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SAHM chat

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ding2505, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Hi all just wanna start a thread and make some new friends. Going to be a sahm soon, I think there are going to be a lot of challenges ahead! Need the advice of experienced sahm here. :)
    My son just turned 1, thought will be nice if he has similar aged playmates too ;)

  2. oscar_lee

    oscar_lee Member

    Hello ding, i became a sahm last dec. Bb is now 9mo. It was a big move for me, cldnt bear to part with the salary or freedom i get when working. but seeing tht my bb grows up so fast and i am missing out so many of his milestones , i decided to take the plunge :)
  3. TimeForChange

    TimeForChange New Member

    Sahm here. 8yrs since quitting my job. Don't think I can go back to work now. Nobody will want me! I don't have a social life anymore as I put my family above all else. Not healthy I know, but I find myself quite friendless these days. 3 kids by the way. Youngest will be 3 this year.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2016
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  4. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Wow 3 kids and 8 years sahm! Hao Wei da!
  5. Skiasia

    Skiasia Active Member

    Hi ding,
    I started my sahm life last yr june official when my girl went to pre n for half day.it has been almost a yr since my sahm journey began.well initally i have always wanted to become a sahm cause i have been working all these years since left sch.so i thought stay at home to look after kid is gd .no stress n no need to see boss face.But i was wrong.to be a sahm is a 24x7 job.to look after ur kid at home is more stressful then working outside.no personal time for myself.no indulge n pampering for myself.n of cause no time for friends and gradually become no friends.if ur bb is sick,that is the tough time to struggle thru..There are of cause the good side of being a sahm is that you get to see each n every growing stage of your bb n that is priceless.so it will depend on how you look at it .anyway welcome to the sahm club.enjoy..haha
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  6. TimeForChange

    TimeForChange New Member

    Time flies real fast with the kids. In the blink of an eye I went from being pregnant and scared, to watching over 3 rambunctious kids. They grow up too fast. Sometimes I feel it's a thankless job. Mummy nags too much. Mummy says no to everything. Mummy makes me eat vegetables. Mummy makes me do Maths and music. Mummy forces me to read and spell. And Chinese lessons! They put up such a fight. I can only reassure myself that they will thank me in the future. They don't know that in the process, I sacrifice having a normal social life. I put them to bed at 7, not the helper. I watch over them through the night. I cook, not the helper. I buy the groceries. I bake the cookies and cupcakes. I pack the festivities goodie bags. I am the Tooth Fairy. I am Santa Claus. I send them to their activities. So many activities.... I do not have many adults to talk to. It can be lonely at times.
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  7. Skiasia

    Skiasia Active Member

    All these 苦nobody will know one lol.
  8. swhite

    swhite New Member

    I'm SAHM too.. Stopped working since I was pregnant.. My bb just turned 3 :) .. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my life away and getting old.. Feels much worse when the cpf statement comes.. Lol.. But I guess it's all worth it seeing all that special moments/milestones achievements of my bb <3
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  9. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Sigh, I know! I haven't start and yet already wondering whether it's the right choice. Yet I know if I never try I will always wonder about missing out in the formative (and cutest) years of bb's life. But it's very Xin ku hor, sometimes I take care of bb a few days in a stretch I also wanna tear hair or cry. So mao dun.
  10. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Jia you!!!
  11. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    Will be sahm after i give birth to my twins... im quite ok with my social life coz dun hv much friends all along. Weekends my family & relatives willing to look after them so i still will have off days and can go for vacations too but most probably after they are 6mths old.

    My plan is be sahm when they are young but after they start going to k1 & have their own social lives, will start on part time job..
  12. Katkat84

    Katkat84 Member

    I'm a Sahm to my 2 kids for 3 years now. It's really special when their face brightens up when they see you in the morning and guide them in the day (moral, academic, or simply just playtime) being a mother really taught me to be VERY patient with them. Of course there are times I yelled or spanked but still it's minimum.

    I miss work too. Sometimes when days get tough I would just close my eyes and "sleep" to prevent myself from flaring up at them. Lol but face the fact, the kids are still there! They cry and yell but I simply just tell them I'm tired I need a break and my oldest would just grabbed a book and sit beside me. I guess she just need some assurance that I'm not abandoning her hehe.

    Sometimes I need my friends too. But usually I'm toothed for meetups...if got time I would rather sleep or surf net. I guess I need to liven up soon too!!
  13. Katkat84

    Katkat84 Member

    *too tired*
  14. wind1_19

    wind1_19 Member

    I am also a SAHM since my first child 5 years ago. Initially planning to return to work when she goes primary school, but now on to my 3rd one, so guess will be SAHM for a while more. It gets really frustrating sometimes dealing with kids. And of course it seems not many people understand how tired we are.
  15. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Yes more tiring than work I think! Cos no break time. Lol.
  16. 4evaluv

    4evaluv Member

    Hello! I was sahm for 3 years. Jus went bk to work recently. My kids are 7 n 3 respectively. My work is pretty flexible. I dont need to go to office daily. There is a fixed monthly allowance but there are sm basic targets to be met. If anyone is keen to know more PM me. Jy everyone! I think staying hm for our kids is the best gift we can give our kids.
  17. whimsicalfix85

    whimsicalfix85 Active Member

    a fellow sahm as well since my child was born. coming 10 months soon. Out of circumstance i had to forgo my career as my husband had to relocate overseas due to his job. It isn't easy especially when I don't have help here overseas.
  18. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    Hi can I know more on the work that you mentioned? Thanks
  19. shelly20

    shelly20 Member

    Hi im also thinking to be a sahm but not sure if its the right choice... Did u all send your kids to childcare or look after them yourself full time at home?
    My daughter turning 18mths and im preg with my 2nd now. I feel stressful at work and hope to quit one day to spend time with them.
  20. Aksram

    Aksram Member

    Hello mommies , I like to join in this group as well .

