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October 2017 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by takeiteasy, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Belsy

    Belsy New Member

    Hi all! Just curious about how early anyone found out baby's gender? :)

  2. lizlin

    lizlin Member

    The nipt test will tell u the gender too, maybe 14 weeks? Coz if took the test in 12 weeks then 2 weeks later the result come out
  3. sleepawhile

    sleepawhile Active Member

    I see.. CVS is invasive, so I'm a bit jittery
  4. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    Hello , may i ask what tests are there to detect down syndrome? i am also abv 35..
    harmony test? anyone tried? we cant tell the gender yet right?
  5. dowin

    dowin New Member

    I did iGene test at 12th weeks. Its supposed to be a slightly better test than harmony.
  6. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    So there's a nipt , cvs, igene test
    Can share if anyone he done other tests? Don't even know what tests to take .
  7. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Hi, I'm new here ! Tis is my 3rd pregnancy. I'm 11 was plus can add me in . Tks :)
  8. sleepawhile

    sleepawhile Active Member

    Hi ethel,

    usually if you are below 35 and non family history of certain illness, gynae will do Oscar.

    Oh, sorry, just saw you are above 35. In that case, your gynae will recommend.
  9. evelyn7582

    evelyn7582 Member

    I'm 35 did nipt @ 14 weeks @ nuh
  10. durga

    durga Member

    Hi, I am above 35 too and first time mom, Did iGene at NUH at 10w5d, result came out all good. I think you should do any of these NIPT tests- iGene, harmony or panorama before heading to CVS.
  11. noah1

    noah1 New Member

    I just did my harmony on Monday and scan and routine blood test. Drawn 5 tubes of blood plus or eclampsia. Expensive 1k. 3rd child.
  12. Virus

    Virus New Member

    U mean total for all these 1k or more
  13. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    So many types ?
    Omg! This is my 3rd but last time no such tests
    Erm so sorry but which is recommended ?
    Gynaecology told me there $850 for only 3/18/21? N another $2k for Long list
    Did u get those ?
  14. IvyZJ

    IvyZJ New Member

    Hi, I would like to join the group as well:)
    Thanks :)
  15. Crystalphine

    Crystalphine New Member

    Hi I'm a new mummy.. And my EDD is on 9 Oct. So far I have yet to experience any morning sickness and blessed that everything is as norm so far, except that I have bad lactose intolerance after the pregnancy which I have to refrain from all milk products. Btw, I just engage a confinement service from PEM, as it was recommended by a friend. But I don't like the way they trying to push their sales. The salesperson came over my place to explain the package. After tt he insist that I have to include their Chinese herb package as it is supposed to incorporate to my confinement meal. I did some research and Eu Yen San and Hock Wah also provide these 28 days confinement herbs at ard $260+ which is $100 over cheaper. I told them i don't want to sign that herb package but the sales insist i can ask for refund as long i decided to cancel before my confinement start. So I have no choice and will have to call to cancel at later date.
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  16. durga

    durga Member

    Hi I am seeing doc at Nuh and they do igene, it cost me around 800+. Panorama is expensive around 1800+. Igene is quite comprehensive and does all other tests except triplody in panorama.
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  17. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    how was the nipt test?
    i am suffering from a bad ezcema since i discovered i m expecting.. :(
    one arm is swollen n so painful ..sigh. cant use steroid cream ... never has ezcema before and its really a challenge keeping the itch away.
    is there a fb group or only this thread? pls add me toffeeclub@gmail.com
  18. pinktulle

    pinktulle New Member

    Hi ladies :)

    I'm new to the forum and expecting my first baby on 26 Oct.

    Had two spotting episodes in week 7 so my gynae put me on progesterone jabs once a week + duphaston to stabilize the pregnancy.

