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Support Group - Endometriosis and Fibroids.

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by pregnantbride2b, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi gals,

    Endometriosis is a common disease in women in their fertile age. There is no cure for this disease and the cause is not known yet. These two conditions can lead to infertility. In the presence of fibroids, even if got pregnant, the rate of miscarriage is high.

    I am also suffering from both endometriosis and fibroids. I hope to start this thread to share information and provide support for one another. It can be stressful to women knowing you have these conditions, and worse if it's the cause of infertility. Being well informed will reduce anxiety and sadness.

    If you have information to share, or sorrows to spill, do drop us a note...

  2. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Halo, I'm here to show support!! =) Great to have a support grp for women who may suffer like us. Hopefully with this support group, they no longer suffer in slience!

    So have u decided if u wanna go for the hormone therapy or chinese doctor? Dun be too stressed out, u must concentrate to be a happy and radiant bride for your wedding!!

    Hey wea's Daisylove??
  3. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hello gals [​IMG],

    I'm here! Also to show my support! [​IMG]

    Sorry that I did not do as promise, was busy with work, so did not log on yesterday.

    I want to reply to ur msg in the previous thread I started.... see below:

    Hi ULN,

    I sometimes still have very heavy menses. At times, feel so weak and giddy too. Anyway, I always lose all my appetite when my menses come and will also lose a few hundred grams. But of course, after menses, gain back weight again lah [​IMG]

    Don't be dismay about the fibroids. If you could get pregnant before, you still have a high chance! I'm beginning to wonder if I can as now I'm not even sure if I have fertile CM. My gynae also asks me not to wait too long for a baby. I'm going to ask my gynae this 1st Dec abt CM, hopefully she can tell me mine is normal even though it's yellowish.

    I'm going to ask my hubby to go to the seminar too. Hopefully I can send the cheque out by this week. Flower Power, are you and ur hubby going to have a listen? [​IMG]

    Is there any other symptom for yeast infection other than painful intercourse? To ease the burning sensation, I'm actually considering the lubricant 'Preseed' but will only use if necessary. Think if I really get to go to the seminar, I'll ask about how I can reach Alife counsellor since you say thery are so informative [​IMG]

    Yah, I keep hearing that one gets pregnant at the most unexpected time. But don't know why I'm very conscious of it every month. When it's nearing the end of my cycle or if menses is late, I will be rather impatient and go on doing HPT. End up spending quite a lot of money [​IMG]

    I do feel slight twinge during my ovulation. I know it's perfect timing to BD but the slight pain can affect BD at times.

    Hi Flower Power,

    I have also heard abt breast cancer thingo if menstruate too early. You shouldn't be too worried abt it if you go for your routine breast ultrasound scan and try to breastfeed next time, I heard it reduces the chance of breast cancer. Do self physical check too, I discovered 3 small lumps in my breasts after my episode of surgery due to ruptured endometriotic cyst. All these happened before I got married! At first really couldn't take it as a doctor advised that I went for operation to remove the lumps. I went to see another gynae (also my gynae now) for a second opinion. After the breast ultrasound scan, she concluded that they are benign but must be monitored yearly. If they remain this small or grow very slowly, no operation is required. Unless their growth is tremendous yearly, operation will then be necessary. Whatever it is, I'm glad that I didn't go for the operation before my marriage [​IMG]

    My menses will also come monthly but lately may be due to ttc stress, the cycle day has varied from CD26 to CD31. Now, I do not know my actual cycle day liao [​IMG]

    I haven't done any pap smear yet. Don't know when I should need one although I heard one shld go for one after being sexually active. Will ask my gynae abt that.

    Gals, have you all done any pre-conception check?
  4. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    To share with you gals & newcomers if any on Endometriosis (extracted from a Singhealth brochure) [​IMG]


    This fairly common condition, often called the career women's disease, is one of the most common benign conditions to affect women. It affects about 2% to 10% of women between 30 and 45 years of age. This disease originates in the endometrium, or inner lining of the uterus. This is how the endometrium works in a normal menstrual cycle:
    - just before ovulation (around the middle of the menstrual cycle), it thickens in readiness for the uterus to receive the ovum if fertilisation occurs.
    - If fertilisation does not occur, it breaks down and sheds itself - the endometrial tissue is expelled from the cervix into the vagina as part of menstrual blood.

    Endometriosis is characterised by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the womb. The precise cause of the disease remains unknown but there are many theories. One, the metastatic theory, suggests that fragments of the endometrial tissue travel from the uterus through the fallopian tubes into the pelvic cavity. These fragments then "stick" to various pelvic organs, commonly ovaries, bowel and bladder, and surface of the uterus.

    These displaced fragments of endometrial tissue continue to respond to the hormones of the menstrual cycle - even though they are no longer in the uterus - by bleeding. Trapped in the pelvic cavity with no way out, this tissue forms implants. These implants, if active, are capable of growing and becoming very large. Old implants can cause scarring and those deposited in the ovaries can cause blood cysts or chocolate cysts. Such cysts usually occur in older women.

    Endometriosis may pose no problems in some women. However, in others, there may be:
    - PAIN. The pain may be felt as a widespread intermittent ache that is more intense in the lower abdomen or pelvis. It is very distressing and may even change as the disease progresses:
    * Dysmenorrhoea, the most common symptom, is characterised by a continuous "dragging" and aching pain. It starts a few days before menstruation and gets worse during the first few days of the period.
    * Chronic pelvic pain, the second most common symptom, can be so debilitating as to affect one's personality, working ability, social and marital life.
    * Dyspareunia refers to pain during sexual intercourse due to the stretching of the affected pelvic tissues.
    * Pain on urinating or passing motion especially during the time of the menstrual period. However, this is rare.
    - MENSTRUAL IRREGULARITIES. These range from heavy, irregular periods to cyclical rectal bleeding or blood in the urine during the menstrual period.
    - SUBFERTILITY. As a result of pain and discomfort the woman suffers during sexual intercourse, the couple may have infrequent sex. Moreover, scar formation can lead to the fallopian tubes and related organs being "distorted". Endometriosis is one of the most common diagnosis in couples undergoing fertility investigations.


    Treatment takes into account the woman's age, whether she wishes to have children, the severity of symptoms and the extent of the disease.


    This will suppress cyclical hormonal changes leading to ovarian suppression and a reduction in estrogen production. Medication controls the effects of endometriosis but is not a long-term solution. Women on the Pill are likely to get a respite from the disease.


    Removal of the endometriotic implants by laser, excision etc may benefit women with the pain of subfertility (see above). If the endomentriosis is severe and the woman no longer intends to have children, the best option is removal of the womb (hysterectomy) and ovaries.
  5. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    I do not have much information about FIBROIDS, only some from the same brochure:

    Cysts mostly occur in the ovary whereas fibroids in the uterus.


    If the benign growth is small, no treatment may be needed. But the doctor will want to monitor any change in size of the growths by doing ultrasound scans. Certain medications can be given to shrink a fibroid or treat symptoms like easing the pain from cramps, but it does not get rid of the growth itself.

    However, these medications can only be taken for a short period of time because of side effects. When the medications are stopped, the fibroid may grow back. Eventually the fibroid may still need to be removed surgically. Medication can be used to shrink the fibroid, enabling the operation to be performed more easily.
  6. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi gals,

    let's all not be discouraged after reading all these. We may not experience all the symptoms stated. We must have faith and support each other through [​IMG]

  7. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi Flower Power,
    I dun like injections... So I might not go for the hormones therapy unless my doctor strongly adviced otherwise. I read about the side effects of hormones therapy that includes weight gain and acne outbreak... I will certainly not consider that before the wedding cos I wanna be a beautiful bride [​IMG] Gotta confirm that with my doctor oso... I think I getting anxiety cos I seeing my doc this Friday... I gonna ask about my endo condition which I have been avoiding... I gotta face reality now.

