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    Hi all, i am really not so experienced like many of you mummy here. I have no idea on a lot of term you guys used. But i really need help. My last month menses started on 13th Dec and last about 4 days. Had intercourse on 20th dec - 24th Dec and 30th Dec. I have been feeling giddy (like the...
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    New mummy to be with no idea what I’m doing

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and am still working out how to use it. I’m just wondering if anyone can guide me to a page/list of some sort that has all the basic essentials a new born will require. As this is an ivf pregnancy (after many years of ttc), we are trying not to get too excited...
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    Frequent abdominal pain

    Hi peeps, I was recently positive for pregnancy, what worries me is I have been getting abdominal pain similar to menses cramp. Should i be worried about it? Or issit a normal pregnancy symptom? Someone please enlighten me :( Thanks in advance!
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    Price of progresterone pill

    Hi all, I am just in my 9 weeks of pregnancy. My last visit to gynae, he has prescribed progresterone pill for me as I have retro placenta bleeding internally. I was just checking the bill earlier on and realised that each pill costs 1 buck!! Is this the normal price? Just wondering if my...