Please avoid hiring a FDW from this Maid Agency.


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Recently we hired a Myanmese maid from this employment agency "Maid Avenue". Office is located @ Golden Mile Complex. Though she has no prior maid working experience in Sg, we decided to try her out based on agency's claim her command of English is manageable. Even had a video interview with her and she responded ok to my questions.

However when she started to work for us, we realised she could not understand our instructions. She misunderstood watever we say and often does her chores incorrectly. She never clarify her doubts with us and always wrongly assume our intentions. We were patient in communicating with her, taught her English. That's when I realised I was conned during the interview, probably someone else answered on her behalf.

A month passed with barely any improvement but built up frustration. She told us she wanna go home. We told her to try working till 90D probation up and got agent to persuade. She agreed initially but asked for transfer a fortnight later. She wanted to stop working for us immediately.

Agent took her back and demanded we sign her release papers ASAP or else they will have to back charge her dorm accommodation costs to us. We felt we have been unfairly treated and held ransom in every perspective. It is her choice to move out, we still have to foot her daily dorm charges.

Despite facing all problems and inconvenience of hiring an unqualified maid, we had been put @ their beck and call. Agent offered us very limited replacement choices that do not meet our basic requirements. Agent didn't find any suitable candidate for our interview. We wanted to avoid reoccurrence of such nature.

Time dragged on with no positive reply from Maid Avenue. Hence we had to approach another maid agency and incurr another bill of fees, advance loans. Maid Avenue deducted $580 admin charges from our outstanding loan as per contract and did not absorb any dorm charges by her.

We are relating our grievances we suffered in encountering an unprofessional agency like Maid Avenue whom I feel hustles more than helping clients find an suitable maid.

Maid beware

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Adding to the lis is Innova Resource Pte Ltd (Hougang Green). The maid used to be of good quality with responsible agents in Myanmar. Now is bad. Got 2 previously from this agency before. The current one is a joke. Sleep when working, look for other agent for transfer from internet herself causing problem with 3 months. Asked this agency to call myanmar agent to talk to her but never did dispute mahy chasing. Ask for replacement maid. They said no maid during covid. Now the maid dont want to work within 7 minths, the agent says snet her back at my cost. This is a recommended transfer maid. This agent says the previous employer do not want her because their old maid came back. When i ask the current maid one day she told me thenprevoous employer do kot want her be ausenshe was sleeping during work. Moreover, this agent keep pushing her to
Me saying there is no new maid dur to covid and recommended this one. Best is they said the last employer never tell them her problem. Rediculous. So now needs to fork out more to send her back. Anyway, beware of this agent. The wife who previously runs the hougang branch is genuine and truthful hut not the husband now who takes over.


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I have the similar encounter with Valuemax Employment Agencies located at Yishun Blk 293 Yishun St 22 #01-227. The agent Pearlyn not professional enough to manage conflict and not able to coach problematic FDW. Upon sending back the FDW to her. Supposingly to have the replacement maid due to her poor performance. Later the maid demanded to go back to home country and ended up we have to pay for her air ticket back home town. And there go off for the replacement. Overcharging of transportation fee at $150. After negotiations, I managed to waive off but later part, I was asked to charge $80 instead. Lack of trust and poor service. Will be logging in a dispute to MOM and CASE on this agency for the lack of ethics, of course supported with relevant evidence. I am writing this to alert anyone who is looking for FDW, pls beware on such poor service employment agency for FDW. VALUEMAX EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES. LOCATED AT Yishun.


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Would like to sound a warning on BUDGETMAID at BUKIT TIMAH PALZA. They are very unethical in their dealings, with the mindset that once you have signed with them, they no longer have any obligation to you, while on the other hand, you are bound by what you have signed. It is very one-sided, with the greed shown knowing no bounds. Besides that, they also have the very bad habit of not answering or replying to your calls for help, should you be unlucky enough to need to ask for a replacement even during the eligible period. They show a very closed mindset and are only interested in generating more business, without rendering due service and courtesy. Their agency fee advertised is on the low side, but there are many hidden costs, such that you end up paying about 4x more than what you had thought. Most unprofessional, all in all, so please beware. My experience with them was a real nightmare which I would not wish repeated on anyone .