    I usually have huge appetite and never seem to have eaten enough one week before my menses, then I will lose my appetite on the first day of menses. If you feel weak and giddy, you might be anaemic, which I think need to be treated cos it will affect fertility. I am seriously anaemic now ever since my operation to remove the fibroids. My doc has prescribed high dose of iron for me, plus laxatives.

    If you have yeast infection, you will have sticky and cheese like or curd like discharge. It is more sticky than the cervical mucus. The colour range from yellowish to light greenish. And the vagina area will itch sometimes. Oh, the discharge is smelly oso.

    The counsellors from ALife will be there. I saw them at their last seminar. They will be mending the registration counters.

    My sis also has breast lumps and got them removed one month before I discovered my fibroids! Hers are fibroadenoma. I read that having these types of growths are due to too much oestrogen in our bodies. So I guess it runs in my family... I have a cousin with breast cancer, so I am in the high risk group... I got so many problems hor?

    You know, when I was pregnant, my doc asked me if any of my family members has diabetes or hypertension. My mum has diabetes and my dad has hypertension... Goodness... I got genes for every disease... Then the doc asked me not to take too much both sugar and salt.

    Oh yes, another very important thing is never take Primrose Oil, Dong guai, or Pak Zhen. These are equivalent to hormones oestrogen. I took Primrose Oil supplement daily for a few months before my fibroids grew so big! My doc said it contributed to my fibroids' growth.

    I wanted to do a preconception check, but haven't decided when to go for the check. It can get a bit expensive...
  8. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi Daisylove,

    Thanks for sharing all that info!! It must have taken alot of time for u to type them! I wun be going to the seminar as hb is kinda busy but do keep me posted if u hear anything useful...

    As for your painful intercourse, I heard that endo also cause painful sex, so u may wanna talk to your gynae abt lubrication options. Some gels cause irritation to the vagina, so pls be careful. The pain may not be casued by a yeast infection. I agree with ULN that yeast infection is characterised by pungent smell in the discharge. My schoolmate had it before and told me. Perhaps u try wearing cotton underwear and avoid thick and tight jeans to prevent having an infection. The doc advised her to avoid wearing undies and jeans tat are thick and has poor air circulation as that promotes bacterial growth to due the moist and warm envt of the vagina. Nylon undies are a no-no...

    I do breast examination myself every week and I was told lying down is the best position. My gynae showed me how to.Raise one arm and use the other hand to feel the breast on the same side as the raised arm. U ladies sld do the checks too. My mum also have a begnin cyst in her right breast, no treatment cos too small.. Monitor yearly.

    Pap smear is to be done yearly for women above 21 years old or those who have started to be sexually active. This i read from HeathToday magazine. I was told that abnormal cells detected thru the smear may indicate the early signs of cervical cancer, which is why all women are encouraged to go. It costs ard $25 to perform the test and minimal pain. U may experience slight bleeding after the test cos gynae have to scrape off a bit of the uterus cells to test but no need for alarm unless bleeding persists. Just relax and everything will be over in 3 mins! =) I started pap smear when i was 26 years old. My gynae told me to start the test thou I am not married as I am already @ the age wea I sld start. She also told me tat many women have the misconception that only women who have sex before sld have pap smear test, which is so untrue. Women who never have sex and remain unmarried cld also develop cervical cancer @ older age.

    Pardon my ignorance but wats pre-conception test?
  9. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN,

    Good that u are deciding agst the hormone treatment. Most people balloon like nobody's business on the treatment. Agree with u tat u sld avoid it and get married 1st lor... Even if die die must go on hormone treatment, start after the wedding... My hb colleague got serious water retention leh, so poor thing...

    As for the endo condition, fear not cos its beta to treat early even thou it has no cure cos damage can be controlled beta at earlier stage. I was always scared to face the truth but when my relative died of ovarian cancer, I decided to stop avoiding the problem. She stalled seeing the doc and wen discovered, she is already in the final stage and cancer has spread thruout her body. I cried when I was told that I have endo and I may face problems having kids. I even suggested to break up with my bf (now hb) then cos I know he adore kids... and I felt so useless when I tot abt the chance that i cld not bear kids, something every woman sld be entitled to. He said I was silly to suggest that and ask me not to be so pessimistic. I was so touched when he said that marrying a good wife is more impt than having kids. He is open to adopting too.

    I usually eat more closer to the start of my period and will also get constipation.. During my menses, I will have no appetite at all. When the period is ending, I will experience diarrhoea and appetite will return to normal. This happens every month... so predictable hor?

    I read on an on-line health journal that having genetic history of disease only increase a person's chance of contracting the disease by 25%, the rest is diet and lifestyle. Pls dun despair, if take care of yourself knowing the risk factors, u will be okie. There's still 85% that u wun get it. Be postitive!

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going... Be strong not just for ourselves but also for our parents (who spent so much effort raising us) and loving husbands!!
  10. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi Flower Power,
    Pre-conception test includes a number of tests to make sure that you and your hubby are healthy to conceive a baby. For example, blood tests for German measles, hepatitis B, blood count, thalassemia, etc. It can also include a pelvic examination by a gynae.

    Wow... your hubby so sweet...

    Endo is a career woman's disease because of a lot of stress. I was under tremendous stress since 3 years ago... I think it might has contributed to my endo.
  11. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN,

    Since u cannot change your job and some industry are forever stressful, regardless of wic company u work for, i think u sld consider some stress reduction techniques...

    Try Yoga (bascially exercise that u enjoy), mediation or massage... it helps relieve stress. Also u can try taking walks in the park with hubby and talk abt the day... smell the trees and flowers... does wonders to the soul..
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  12. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi ULN,

    I dun think I'm anaemic leh, my Hb is in the normal range. May be I din drink enough water during menses [​IMG]

    I'm going to check with my gynae & most prob ask her to give me a pap smear. Ai yah, the thought of pap smear freak me out, it'll be my first time!

    I think mine is also fibroadenoma. Hai yah, me got breast lump and endo, I worse problem than you but I din noe that could be due to high level of oestrogen and I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil tablets for these 2 mths as it increase my CM (if not, can be quite dry), oh no.... what shall I do?

    Since your family has history of these, think u have to do routine tests to rule these out to be on the safe side. Diabetes & hypertension in pregnancy are a no-no, worse case may lead to pre-clampsia.
  13. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    dun worry. If I do go, I'll definitely share the info with both of u [​IMG]

    I've ever talked to my gynae before regarding lubrication but she asked me to try natural if possible as most that claim to be non-spermicidal actually may still affect the motility of the sperms. She recommended Re-plen but I dun noe why but I didn't want to get it. She seemed unsure abt the pdt, it was recommended by the pharmacist in KKH pharmacy. I read the description that it is acidic so it blends well with the vagina environment and therefore keep it moist. But isn't sperm not able to survive in acidic environment of the vagina too? That's why I doubt the product. For the previous cycle, I've been using water to lubricate but gynae also mentioned before that it's not a good media. My hubby has bought the Pre-seed lubricant that is so well recommended by so many websites but I'm not sure if it's really that good. Will try in a few days' time since I'm in CD10 now [​IMG]

    I will ask my gynae for a pap smear when I see her on 1 Dec then. Thank you for your advice.

    Pre-conception check is a check up done before you want to conceive. Like what ULN has mentioned, blood tests will be done to rule out some diseases that may affect your baby if you do have them.
  14. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi ULN,

    I also agree with Flower Power, if need to, only start the hormone therapy after your wedding as it does have its side effect.

    Hi Flower Power,

    like you, I was so sad last time that I suggested to separate from my hubby (last time bf). Fortunately, he didn't mind the fact that we might not have children, he's also receptive to adoption. We'll try our best to conceive for our lovely husbands [​IMG]

    Yah, yoga is good. I go for yogasanna occasionally at Amore Fitness [​IMG]
  15. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi gals,

    it seems like no one except us has ventured to our thread yet but I'm still glad that I can share and pour my feelings out to both of you. Thank you for being there [​IMG]
  16. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi Daisylove and ULN,

    Thanks for all the explanations on whats a pre-conception test... I will invest in the test when me and hb try for child. Let me get thru my customery in Dec next year 1st lah... Dun think my mum would be happy to see a pregnant daughter marching down the isle. Haha...

