Tingkat Food


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I am staying at Woodlands Circle Blk 749. I want to order tingkat food.Which one is good? Or anyone wants to earn some extra. Cook and bring over to my place?? Or can cook in my house and bring my daughter back from PAP around 3pm?



i ordered from buffet paradize. their kitchen in woodlands too. tel : 67554466. u can ask for 10 days trial to see if u like it. by the way, their cooking uses MSG, but i hardly can taste it.


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anyone know if those tingkat food, the staff will ring ur door bell n pass food to u? or they jz put outside ur door? can we ask for a fixed time to deliver? does anyone pay more for microwave containers than to use tingkat?


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don't ever order from neogarden. they cooked the food by 2 plus, and i always receive the food ard 3pm-330pm so imagine how fresh the food will be when you get home!


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My family has been on Tingkat service for many years with different tingkat providers. The worse tingkat service we've had is from The House of Catering ...
1. Always late - we waited till 7.30pm then they arrive.
2. Always forget to include rice despite complaints to the office - their solution was to refund the 50c for rice.
3. The delivery guy just hang the tingkat lop-sided at the main gate and my door entrance is always wet with oily soup spilled from the tingkat.
4. The boss has a very bad attitude and refused refunds even though they fail to deliver as what was paid in full at the beginning - I feel like it's a con-job, never had such problems with other tingkat suppliers before.


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I've tried Four Seasons, Kim Kitchen & currrently with Le Xin.

Four Seasons
Food quite healthy but a bit too bland but they are always on time

Kim's Kitchen
Find that the food is a bit too oily & most of the dishes taste almost the same

Le Xin
Food quite nice but always late. Simetimes dinner will only come @ 7:30

Both my kids are starving by the time the food arrive


Just to share my experience with chu wei san tong 10 days trial lunch package for 2 pax:
Delivery time: 9+am!!! Too early!
Portion: Barely enough if 2 pax are hungry
Variety: Poor; same style or sauce used in preparation
Sample menu: 4 small fishballs, braised peanuts no meat, sweet & sour pork with lots of coated flour and plain stir fried cai xin
Overall: Below average; lots of room for improvement.