Need advise-maid agency refuse to return loan amount


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Truly be away from My Maid Station. takefortywinks, if you top up more money for a new maid or transfer maid, it's endless.... forever, you are topping up. that's what i learned from my lesson.

babybride, 有什么干不干心,they are always cheating and making profits like this. I even though whether they are not making profits from the agency fee but from this "$200 admin. fee". they just train their maids, not happy? run away! come back to me!

takefortywinks, babybride, do you wanna lodge a complaint? we can at least call MOM together.



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One more area to be alert:

They charge the food and lodging or salary BOTH for the collection day and the day when you return the maid which is of course not fair.

So make sure you do not lose more money...



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cdmama, u got back ur $$ liao? ya i notice that too. they charge ex employer on day maid return and day maid trf to new employer + they charge new employer the salary start on day of collection. one thing i have yet to argue with them, why they charge me full day food & lodging when maid only return to them at nite straight to hostel?

ya i also think they survive business from the $200 admin charge, the daily lodgin fees, the double charge from new/ex employers and the transfer maid fees. u notice that the agency fees if u take transfer maid is much higher? i think is $500 higher than we take new maids. so they just wan more employers take new maids in then kena transfer and they earn from both sides?

ya, i also dont encourage take another maid from them again. i heard their recruiters turnover very high..the one that recommend me to take that maid left already! and from that day i sign up with this agency til now only one mth loh.



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babybride, no, we just asked for all the breakdown and refused to pay BOTH for the first day and also the day when the maid is returned.

no, i have not got the money back yet. its due in two weeks. when should they return your balance? Do u want to go to the office and ask for that refund together? I know it is another long and difficult journey...



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cdmama, mine is not due til another 3.5 weeks still a long way to wait...

sigh...dono if they will return me the money ultimately anot



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i see. i think they will at the end. but it means you have to call endless times and pay a visit to that BT shopping centre twice, at least...

My plan is i call them twice and pay a visit once. If no refund, just like Special Needs (disability), I email them one more time and CC to MOM, and my MP. i will also include this link in the email and let everybody realize how bad this agency is.

If still no progress, i will just go thru the small clam lah, $10, you get what you want. Sure, we have to waste a lot of time...



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When you email to MOM, any specific person in MOM? I have refund issue with another agency. For 1 month plus they still checking on the maid insurance refund, when the insurance company already comfirmed the money alreadly refund to the agency.



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hopefully, no no specific person. the staff actually said, they will pass the message to the officer related and contact me later...

Ask the insurance to email you the INVOICE, then you ask the agency to give u the refund. Insurance company is easier to deal with.



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I had also engaged on this My Maid Station service and ended in the same dilemma.

Hi cdmama, if I would want to e-mail to MOM, which email address shall I use. I could not find even a general e-mail of MOM. Can you please advise as I really need to get the refund from them as I had paid them 2.8k earlier.



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oh my god.. i really should have google this agency.

i took my 1st maid with them in april, her name is MOE MOE. if anyone happen to be her new employer here, pls take note of this MOE MOE.

she is pickly about food. only like curry chicken. initially we thought she need time to adjust to sg food but we was wrong, she was really pickly abt food. she is suppose to take care my 1 years plus boy, wash my son clothes only. no housework involved. after she came like 3 mths which is in july, i notice she start to dozed off in the afternoon (she doesnt wake up in the nite to take care my son) ask her why and no happy and say she want leave our place. she want go bk agent. then in Aug, i was for delivery fr my 2nd boy. i put her and my son in my mum's pl for a few days cos no one is at home to monitor her. She was really dirty, she did not change her panty and bra for a few days (cos my mum help her hang her clothes outside, afraid she fall out of window), my mum ask her, she still smile back at her. then a week later, she like suddenly cry so badly when i just started my confinement, my mum called me to bring her bk. she want go back agent, for no reason. stupid i cant even rest well during my confinement. Ok to add on my 2ND Maid from this agency arrived end July, just a week before my delivery. this MOE MOE came bk our place and continue to say she want go agent but i was in my confinement and i manage to persuade her to stay.. just a few days down, i actually discovered she got a mobile ph, note: she came like 3mths plus,collected 3 X $20 salary.. and she got herself a samsung touchscreen mobile. and she still lie that it neighbour maid phone. i confiscated the phone and ask her tell the neighbor maid to collect her phone back from me. in less than 10 mins she came crying and confess is her hp and kneel down in front of me to return her phone. i got a shock of my life when she kneel down and i quickly walk away. she confess it her bf who bought her hp. her attitude sucks, on and off she keep saying want go agency. i did not return her hp cos our agreement out front was no hp but i will allow her to call home. she has got no friends in sg. we screen thru her hp, she was always talking at night that explain why she keep dozing off in the afternoon. she even steal our memory card cos i saw our pixs in her hp. this thing keep dragging on til sept, we decide to send her bk to agent. i wonder what kind of think did e agent teaches this maid. they can just say no happy send them bk agent. she even know the proceedures to change employers etc.