    I agree that alot of lubricants kills sperm and is hence not a good for couples trying for bb to use.. I recall reading abt the condition of the scrotum being alkaline...but i'm not sure. I see whether I can verify this info and let u know. Sorry, scrotum is the 'balls' (I dun mean to sound crude, pardon my language) of the men and it produces sperm. It's located away from the main body as it requires a temp lower than body temp (37degrees) to produce sperm. I saw a documentary in school that showed the sperms produced by a man having fever.. wah lao, the sperms have either two heads or two tails and all can't swim!!

    Wat I know for sure is that sperms derive energy to swim as seminal fluid contains a sugar called fructose. So i guess as long as the lubricant does not contain chemicals that eliminates the fructose, it sld not kill the sperm?? This is very 'cheem'... I also dun know how to advise also...

    Yep, I notice so far just the 3 of us but its okie. At least we can share our worries and triumphs with one another. Bottling up the problems inside is unhealthy and it causes stress!
  17. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hello gals... I had a long day out today.. tomolo oso the same.. I will try to answer your posts tomolo nite ok?

    Meanwhile, take care and sleep well...

    I am seeing my gynae tomolo morning... scared scared...
  18. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    k, now waiting for hubby to finish his reading...

    Hi Flower Power,
    If I go back to my parents house, I will play the piano to release stress. For now, I listen to soothing music at FM92.4. Maybe I will try to find some meditation course. My counsellor also asked me to go to the park and have a stroll with hubby... But hubby no time [​IMG].

    A papsmear is not painful. It's just some discomfort. And it will be over in a minute or two. I din feel anything when the doc is "scraping". Only feel the discomfort when she use that instrument to open the vagina. Lots of lubricant will be used too...
    I think you should stop EPO cos that's estrogen. Just stop it. My sis took EPO regularly 1000mg per day and she got 6 fibroadenoma. She got 2 removed cos those 2 got a bit big. It is best to check with your gynae.
    I think water can make the vagina even drier after a while.

    I think for pre-conception tests, if you decided to take it eventually, why not take the tests now? If you do need injections such as Hep B jabs, you will need 3 mths before you can try to conceive. I planned to take the tests, but before I took it, I was pregnant. If I have gone for a check-up by a gynae before that, I would not have ended up in miscarriage [​IMG].

    wa.. Flower Power, you read so much about the sperm ah... I just read from a fertility book. There's a study on men taking 1000mg of Vit C. Their sperms seems to be more mobile and mature and it improves the number as well...

    I will be seeing my gynae tomolo morning... I am getting a bit nervous [​IMG]. I dun wan the injections... K, tok to you gals again tomolo nite... nite nite...
  19. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN,

    If hubby no time, do u have pets? Stroll with doggie also good... Else just go alone (but not too late, a lady alone quite dangerous)...

    Yah pap smear no pain... I din even feel anything. It was over in a jiffy. How u feel depends on how gentle your gynae is. My test result is grade I smear... very happy. Just relax and u will be fine...

    U laugh at me leh... me bio student till A levels and so have alot of knowledge and I also enjoy watching those Discovery Health programmes... which is why I know more than most people. Not that I am exceptionally interested in sperm!!! Hahaha... I find the female reproductive syst more interesting to be honest... =) I've even seen a rabbit's reproductive syst! Alot like ours! so interesting hor..

    ULN, update us yah?

    Daisy: How? Tried the lubricant liao? Good?
  20. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    My doc told me I wun grow fat with the injections he recommended... He said he guarantee I wun grow fat oo... The injections are expensive cos they are the same injections as used for test tube babies. It can reduce the size of my endometriosis, then it can last for 5-10 years in some people. I guess the effect varies... Doc said I still can get pregnant. But within these 3 years is critical...
  21. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    ULN: The injections you were told sound like what my doc told me abt. He did not mention abt having anything to do with test-tube bb but told me it will last for 5-10 years too, depending on individual. He did say the side effects are there. Perhaps ur gynae is recommending u another injection? May I know wic doc u see at KKH? I used to see Dr Yeo (head of gynae dept).

    Depends on how comfortable u are with taking the injection and trust your gynae, i would take the name of the injection and search on-line for possible side-effects. 2ndly I would go see another gynae in the meantime and see whether he/she says the same of tat medication if I am in your shoes. This is an expensive investment with an impact on your health and fertility, make sure u know all that u need to know to make an informed decision if this is the best course of action. Discuss with your hb, Mum or MIL. If u face any difficulties, they are the ones to support u, so make sure they are supportive of you taking the injections

    i will support u watever decision u make and wish u all the best.

    Daisylove: did not find anything on whether sperm like alkaline or acidic envt, update u if I find anything.
  22. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member


    I dunno whether the following infor you gals are looking for about the acidity of the vagina. I copied from ivillage:

    "The normal vaginal environment is supposed to be acidic, with a pH of 3.8 to 4.2. Overgrowth of lactobacillus, the normal "friendly" bacteria, may cause the vagina to be more acidic than usual, but it would be unlikely to kill sperm. Sperm are naturally alkaline (they neutralize acid) and buffer the vaginal acidity for several hours after intercourse.
    If the pH is less than 3.8, you can lower the acidity (raise the pH) with a baking soda and water douche, but speak with your doctor first. If it's around the 4 mark, you're okay. If it is higher than 5, you may have an infection that should be treated."

    Hi Flower Power,
    I feel like going to KKH to see another gynae. I am seeing a gynae at Gleneagles. I do trust my gynae. You are considered a "private" patient at KKH rite?

    I will not be around for the next few days.. I am going to Bintan [​IMG]
  23. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi ULN & Flower Power,

    I was rather busy the past few days and so did not come online. Had to attend to a colleague's wedding [​IMG]

    I've tried the Pre-seed lubricant, it feels like semen or our arousal fluid (sorry, dun noe the actual term [​IMG]). It feels good and the moisture can last long [​IMG] The instructions did say it's sperm friendly and is suitable for couples planning for conceiving. Hopefully this is true and it even encourages couples to write in their success stories to them. Thank you for your info regarding vaginal acidity. Yah, it is true that if it's too alkaline, one may be at a higher chance of getting an infection.

    Flower Power, I wasn't lucky enough to take a Biology subject when I was in sec sch. Although I was in the pure sciences stream, my sch did not offer Biology then [​IMG] It's really amazing to know you have seen a rabbit's reproductive system, so you are not afraid of the sight of blood? [​IMG] However, I'm also a Discovery fan! In fact, I enjoy watching National Geographics and Animal Planet too, so is my hubby [​IMG] He seems to be more knowledgeable than me. Whenever we watch the shows together, he can tell me a lot of other things which I do not know. Seems like those shows are repeating episodes for him [​IMG]

    ULN, what is the medicine the doctor is injecting into you? I agree with Flower Power that you should check out the possible side effects, if any. A lot of females do not know that the drug, Clomid that they take can be a high risk for ovarian cancer if taken over a long term. The drug is supposed to help ovulation. You should check probably ok? However, if the injection is necessary and will help in your case, do not hesitate. Flower Power and I will support you [​IMG]
    Do not stress yourself too much with the 3 years period your doctor gave you. Listen to soothing music to reduce your tension, it helps for my case. I do not have a dog but I keep a hamster or sometimes I will pester hubby to go for a walk with me [​IMG]

    Gals, I'm going to see my gynae in KKH this Wed and ask her to give me a pre-conception check up. Have you all heard of Toxoplasmosis? If you do keep a cat at home, you may want to ask your hubby to handle or clear its waste in future. I need to ask my gynae if keeping a hamster also increases the risk of getting Toxoplasmosis which is dangerous if we want to conceive.

