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Recommending my Confinement lady

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by happimay, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. happimay

    happimay Member

    Hi all,

    I am a mummy myself and has the same worry as u all do. I always worry whether if the confinement nanny is experience anot, will she take good care of baby, need to be on monitoring, is she lazy etc etc...

    I had just finish my confinement with extension and must say that my cl is still as good. This is my 2nd child, and I am engaging her for a 2nd time after 6yrs.

    Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to her. just thought that since I hv a good confinement nanny why not share with the mummies here who want to do a good confinement.

    I have very good impression of her because of the following:-

    1. She take good care of my baby 24/7.
    2. She will inform me of what can eat n can't and also will remind me what can do and cannot.
    Sometimes if I hv queries, I will ask her and she will advise me. But based on mutual understanding that since I engage cl then I will listen to her advise and also we are open for discussion if any situation corps up (eg different expectations n way of handling babies)
    3. She will help me save $$ when doing marketing and buying herbs in sense that she will not spend on the most expensive stuff with no value to mummy.
    4. She is a great cook and I can request for food I like and she will cook it in confinement method. (Sometime my mum n relative will drop by n they will pinch on the food and all comment nice).
    5. On my 1st week visit to pd, pd already comment that my baby has already increase in weight and is heavier than birth weight. (Baby wt normally drops few days after delivery). PD told me that my baby is in good hands and ask me not to worry.
    6. My baby has slight jaundice n she will use her traditional method to help reduce which will be cleared before 2nd visit to pd.
    7. She cooks for my family n keeps the area clean to where the baby goes.
    8. She helps to wash baby n my clothes.
    9. She talks and entertain my baby and my baby listens to her. (U may not believe but she really has a way with baby and that is the reason I engage her service 2nd time on private basis.

    Mummies if u are interested and would like to find out more, you may pm me for her details.

    Wish and hope all have a smooth n safe delivery.
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  2. Limchinchoo

    Limchinchoo New Member

    Hi May,
    Can I have ur C L contact .
    Thanks alot.
  3. Kellyhanz

    Kellyhanz New Member

    Hi May, can i have your confinement lady contact? Thanks
  4. JaslynBei

    JaslynBei New Member

    HI. May I know how much she charge? And she also stay overnight?
  5. Supermum321

    Supermum321 Member

    Pm pls. Thanks
  6. christina2307

    christina2307 New Member

  7. toooth10

    toooth10 Member

    Hi can pm me the Cl contact?
  8. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    Hi . My cl auntie had been doing 60 days confinement for me. My bb will be in infant care in oct 2016.she really help me a lot. And help to train my maid. If anyone interested , pls contact me. She is available in the month of oct 2016.
  9. Michelle yang

    Michelle yang New Member

    Can i have the contact?
  10. toooth10

    toooth10 Member

    Can share the contact?
  11. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    . When is the edd? Her nos : 93797284.
  12. angela8151

    angela8151 Member

    When is the edd? Her nos : 93797284.
  13. Adelyn yap

    Adelyn yap New Member

    Hi all,

    I just had my second confinement with my CL and she is well recommended. I had a stress free and happy confinement period with her that's why i engage her twice. Her Name is Auntie Lin and she is in her early 50's. A loving grandmother and she used to be a nanny too. Hence she is experienced and well with kids. I would just like to share a little about what she did that makes my confinement a pleasant experience:
    1) She is Clean and easy going, she bath every time after she cooks. ( she can adapt very well with our busy schedule)
    2) She cooks well and is tasty! ( Check out the food photos that i've attached, her Ginger wine chicken and vinegar pig trotter is a killer!)
    3) She is very BF pro. She makes milk booster soups and she understand how a nb works. She not the kind of CL that keep saying you have no Milk( Hate those). She helps to increase the SS when bb demanding more. BM handling and BF knowledge is awesome and i learnt a lot from her. I think this is quite precious as is hard to find this kind of CL around.
    4) Most importantly, she is such a caring and loving CL to our baby. Our baby became a Michelin under her care. lolx.

    Do drop her watsapp or call at +60133998255. Cheers.

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  14. galinusa

    galinusa Member

    does she keep insisting baby is hungry and then want to feed?
  15. bluberi

    bluberi Active Member

    Adelyn and Happimay, can PM me ur CL contact?
  16. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    Hi all,
    I would like to recommend My CL - Kam Lan which from Malaysia too.
    She very friendly & patient.
    Taking very good care of me & my baby.
    I recommended her to my fren, they all are happy. Need to book her early, she quite popular.
    She very experienced on taking care baby & cooked very well. ( my family like her cooking alot!)
    Best part is she very fast & hardworking , while taking care of us, she still manage to keep my house clean & neat. ( my previous aunty for my first born was calculative, didn't do anyhousework at all, understand that she not need to do cos not part of her duty, but still feel not so good like that)
    Really appreciate to have confinement lady like her.

    Her number : +6012-7288628( hp)
    Her daughter : +6592715065

    Hope you all can engage her service.
  17. GWH

    GWH New Member

    Hi Happimay

    Can u let me have the contact of your confinement lady? Thanks
  18. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    As my experience, experienced CL won't do so
  19. gbtiepolo

    gbtiepolo New Member

    Hi can I get her contact detail please?
  20. gbtiepolo

    gbtiepolo New Member

    Hi can I get her contact detail please?

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