week, and 12 hours every day from 6am to 6pm, just to ensure that all cows have a lovely day, everyday!
  • In order to control the quality of the milk and trace the source of the milk, all cows at the farm are registered. They definitely do look the same to us, that’s why we have a yellow tag on every cow’s ear to identify them!
  • Just like humans, the cows at the FrieslandCampina farm go on a controlled diet when they are getting too huge. Farmers keep track and check on the nutrients and fat level of every cow’s milk production every single day! From there, they will justify the mix of the feed in order to adjust the milk’s nutrients to the optimum level. The cows at our farm eat healthier, not necessarily lesser.
  • To ensure that the cows produce good quality milk, the quality of the water that they drink cannot be compromised. Not only do our cows drink the water that we humans drink, the water that they drink also goes through inspection by our headquarters on weekly basis!

Like every parent, Friso does not take any chances when it comes to food for the children. Food safety is a company-wide responsibility in Royal FrieslandCampina. In the factory, the FOQUS quality system ensures a continuous supply of quality milk. Continual quality awareness is assured by going through a complete range of specifications, rules and procedures. This is carried out on all raw materials and ingredients, as well as on all production, packaging and logistical processes. Naturally, all raw materials and end products are consistently checked for quality and safety reasons.

FrisoShield™ system of nutrients

Combined with decades of extensive research and an understanding of children’s delicate digestive system, the Friso range of nutrition is specially formulated with easily-digestible protein and nutrients for children at every different growing phase. The FrisoShield™ system of nutrients contains Probiotics, Prebiotics, DHA, AA, Zinc and iron. With Friso, mothers can have peace of mind and enjoy the incredible journey of growing up together.

Share your incredible journey – Capture, decorate and commemorate!

Now you can share you and your child’s incredible growing up journey with Friso JourneyCam. Simply upload seven pictures via the JourneyCam app on Friso’s Facebook page, and you will stand a chance to win $300 Friso vouchers and be featured in the upcoming newspaper advertisement. For more information on Friso JourneyCam, click here.

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Friso Gold Formula – Product of The Netherlands