    ULN,enjoy your Bintan trip. I went to Bintan once and I love that place [​IMG] So peaceful and quiet, a nice place for a retreat [​IMG]
  24. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN, thanks for answering Daisylove!! Was flipping my old and yellow Bio test and got lost... Have a great time at Bintan! Catch up with us when u return yah?

    Daisylove: I love Bio and was not afraid of blood. I marvel at the makeup of organisms and how the various organs work in sync to create a balance envt.

    Our hubbies r so alike! My hb enjoys watching animal planet and Nat Geo and also tells me alot abt animals and plants. He has loads of knowledge due to personal interest. I will tell him abt human health and dieases, which he has little knowledge of. So its an interesting exchange wenever we watch the TV! I am interested in anything to do with medical science from treatment of dieases to diagnosis and prevention.

    I dun have pets at home cos I have a sinus problem. Pets are no-no.. I have dogs, rabbits, hamsters and tortises at diff times of my life and my mum did not understd why i constantly have flu like symptoms till my family doc told her abt my condition. Do share with more after u ask your gynae, I can share with my other frens cos some of them have pets. Me? I only have a pet fish... =)
  25. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    yesterday was CD14 but hubby & I did not BD as I was down with flu, a bit wasted, miss a good chance this cycle again. Think flu virus every where at my workplace. Today I end up at home, on MC [​IMG]

    Well, drop the sad topic... ahem....
    Flower Power, not only are our hubbies alike. Think we are too. I also like to read up on health & diseases and am usually the one to pass my hubby this knowledge. Ha ha, I must say he learn a lot from me while I learn a lot about nature and animals from him, hee hee, a good exchange [​IMG] I'm currently trying to understand about our reproductive system. Did not read much about this last time, so a bit regret lor [​IMG]

    I am guessing you may be working in healthcare line or biotechnology or something is it? I'm actually working in a lab [​IMG]

    Good that you keep a fish. After I see my gynae tomorrow, I'll share with you and ULN what I've found out from her. In the meantime, I better write down what I wanna ask her in case I forget the moment I step into her room, this has happened a few times already [​IMG]

    Hi ULN,
    so how's your trip. Do share with us when you return and the part of Bintan you went to. Last time hubby & I went to Mana Mana. I think of going again. Hear from you [​IMG]
  26. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi Daisylove,

    Never mind.. many more chances to come... U also dun wanna infect ur hb with flu. If he aso ill, who takes care of u rite? The flu bug is everywea in my office too. 3 of my colleagues seated ard me has went on mc over the past few days and I am taking more vit C to protect myself..

    Maybe similar people come together. Thats why our hubbys are alike and we are too... Good to know we have common interest. =) We can share more info next time when we read them cos we know that it will interest us both...

    As for reading more on reproductive cycle, u can try those books on pregnancy and female health... they are interesting. I usu browse thru them when I am at bookstores. Else, female magazines usually talk abt them. U can try "Woman's Weekly" and "Woman's Health (or something like this)"... They tend to explain in more layman terms (the magazines I mean) as compared to books.

    My profession is an accountant.. I stare at numbers day in day out... Surprised?? I know a far bit abt health topics as I'm interested in them so I tend to read up on them if I have the time.

    U are very cute to write down wat u want to ask... Sounds like student wanting to ask teacher questions. I do that sometimes too but usu only at interviews as I tend to be nervous but the questions are impt so that I can decide if I want to work for them.

    U keep is posted okie? Take care my dear
  27. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    I'm feeling so much better today! I have been taking vit C for the past few days but only stopped for 2 days and I got the flu virus!

    We are sure to share much more info here. I've started reading abt pregnancy although I'm not pregnant yet. Hee, I've just borrowed 4 bks from the library. Will read thru and share some interesting info with u & ULN [​IMG]

    My best friend is also an accountant, we also you yuan feng to meet up here [​IMG] You must take care, try not to do too much OT. My friend always has to stay to do OT esp during the peak period.

    I'm going to meet my gynae this afternoon. Ah... finally wait to this day. Hee, I really have written down a long list. Will share with you what I find out from her tomorrow.

    In the meantime, take care [​IMG]

    ULN seems to be having a long holiday! How I envy... [​IMG]
  28. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power & ULN [​IMG]

    I have seen my gynae yesterday. I asked for a pre-conception check up. She only asked me abt any family history of diabetes or other diseases. Then she ordered blood test for Full Blood Count (to rule out Thalassaemia), checking immunity status for Hep B & Rubella. She didn't do any PAP smear or blood test for HIV / Syphillis for me as she said since I only become sexually active this year and my only sex partner is my hubby. FLower Power, ur gynae did for u so I'm not sure why my gynae said that. She did a scan for me months ago, so this round, not necessary.

    The following are the questions I asked her and the answers she gave me. You may already know the answers, so pardon me. Sorry if you find it too descriptive that you find it offensive, I'm just sharing in case you have the same questions as me.

    Q1) Is my yellow CM normal? Does it mean I have infection? Will it affect conception? I dun seem to have many days of CM or even EWCM.
    A1) You have to observe hygiene when trying. It's best for both to bathe before trying (which we both do [​IMG]). The skin shld be drawn back from the male's private organ before penetration. Yellow CM does not necessary mean u have an infection, u shldn't worry too much abt it if u do not have itchiness or strong odor. You may continue TTC and it shouldn't affect it. However, I will prescribe antibiotics (which is conception-friendly) in case u have a very mild infection. Make full use of the days when u have CM to BD. Most females can't tell whether they are at the stage of EWCM by visual observation. For ur cycle which varies from CD26 to CD31, you can try alternate days from D8 to D20 if you can.

    Q2) Is it ok for me to try from CD10 to D18 everyday? Will hubby's sperm count be low?
    A2) Yes, if you are not too tired. In fact, it will be good to BD everyday during your fertile period. Using alternate days is to catch the peak fertile day.

    Q3) I understand from my ultrasound scan that I have slightly retroverted uterus. Which is the best position to BD? Is it useful if I elevate my bottom after BD? Can doggie position be used for conceiving?
    A3) Retroverted uterus happens in 20% of females, so it's rather common. Dun be too worried abt it. Doggie is still the best position to BD, second comes Missionary position as Doggie allows full penetration. However, I will advise you to use Missionary as it will be more comfortable and Doggie can be too uncomfortable / painful for most females. Most of my patients with retroverted uterus conceive even without elevation of bottom. However, if you feel more convinced, you can continue elevating ur bottom to prevent sperm from flowing out.

    Q4) I thought theorectically Missionary is the best? Anyway, I feel more painful using Missionary and more comfortable using Doggie. However, after BD using Doggie, when I need to turn over to lie down with my bottom elevated, isn't it too cumblesome and in doing so, sperm may flow out due to gravity?
    A4) Both methods are good for conceiving but Doggie is by far the best as it allows full penetration. You can continue using Doggie if u feel uncomfortable using Missionary. Theoretically, after ur spouse ejacuate, the sperm is shot right to ur cervix hole, so the sperm will "swim" towards your ovaries. Hence, it doesn't matter if you turn over to elevate your bottom, it does not affect. In fact, it is not necessary for you to elevate your bottom.

    Q5) However, for my case, I do not feel very aroused during penetration as sometimes I feel pain. I read that the cervix will be in the right position to receive sperm if I am well aroused. Also, my natural lubricant will allow the sperm to survive in my otherwise acidic vagina. Orgasm also helps the cervix to "dip" into the incoming pool of sperm, right? However, I do not have orgasm, will it affect conception? Do I need to see Dr V Atputharajah, a sex specialist to get counseled?
    A5) Yes, it's true that vagina has acidic environment. Don't worry, have more foreplay and it shld be alright. Once he penetrates deep enough and ejacuates into you, the sperm will find their way to the cervix hole to "swim" up. The contraction of the uterus which occurs during orgasm may aid in drawing more sperms into the uterus. However, it's really not a must to experience orgasm in order to conceive. Most females are not able to experience it within the first few years of sex. Some only experience only when they reach 30. It's not necessary to see a sex specialist at this stage. Try to relax and enjoy ur marriage life and conceiving will then come naturally without so much stress.