she still call bk to our place to influence our maid to change employer.. her bf send another hp down to e agent place to her thou i pass e one i confiscated to the agent.

now e 2nd maid came end july, is asking to return to the maid station too. same as MOE MOE.

she know e procedures. i brought her bk for counciling and e agent say i misunderstand e maid, she was saying after her loan is fulfilled we can send her bk if we unhappy with her. BULLSHIT.. MAID LIES. just after 1 week later she is requesting to leave.. and she want leave immediately. this is the kind of standards THE MAIDS STATIONS provide. the Guy LXXXX is still asking us to change other nationality with them.

intially we was still considering to change another maid with them till last week i decided to ask for my refund bk for this MOE MOE, she was offically transfered in SEPT. 1 week passed, i just called this guy, refund not ready and should be ready by end of this mth. i hope he mean it cos im gg to return e 2nd maid soon.



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i forget to add on this MOE MOE actually brought his bf to our place. confessed by the other maid after this MOE MOE left. cos there was a man pix in her hp and background was somewhere near our place.

anyone happened to be her current employer pls pm me



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Update on transfer maid #3 (Filipino)

I bought air ticket & paid my maid station to repatriate her in early august.

Guess what? She didn't board the plane!

She was back at agency within 2-3 weeks & got re-employed in Sep. My customer saw her at bukit timah shopping centre as she also works there.

I complained to MOM & was advised how to lodge a police report due to problems



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I dont know to edit posting with iPhone.

Anyway, I was advised how to lodge a police report online as theft & trespass is involved. MOM is silent abt the porn. What kind of govt agency?!!

PM me or check out maidblogspot for instructions. I think i've done enough to protect SG employers.

I've forwarded the email to her.



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My maid is also from My maid station. She lies all the time. Still contemplating to send her back or not. Why not we gather our strength to complaint to MOM about this agency?



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we engaged a maid in Dec 2011 and that maid simply cannot comprehend our instruction as if she had not gone thru any training

sent first helper back in Feb, just before birth of our 2nd kid

took them 2 months to find replacement and worked till early August

2nd helper decided to just walk out and was stopped by neighbor

since Aug 2012 , without helper

Oct 2012 decide to ask for refund. no news till 26 Jan 2012 when I called the police in their shop

small claim won't be bothered since it is more than a year

not sure Case can do anything

told police officer what recourse do consumer like myself have?

police said they said they can send men down with me

so that's what I am going to do

get police to be my witness and if I decide to pursue in civil court

at least got witness



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got the refund cheque after I called police in their present

best bet is to go small claim immediately when they fail to deliver and u want refund

don't let them tell you to wait



terrible experiences u mummies have.
thats why i nvr go to cheap agencies. penny wise pound foolish.
common sense told me that how can one agency be charging over 2 k and one less than 1 k.
i did my homework and found out the difference is charged to the maid. so the less u pay, the higher the maids salary deduction.
and with these sorta cheap agencies, getting ur upfront loan deduction back is quite a challenge because they are unscrupulous.
and since u paid cheap fees, the maid is more of their client rather than u coz u paid peanuts.

and these sorta cheap agencies, they just keep recycling the maid. like some mummies have said here. their lousy maid been given to another family.
no choice coz they are cheap agency. so pay cheap u get monkeys.

there are thousands of maids in sin and i think most ppl will say their maids are of help. of coz there are the bad ones but if u go to a good agency, the chance of getting a good maid is much higher.
mummies, before u employ a maid, you should go to MOM website and check the Agency's ratings.

it actually shows which agency has high retention rate meaning maids they bring in usually complete contract with employer. thats how i decided to go with faith employment agency.
hope u mummies find a reliable and honest agency too :)


Hi mummies, I just chanced upon this thread. Does anyone aware there's a Maid Agencies Association? Heard from my girlfriend whose aunt is an agent, that all maid agents are scared of this MAS. We can lodge complaint there and upon investigation, agencies will be given demerit points. Worse case, their licence can be suspended. We don't hear much of this association because no agencies will "educate" their clients.

BTW, is it true that under MOM law, if a maid runs away, case is under investigation, yet MOM allows maid to return to home country, agent can withhold the loan balance?