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Sengkang/Punggol Mommies Club

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by cloud9mummy, May 26, 2005.

  1. horizonswift

    horizonswift Member

    Appreciate any feedback on Cedan Kinder or Sparkletots 301. Thanks. please pm me.

  2. joctk

    joctk Member

    Hello, any mummies put your child at Punggol Place Blk 209A My First Skool? any comment / experience to share? Thanks
  3. jc_mom

    jc_mom Member

    Any good swimming coach to recommend?for 6 yr old girl
  4. Didadi

    Didadi Member

    Hi mummies,

    Any mummies have feedback for sparkle thots at Sengkang East Way Block 261D?

    Or do you have any good childcare Centre near SEngkang MRT to recommend?

    Want to bring my boy to N1 so would like to find out more.

  5. Didadi

    Didadi Member

    Sorry it's @ Compassvale Street Blk 262A , Sparkletots
  6. Sylvia Goh

    Sylvia Goh New Member

    I am a babysitter staying near cove mrt. If you are still looking for a nanny, please contact me @91998797.
  7. Jomani

    Jomani Member

    Hi mummies, I'm looking for an experienced full time nanny to look after my 4mths old baby in Nov. I'm staying in punggol. Any recommendations ?
  8. JXmangoXB

    JXmangoXB Member

    watched this ...............
  9. kokohoho

    kokohoho New Member

    Any mummies have swimming classes for 3 year old to recommend at punggol area?
  10. Kadam

    Kadam New Member

    Hi Mummies, Any good Playgroup near H2O residencies@Sengkang Fernvale area..My LO is 2.8 yrs..I am moving to sengkang, staying in Tampines now..My LO will trun 3 yrs this Sep..Can any mummy advise , a good Preschool (near H2O) for Nursery N1.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  11. Aksram

    Aksram Member

    Can I join in this club ? I ll b moving to Punngol in August . My LO is 9 months now
  12. kiwi15

    kiwi15 New Member

    Hi Mummies, Any reviews on Sparkletots @blk262A Compassvale street, Sparkletots@330A Anchorvale street, Small wonder@327b Anchorvale road, small wonder@Serangoon north and Agape child@325b Sengkang east way? Planning to put my child in full time childcare - playgroup
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2016
  13. Crystal Jade

    Crystal Jade New Member

    Hi mummies, any recommended ballet class in hougang area?
  14. fn33h

    fn33h New Member

    Have you found what you are looking for?
    I am also looking for a small group (2-3 kids) swimming classes for my 3.5 y.o daughter. We're staying in Punggol, too.
  15. jac85

    jac85 Member

    hello. I am from punggol too. Staying for coming 3years and I am mother of 2 at 4yo and 1yo.
  16. danvon09

    danvon09 New Member

    Hi Mummies, I am looking for a nanny to take care of my 3 month old baby starting Jan/Feb 2017. Anyone has recommendations?
  17. gemson

    gemson Member

    Danvon09 Pm you
  18. MTB-2015

    MTB-2015 Active Member

    I am looking for a experienced day time nanny to look after my 17months old daughter @ my house (Punggol Central) . Preferably can Cook a simple lunch for her.

    Timing flexible, like 10-6 or 11-7; 3-6 days per week, all are negotiable.

    From now till 31st Jan 2017

    I will pay for the bus/MRT fairs, to n from my house.

    Please PM me if interested, TIA.
  19. Last edited: Oct 25, 2016
  20. Silvertoes

    Silvertoes New Member

    Hi ladies! I'm a sahm in sengkang.. My baby is 4 months old. Any private playgroups or mommy meet ups? I'd love to join!
  21. shiko43

    shiko43 Member

    Hihi, I am a mummy staying in Punggol, looking for 1-2 kids to form a swimming group with my 4 turning 5 yrs old twins, anyone keen?
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  22. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Hi, where will the swimming class be?
  23. shiko43

    shiko43 Member

    Condo around Boon Keng area
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  25. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    Hi hi. Im creating a new WA group chat for sk/punggol/north east mummies whom are keen to make friends or play dates for your lo. Those keen can pm me your number :)
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2017
  26. happytravelling

    happytravelling New Member

  27. Desperate Mommy

    Desperate Mommy New Member

    hi all mummies!
    may I ask do swimming lesson (private) charge on Public Holiday and yet no replacement lesson been conducted? Is that common practices?

    many thanks for the feedback!
  28. dis_heart

    dis_heart New Member

    Hello ladies! i will be moving to Rivervale Crescent soon... Any neighbour staying @ Riverview View cluster? Finding a cc is making my head big lor... all so packed.
  29. jamiewin

    jamiewin New Member

    PSLE Maths is opening a new branch in Hougang Green. heard from my cousin who sending their kids at Marine Parade branch has a very good review on them and their kids started really into math ...

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