    I did my panorama when I was in my 10th week at a pte clinic at Mt Alv, $1550 excl gst. Was given the option of either Oscar (ard $600) or panorama but decided to go for the latter which is more comprehensive and higher accuracy for peace of mind. Eagerly awaiting to receive the results at the end of the week.
  19. elyn82

    elyn82 Active Member

    Hi mummies with edd oct. If you wan to be added to watsapp grp. Pls watsapp me at 98574682
  20. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Ok noted tks
  21. Fitzmas

    Fitzmas New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I am an expat currently living in Jakarta. I am due on 6th October and will be giving birth in Singapore. I'll be staying in Singapore for 2 months. I'm looking for a 3 bedroom apartment to rent for myself and family. Any ideas of something reasonable?

  22. kc.mummy

    kc.mummy New Member

    Anyone (still) feeling exhausted? How to cope with it when you have to work? I've been on leave for 3 weeks now and have to go back to office next week but just the thought of going back is causing me stress! As much as I would like to extend my leave (I'm currently in my 11th week preg), I know my boss probably won't be too happy about it. :(

    Btw, is the FB page active? I've requested to join but so far not been added. Anyone can add me in as member?
  23. vass

    vass New Member

    Hi Oct mummies,

    I am a 1st timer, currently in my 15th week, EDD estimated in 1st Oct (or 30th Sept +-). Guess I straddle between Sep/Oct

    I basically went through my first 12 weeks without knowing (probably due to no symptoms and thinking missing periods was due to work stress). That said, had a couple of drinks, strict gym training and muay thai all the way till finding out. Good thing all's fine...Just gotta watch what I put in my mouth going forward.

    I'm now with Dr Wendy Teo at Mt E Novena. Did my panorama right from first visit and got the call from clinic reporting low risks and it's a baby girl!

    Love to have you ladies as companions in this journey and also to share experiences & tips.

    @elyn82, I will text u. Please add me.
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  24. jmbaby2017

    jmbaby2017 New Member

    Hi Vass, thanks for sharing. I'm with Dr Wendy Teo too:) just did my paranoma test last Friday and am waiting eagerly for the results.
  25. sadger

    sadger New Member

    I am going for my oscar scan tomorrow.
    Can someone please add me in the group please. My email add is ivybxz@hotmail.com and mobile number is 8128 5046 .
  26. vass

    vass New Member

    Hi jmbaby2017, nice to meet you here! I am glad to find Dr Wendy Teo, very nice lady and she helped to sooth my unprepared nerves during the first scan And took time to explain all body parts of the tiny "peanut"...We even managed to catch a glimpse of an outstretched arm...lol~

    I got my Panorama results in approximately 12 days, nurse called to tell me the news. But will have to wait till my next appt with Dr Teo to hear a clearer explanation on the results. For now, low risks and baby girl is good enough for me. Have patience babe, and take good care of yourself!
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  27. sadger

    sadger New Member

    Anyone travel during first trimester? I already try to stop all my biz travels but my gfs have Organised a party for me at batam over this weekend. Not sure if I can/should go
  28. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    Can u use Medisave for panorama test ? Do u still Hv to do the amiontic test?
    Congrats to those who know the baby gender .
    Sadger - I think shld b ok to go batam during first trimester . I m planning London next month .. so far n sounds scary
    Anyone experiencing ezcema during pregnancy ? I Hv quite bad ezcema can't take anti biotics can use steroid cream.. suffering
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  29. vass

    vass New Member

    Hi sadger, I did my usual biz travel during my first tri And that was very continuous countries-hopping over two weeks each month. But that said, it was because I wasn't aware. Maybe it is best to check with your gynae, have clearance that you and your little pea are in good condition for any travel first. And if you do fly, wear compression socks, drink more water and get up to walk more often (just be careful):)
  30. pinktulle

    pinktulle New Member

    Hi Ethel, I don't think we can use Medisave for this test. Further diagnostic test like the amniotic is required only if the risk from panorama is high.

