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Never go to Faith Employment Agency for maids

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by shj, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. shj

    shj New Member

    Dear parents and parents to be,

    I am writing this post to share our very hopeless experience with maid agency located at Lucky Plaza- Faith Employment Agency. We had engaged a Filipino maid from the agency to care for our 9 month old baby. The owner Monica will sweet talk and tell you that she can solve any problem between maid and you. All you need to do is to bring the maid down but the only thing she suggested was to get a replacement maid which cost another $1700++ . That is her "premium" service! Her counterpart back in Phillipines will not bother to verify the skills of tye maid which is stated in their biodata. Which simply means we pay a few thousand dollars in the name of agency fees to be conned into getting a maid who comes with overseas work experience ( for that also we need ton pay extra $100 to the maid agency). The maid cannot cut vegetables, clean the house basically, takes 2 hours to iron 10 shirts and pants., does not wash utensils properly leaving food remnants stuck in utensils and uses that to prepare food for baby and also us. The maid had repeatedly served cold food straight out of the fridge despite being instructed on the proper food preparation procedures which she had also written down in her notebook so there is no chance to forget. Till her last day of employment there has not been one day in the 2 months that she never forgot something related to the baby or us or the baby food. She would simply act blur when been told of her mistakes citing that she forgot. Even a police report had been lodged against her for her poor and endangering baby care standards. Even after knowing that the maid had done so much nonsense Monica still asked us to lower our expectation of the maid. Only my wife and I had been totally caring for our baby. All the maid was supposed to do was to assist us with work but she failed miserably but will always say she wants her preference for food because that his hpw she eats at Phillipines. The maid's name is Rosemarie Pescante Flores . Be very wary not to fall into the trap like us and dont have any faith on the Faith Employment Agency. Its just another high end money making agency who will wash hands off on maid issue after you get her work permit issued. Even when its totally the maid who cannot fulfil the skill listed in her biodata its we the employers who have to take the bill of sending her back to her country. The lame maid agency will not do anything . Think a 100 times before you get your next maid from this agency!
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  2. littlepoppy123

    littlepoppy123 New Member

    thanks for sharing shj. We almost wanted to take a helper from this faith agency. yes monica almost convinced us that you pay premium to get "good helper"
  3. Is this agency really that bad? is the agent not good or maid quality not good ?
  4. Sam-wong

    Sam-wong New Member

    Thx for the warning Shj. Almost went to them before seeing your post. Ended up going to another agency called Best Helper @ AMK nearer to my place. Everything seems good so far, * "fingers crossed"

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