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    Hi. I'm looking for a job. Currently 5 weeks pregnant. Malay, wearing hijab. Anyone can recommend any part time or full time lightweight job?
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    I hate being pregnant so much

    Let me get this straight first - I love the baby inside of me and I know I will love it even more when it's out. Also my husband and I have been wanting to have a child so this pregnancy was not something that was unexpected. I know many women would kill to be pregnant and have been struggling...
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    Urgent Question about Private Gynae fees

    Hi, I'm probably going into labour in a couple of days and my husband and I are worried so will be good if any mothers know what will happen could comment and let us know. My husband and I are seeing this gynae from Mount A. She collected ~$3,000 deposit from us which I assume is for delivery...
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    Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Pregnancy Plan

    Hi everyone! I was just starting to TTC as well, and I went to Taipei and bought 3 boxes of the Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence for Pregnancy Plan. I went through one box and BAM, I'm now 5 weeks pregnant! :Dhowever, this means I have 2 more boxes of chicken essence left that I cannot drink due...
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    Am I pregnant?

    Hi ladies, need your advice.. have been feeling super sick the past 4 days, vomitting after every meal and in between feeling so nauseous but nothing else comes out.. before this I was down with flu for a week.. I love to eat, but these few days no appetite at all.. Had my period on 7th Feb...
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    Pregnant due next month and thinking of divorce

    Hi all, Really hope to get some advice as I'm feeling depressed everyday. A little background of me: I'm married in 2014 (shotgun) and my daughter is now 19months and I'm pregnant with no.2 (due nov 2016) and I'm contemplating divorce (or separation for that matter.) We have a bto flat ready in...