    Q6) Is it necessary for my husband to go for semen analysis test now? (I forget to ask her what the normal volume of sperm is. Aiya, Flower Power, even when I wrote down, I still forget! [​IMG])
    A6) It's not necessary to test your spouse's semen now. Until both of u have tried for a yr, then if still no success, then we will classify ur case as sub-fertility. Only then, we will start doing fertility tests on you. Dun stress urself with these fertility tests now. Relax and enjoy ur marriage life and try for at least 1 yr first.
    (I found out from website that normal volume of semen is 2 ml, less than 2 ml is abnormal. If too much, also abnormal. I ask my gp and he said 3 ml, so I think between 2 - 3ml. He said not just looking at the volume, they look at the morphology and motility of the sperms too)

    Q7) My ultrasound scan shows that my uterus and ovaries are alright and at the moment no cyst. However, does it tell whether my fallopian tubes are blocked or any scarring due to endometriosis?
    Do I need to undergo scanning to see if I ovulate? Does it mean that if my BBT increases upon ovulation, I have CM and regular menses, it's good enough to show I'm ovulating?
    A7) No, ultrasound scan will not be able to tell if your fallopian tubes are blocked or if you have any scarring due to endometriosis (this part if I remember correctly, she mentioned before laparascopy shld be the procedure to determine). You dun have to go thru ultrasound scanning to see if you ovulate since your BBT increases, you have CM and regular menses. It's good enough to show you are ovulating.

    Q8) Do I have to test for Toxoplasmosis? Will keeping a hamster put me on Toxoplasmosis risk?
    A8) It's dangerous for pregnant ladies to handle dog's / cat's faeces in case of Toxoplasmosis. Not so sure abt hamster but if u are already exposed to it, don't worry, u would have the immunity against it now. However, from now onwards, do not handle ur hamster's waste, esp when u are pregnant in future.

    Gals, I hope it helps if you also have such questions on your mind. Sorry, such a long email but I learn so much and more relieved after seeing my gynae [​IMG]

    Have a good night!

    Hugs & [​IMG]
  29. babysheep22

    babysheep22 New Member

    Hi ladies

    I have fibroids in my uterus, and always get heavy menses and bad cramps too. Glad to know that there are people out there who understand this condition.

    Will be popping in every now and then.
  30. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Babysheep22,

    welcome here [​IMG]

    How's ur condition now? Did u see a gynae or do a recent ultrasound scanning?

    Mine is endometriosis. It has affected me in a lot of ways. However, I have managed to find ways to destress myself. Regular exercise does help in my case. My serious bad cramps have now improved a lot. May be u can try exercising regularly too.

    Are u trying to conceive (ttc) too? [​IMG]
  31. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi Flower_Power and Daisylove,
    I am back from Bintan [​IMG]. I stayed in Indra Maya. This was my third time to Bintan. I have got a website that I have built last time. I went with 6 other aunties including my mum. I went swimming everyday cos I ate so much while there. Gotta keep fit for my wedding. I think I have hurt myself. I thought I have recovered from my surgery already, so I helped those aunties to carry their luggages and do things for them... [​IMG] I felt pain in my lower abdomen on my last day and my abdomen area looked swollen. I feel ok now after some rest. Seems like I gotta wear the corset longer... it does helps to reduce the pain. My doc only told me I gotta wear it for a minimum of one month, but I did not ask for how long... I cannot wear a lot of my clothes cos I looked ugly with the corset.

    Hey gals, we got the same interests [​IMG]. I love to read about health, diseases, prevention and medications. I can remember medical terms easily. But my hubby not fan of discovery channel, but I am. I like to watch documentary related to the medical field and travel too [​IMG].

    wah Daisylove, if I were you, I will feel paiseh to ask my gynae those questions le... Maybe becos my gynae is male... hehe...

    About the ultrasound scan for endometriosis. Laparoscopy is used to ascertain endometriosis growth. I am not too sure about ultrasound to determine endo. In my last appointment with my gynae, he told me after I went through the hormones injections, I will need to go for a detailed ultrasound scan to look at my fallopian tube. I think my endometriosis is at my fallopian tube [​IMG]. Or maybe it's too big that it can be detected by ultrasound [​IMG].

    In my last pregnancy, in fact, I did not elevate the bottom but lie on top of my hubby to allow the sperm to flow out cos we not TTC-ing.. Still got pregnant...

    I do write down the questions I wanna ask my gynae, and I do forget as well. I haven't been brave enough to face the facts about my condition, so I did not ask a lot about it.

    I gotta visit my gynae again during my next menses... so embarrassing... [​IMG] I told him I got very heavy flow during the last one (first one after my miscarriage and myomectomy). Then he said he want to see whether my "heavy" tally with his "heavy". I find it a bit uncomfortable and embarassing...

    Hi babysheep,
    Welcome to the thread. I am not sure how to classify heavy menses...

    I used to have very "thick" flow with lots of clots plus backache. I did not realise backache during menstruation is one of the symptoms of fibroids till I read about it after the surgery. I had spinal injury before, so I thought I must have exerted myself too much to cause the backache, cos I always carry very heavy things. Sigh... I seem to have a lot of medical problems...

    Ok, I am tired already... Good nite...
  32. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi ULN,

    so happy u are back! [​IMG]

    Did u upload photos taken in Bintan in your website? Do u mind to show us? [​IMG]

    I think it's best to avoid any strenous exercise and carrying of heavy loads at this time. Although I had my operation in year 2000, I can still feel the pain when I carry heavy load. My mum told me once after operation, that area becomes an "injury", so must be careful as it will never be the same as before, so sad right? [​IMG] Did u have a bloated tummy after the operation? I had and I looked like 3 mths pregnant! I didn't wear a corset then. I think there was a lot of air inside due to the operation and the bloatedness subsided only after a month or so. Now my tummy is still not totally flat. It always bloated up after each meal and takes longer time to be flattened. I never had such experience before my operation, I miss my flat tummy [​IMG]

    Hee, my gynae is a female. That's why I so daring to ask. Actually I held back a few times but I think it's time to clear my doubts. I'm glad she's so patient with me [​IMG]

    Cheer up, ULN. Your wedding coming soon, so dun worry abt ur endometriosis. "Enjoy ur marriage life", that's what my gynae always says to me. I think stress is really a factor to me getting endometriosis. When I was a teenager, I was under tremendous stress due to past relationship which when I think back now, I feel so unnecessary, silly and unhealthy. I'm glad that my hubby is so bubbly and encouraging and I think it helps improve my condition a lot. He always encourages me to exercise which reduces my menstrual cramp a lot.

    There are different kinds of ultrasound: Pelvic ultrasound, vagina ultrasound, so which is your gynae using? I think he has to use ultrasound to monitor you as unless the need for laparascopy is there, if not, he cannot use it so often.

    I will feel shy [​IMG] to be checked by a male gynae too. May be u can ask ur hubby to go with u and stay in the room while the gynae is doing the procedure. At least with hubby around, it may be better [​IMG]

    ULN, sometimes, my menses cramp comes with backache too. Endometriosis and fibroids symptoms are rather quite similar hah?

    Take care [​IMG]
  33. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Halo ladies!!

    Welcome babysheep! I read before that heavy menses involve more than 5 change of pads (the type for heavy flow) in a normal day with 8 hrs of rest (assuming rest time dun change ok?). Ladies with heavy mensuration usually are anaemic and get fainting spells easily. I have this problem so I can faint with serious cuts or blood test without food. Explains why I dun do for blood donation!! haha...