    My little one is 8 months old and recently become full time SAHM ..
  21. shannelleteo

    shannelleteo New Member

    Hi, can u fill me in with more info of the job you're holding?? :)
  22. happymama24

    happymama24 New Member

    Pm can? Thanks alot
  23. serene8632

    serene8632 Member

    Hi mummies
    I am a stay home mum too, since Oct 2014 to take care of my younger one who has just turned one. I hope to join this group to share thoughts as well as lobangs for everyone to save $$.
  24. karcheng

    karcheng Active Member

    can you provide me more detail on this
  25. Jojo2014

    Jojo2014 Member

    Hi , can u share with me more details of ur flexible work? Thx!
  26. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    Hi Ladies :) have been a SAHM for the past 3 years looking after my 2 kids. The journey has its ups & downs....frustrating & stressful at times but yet silently rewarding. I can relate to the zero social life & disappearing friends....
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  27. soosin87

    soosin87 New Member

    I would loved to know more about your current work at home. I have been looking for part time job that can be done at home. I can't leave my Son. ==
  28. Helena70

    Helena70 New Member

    Hello Ladies! In case any of you ladies want to earn some cash by cleaning houses with flexible hours and no cpf, do inbox me! We are paying $16 per hour. We have a lot of full time house with on our platform. =)
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  29. ylgoh

    ylgoh Member

    hi i also a SAHM for about 2.5 years.
    Currently work from home to earn some pocket money at the same time can take care my girl.
    This job is pretty flexible and no commitment in working hours and monthly sales target.
    If anyone interested can PM me. Thanks.
  30. gigibat

    gigibat New Member

    Hi, I have been a SAHM since i was pregnant with my second girl about a year ago. But too restless and cannot stand having nothing to do, so started an online marketplace for kids services, hoping to provide a platform for other SAHMs like myself to list their services and have others to purchase them.

    Website is www.kidselle.com. If you think you have a kid-related service to provide, do consider listing on it! We SAHMs can also earn some pocket money once in a while!
  31. slheaen

    slheaen New Member

    Can you still share what your job is about?
    I've been sahm for about a year now. Would liek to know more about working from home.
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  32. ylgoh

    ylgoh Member


    Hi please what apps or pm me if you are interested
  33. ylgoh

    ylgoh Member

    Any SAHM interested to get the gift packs from me to earn extra income during this festive season please contact me.
    ImageUploadedByForum1478486387.737808.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486397.097252.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486405.342423.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486412.531803.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486420.700370.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486428.683413.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486441.291854.jpg ImageUploadedByForum1478486449.040948.jpg
  34. mikka

    mikka Member

  35. butterfly21

    butterfly21 New Member

    Hello, is there a group chat here? :)
  36. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Hi! So nice To know there's a SAHM chat! Looking for this. I became a SAHM since I was married, then now with an infant 8 months. I have allowance from my Husband and I get full salary too , means I'm a tax payer, I have my own family business to run but i don't need to go office haha. Yup got maid from Husband too so need to count my blessings. I still
    Keep In touch with friends by texting a lot because I'm quite free. My baby sleeps all the time. I'm home all the time too.

    I feel life is very perfect and happy for me except a lot of people around me don't understand us.

    1) It gets very lonely because Husband working come home tired already, no one to talk to about my emotional needs. How do you SAHM settle your emotional needs?
    2)I don't have many friends now because Alor of them are jealous and hence say nasty things to me like say I'm a slave to my family blah blah, quite hurtful
    3) I'm quite young so a lot of my friends Not married yet and hence they don't understand married life, hence I am here to find people who are in same situation.

  37. pixie ng

    pixie ng Well-Known Member

    Maybe u can consider doing charity work and know more people who knows more about life
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  38. Nicoll Peh

    Nicoll Peh New Member

    Hi sutralove,

    It would be great if you continue to cherish and accumulate your this lifetime merits. For instance,a right place to accumulate merit at this lifetime. Fully utilise your strengths to help the struggling and suffering ones.
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  39. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    Yeah the best I can think of is still find similar Sahm friends to hang out ba. Tai tai ones or non also can. Important is finding friends that can connect with .
  40. sutralove

    sutralove Member

    Thanks! I believe you're a Buddhist too. Thanks for the great reminder. Will focus on doing merits with my free time. I'll find ways of how to do it.

  41. rong50

    rong50 Member

    Hi, glad to find this thread. I've been a SAHM since one year ago. now expecting my second kid. is there any group (whatsapp or facebook group) i can join? wanna make more friends.
  42. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    Keen to join WA group to make more mummy friends too for Kopi/chitchat pls add if there is any grp
  43. bubbles07

    bubbles07 New Member

    any mummies keen to meet for kopi session or playdate for Lo? my girl is 5 . hope to find mummies with similar age or keen. you may pm me too :)
  44. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Hi all I’m the thread starter but have not been around for a while haha. I’m in a whatsapp group for sahm, if interested can pm me :)
  45. HuayWen

    HuayWen Member

    Hi,I am a SAHM too.I resigned from my teaching job to look after my twin 11 year girls earlier this year.

    Nice to meet all of you here.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2017
  46. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Wow 11 years old, time to prep psle already.. stressed ah
  47. HuayWen

    HuayWen Member

    Erm no...They just came out from Malaysia last year and had to repeat P5 level...
  48. ding2505

    ding2505 Active Member

    Don’t worry, if repeating the level means they can catch up and get good grades for next year it’ll be worth it.
  49. HuayWen

    HuayWen Member

    That's why I resigned from school teaching to be a SAHM and take care of the girls.

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