gynae recommendation

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    Recommended KKH Gynae?

    Hi there, im a first time mum to be, Anyone delivered their baby with Dr KT Tan or Dr Qi Maili? I've heard a few good words for them but not quite reassuring for Dr KT Tan. How is the stitching done and your recovery period with either doctors? I am looking for Gynaecologist as i wanted to...
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    Gynae Recommendation (Highly Recommended) - Dr. Tan Kai Lit

    I’m a first time mummy. Also this was my first time pregnant experience. How lucky I am to have dr. Tan as my gynae! i didn’t do much research before hand but just visit dr Tan for this first time consultation after I got pregnancy.My husband and I immediately decided to just have him as our...
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    Better gynaecologist

    Hi All, I have narrowed down to few private gynaecologist: Dr Joycelyn Wong Dr Adrian Tan Dr Hong sze Ching anyone can suggestif anyone better than them or if i go with one of them. I am aware dr Joycelyn does not have packages. Do you anyone who has a good package and is good as her. This is...
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    Looking for Recommendation for Gynecologist in KKH

    Hi Everyone, I am expecting my third child and I want to switch gynecologist. I want to try to KKH under private clinic rate. Need your recommendation base on your experience. Thanks in Advance!
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    Gynae recommendation

    Hi... This is my first pregnancy & i need gynae recommendation at NUH pls. Thinking of choosing private gynae for my pregnancy. any good gynae to recommend?
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    Gynae Recommendations

    Hi All, As i just went gp and confirmed i am in my 6 weeks, he mention ask me to wait till 9 weeks than book appt with gynae for checkup. May i check is there any recommendation for KKH private doctor? Is the charges comparable to Thomson medical/Mount Alvernia ? as i am not comfortable to keep...