    Hi Daisylove, ur reaction in Q6 is very funny!! U are truly candid... Good tat u found the ans eventually! U very 'kan de qi wo' to think I know all the stuff abt sex!! Haha... me just ROM leh, no customery yet so dun dare to be too adventurous. Haha... I guess your gynae have diff views on the pap smear test and thats why she did not so those tests. I also did not do the STD tests, merely pap smear to check for abnormal cells.

    As for ultrasound, vagina ultrasound is beta as it produces clearer images thou more uncomfortable. Pelvic ultrasound is limited by the amt of water exisiting in the bladder to push up the uterus for viewing... I was so delighted after using vaginal scanning. No more holding back going to the toilets!

    Hi ULN, pls relax on the tummy yah? I know bloatedness is very frustrating... I get it every month!! But health more impt. Now you got a wound to nurse so just be a good girl and do wat doctor says okie? Try to maintain cheerful, helps in speedier recovery!! Take care k??
  34. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    hee, I was just sharing with u what I asked my gynae & the ans she gave me in case u all interested to know too [​IMG]

    So when is ur customary? Have u more or less done with the preparation? Let me know if need my help, I've gone thru mine liao [​IMG]

    Don't know why my gynae did not suggest vaginal ultrasound too. Yah, I dislike the feeling of holding my bladder for the pelvic ultrasound too. Din know that vaginal scanning does not need to fill up bladder. If not, I would have requested for that instead [​IMG]

    Hi ULN,

    how are you feeling now? Hope you are better. Take care! [​IMG]

    What abt you, babysheep? Have u consulted any gynae? [​IMG]
  35. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi Daisylove,

    Quite strange why your gynae did not suggest vaginal scan. Cld it be becos u told her that u experience paid during intercourse so she feel that u wun relax enuf for the vaginal scan and this type of scan will hurt more than pelvic scan? Maybe u wanna ask her next time. I only know that they usu dun perform such scan on virgins unless necc to get clearer images due to suspected conditions such as endometrosis. Dun want to break the hymen... but some people do not break their hymen till childbirth, so elasticity of the hymen differs individually...

    My customary is in Dec05. I want to have time to renovate my love nest before getting married and I am the sorta gal who want to have couple life away from parents and in-laws when I just get married. I'm very excited abt next year cos alot of things are happening! Hb and I very excited to move in together...

    Dun worry, I will bother u when I need help. I very 'buay pai seh' one... haha...

    Care to share with me wat time u got married? Some of my frens make up artist have to reach her house at 5am!!! Also wat do u call your in-laws? I find it strange to call them in the same manner as I call my mum and dad currently. Any suggestions? Which bridal studio did u sign up with? I am rather worried abt the photoshoot cos I am someone who perspire easily and is afraid that my makeup will be ruined during the shoot... Any good recommendation of places that are cooler (maybe shady or something) and have nice scenary or architecture?
  36. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    I did my pelvic ultrasound scan early this year and I was still a virgin then [​IMG] I think that's why she didn't perform the vaginal scan on me as I visited her due to fear in intercourse then subsequently due to wanting to conceive after I conquer my fear [​IMG] I think that's why the clearer vagina scan was not done yet, hee hee.

    Congratulations! Have u gotten the key to ur house yet? I'll only get the key supposedly in Nov 05. It may be earlier as what HDB officer told us. My future house will be in Sengkang, what about yours? [​IMG]

    It's wise for u & ur hubby to choose to get the house first before married. My customary was last year and staying with PIL since then. There are adv and disadv lor. Adv is PIL really dote on me and take good care of me. Whenever me & hubby have the slightest argument, they will always side me, feel very secured and assured of their love for me, like for a daughter, very blessed to have them as my PIL and I love them too [​IMG] The disadv is we have too different kind of living lifestyle that it makes it very hard esp the first 6 mths of marriage to adjust living there. I'm very particular abt the cleanliness of the house but MIL told me she can cook very well but not very bothered abt cleaning up the house and it's true! Initially, I will be very hardworking, always give up my weekend to do housework but it gets dirty too fast until I give up liao. Nowadays I just do my own room, not that I'm selfish or unfilial but I'm really tired as I'm working full time mah. Another disadv is our room is just next to their master bedroom separated by only a thin wall. So now ttc will be always afraid that they hear our "noise" [​IMG] I do agree that as a young and newly married couple, we should really and strictly have our er ren shi jie first. We can visit them often but I find that it's important to have our own love nest so in the end, we applied for a house mid of this year [​IMG]

    Hee hee, I'm most happy to help. I have been helping a lot of my friends and colleagues for their wedding, so should be no problem lah [​IMG]

    My customary was in Sep 03. I woke up at 4.45 am to have my shu tou yi si (combing hair ceremony) at 5 am, my hubby too at his own house. Make up artist arrives at around 7 am and hubby came at around 8+ am to fetch me but auspicious hour must be before 9 am, not at 9 am, remember! I think diff dialect group may have diff procedure or timing, u may have to check with his & ur parents.

    I started to call my PIL like the way my hubby calls them ever since my ROM in Dec 02. He calls his father 'father' and calls his mother 'mummy', so I follow the same lor but it sounds funny right? Thought it should be father and mother or daddy and mummy, dunno why he & his brother call their parents like that leh [​IMG] Have to call lor no choice, esp after customary marriage, cannot escape liao [​IMG]

    I signed up with Bridal Concept, that time they were still in Bugis Junction. Now they have moved to Bugis Village and opened another one in Marina Square. My make-up artist is Stella, the lady boss and I liaise with her and her assistant straight, so have a lot of privileges lor [​IMG] Have u signed up with one?

    They usually will put ampur (hope I spell correctly) which will make ur make-up stay even with perspiration or oily skin, so not to worry. I have a very good AD photographer whom I can recommend you. If you are interested, I can meet to show u my photos, I think he is very good and has taken for a lot of my friends [​IMG]

    I took my outdoor photos at 2 places. 1 is at the Changi / Tanah Merah area where it is rather near the commando camp. There are many beautiful trees and lallang which make perfect background for photos! It's a whole kind of different feeling like in overseas [​IMG] The 2nd place is in Pulau Ubin. There are a lot of beautiful places there. There is a lake too. I can show u my wedding album too [​IMG] Some of my friends went to Sentosa, the old power / fire station, fort canning area, train station or even in busy street to have that kind of shanghai effect! Some are civil defence staff so they take with their civil defence vehicles. I have seen couples going to neighbouring country like Malaysia where they have big padi fields and the pix turn out great! Some go to Bali, Batam or Bintan for their sea! If u like flowers and garden, u can try Chinese / Japanese Gardens. For my AD outdoor photos, my photographer took me to the area very near the supreme court (but we didn't go to the court to take pix). Along the way, we took pix and also outside a church too. If u want shady areas, u may have to take at Sentosa, there are many nice buildings to take. Fort canning where the old buildings make a good background. You can also try the old parliament house, victoria theatre, esplanade or u can gain permission to take just outside Fullerton hotel. There are many nice sceneries there! If u like animals, u can even take at the zoo or Jurong Birdpark! They have package for wedding couples [​IMG]

    Hope this helps, let me know if u wanna know more. Give me ur email so that I can email u a list I prepare for my friend things to know for wedding [​IMG]

    My email is daisymetoyou@yahoo.com.sg
  37. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Opps, Flower Power, I din know I have typed such a long message [​IMG]
  38. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hello gals,
    Sorry I MIA for the past few days. I was busy chasing after the contractors to "remember" to finish my reno before my furniture delivery. And running around to print my wedding cards, etc. Phew, finally just got the go ahead for the printers to start the printing... Now gotta source for nice pens to fill in the names... Any ideas?