    But do rem to keep your receipts for prenatal claims (e.g.consultations and ultrasound) - http://www.heybaby.sg/havingchildren/maternity_package.html

  31. karelia

    karelia Member

  32. sadger

    sadger New Member

    Hi I still have not been added to any chat group. Add me please : ivybxz@hotmail.com

    And by the way, can advise when should I start looking for confinement lady and infant care/baby sitter?

    I prefer to have a baby sitter for the first year but it seem hard to find one nowadays. Anyone has any recommendation. I stay in Bukit Batok area
  33. feblove

    feblove New Member

    Heyo, the min lease term in singapore is actually 6 months by law, if u need to rent for 2 months you may want to consider service apartment. :)
  34. feblove

    feblove New Member

    I'm going 12 weeks in a couple of days, some days I'm ok, but some days is a nightmare for me. The whole of yesterday whatever I tried to eat my body seems like wanting to reject the food, the worst is, i didn't manage to vomit so they whole day was gorgy and unwell.

    I guess it's common, we just need to hang in there.
  35. kc.mummy

    kc.mummy New Member

    Hi Sadger, you should start looking for a confinement lady now. All the "recommended/famous" nannies would have been booked by now. When i was 2 months preg, i started looking and found most of the recommended nannies have been booked till Nov! Unless you don't have any preference, else start searching~ good luck!
  36. kc.mummy

    kc.mummy New Member

    I'm also going 12th week and since my last post, I have requested to go on 2 months no pay leave so i can rest at home. I have Thalassemia and will often have dizzy spells when i stand or walk. This pregnancy is tough but yes, i just have to hang in there. We all just have to hang in there. About 6 more months to go!
  37. jinki

    jinki New Member

  38. eunice1

    eunice1 New Member

  39. mummyshell

    mummyshell Member

    ello! 2nd pregnancy here.. I'm with Dr Chen Lin Han at Mt A.. hehe. Just did the harmony test last week.. there goes 1.3K..
    kindly add me in fb group, ahshell83@hotmail.com

  40. sadger

    sadger New Member

    Hi thanks. I have since engaged my confinement lady.
    Next is to look for trusted babysitter who can help to babysit my baby when I get back to work.
  41. sadger

    sadger New Member

    Btw can anyone tell me if there is an active watapps or fb chat. I asked to be added but there is no response. Thinking of creating one myself.

    FARRAFAI Member

    I requeSt t0 be added t00.. but n0 reSp0nSe..
  43. mummyshell

    mummyshell Member

    since i really didnt want to do work =X,

    i've msged the mummy who set up the secret fb group via fb.. so see how it goes ya?
  44. Mom to be Anu

    Mom to be Anu New Member

    hello...am 13+1.. its my #2. due date is end october.
  45. Annie Wong

    Annie Wong New Member

    Good day to all.. I'm new here.. Coming to 13 weeks & still puking especially evening / night time : (
    Sleeping also often having heartburn .. is tough but i keep telling myself is worth it!
  46. mummyshell

    mummyshell Member

    is a must for me to puke in the morning too! so i feel u..
  47. xmm

    xmm Member

    I've just PM u my details to be added to the FB.

    I'm currently 13 weeks preg n EDD 25 Oct 2017.
    I hope to join the Oct 2017 mums group to explore this motherhood journey w all of u.
  48. sadger

    sadger New Member

    Anyone doing any exercise or join any fitness classes suitable for us? I have gained some weight and feeling Gulity about it now.
  49. Levyn raykx

    Levyn raykx New Member

    Hello all! Im a first time mum! EDD 12 Oct
    Kindly add me to the fb group. Thank u!:)
    Email: pinkyice85@hotmail.com

    Meeting confinement nanny recommended by my gf tomorrow. Her fee $2.6k. Im still considering whether to order the TMC confinement food($1.9k) or let the nanny cook. Any mummies here can advise the estimated grocery cost for the 28days confinement?

    Thank you
  50. clover0331

    clover0331 New Member

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