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Please pardon my lengthy letter but I have to create awareness regarding my ex FDW.
We found VEI NEI THEM biodata online from WORLDMARK CONSULTANCY PTE. LTD and the agent Mr Mark Lim Yau Huat offered us to have a phone interview with VEI NEI THEM. Her biodata online was made “Impressive” for gullible employers like us to shortlist or employ her. Soon she was employed by me after agent brought her to our house claiming that she is “Perfect” to work for us and also for a face to face meet up with the family that she is going to work with as per contract of 2 years. She agreed upon doing general daily housekeeping, laundry, ironing and assisting my wife with cutting of vegetables since she has no cooking experience. Agent did inform that she went thru some court case and she was traumatized by the incident but did not discuss further what the issue was. Agent also told that she has never worked a full 2 years with any of her previous employers. Seeing her “pitiful look” and being human we decide to employ her and give a chance for her to work for us for 2 years as we know that most FDW are facing financial difficulties back in their hometown and they come to Singapore to work as helper having the right attitude and mentality to work honestly and earn for themselves and their families back home. But little did we know that we just brought in a worse nightmare of our lives.

She started working for us around the 2nd week of June. As days went by, she started showing her true personality and we realised that we have been duped by both agent and helper. VEI NEI THEM was putting on an act of innocence and she is a total complete opposite of what is written about her in her maid biodata.

1) Late June – Shortly after employing her, she had her menses and went to rest almost full day leaving her household chores unattended and without informing the employer that she is unwell or needs some rest. Employer will be calling out to her with no response from her. A month went by and we understood that this is a monthly issue whereby she will leave her duties unattended and rest without informing. My wife is asthmatic and has arthritis hence we employed a helper to assist but when the helper goes to rest without informing or doesn’t respond when being called out to so my wife ends up doing all the household duties and cooking by herself. When we ask her “Are you okay?” There is no response back and we stand there like a statue to wait for her response. Is it right for my wife to wait for a response when she is medically unwell and not in the pink of health? There are times when helper claims she is sick in the morning and then in the afternoon suddenly she will be normal and when night comes, she claims she is sick again and this a continuous cycle every other day. We find her behaviour strange and mysterious. She does not respond when being called out. Sometimes she response only after calling her name 5 times or when my children are home, they will approach her and tell her Madam is calling you even then she does not go immediately. Monday to Friday she will be feeling “sick and pain” but when Saturday comes, she becomes cheerful and looking forward to her “long hours” Sunday off day.

2) Not adhering to MOM rule and regulation of going out on off day for only essential purpose. Helper demands 12hr off and insist not shortening her hours despite of multiple advising and reinforcing on the COVID HEIGHTENED ALERT Phase 2 and my wife is asthma patient and other medical conditions. VEI NEI THEM has boldly told us she’s is not worried about getting Covid. This helper is extremely obstinate and not caring for her elderly Sir and Madam who has frequent respiratory condition. Helper doesn’t pay attention or take us seriously when we advise her regarding MOM notifications on Covid update. She always turns a deaf ear whenever we advise her to take care of her health and come back early instead of her 12hr demand. She answers us by saying “Covid anywhere also can get want to die can die la and do not teach me law and order”
3) Her underlying medical condition which we were unaware of. Agent did not inform us that this helper has medical issues and her talk and behaviour seem to be mentally unsound. 1. Menses Pain every month
2. Constipation/Bowel Issue 3. Prone to Urine Infection (UTI) 4.? Kidney Stones 5. Possibility of being Mentally Unstable 6) Vaginal Infection/Thrush.


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Reasons to state why she is of unsound mind
- Helper has shared that during her childhood whenever she gets scolded in school she will run away. We observed that when we correct her of her mistakes, she walks away without listening and does silly face expressions.

- Helper is always fidgeting and doing silly body language like biting her nails, twirling her T-shirt and shorts, playing with her hair and not maintaining eye contact or seriousness with employer when we correct her mistakes. She is childish and tell us “Don’t tell me what to do” or she will laugh out loudly and walk away.

- Her interaction with kids, my grandchildren age 10 and 6 is very rough and abusive/vulgar language foul language and Chinese dialect swear words.