    Hi Daisylove,
    I had only uploaded pictures from my previous trip. I have not uploaded my recent pictures cos I haven't got time. Now very busy preparing for the wedding...
    Wa... 4 years already you still feel the pain? Last time I had back surgery and it took me more than 1 year to not feel any more pain. Actually I am afraid of getting pregnant cos I have back injuries. Last time my doctor and physiotherapist said I so young already back problem, next time I get pregnant sure have a lot of pain [​IMG] But now I dare not think too much way in advance... Secarly I am infertile...
    If I did not wear my corset and I bend down or walk around for some time without it, my tummy will look bloated after a while.
    I was under tremondous stress when I was overseas doing my postgraduate. I am still under a lot of stress to complete it, unfortunately... There's a period of time while overseas when I was in depression. Maybe those few years of stress contributed to my endometriosis.
    Nowadays, my gynae dun use ultrasound on me already. If he use, it will be abdominal ultrasound only [​IMG]. Never had any vaginal ultrasound since my operation, but he does examine with hands... My hubby too busy to take leave and Saturday will be long waiting time, so now I go see doc on my own.

    Actually I did not ask my doc whether I can go swimming... I went swimming, but dunno whether that has contributed to my pain. I thought 2 months already swimming should be ok... so I swam...

    Vaginal scan need to have empty bladder. When I had those fibroids, it was auto vaginal scan. I gotta go urine first before the scan. It's not very comfy though... My record was 45 minutes of the vaginal scan at the x-ray department!!! It hurt after that....

    Flower_power, I think with the renovation and wedding preparation, you gonna be very busy. I am very busy running around now trying to get everything in order for my wedding in Jan05.

    I gotta leave at 7am and my sis said my hubby gotta arrive 6.30am to be tekan till 7am.. haha... I ROM in 2000 but still calling my in-laws aunty and uncle... Outdoor shoot quite fast one. And it's quite comfy in the air-conditioned studio, so not much worry about perspiring...

    You must be very experience in wedding preparation... I am having problems looking for jie mei and bridesmaid [​IMG]... At my age, the majority of my friends are married and with kids already. Who is your AD photographer? I dunno whether to get one or not.. I want someone who can take nice photos, not those styles that I can take by myself.
  39. daisylove

    daisylove New Member

    Hi ULN,

    wow, ur house also coming too, I can imagine ur excitement! [​IMG]
    What's the theme of ur house? What about Flower Power? My hubby likes the Japanese style, there's one shop in Marina Square that has this style. If u r interested to add some Japanese style to ur love nest, u can go to visit it [​IMG]

    I can understand, sure to be very busy since ur customary wedding is just next mth! Last year, when it was nearing my wedding day, I was totally into the wedding mood, no mood to work at all! [​IMG] Was so busy but so happy [​IMG]

    If u have back injury and still hurts at time, u may need to have a C-section when u give birth next time, u may not be able to push much with the pain, just consult ur gynae regarding this and she'll give u some advices on coping with pregnancy with back injury. Not to worry too much, I dun think back injury can cause infertility. Ur fibroids were taken out, even if they were to grow back, shouldn't be that fast. Right after wedding, think u shld start ttc liao. You're still young and had conceived before, sure can conceive one [​IMG]

    I believe stress can lead to endometriosis and fibroid. I was under tremendous stress from past relationship, busy schedule and studies, I think all these contribute to my endometriosis lor. My principle now is to work hard without stress, relax as much as I should. I also go for yogasanna to relax myself [​IMG] I think swimming is ok just as long as u do not exert urself too much. In fact, it's a good exercise and may be can reduce ur bloatedness too!

    Vaginal scan seems scary, think I dare not go through it.

    Wow, u need to wake up so early. Ur poor hubby got to be tekan at 6.30 am, need to ask him to take bu to "fight" ur ah yis leh [​IMG]

    U can ask ur close colleagues or do a mix [​IMG] Last time for mine, I ask my sec sch friends, poly friends and my cousin to be my ah yis / jie mei. Before that, I organised a gathering to let them meet up first to "warm up" so that on that day, they can click liao [​IMG]

    Ur AD is equally important. I have a friend who didn't get a professional photographer to take pics and in the end she got very upset the photos were poorly taken also because of the lighting in hotel ballroom which is too yellowish, so the effect was quite dark. Also most of the important portion were missed too. My actual day photographer is a humorous one. He blends in well with my relatives and friends and many has asked for his contact. He's quite "hot" (meaning popular) so not sure if u still can get him. Nevertheless, u can email me and I can give u his contact no and charges [​IMG] My email is daisymetoyou@yahoo.com.sg
  40. babysheep22

    babysheep22 New Member

    Hi there

    I don't feel faint, but always get those really bad cramps and thick large blood clots. Recently went for scan of the fibroid. It's manageable just about 3 plus cm. So the doctor say just watch it and observe first.
  41. aeina

    aeina New Member

    Hi ladies,

    Great to find this forum. Me is also sufferer of endometriosis. Had a ruptured cyst in 2000 and A & E thot appendicitis. Operated half way then realise it is not. I considered myself lucky to ve my life back. Then again, everything changes from there on. My health is not the same. I can't do a lot of things. Always must plan so that it won't crash with my menses cos it always cause me in much pain.

    does that also happen to u gals?? how did u all deal with it?? The horrible pains, backache, giddy spell etc. I could hardly work when my menses come. It is affecting my whole life. [​IMG](((( recently, i also diagnosed with fibroid. gosh.... another nitemare.
  42. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi Aeina,

    I feel very sorry to hear abt wat happened to u. Have u seen a gynae? U mean there is nothing they cld do to help u?

    Do u believe in chinese medicine? They featured acupuncture allieviating pains from menses. If western medicine dun work, try chinese medicine??

    For me, I was recommended pills (contraceptive pills) to counteract the pain as my cramps are most severe during mid cycle close to ovulation. Cramp caused by ovulation thru a thick wall ovary. Thick walls caused by endo. After I take the pills no more pain liao...

    Maybe u sld get a second opinion and see if there are alternatives for your condition.
  43. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi Daisylove,
    Yap I am quite happy while preparing for the wedding and getting the love nest ready for the wedding. [​IMG] I do not have a theme, but I buy furniture I like. I think it will look a bit zen liao, but I got a black sofa which my hubby like so much...

    Oh no, C-section if I got back injury ah... Then I can only have 2 kids liao... Dunno by that time enough or not err...

    I just found my bridesmaid [​IMG]. One thing settle... I might be printing my ang pow too [​IMG]. Now trying to find out the cost from my printer. I find those ang pow not very cheap, so I decided to personalise and print.

    Hi Babysheep,
    How big is big blood clot? I remember last time when I was a teenager, I got really big blood clot, as big as a thumb. Then I thought that's normal so did not bother. As years go by, my menses became very thick blood flow with lots of small clots, or basically my menses flow was just blood clots. Yet, I dunno there's something wrong... Only found out my huge fibroids when I got pregnant [​IMG]. I got my first menses after the surgery last month, and it was very different. Very few clots with not much pain.

    Hi aeina,
    Sorry to hear about your condition. Welcome to join us in this thread. My experience was not that bad. I feel giddy plus backache, but I still can work. Fibroids are benign, so dun worry, it will not be that bad unless it grows big. My fibroids grew so big when I was pregnant and I had a miscarriage [​IMG] But now I am recuperating from the surgery and miscarriage... My gynae keep telling me my miscarriage is not solely due to the fibroids and the baby is not growing well and it's blessing in disguise.
  44. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member


    Hi hi...was super busy at work, thats why I a bit MIA... haha...

    I see, yah usu no vaginal scan for virgins. When they suggested, I almost fainted but decided to go with it and bear with all kinds of discomfort. once u relax, its actually okie. I used tampons before so not as frightening as someone who is virgin and never inserted anything there... pai seh, like very candid hor

    Yes I've got the keys liao. My love nest is in Punggol and very near to some of my frens. I am now looking for ID. Do u have any good ID and contractors tie-up to recommend? I like the minimalist and zen style. So alot of dark wood is good for me. Hubby likes too.. lucky me... I intend to renovate next march as my big day is in dec... At first I tot I can 'eng eng cheng cheng' this year but i am beginning to think that I have alot to do and all must be done by end Nov! Now its really 'money no enough' for me.. I hope to strike TOTO or BIG SWEEP...

