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Poor Semen Analysis Result and BFP!

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Twinklingstars, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Twinklingstars

    Twinklingstars New Member

    Hi all, just want to share my TTC journey and some advices.

    I, 34, my husband, 38. After trying for 6 months to no avail, I decided not to delay any further and make an appointment to see gynaecologist and went through a thorough checkup together with my husband.

    My husband's semen analysis turned out to have low mortality 8%, low vitality 17% and low normal forms <1%. Fortunately, all my results were within normal range. The gynae prescribed 3 months worth of Abbott's Profertil and recommended Vitamin C for my husband. We decided to give these supplements a try even though my husband had been taking different brand of supplements since we started TTC-ing. Two months later, unexpectedly, I got a BFP!

    The only thing I did differently that led to this BFP was I did not rinse myself after the deed. Instead, I put a pillow under my butt and went straight to sleep!

    I have been taking home made chicken essence almost every day since my husband and I started TTC-ing 8 months ago. We bought Swiss made Kuhn Rikon DUROMATIC pressure cooker (#3018) and their juice extractor set (#2010) from the UK Amazon website. The pressure cooker and the juice extractor set are certainly not cheap but in the long run, it is definitely cheaper than spending $200 on Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence every month during the TTC-ing and later the confinement periods. Every week I would buy one kampong chicken, chop it into smaller pieces, add some red dates and goji berries into the collection pot, set the timer on my induction cooker and cook for 3 hours. Each batch will produce about 5 bowls of chicken essence. I would divide the chicken essence equally before storing them in the fridge. I heat it up using microwave.

    I hope my sharing is helpful. To couples who are TTC-ing, don't lose hope and stay positive!

  2. Mrs Jacobs

    Mrs Jacobs New Member

    essence of chicken is good for guys?

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