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April 2020

Choose the Right Growing-up Formula Milk to Give Your Toddler the Edge

We are what we eat. Science has proven that gut health affects not just the body, but also the brain1. It can even influence moods and emotions2! And for our little ones, a healthy digestive system is even more crucial. When the time comes to supplement your child’s diet with formula milk, it makes sense to choose a formula that is as natural as possible. The right choice, such as illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder, can ensure your growing tot receives the optimum nutrition needed for their growth and development, overall health and well-being.

Why Mums are Switching over to illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk

The unique structure of the fat molecules and the type of protein it contains is what makes illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk different from any other brand on the market. Let’s see what mums who put their tots on illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk Powder have to say.

illuma review - hazellee84

Softer and Smoother Poo

First of all, mothers report that their little ones seem to have softer stools and more regular bowel movements.

According to mum Hazellee84, “My baby’s digestive issues seem to be much better after drinking the milk for a few days. His bowel movements seem to be more regular than usual now.”

Another mum, Fernie, agrees. She says, “I noticed my boy had an easier time moving his bowels and he is even able to move his bowels daily!”

Tinasg, whose son has a “nine days no poo record”, is understandably cautious when it comes to selecting formula milk. With illuma 3, she is pleased to report that “there’s no constipation issues so far!”

Fuss-free Transitions

Another common problem mums face is finding formula milk that does not cause tummy upsets in the beginning.

Blitz8888 was glad really happy that this didn’t happen. “Have tried the whole can and my kid is really receptive towards it. In fact, he likes it! Glad that there is no regurgitation and his tummy is taking it well.”

Jenntsao2000 feels the same way. “Originally I was worried my kid will take time to adjust to new formula but surprisingly he is totally ok when I gave him illuma 3,” she says.

As for Lambmon8, she was relieved when her daughter accepted the milk easily. “My 16-month-old daughter is a fussy drinker thus it was not easy for me to switch her from breastmilk to formula. Prior to illuma I tried four other brands which saw her straw cup flying across the floor. illuma was the first that she was able to finish a feed!”

illuma review - shoppingbug88

And They Love It!

Other mums are also surprised at how much their usually fussy tots seem to love the taste of the milk.

“My toddler is a picky eater but he did not reject illuma milk. He likes it and so far no constipation issue. Great product!” says Zhixuan.

Hazellee84 had the same experience. “My baby loves the taste and texture of the milk. This is the first time that he finishes the whole bottle of milk at one go,” she says.

Joan.yee even tasted it herself. “Tried a few days so far my baby is loving the milk. The taste of the milk is not too sweet which is good, as I do not want my girl to be to hyperactive.”

It’s quite clear that happy tummy means happy baby — and even happier mummy and daddy!

So What Makes illuma Growing-up Formula Milk Different?

illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk powder is an advanced formula from the experts at Wyeth Nutrition. What sets it apart is that it contains a unique combination of sn-2 Palmitate and A2 β-casein milk.

about sn-2 palmitate and A2 B-casein

What is sn-2 Palmitate? — Fats are a crucial element in a growing baby’s diet. However, not all fats are created equal. illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk contains an important but rare ingredient — a fatty acid called sn-2 Palmitate. In fact, it’s the only brand in Singapore to have this breakthrough ingredient in its formula milk.

What is A2 β-casein? — Once upon a time, all cows produced the A2 β-casein protein, but that changed over 5,000 years ago due to a gene mutation. As a result, the majority of dairy cows today have evolved to produce the A1 β-casein protein. illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk uses milk from pure A2 cows, which make up only 30 per cent3 of cows today. These pure A2 cows have been specifically selected via strict DNA tests.

Making it even better — Furthermore, illuma Growing-Up Formula Milk has no added sucrose and contains more nutrients important for your growing child. These include Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (ARA), important building blocks for brain and eye development. It also contains the prebiotic Oligofructose to promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria in the digestive tract, as well as Alpha-Lactalbumin, a high-quality whey protein found in nature.

illuma growing-up formula milk

Parenthood is full of surprises and rewarding experiences. That tiny angelic baby will soon grow into a rambunctious toddler full of cheeky grins and playful energy. Help your child reach their full potential with quality nutrition. illuma Stage 3 Growing-Up Formula Milk is designed to bring out the best in children aged one year old and above.

illuma Stage 3 Growing-Up Formula Milk is available at FairPrice, Mothercare Paragon, and online at Amazon Prime Now, FairPrice, Lazada, Redmart, and Shopee.

With a valid purchase receipt of illuma Stage 3 Growing-Up Formula Milk, you can sign up to join Club illume for attractive membership privileges. Visit to find out more!

3 Massella E, et al. Ital J Food Saf 2017; 6:6904

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Choose the Right Growing-up Formula Milk to Give Your Toddler the Edge