    Ur home in Sengkang and only ready in Nov 05?? Which part of sengkang are u near to? MRT? Yours is a condo or EC?? Sorry cos I quite ignorant of the housing developments there.. I have many frens staying there too. They all near compasspt.

    I think its ok to stay with in-laws if u know they are not the fussy and nosey sort. At least now u know that they dote on u alot, else u will never know if u din stay with them right? My MIL also will side me and always tell my hubby that he dun understd her as well as I do. He also ask him to treat me well.. Think we both very lucky. My MIL dun interfer in our affairs and prefer us to have our own house and space. Even my mum likes my MIL and say I'm a lucky gal. I do agree tat intimacy a little diff with in-laws ard. Esp if u are the 'loud' type... hee hee

    Wah u got up so early!! Ur hubby teochew is it?? I think I will be very very excited too when my big day draws nearer. I told my mum not too early else i will be a 'panda' bride... Ewee...

    Yah i know aft customary then must call mum and dad liao. I'm okie lah, just need some getting used to. My MIL wishes very much that I would call her mum (my hubby told me) but I told him to give me sometime to be ready. Its very strange to me to call someone else mum cos I'm so close to my own mum...

    Thanks for all the suggestions for wedding shots. I tot of botanical gardens and emerald hill. I went botanical gardens during my recent ROM, so I'll definitely consider your suggestions! As for bridal package, I'm with Ted Wu. My MUA is Jasmine Cheong. I heard abt ampur (pai seh, i just copy cos me also dun know how to spell!!) and the wonders of it! =)

    I have not found an AD photographer yet. I will drop u an email and maybe u could give me the contact and price. Thanks in advance for the recommendation!
  45. babysheep22

    babysheep22 New Member

    hi ULN

    One time, the clot was the size of half a palm. Don't faint. Yes it is true. I was shopping half way, it just gushed out, I told my hubby (then bf) that I need to run to the toilet, he was so worried thought what happened.

    Nowadays, its not so big. Just maybe say thumb sized.
  46. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Flower Power,
    Neither my nor hubby teochew. But out timing still early in the morning le...

    wow... that is really big. Are you seeing a gynae? I think better get the condition treated before trying to conceive.

    I am worried that I cannot conceive. In my last visit to my gynae, he told me I can still conceive... Dunno is it to comfort me or what...
  47. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN,

    Yah lor, me now starting to be beri busy liao... I shall take more chicken essence to 'bu' so that I can manage the stress from my work, home renovations and wedding preparations!

    As for pens, I like those sliver and gold pens. Both colours looks nice on maroon or angbao red wedding invitation cards. Wea u holding your banquet? U must be so excited!! Very happy for u. U must take care of your skin and try to relax as much as possible to ensure u 'mei mei' for ur big day!! Treat hubby and urself to a spa treat! Soak in the jacuzzi and romance each other!

    U very cute leh. Married frens can also be 'jie mei'. They are called 'ah yi' instead. My jie mei actually all married except one, i dun mind and they dun also. I think Daisy's suggestion to let them 'get familiar' is good. Also sld give briefing to all your helpers so that they know their roles for the day. Give clear itinerary of what to do and at what time so tat no one will be lost. Just make sure u conc on looking great and leave the fuzz to your frens!

    I think u sld take Daisy's advise to do some exercise such as Yoga and Pilates as they strengthen the back. Pls check with your gynae before u start these exercises to be sure you are in a condition suited to do them. Dun be overly anxious on recovering thou its only natural to. Take your mind away from the wound as far as possible, eat nutriously and try to relax.

    I read before that miscarrage is the body's natural response when it detects that the foetus is not well formed. Imagine that bbs with down syndrome problems do get born so for the body to reject the bb, the bb must be so poorly developed that bb will suffer even if born. It will cause u so much heartache too. My mum always say that she very 'gek sim' when I suffered pneumonia when I was 5 and was hospitalised. She cry and cry and went temple to pray everyday till I was discharged. My fever was 41.7 but lucky no brain damage. I also got a fren whose bb was born with no muscle so her son is like a sheet of carpet. He passed away after 2 weeks. My fren cry until her eyes went bloodshot and she suffered depression for the few months tat followed. Her daughter is fine so it's a great blow to her. I see her so sad also dun know what to say to comfort her and felt so helpless. I tried so hard not to cry myself. I just repeatedly ask her to be strong for her daughter and hubby and advise her to take up new hobbies to occupy her mind so as not to dwell on her son's death. I feel very sorry for her.

    As for the # of children. I think u cld have max 3 with C section but I heard recovery quite torturous and the mother may be bed-ridden for weeks. Have a fren who gave birth thru C section at 40 yrs old and she very 'yiong'. After Op can walk ard liao. She is very into yoga and pilates and hence have very strong leg and stomach muscles that helped her.

    Keep the faith and dun worry too much. I'm sure u will do well. For now, just conc on being a radiant bride!
  48. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member


    Half a palm very big leh. Mine is thumb size and yes, I get the gush out feeling too. I think u sld see a gynae and get it treated. Agree with ULN. Thou endo no cure, treat it to limit damage to your reproductive system. Take care and keep us posted on how u are doin.

    ULN, dun be so pessimisitic. Doctors dun say things just to comfort u cos they must present the truth to their patients. Believe in yourself and your gynae. I'm sure u not infertile lah. Dun be so silly and worry unduly. Stress not good for endo.

    My last relationship was very heartbreaking and thou I initiated the breakup, I felt very hurt. During my relationship, my endo worsen substantially and tats when i developed fibroids and had two cysts. Afer I broke up and slowly, the cysts disappeared thou fibroids still there. My gynae ask me to manage my emotions cos I worry alot unnecc. U will be surprised how stress affects u in more ways than u cld imagine.
  49. pregnantbride2b

    pregnantbride2b New Member

    Hi Flower Power,

    I just started to be very busy 3 months before the wedding when the banquet coordinator called me to tell me it's 3 months away. My banquet will be at Grand Plaza Parkroyal and a buffet at my condo in Malaysia the nite before AD. Got lots to do and arrange now. I am having pimples outbreak ever since my miscarriage [​IMG]. Now I got 3 visible scars on my face... I cannot help it oso.

    My hubby said lucky it's not miscarriage during the later stage of pregnancy, cos I will be more devastated. I think your friend must be very devastated... I think you can only look after her and give her emotional support and let her grief. Avoid saying too much just in case...

    I had a myomectomy. I am assuming that count as one liao.. So left two more times to be cut... I have read that if the doc is skilful in sewing back the wound, the wound will not hurt much and can walk the next day already.

    Thank you for your encouragement [​IMG].

    Oh yes, I signed up for the talk on 18 Dec already. The emotions of infertile couples is one of the topic to be discussed. I will be going just in case... One of the discussion will be about endometriosis too.
  50. girlie_ger

    girlie_ger New Member

    Hi ULN,

    Have positive tots and dun worry too much. I read from medical books that doctors are bound by a certain set of ethical practices and sld not misrepresent things to the client. So your gynae must have resonable basis for telling u that u are fine.

    I attended a wedding at Parkroyal 4 years ago and food was very good. Hope they maintain their good std. = ) For the scars on your face, have u seen a beautician or dematologist? There may be quick fixes for the problem. Is your scar the hole or raised sort? If it's hole, then its easier to conceal using makeup. That said, holes are tricker to get rid of. Normally people have to go thru dermabrasion to remove them. The process quite painful i think.

    My fren is beta after a few months of counselling and accepting the fact that her son has gone to a beta place for him. She misses her bb sometimes but her emotions are now under control and almost normal. It has been almost a year now since the incident. I always remind myself that the happiest people are not the ones who are given the best in life, but those who make the best of wat have been given to them. So we may meet with setbacks and things may not turn out as we wished but we sldn't dwell on it and make ourselves miserable. Life is short so make everyday worthwhile. Thats my opinion.

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