- While in the kitchen assisting Madam with cutting vegetables, she will use the knife and show slicing action directly with the knife back and forth on her hand/palm to state that the knife is not sharp enough. She plays with matchstick and puts the matchstick in her mouth after blowing out the fire. Helper always tell us that she dreams about knife and killing. She like to tell lies and change her words.

- Helper called police at her own accord on 01/07/21 after she was reprimanded for her mistake/carelessness. As a result of the reprimand, she was unhappy and she called police and lied to them that we are threatening/harassing her. Both police and I were trying to call the agent with multiple failed attempts as his mobile was switched off/ usual excuse he gives is battery flat. IO officer came and counselled her that she has to stay put and they cannot bring her back. We were supposed to bring her back to MOM as the agent was not contactable. On Sunday night she apologized to us that she called the police in anger and will continue to work for us. We forgave her and gave her another chance to work.

- Scaring my grandchildren using fake Dracula teeth/fangs. As a helper it is not right for her to do such act and scare my grandchildren. In the past 1 month my grandchildren have also distanced themselves from her due to her strange behaviours and rudeness towards them and the rest of the family members. She will rudely tell my grandchildren off not to look at her.

- During the recent public holiday Hari Raya Haji 20th July helper discreetly called her boyfriend to come over to our residence to pass her some things. I was shocked when she told me she is going down to meet up and collect her things. Helper is not allowed to ask her friends or boyfriend to come over to our residence at any time. I wonder what things she urgently needs so I told her that I will accompany her down and I was also concerned for her safety and my family especially during Covid. Who will bear responsibility if the “things are illegal or prohibited”. She became defensive and started arguing with me and my wife neglecting some of her household duties.

- 01/08/21 Sunday, Helper went for her off day left home early morning 0630am came back 2130hrs did not inform us her whereabouts or if she was going to return late. Around 9pm not text or call from her so we randomly called and messaged her agent Mr Mark if he knew where she was and as usual he will not prompty reply or pick or call whenever we call him. Agent only returned our call about 10 to 15mins later telling us she has been with him since evening around 6plus. Neither the agent nor the helper had the courtesy to inform us. Agent dropped her back to my place around 2130hrs. When she stepped home everyone was minding their own business and did not question her anything. On her own accord helper called police again 01/08/21
at 0015hrs Police arrived at my premises to my surprise Police mentioned they want to see my helper as a ‘’Source” informed that she required assistance. She left home normal and cheerful and when she got back late at 2130hrs no one questioned her on her lateness. It was shocking to see the police arriving wee hour at my doorstep. Police called her out and interrogated her and SCDF ambulance also arrived shortly to examine her complain of backache. After 10min of examination they found no injuries or reason to bring her to hospital hence the ambulance left without her.

Police continued their interrogation and we also saw that she had already pre packed her belongings and standby her bags. Is it right for me to say that she has pre planned this alone or with the guidance of her agent? If only she had informed us earlier she don’t want to work for us anymore or told the agent to inform us, me and my family need not tolerate all her nonsense and lies if she was planning on leaving. Awhile later IO came and he informed us that they will bring her back to the station.

Agent has been uncontactable as usual giving us excuses that he doesn’t know what is happening and his battery was flat.

Latest update she told lies to the police that her employer hit her and looking thru her records she never complete her contract with any of her employer giving excuses like dog bite her child bite her scared of employer and employer raise hand. Pls be aware of such cunning maids and agent who ploy with the maid and create problem for good employers. We have informed MOM and police. Hope MOM can take the right course of action against such maids.

These FDW feels that coming to Singapore to work is a play or luxurious holiday. Agreeing to commit for a 2 years contract is really not a joke and they have to learn to treat a contract seriously. It is not by working for a month for one employer and 3 months for another and the transfer cycle keeps going on and on. Agent only allow 1 replacement if there is availability if not, we have no choice but to suffer stress everyday with this kind of FDW. It’s really waste of time, money and effort. Maids who work less than a year, keep transferring and do not complete their two-year contract should be thoroughly assessed and investigated further by MOM.
She possesses as threat to children, to vulnerable elderly and risk to any future employers.

Thank You!